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Kristina's Travels
Kristina's Travels

Kristina’s Travels

Kristina’s Travels, the well known and rich YouTuber couple, has been known for making vlogs and travel guides while sailing around Australia. Aussies have been currently experiencing BOAT LIFE. 2024 estimates suggest that Kristina’s Travels net worth is around $900K. Sailing Australia on board is what makes the Australian couple YouTuber and vlogger John and Kristina the best.

Kristina’s Travels real nameKristina Costalos, John Tilley
Kristina’s Travels net worth$900K
Kristina’s Travels ageKristina Costalos: 34, John Tilley: 35
Kristina’s Travels heightKristina Costalos: 5ft 8in, John Tilley: 6ft
OccupationFreelance journo, presenter, Travel YouTuber and vlogger
Kristina's Travels Net Worth
Kristina’s Travels Net Worth

Kristina’s Travels earnings, income, and salary

Freelance journo, presenter & travel vlogger couple Kristina’s Travels have been spotted presenting their boat life to the world. Also, the sailing YouTuber has been sharing Exclusive real-time updates and photographs.

The sailing YouTuber couple John and Kristina had sailed Down Under around the Great Barrier Reef for the very first time! They have also mentioned how they spend hundreds of hours editing and filming. Also, they are giving access to the viewers to the behind-the-scenes, including photos and extra videos becoming part of the Patreon crew.

Estimates regarding the advertising revenue on the channel suggest that Kristina’s Travels monthly earnings are around $10K. That said, Kristina’s Travels yearly earnings are around $120K.

Plenty of sailing YouTube channels have different stories to tell. In this regard, Sailing Good, Bad, and Ugly travelled from Florida throughout the Caribbean. It’s interesting to learn how they found ourselves at a new adventure, bought dream abandoned property in the rainforest.

Kristina’s Travels boyfriend

Kristina's Travels boyfriend
Kristina’s Travels boyfriend

Kristina’s Travels relationship details mention that Kristina’s Travels boyfriend is John Tilley.


Kristina’s Travels career and story:

John and Kristina, the top earning YouTuber couple, decided to swap a city apartment for a 50 foot Jeanneau Sun Odyssey called Tucana back in April during harsh covid lockdowns in Melbourne, Australia. Kristina, the one half of the channel, quit her job as a TV Journalist, and John was able to place his aviation career into a holding pattern.

Kristina’s Travels has been making real efforts in taking their YouTube career to new heights and has developed quite a similar subscriber base marking that both the channels have been performing incredibly well.

She has been passionate about writing and filmmaking and would love to continue making these videos. Kristina Costalos and the Kristina Costalos boyfriend, John Tilley, have been documenting their adventures on YouTube as they explore Queensland on their yacht Tucana.

At some point, she had been cutting up fruit on a 50ft yacht at anchor off The Great Barrier Reef’s Airlie Beach in Queensland, looking forward to a trip to an outer reef.

Costalos, 34, and partner John Tilley, 35, bought their 2008 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 50DS Tucana earlier. The couple had also been ready for adventure following a grueling 15-week Covid-19 lockdown in Melbourne.

Kristina Costalos, today the well known travel YouTuber and vlogger, had been a journalist at Channel 10. But the issue was that she was mentally exhausted from reporting on conferences and Covid-19 deaths a day in day out. As the lockdown came to an end, Costalos quit her job, and the pair set out on turning this dream into reality.

The professional sailing YouTube stars live a nomadic lifestyle. Before the pandemic, the couple had considered buying a less expensive yacht in Europe and planned to cruise around the Mediterranean. However, they had to face issues due to the border restrictions setting them on an alternative route. Regardless of the situation that they had to go through, the efforts that they showed together had listed her in the category of top YouTuber’s net worth.

With three weeks of sailing between them, including a Hobart to Sydney delivery trip and Tilley’s added knowledge from his experience as a pilot, the couple bought their first boat – Tucana, a 50ft yacht, and set sail from Sandringham for Sydney.

Though they hadn’t been looking for a 50ft boat, they confessed about being after something a lot smaller.

At a point during the trip, the furling line for the headsail came off the drum and wrapped around the forestay. However, the couple had managed these challenges and safely arrived in Sydney.

Following a short stop in Sydney, the duo started to explore the NSW coastline. But within days, everything changed. During this phase, they had to suffer due to the reinforcement of border restrictions between NSW and Queensland which forced the couple to spend two weeks in Coffs Harbour.

The high paid YouTuber couple arrived in Queensland on day 15, after liaising with authorities, thankful to have missed border closures. What makes them immensely popular and the fan favorite is that the couple is enjoying their freedom following being stuck in lockdown for most of 2020. The Kristina’s Travels net worth has been gradually increasing as the YouTuber pair has been trying their best to take their career to the next level. Moreover, they are bringing in newness to make their travel adventures better than the rest.

Also, they had loved the trip to K’gari (formerly known as Fraser Island), the largest sand island in the world, located off the south-eastern coast of Queensland.

The couple had recorded how the turtles are just some of the experiences. The income she has acquired from the YouTube advertising revenue has been expected to help fund their boating lifestyle. Doing voice-overs for the news and running her YouTube channel Kristina’s Travels has helped her build an amazing audience base.

Costalos has shared being overjoyed by the messages from people all over the globe. What makes the couple famous is that viewers love Krstina’s and Tilley’s adventurous lifestyle. The couple has proved that despite minimal sailing experience, anything is possible when you’re doing it with all your efforts.

Documenting sailing adventures and presenting them to the world

Hard-working people from around the globe share a goal of sailing around the world on a budget. The sailing industry has proved itself an appealing, professional choice for individuals who enjoy boats and being on the water. This has been proved true by Sailing Project Atticus and Sailing Nandji.

The sailing industry has a diverse range of career paths. Also, it is worth noting that The sailboat market is benefiting from the surge in recreational sports activities. People these days are willing to change their taste in living a life and seek outdoor and water-based pursuits.

This is one of the prime reasons why sailing has gained popularity. Enthusiasts like Sailing Zingaro are drawn to the thrill and tranquility of sailing, propelling demand for sailboats.


What is Kristina’s Travels net worth?

2024 estimates suggest that Kristina’s Travels net worth is around $900K.

Who are the members from Kristina’s Travels?

The sailing YouTuber couple John and Kristina from Kristina’s Travels have been traveling around the globe.

Who is Kristina’s Travels boyfriend?

Kristina’s Travels relationship details mention that Kristina’s Travels boyfriend is John Tilley.

How much does Kristina’s Travels earn from YouTube?

Kristina’s Travels monthly earnings are around $10K. That said, Kristina’s Travels yearly earnings are around $120K.

Final words

Kristina’s Travels has become one of the most well known sailing YouTube channels. Share your opinion regarding the YouTuber couple in the comments below. We’ve listed the details regarding the lifestyles income potential of similar YouTubers around the globe. Check them out! Stay tuned for further updates.


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