Michelle Choi Net Worth (2024)- Earnings, Boyfriend, Assets

Michelle Choi Net Worth
Michelle Choi Net Worth

Michelle Choi Net Worth

Michelle Choi, a well known American Instagram Star and a YouTuber, used the platform to post selfies and of her day-to-day travels with friends and family. 

Michelle Choi Net Worth, as per the 2024 estimates, is around $2 million. Here, you will get the detailed information regarding her earnings, assets and expenditures.

Real nameMichelle Choi
Net Worth$2 million
BirthdayOctober 3, 1994
BirthplaceSeoul, South Korea
Height1.72m/ 5ft 8in
Weight54 kg approximately
OccupationInstagram Star, YouTuber
Michelle Choi - Wiki, Boyfriend, Age, Height, Net Worth
Michelle Choi – Wiki, Boyfriend, Age, Height, Net Worth

Michelle Choi earnings – Possible Sources

How much does Michelle Choi make? As an independent creator who uploads her videos to YouTube, Choi earns an immense amount. But that isn’t the only source of income. Rather, she makes money from other streams like brand sponsorships, YouTube ads, and affiliate marketing.

According to reliable sources, Michelle Choi monthly earnings go around $50K to $60K. That said, Michelle Choi yearly earnings are around $600K to $720K. Choi has enjoyed a long career in the entertainment industry.

Sources of Income

Her work as a rich and famous social media personality has helped her accumulate a huge fortune. Major income sources are YouTube, sponsorships & merchandise. The high paid full-time YouTuber makes more earnings from making videos than from sharing photos on Instagram.

The YouTuber earns from varied sources as follows:

Income Generation StreamAmount Generated
YouTube Advertising Revenue$35,000 – $40,000 per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$1000 – $3000 per sponsorship
TikTok Advertising Revenue$500 – $700 per month
TikTok Sponsorship Revenue$1000 – $3000 per sponsorship
Instagram Sponsorship Revenue$50 – $1000 per sponsorship
Products sales (Michelle Choi merchandise store Little Puffy), sponsorships, brand deals and collaborations$3000 – $9000 per month

Michelle Choi promoted many prominent brands in her YouTube videos, including Crocs. When it comes to her earnings from Instagram, the YouTuber makes five-figure earnings each month. Her career details reflect that she has worked with many fashion brands such as Everlane, Celine, etc.

She owns a merchandise store Little Puffy that she in November 2021, and through it, she has succeeded in listing a wide range of products.

The store sells sweatpants, tank tops, crewnecks, tees, etc. What makes her store so famous is that all the products are of high quality and she manages to make a decent amount of sales.

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Luxury Possessions and Expenditures

YouTuber Michelle Choi lives in a high-rise New York City apartment.

Often, her viewers have been curious about how she can afford such a lifestyle in NYC. But it’s evident from the number of views her videos witness that Michelle Choi makes a good revenue from YouTube. Besides, she makes additional amounts from her social media, sponsorships, deals, clothing lines, and collaborations that are enough to pay off the rent for her house in NYC.

The apartment unit is almost $11k a month, and it is equipped with three bedrooms and 2.5 baths, so it can be said that she has to pay a hefty amount on the higher end in terms of NYC apartments.

Car collection

The YouTuber owns expensive cars including a KIA Soul.

Personal life

Michelle Choi boyfriend
Michelle Choi boyfriend

Regarding Michelle Choi boyfriend, we can say Michelle Choi is in a relationship with Ivan Hui, a Korean national. He is a military man who appeared regularly on Choi’s social media. But again, at a point, Ivan had gone back to South Korea to serve in the military. Michelle has a dog, Dobby, who stays with her in their New York City apartment.

Michelle Choi has a brother, and in 2017, she attended to celebrate her little brother’s graduation.

YouTube details

  • Channel name: Michelle Choi
  • Joined on: 1 Jun 2012
  • Number of subscribers:  2.75M+

Little Puffy

Little Puffy has established itself as a merchandising business that Michelle and her parents launched together. The label makes good revenue for the YouTuber and her family as it sells quirky hoodies and tees that Choi designs.

Also, at a point, Michelle mentioned that her parents’ business in California had struggled for some time, and the major struggle was in 2021. So, to put things perfectly, Michelle and her family chose to balance out the expenses and their dwindling income.

Choi has mentioned that as a family, they had always been aware of what was happening in the Black community, and so chose to donate their earnings from Little Puffy to supporting organizations involved in the Black Lives Matter movement.


Is Michelle Choi Rich?

Yes, she is rich enough, and Michelle Choi Net Worth is around $2 million.

Is Michelle Choi Back With Ivan?

Michelle Choi has been dating Ivan Hui, who she met in Korea. Ivan appears in Michelle’s YouTube and TikTok videos, and at a point, she stated that she is dating Ivan, but now he’s back in Korea to serve in the military.

What does Michelle Choi do for a living?

Michelle Choi has been earning a livelihood as a South Korean-American Youtuber based in NYC. What makes her popular and also lets her earn a great fortune are the clips of her cooking, meet-ups with friends as well as presenting her adorable dog, Dobby. Chic and vibrant YouTuber Michelle Choi shares her life experiences through entertaining vlogs.

How do Instagram stars make money?

Typically, influencers earn mainly from sponsored content, which can include posting a picture to the main feed with #ad or sharing swipe-up links in a series of stories. Also, the Rates for these brand deals vary. But YouTubers, besides being influencers, earn from varied sources, including YouTube advertising, selling products as well as brand endorsements.

Final words

Michelle Choi has been progressing well and earning enough from different sources. Share your opinion regarding him in the comments below. Stay tuned for further updates.

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