Erik Conover Net Worth (2024) – Height, Age, Wikipedia, Earnings

Erik Conover Net Worth
Erik Conover Net Worth

Erik Conover Net Worth

Erik Conover is well known as an adventure enthusiast and content creator who is popular among the masses for his self-titled YouTube channel. The YouTuber produces travel, lifestyle and real estate related videos and through them he often showcases luxury properties as well as his adventures in various global destinations.

2024 estimates reveal that the Erik Conover Net Worth is around $8 million. Here, we will share detailed information regarding his earnings, lifestyle, spending habits and career.

Erik Conover real nameErik Conover
Erik Conover Net Worth$8 million
BirthdayOctober 21, 1989
BirthplacePomona, NJ
Erik Conover age34
Erik Conover height6.3 feet / 192 cm
Hair colorblonde
Eye colorlight brown
Live In/ ResidenceNew York City, New York, United States
OccupationYoutuber, Vlogger, Real estate agent
What is Erik Conover Net Worth?
What is Erik Conover Net Worth?


  • Channel name: Erik Conover
  • Joined on: 29 Mar 2012
  • Number of subscribers: 2.1M+

Erik Conover earnings, income, and salary

Erik Conover monthly earnings are around $60K to $80K. That said, the Erik Conover yearly earnings are around $720K to $960K.

Sources of Income

The YouTuber earns from varied sources that also include his occupation as a real estate broker. But, we have chosen to breakdown his income sources as follows:

Income Generation StreamAmount Generated
Occupation as a real estate broker$30000 – $40000 per month
YouTube Advertising Revenue$15000 – $20000 per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$1000 – $3000 per post/ $3000 – $9000 per month
TikTok Advertising Revenue$500 – $700 per month
TikTok Sponsorship Revenue$1000 – $3000 per post/ $3000 – $9000 per month
Instagram Sponsorship Revenue$1000 – $5000 per post/ $5000 – $15000 per month
Products sales, sponsorship deals (Jack Black, American Air, Volvo, Macys, Rado, Sony, and numerous others), brand endorsements$5000 – $15000 per month

Known for his YouTube success, Erik Conover now works at Nest Seekers International as a real estate broker and is a prominent figure in the world of business and social media. He has listed the latest property as a five-bedroom and six-bathroom house with six bathrooms and a price tag of $26.5 million on the market.

Erik B. Conover, an American YouTuber, travel vlogger, and real estate agent currently residing living in New York City, has constantly been trying his best to be distinct from the rest of the crowd. This is how he could successfully present the video series of traveling to a wide variety of destinations around the world. Million-dollar luxury listings series gives viewers exclusive access to some of the top luxury homes on the market or simply just standalone videos.

Lifestyle and Spending Habits

The YouTuber owns a luxurious house in NYC, USA.

Car collection

The YouTuber owns expensive cars including a 2018 Jeep Wrangler Sport and a Porsche 911.


Erik Conover, a YouTuber, shares his adventurous lifestyle with his viewers. Besides sharing his documented travels around the globe, Erik’s channel is known for his video series showcasing luxurious homes listed on the market. Erik Conover was once a broker for Nest Seekers and is now a full-time content creator.

Erik Conover wife Hanna Coleman

Erik Conover wife hanna coleman
Erik Conover wife hanna coleman

Erik Conover, a licensed estate salesperson, seems to be in a relationship. He had dated Erik Conover girlfriend, Hanna Coleman, for almost three years. But now, he has broken up with her. Besides being a YouTuber, Hanna Coleman is also a Manager of Marketing at Nest Seekers International, where she oversees Digital Marketing.

He and the supposed Erik Conover wife first met at a coffee shop in Hudson Yards in 2018. Since then, it has been love ever since. Hanna quit her job shortly after meeting Hanna Coleman boyfriend and started working with him at his production company.

After moving out of NYC in mid-2018, YouTube millionaire Erik proposed to his then-girlfriend Coleman. Unfortunately, they had to part ways. Their relationship ended in early 2021.

Conover, before becoming involved with Coleman, dated the Erik Conover ex girlfriend, Jessica Clements, a famous YouTuber and model. Conover and Clements met the first time after doing the modeling job back in 2012. The two started dating in the same year.

The dating period contributed to the accumulation of massive fan followings for each other.

Both Jessica Clements and Erik appeared in each other’s vlogs during that period. In May 2020, he posted a video on youtube and stated that he had gotten engaged with Hanna Coleman.

Erik Conover Early Life, and career

Erik Conover, an American YouTuber, is best-known for publishing travel vlogs as well as filmmaking in his channel, has been developing a traveling collection, including numerous locations throughout the globe.

Born on October 21, 1989, in Pomona, NJ, Erik Conover has earned immense recognition gradually as one of the top paid real estate YouTubers. Erik Conover, the rich and popular YouTube star, is now a Nest Seekers International broker. The top earning real estate YouTuber is a New Jersey-born social media influencer who went from living in a 300-square-foot New York City hovel to one of social media’s most recognizable real estate personalities.

Erik Conover education details reveal that he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Theater from Northeastern University in 2013.

The top earning YouTuber has been featured by WWD, GQ, and Conde Nast Traveler. Then he created his YouTube channel in March 2012 but did not begin uploading his own content until September 2014. That was when he decided to go with the “New York City Apartment Tour.” Erik Conover most popular YouTube video is “I Worked out like Chris Hemsworth for 30 Days,” which has earned over 9.9 million views.

Erik Conover Family Life details reveal that he was born in New Jersey, and he would later live in New York City. He was in a relationship with YouTuber Hanna Coleman, which began in 2019.

Erik Conovera well-known YouTube channel, covers People & Blogs. The channel launched in 2012 and is based in the United States has earned immense recognition lately.

While searching for acting gigs, Erik paid his way by working as a bartender, at the front desk of a hotel, at startups, in the corporate sector, and more. He was broke, constantly scraping to pay the high cost of NYC living.

Erik Conover, the high paid American YouTuber, Actor, and adventure filmmaker, lives in New York City with his Golden Retriever Theo.

New York-based videographer, photographer, and global adventurer Erik Conover have acquired the immense Erik Conover Net Worth as he shares daily vlogs documenting his travels and personal milestones. Envy-worthy adventures, like “LIVING ON A BOAT IN THE MALDIVES,” along with personal Q&As, relatable family affairs, including “Divorced Parents Reunite after 18 years,” have helped him acquire the fame that he desired.

He had been regularly featuring the then Erik Conover girlfriend, Jessica Clements, in his myriad of broadcasts. But, at a point, Erik emotionally vlogged news of their breakup in 2016, with a subsequent vlog a month later with the title “I Think I’m In Love,” announcing his new darling.

Erik Conover Wikipedia page is NA. But, we have still got some interesting updates about her. Erik Conover, one of the most followed and watched lifestyle influencers on YouTube, is an entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, host, traveler, and online content creator.

Growing up in a small, working-class town in New Jersey, the popular YouTuber continued to work hard and excel in his professional pursuits, including real estate. Erik has also been featured in the likes of WWD, GQ, and Conde Nast Traveller. Posting a video clip of his getaway to Japan with views of coastlines and also lavish woodlands has made him famous.

As a graduate with a degree in Public Advocacy and a minor in Business Marketing, Erik could boost the Erik Conover Net Worth that has ranked him in the category of the top YouTuber’s net worth. Throughout his career, he has been able to leverage his knowledge to create his own business, which shares his passion for real estate and homes. ‘Luxury Listings’ YouTube series boasts 26 episodes.

He has acquired the position in the list of the top 21 most influential New York talents by Business Insider. That being said, Erik Conover demonstrates what it means to be a multifaceted entrepreneur. He continues to share his real estate content internationally, and there is no limit as to what Erik can achieve.  

Social media

Travel Vlogs YouTuber Erik Conover has also been associated with several other platforms as follows:

  • Twitter: @erikconover
  • Facebook: erikbconover
  • Instagram: @erikconover


Are Erik Conover Hanna Coleman Engaged?

Erik Conover is dating Hanna Coleman. In 2020, he uploaded his engagement video on his YouTube channel. However, there have been rumors that they’ve split. 

How Did Erik Conover Make His Money?

While searching for acting gigs, Erik paid his way by working as a bartender. Also, he used to work at the front desk of a hotel, in corporate, at startups, and more. He was “very broke” and then used to go scraping to pay the high cost of NYC living. He discovered YouTube and started sharing his videos of the house tours and the real estate properties that earned him immense recognition and money. 

Is Erik Conover A Real Estate Agent?

YouTube millionaire Erik Conover is now a real estate broker.

What College Did Erik Conover Go To?

Erik Conover graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Theater from Northeastern University in 2013.

How Old Is Erik?

Erik Conover age is 34 years.

How Old Is Hanna Coleman?

New York, United States-based Social Media Manager and Digital Media Management staff Hanna Coleman is 22 years old.

Where Is Erik Conover From?

Erik Conover is from New Jersey, United States.

What Happened To Erik Conover And Hanna Coleman?

The licensed estate salesperson Erik Conover seems to be a single man now. He and his ex-girlfriend Hanna Coleman have broken up.

What Happened To Erik Conover?

YouTube star Erik Conover is now a Nest Seekers International broker. Though he wasn’t rich previously and had to work a different kinds of jobs, he switched to YouTube to make money. 

What Does Erik Conover Do?

Erik Conover is a licensed real estate broker at Nest Seekers international.

What Is Erik Conover Net Worth?

Erik Conover Net Worth, according to recent estimates, is $8 million.

How Much Does Erik Conover Make?

Erik Conover monthly earnings are around $60K to $80K.

How Old Is Erik Conover?

Erik Conover age is 34 years.

How Tall Is Erik Conover?

Erik Conover height is 6.3 feet / 192 cm.

Where is Erik Conover House?

Erik Conover House address is New York City, New York, United States.

Is Erik Conover Related To Craig Conover?

There are no such details available.

What is Erik Conover Accent?

Some people have mentioned that the way he pronounces things is odd.

What is the Erik Conover Contact number?

Erik Conover phone number is (609) 226-6358.

What is Erik Conover Camera?

Alpha a7R II Mirrorless Digital Camera and Alpha a7R II Mirrorless Digital Camera are the Erik Conover Cameras.

Is Erik Conover A Millionaire?

Yes, he is. Erik Conover Net Worth is around $8 million.

How Is Erik Conover Rich?

At a point, he had been working as a bartender, at the front desk of a hotel, in corporate, at startups, and more. He was broke and so decided to join YouTube to afford the high cost of NYC living. Erik Conover Net Worth todayis around $8 million.

How Did Erik Conover Start?

He didn’t witness an overnight success. He started his channel in 2014 as a daily vlog of his life in New York City. Over the next four years, he developed the YouTube channel into an outlet for high-quality travel and lifestyle videos.

Where Does Erik Conover Live?

He resides in NYC.

Who are Erik Conover Parents?

The names of his parents are not known.

What is Erik Conover Religion?

Erik Conover Religion is Christianity.

What is Erik Conover ethnicity?

Erik Conover ethnicity is Caucasian.

What is Erik Conover Height And Weight?

Erik Conover Height is 6.3 feet / 192 cm, while Erik Conover weight is 75kgs.

Final words

Erik Conover Net Worth has gained immense value. The popular fitness freak has been encouraging viewers to follow a path similar to his. Share your opinion regarding the YouTuber in the comments. Also, you can place suggestions regarding the YouTubers you want to learn about. Stay tuned for further updates.


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