Kendall Rae Net Worth (2024) – Income Sources, Husband, Weight

Kendall Rae Net Worth
Kendall Rae Net Worth

Kendall Rae Net Worth

Kendall Rae a true-crime YouTuber and podcast host from the United States is known for presenting the videos that include unsolved mysteries, history, space exploration, astrology, and paranormal activities. Conspiracy theories is also what she specialises in. Giver her immense popularity, Kendall Rae Net Worth today is around $3.5 million.

Initially Rae started her main channel as Kendalls Place before changing it to Kendall Rae later. Though she had started with her channel in August 2012, but in 2017 she began actively uploading content.She knew well from the start that people are obsessed with unsolved cases and disturbing topics and so it’s worth giving this niche a short. 

Let’s delve into the most updated information regarding Kendall’s earnings, income generating streams, possessions, expenses, and other details.

Though Kendall began filming beauty and cosmetic videos, but decided on discussing conspiracy theories and true crime related content. The content she creates dives deep into well-known cases.

Real nameKendall Rae
Net worth$8 million
Birthday22 April 1993
BirthplaceBoston, Massachusetts
HometownBoston, Massachusetts
Heightin meters – 1.73 m, in feet-inches– 5’ 8”
Weightin Pounds – 146 pounds, in Kilograms – 66 kg
Occupationblogger, vlogger and YouTuber
Famous for/as     Commentary & Vlogs
Kendall Rae
Kendall Rae

Kendall Rae income streams and earnings generated

Kendall Rae net worth has witnessed the massive boost over the years. Considering the different income sources that go beyond YouTube advertising revenue, Kendall Rae monthly earnings are around $40K to $60K. That said,  Kendall Rae’s yearly earnings are around $480K to $720K.

Income Generating Sources

The American blogger, vlogger, and YouTuber Kendall Rae earn from varied sources. Besides generating a good amount of YouTube ad revenue, Kendall Rae earns a good amount from sponsorship deals with brands like Hello Fresh and Pretty Litter.

A merch store, Kendall Rae. Shop and are some of the other sources that are tremendously contributing to her income. Kendall runs a podcast with her husband, Mile Higher Life, which earns her a good amount as well. Rae has worked as an actress and made her television debut at 17 as a series regular on the Channel 9 Network’s The Shak.

What’s not known to many people is that Rae is a missing person advocate, and she has been advocating for missing persons. In January 2017, Kendall launched a series called ‘Where Is,’ retelling the history of a missing person and covering everything about the case. The series has earned Kendall a reputation as one of the top creators of true crime.

Here, let’s list the amount generated from the different streams.

Income Generation StreamAmount Generated
YouTube Advertising Revenue$15K – $20K per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$1000 – $3000 per sponsorship
Occupation as a Podcaster – Mile Higher Media @milehigherpod, Host of TCKR and Host of @the_seshpodcast  $5K – $10K per month
TikTok ( Advertising Revenue$200 – $500 per month
TikTok ( Sponsorship Revenue$500 – $700 per sponsorship
Instagram ( Sponsorship Revenue$500 – $1000 per sponsorship
Products sales (Merch store – and My Wellness Company –, Sponsorships, Endorsements and Brand Deals$5K – $10K per month

General Expenses, Possessions, and Investments

Content creators usually have to bear a wide variety of expenses while creating their content, which includes investing in equipment, travel expenses, utilities, amenities, entertainment, and other living expenses.

In this regard, we can say that Kendall married Josh Thomas, and the pair today reside in Denver, Colorado. Since Kendall Rae was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and raised in Atlanta, it can be assumed that she has family houses in these locations as well. 

Car collection

The American YouTube personality owns expensive cars, including a Volvo XC60. Our team is trying to find out the names of the additional vehicles that she might own. 

Why we are so sure about the information we have stated is for the reason that the amount is calculated through the combination of our robust methodology, data collection, and algorithm. Editors and industry professionals review them before publishing so that there is no false information for our readers.

Personal life

Kendall Rae Husband
Kendall Rae Husband

Kendall Rae was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on April 22, 1993. She was raised in Kendall Rae, Atlanta, and since her early years, she has fallen in love with gardening. Since she was three years old, Kendall Rae has been displaying her gardening abilities. Her great-grandmother, Laura “Kate” Williams, guided her a lot in propagating collard greens from a simple bare root. 

Rae has a younger sister Emily. Kendall attended college in Colorado and the first thing she recorded were disagreements with her roommate. While she was a freshman year, Kendall Rae decided to go ahead with creating YouTube videos first as a hobby and later it became her career.

Kendall has shared personal problems, such as her eating disorder, in addition to undergoing breast reduction surgery. 

In 2016, Kendall married her long-term boyfriend, Josh Thomas. The pair share a similar interest and at a point Josh quit his job to assist Kendall full-time with her YouTube channel. The pair today reside in Denver, Colorado, have ten pets, and are parents to a daughter. 


  • Channel name: Kendall Rae
  • Joined on: Aug 2, 2012
  • Number of subscribers: 3.75M+

How Much Do True Crime YouTubers Make Yearly?

Successful and very popular YouTube business owners make around $10 million per year. these businesses make money by monetizing the channel. YouTube channels regardless genre bring in massive revenue, ranging from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars.

The true crime genre makes a good amount as well for the reason that number of people appreciate true crime episodes more than traditional news or live events. People get the opportunity to emotionally connect with the narrative. 


Where is Kendall Rae House?

Kendall Rae lives in Denver, Colorado. 

Where Does Kendall Rae Live?

Kendall Rae lives in Denver, Colorado. 

How Much Does Kendall Rae Make?

In a month, Kendall Rae earns around $40K to $60K.

Is Kendall Rae still married?

Kendall is happily married to her long-time boyfriend, Josh Thomas. The pair got married in 2016. 

What did Kendall Rae do?

Kendall Rae serves as a true-crime content creator on YouTube who uses the platform to spread awareness for victims and their families. Episodes of her YouTube true-crime series in podcast format create more awareness around the cases. 

What does Kendall Rae’s husband do for a living?

Kendall Rae alongside her then boyfriend and now husband Thomas have teamed up to launch Mile Higher Media, and the objective of the company is producing their podcasts and other shows. The pair have also ventured into retail through brands including Higher Love Wellness Company, which sells CBD products. 

When did Kendall Rae start true crime?

Kendall Rae started making true-crime content in 2017, and within a short time, her channel exploded, bringing her around 500 to 1,000 new subscribers every day. 

Why are some people true crime obsessed?

The fascination with true crime stems from several causes, say experts from Carolina’s schools of law and journalism. People are drawn to these sensational stories by curiosity about the motivations of the criminals, concerns about justice and the legal system and the thrill of solving a real-life whodunnit.

Where did Kendall Rae grow up?

Kendall Rae was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and raised in Atlanta.

What is Kendall Rae Husband Net Worth?

Josh Thomas net worth is $1 million. 

How Much Is Kendall Rae Worth?

Kendall Rae Worth is $5 million.

How Much Does Kendall Rae Make On YouTube?

Kendall Rae makes a minimum of $16K a month on YouTube. 

Do true crime podcasts make money?

True crime sagas make a lot of money for their creators. Podcast advertising has become one of the most popular revenue-generating sources. 

How much does YouTube pay per 1000 views?

The average YouTuber earns $3 – $10 per 1000 views. A successful True Crime YouTube channel earns a moderate to low income from YouTube.

Is True Crime monetized on YouTube?

Lately, YouTube has been completely demonetizing True Crime content and creators. So, True Crime creators have also been losing ad revenue. 

What caused Kendall Rae Weight Loss?

Kendall Rae has often talked about how her eating disorder, bulimia, affected her everyday life and her relationships. Rae adopted a low-carb, high-fat Ketogenic lifestyle. 

What is Josh Thomas Mile Higher Net Worth?

Josh Thomas Mile Higher Net Worth is $1 million.

What is Mile Higher Media Net Worth?

Mile Higher Podcast Net Worth as a whole, including the CBD, may be worth 1.5 million.   

How Old Is Kendall Rae?

Kendall Rae age is 31 years.

Final words

Kendall Rae has been earning more popularity lately for her Commentary & Vlogs. The YouTuber uploads videos on various content still that include a plethora of free-thinking, unsolved mysteries, politics, strange incidents/phenomena,  true crime, world travel, space and ocean exploration, history, astrology, and paranormal activities. Stay tuned with us to learn about more true crime podcasters and YouTubers. 

Limitations: All information presented here is gathered from sources that are considered reliable. Yet, we assume no responsibility or liability regarding the accuracy of the information. The values that we have stated here are only estimates based on our research.


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