Matias De Stefano Net Worth (2024) – Wiki, Age, Wife, Story

Matias De Stefano Net Worth
Matias De Stefano Net Worth

Matias De Stefano Net Worth

Matias De Stefano, the famous Argentinean social media personality and YouTuber, gathers together the pieces of the cosmic puzzle. According to the 2024 estimates, Matias De Stefano Net Worth is around $3 million. Matias De Stefano has been filling in the gaps between sacred geometry, science, as well as spirituality. Matias De Stefano, the popular YouTuber, lifts the veil to bring us a deeper understanding of reality. Season 3 of Initiation suggests that Matias describes Atlantean technology and how people of this mysterious civilization became gods and goddesses on Earth.

Also, he has stated misused sacred knowledge that led to the destruction of the Atlantean Empire. Matias De Stefano takes us on a journey to the origin of Egyptian and Greek deities while also highlighting the powerful path of initiation that brought us to higher states of being. Explore more about the Matias De Stefano income, salary, earnings, career, and the other details.

Matias De Stefano real nameMatias De Stefano
Matias De Stefano Net Worth$3 million
BirthdayAugust 4, 1987
BirthplaceTuerto, Argentina
Matias De Stefano age36
Matias De Stefano height5 ft 8 in
OccupationResearcher, Rememberer, a Walker and an Educator, YouTuber
Matias De Stefano
Matias De Stefano

Matias De Stefano income, salary, and earnings

Matias De Stefano has accumulated most of his wealth through his successful career. Since he was a small child, Matias De Stefano had the ability to remember situations and realities that took place much before his birth. Matias De Stefano monthly earnings are around $30K. That said, the Matias De Stefano yearly earnings are around $360K.

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Matias De Stefano Wife

Matias De Stefano Wife
Matias De Stefano Wife

Matias is focused on his career rather than spending time with strangers. So, the data regarding the Matias De Stefano girlfriend and Matias De Stefano wife isn’t available at this moment. Certain reports also suggest that he is gay.

Early Life and Career

Matias De Stefano, the famous YouTuber, has risen to popularity for sharing his crystal-clear memories from past lives too. Matias has been waking people around the planet, reminding humans of a co-creative role within the cosmos to collectively breakthrough to powerful new experiences and build a new world. Matias, with the worldwide following, has organized major events for the awakening of consciousness.

The famous YouTuber Matias De Stefano’s mission is the creation of a transformational network that empowers a global conscious community. The Gaia experience ensures offering inspiration, knowledge, transformation alongside the utilizations of the practical tools on your journey.

Matías De Stefano, the Rememberer, a Walker, and an Educator connects to his Power of Being to remember human history to weave parts into the Oneness that. Matías walks the world, and he does so with humility. The fame he has earned is through his worldwide talks and online sharing that educate us, human beings, on Planetary Consciousness.

The immense fame of the YouTuber has ranked him in the category of top YouTuber’s net worth. Matías brings “Heaven to the Earth,” and he does so by attracting everyone’s attention towards how we are the creators of our reality. Tools and goals assist us in transcending reality. Through the Arsayian (“Those who talk to the world”) Foundation, famous YouTuber Matias De Stefano has created the “Isidris” and “YoSoy” (“I am”) projects. These projects serve as the pillars to the objective of “recognizing who we are, in and with the Earth, to act towards the harmonious evolutionary transformation and development of the Social and Natural Being that we conform.”

The remarkable part of his opinion is that Matías empowers humans by recognizing that every being is uniquely united with the Earth in Oneness. Besides, his opinions are backed with human history, evolution, capacities, and how everything is woven together into Oneness. Here, check out the net worth of some popular Argentine personalities Bizarrap.


A Decade in Research

Matias De Stefano, the famous Argentinean researcher, rose to fame after appearing in a documentary, The Remember, by Antarctica Films. Directed by Ariel Guntern, The Remember reflects how Matías De Stefano believes that thousands of people have different perspectives of our environment.

Matias De Stefano, born on August 4, 1987, in Tuerto, Argentina, is the son of Claudia de Stefano and her former husband. Matias De Stefano parents separated soon after his birth. He was brought up in his native neighborhood and spent his adolescence between Argentina and Spain.

Matias has been living a happy life and spends most of his time researching various queries. Matias continues traveling for various science-related events. Matías studied Psychology of Pedagogy at the National University of Río Cuarto (Argentina). Workshops and conferences discussing new educational paradigms had helped him in giving his first public speech.

Matias had his first workshop in September 2009, the workshop ATER TUMTI: The Heaven on Earth. The purpose of the workshop was to help people connect the loose ties of History. In addition to that, it aimed at recognizing our universal and human origin.

Also, he focused on preaching the message of Neutrality to reach many European countries, Australia, and all three Americas. The famous American Series, The Remember, was released in October 2019 in Spanish and had made him immensely famous.

What is the Matias De Stefano Story?

Matías, born in Argentina in 1987, has become the popular YouTuber and social media personality today. From his birth, he remembered everything he did before the incarnation and could understand how the Universe works. Matias De Stefano says he has been reincarnated with a specific mission on Earth, and he is here to fulfill a mission that he could not complete thousands of years ago.


Where Can I Watch The Rememberer Matias De Stefano?

Watch The Rememberer Matias De Stefano on Gaia with the new show “Initiation.” There, Matias De Stefano explains the biggest mysteries of the Universe to understand and feel to our core. Watch the first episode of Streaming on Roku.

When Was Matias De Stefano Born?

Matias De Stefano was Born on August 4, 1987.

When is Matías De Stefano Birthday?

Matías De Stefano Birthday is August 4.

Who Is Matias De Stefano?

Matias De Stefano, the famous Argentinean social media personality and YouTuber, gathers together the pieces of the cosmic puzzle. Matias De Stefano has been filling in the gaps between sacred geometry, science, as well as spirituality.

Who Is Matias De Stefano Wikipedia?

Matias De Stefano, the famous Argentinean social media personality and YouTuber, gathers together the pieces of the cosmic puzzle. Matias De Stefano has been filling in the gaps between sacred geometry, science, as well as spirituality.

How Old Is Matias De Stefano?

Matias De Stefano age is 36 years.

Final words

Matias De Stefano Net Worth has been increasing as people are feeling interested to learn more about his principles and what is making his verdict regarding life so unique. Stay tuned to explore more about the popular researchers who have earned immense fame lately.


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