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About our Site MoneyProMax

MoneyProMax, founded by Sandip Laga, is a website that brings readers plenty of information regarding the lives of celebrities, social media personalities, sportspeople, as well as numerous brands from around the globe. Who doesn’t feel interested in learning about people in the news? Based on individual biases and preferences, we are constantly looking for the most updated information regarding such famous personalities.

As a team of experts, we always put our best efforts to curate a list of top personalities in different spheres and find the most relevant information we can provide to our readers. That’s how MoneyProMax has drawn visitors’ attention over so many years. We are proud of our ability to bring our readers the information they have been looking for online regarding famous people but could not find the genuine site. Also, in listing vital information for our readers, we consider the insights given by our audience and the latest social media trends.

Our journey

MoneyProMax started with the journey of collecting information regarding famous people around the globe in 2020, and by now, we are proud of being capable of presenting to our readers the information collected from the most credible sources. Though we started from scratch, over time, we put in the effort to fact-check and collect information to delight readers through quality, employing best-of-breed practices and performance.

We are never stopping from the mission of bringing to our readers the information they desire to read. We, the team of writers, reporters, and editors, look forward to expanding our company to cover further information for our readers. We always look for breaking, exclusive, and impactful news stories.

Today, we have doubled our efforts in covering the information gathered from the interviews with top celebrities and reality stars to on-the-record testimonials from social activists, expert attorneys, and more. MoneyProMax was, is, and will be committed to delivering a comprehensive overview of news that matters to the readers.

Milestones covered

Here’s what we’ve achieved in 3 years:

  • Plenty of Monthly Page Views
  • Enormous number of visitors
  • Wide coverage over various social media platforms 

About the owner – Sandip

Sandip Laga
Sandip Laga

Sandip Laga, the founder of MoneyProMax, is personally keen about knowing about the eminent personalities around the globe. He understands how everyone is interested in people who are popular, in news and getting the attention of the common people. In the globalised world, there are plenty of top singers, footballers, aviators, actors, painters, magicians, chefs, socialites, environmentalists, influencers, youtubers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and so on.

Sandip Laga (Founder of Moneypromax)
Sandip Laga (Founder of Moneypromax)

Sandip has a good understanding about how everyone has their own favorites, yet based on individual biases and preferences, you will definitely wish to know more about the person. Keeping in mind everyone’s desires, Sandip with his team update the relevant information about these personalities. He highlights the points of them becoming a reason of motivation, inspiration to the new generation. As a team, MoneyProMax, under the supervision of Sandip strives for curating a list of top personalities in different spheres.

He considers staying updated about the personalities coming in the spotlight and digging into finding wide spectrum of opinion—including latest social media trends, insights by audience and everyone else linked in the chain.


• Created The Website MoneyProMax from Scratch
• 5 Years of Digital Marketing Experience
• 5 years of Fact checking Experience about celebrities
• 4 Years of Blogging Experience

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About the writer – Sayani Dutta

Sayani Dutta
Sayani Dutta

Sayani Dutta, the writer of MoneyProMax.com, is responsible for fact-checking and collecting information from credible resources before framing them as blogs for the readers. Sayani has always presented herself as a competitive individual who makes sure that she is putting her best efforts into collecting information only from credible sources, including the official sites of the personalities.

Sayani Dutta, from Team Moneypromax
Sayani Dutta, from Team Moneypromax

With over 8 years of experience in content writing and 5 years of experience in journalism, Sayani has presented herself as capable enough to research online and digital journalism and present the information in an organized manner to the readers. Sayani has always expressed her desire to travel and explore different cultures.

She has toured around the USA and several European countries and has established a desire to keep moving forward to satisfy the urge to know the world more. Her exceptional writing abilities make her a deserving individual worthy of all appreciation.


  • 8 Years of Content Writing Experience
  • 5 Years of Journalism Experience 
  • 4 Years of News Writing, Research Experience
  • Special experience in Researching, Online, and Digital Journalism

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  • Linkedin – Sayani Dutta

About the writer – Pinki Laga

Pinki Laga
Pinki Laga

Pinki Laga, is a renowned writer known for her experience in writing and proffreading over the years. She has worked as a part of several media houses and had joined the Moneypromax team back in 2021 to exhibit her skills. She is skilled enough in gathering the information from the credible sources and publishing them in the form of articles posted on our site.

The aspect she prioritizes in her writing is being particular about fact-checking which makes her an impressive writer. She has mastered the skill of drawing the attention of the readers towards her writing and keeps them glued.

Pinki now writer full-time and elaborates the topics in depth ensuring that the readers get the complete information regarding the famous personalities. Through her writing, her skills in the field of journalism and writing is evident.


  • 5 years of experince in reserach, proofreading and writing
  • 4 years of skill in planning, editing and communication
  • 3 years of online journalism experience

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Why follow MoneyProMax?

MoneyProMax was created to help people get information regarding the lives of the most famous people worldwide. We understand how vital it is to bring reliable information from dependable sources. We conduct thorough research and use well-reasoned theories and arguments based on strong evidence to make this true. We gather most of the information from the official sites of the personalities that we list the information about and make sure it is up-to-date and unbiased. 

Following MoneyProMax will let you enjoy reading content that will bring you only reliable information, not junk. However, we always advise our readers not to pay anyone or any agency pretending to be us or asking for money on our behalf. We take information from the official sites of famous people and make sure that the information is available completely for free. 

Thank you for visiting MoneyProMax and being a part of our community. Stay tuned to view our latest articles.

We wish you the best!

Sandip Laga, Founder of MoneyProMax, and the entire team from MoneyProMax