Bald And Bankrupt Net Worth (2024) – Age, Wife, Income, Earnings

Bald And Bankrupt Net Worth
Bald And Bankrupt Net Worth

Bald And Bankrupt Net Worth

Benjamin Rich, from Bald and Bankrupt, has earned massive acclaim as a rich and popular English YouTuber. The former YouTube personality is also known as Arthur Chichester, Mr. Bald. 

Our team’s analysis as of 2024 has revealed that Travel vlogger and author Bald And Bankrupt’s Net Worth is around $12 million. With us, you can get updated information regarding his earnings, lifestyle, and other details.

Real nameBenjamin Rich
Net Worth$12 million
BirthdayJuly 1, 1974
Height6 ft 3 in (190 cm)
Religion Christian
ProfessionYouTuber, Travel vlogger, and  author
Bald And Bankrupt
Bald And Bankrupt

Financial details – earnings and income streams

Bald And Bankrupt is a former English businessman who owned a company that eventually failed. Later, he started creating content and became popular as a YouTuber, vlogger, writer, and TV producer by profession.

Bald And Bankrupt monthly earnings are around $30K – $40K. That said, the Bald And Bankrupt yearly earnings are around $360K -$480K.

Income Generation Streams

Sponsorship deals, endorsements, and promotional considerations have earned Bald and Bankrupt a good name and money. Also, the next book or media venture is expected to earn him a good income. Popular travel YouTuber Ben Rich, popularly known as Bald and Bankrupt, has revealed that he’ll be bringing his channel to an end and moving on to do something else. The YouTuber earned from varied sources in the past as follows:

Revenue Generation StreamAmount Generated
YouTube Advertising Revenue$15000 – $20000 per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$500 – $1000 per sponsorship
TikTok Advertising Revenue$100 – $500 per month
TikTok Sponsorship Revenue$300 – $500 per sponsorship
Marketing products (merch – and his book on, brand endorsements, affiliate commissions and sponsorships $3000 – $9000 per month

Is Bald a millionaire?

Bald And Bankrupt has 500M+ views on YouTube, which suggests that he is definitely a millionaire.

Demonetization problems caused Benjamin to miss out on a lot of money. He never specified what country’s currency he had millions of as the data might not even prove technically accurate given that he had millions of Belarusian rubles.

Now, let us consider the fact that AdSense ranges from $2 to $10 or so CPM. Besides, YouTube in Delhi Airport has a book, other social media, and surely additional income sources that even we are unaware of. So we can be sure that Bald And Bankrupt has made millions from the various income sources. 

Investments and Expenditures

The YouTuber owns a luxurious house in England but there are chances that he owns several other houses around the country.

Car collection

The YouTuber owns expensive cars including a 64 Chevrolet Impala SS and a Suzuki SJ.

Bald and Bankrupt uses the Sony FDR X3000, an action cam perfect for this style of video.

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Personal life

Bald and Bankrupt Wife
Bald and Bankrupt Wife

Bald And Bankrupt is British of Irish and Polish ancestry.

Bald and Bankrupt is married to Alina Adzika, a Belarusian woman about 20 years younger. They divorced previously, and they have a daughter from their previous relationship.

The lady, Alina Adzika, had supermodel looks and a great personality. She sometimes appears in videos, along with the kitten that he brought back from Cuba as a pet.


  • Channel name – Bald And Bankrupt
  • Joined on – 12 Jun 2018
  • Number of subscriber – 4.5M+

Failed business venture, leading to a YouTube career

YouTube star and vlogger Bald And Bankrupt, whose real name is Benjamin Rich, started vlogging in India after filing for bankruptcy in the UK due to a failed business venture. Benjamin Rich ventured into Eastern Europe to draw the attention of viewers. 

The motivation behind the writing career

Right after he declared bankruptcy in the UK, Benjamin Rich shaved his head. The ups and downs he had been going through motivated Rich to write and sell a book under the pen name Arthur Chichester. Also, he shared detailed insight into the experience in Belarus while traveling through areas affected by Chornobyl, which inspired him to write. His authentic content drew the attention of various media houses and publications.

The joy of traveling for a special cause 

Rich has always shown the world his legitimate interest in traveling through Eastern Europe, Russia, and India. The remarkable aspect of his videos is that they focus on the lives of ordinary people in the places where he visits.

His vlogs of Hindu refugee camps in India living in squalor after the Pakistan humanitarian crisis also received rave reviews, and his videos about India are much beloved. Benjamin Rich worked as a hotel manager while traveling through India during his struggle.

Rich has always been in love with traveling. He has no fear about going into dangerous areas, including Patamanta in Bolivia and Serbia before the COVID lockdown, and Russia.

After filming a November 2019 video on a train to Chechnya, Chechen authorities forced Rich to apologize on camera for highlighting drinking beer with a Chechen woman in the predominantly Muslim region.

The experience from a trip to Patamanta

Benjamin Rich shared a video about a trip to Patamanta in Bolivia, which Gizmodo Español reported as “more scary than entering Chernobyl.” In the video, it was prominent that Benjamin Rich informed a local woman that he was a tourist, prompting her to warn him that “people burn people” in the area. Two men later approached Bald And Bankrupt owner Benjamin Rich, and they inspected his passport and gave him 30 minutes to leave the area.

Hiatus from YouTube career 

Bald And Bankrupt disappeared for two months after exploring no-lockdown areas during the COVID-19 pandemic in Serbia. Benjamin Rich revealed that he had caught COVID-19 and that he could not walk to the bathroom or breathe, so he had to go ahead with seeking medical attention. 

Low blood oxygen caused him to give up on any of his hobbies and passions. Later, Benjamin also revealed that he had been suffering from multiple organ failures before spending a week in an intensive care unit. Also, Ben created a video regarding illness, treatment, and recovery, urging fans not to make the same mistakes and to take the virus seriously.

Exposing scams against tourists at Delhi Airport

In March 2019, the Hindustan Times reported on how Delhi Airport exposed scams against tourists, including issues like inflated prices for rickshaw drivers and false claims.

Getting arrested 

On 7 May 2022, Rich was arrested at the Baikonur Cosmodrome for unsanctioned entry to a guarded site, an administrative offense. He was supposed to pay a fine of up to 5,000 roubles. Rich denied the reports and stated that Russian police fined him after he was questioned for a few hours for going to see the Buran spaceplane without permission.

Also, this was when Bald And Bankrupt started creating his final video covering travels through Russia, as he had been banned from returning. Rich, however, later mentioned that the Instagram ban had been lifted.


How Much Does Bald And Bankrupt Make From YouTube?

Currently, Benjamin has yet to focus on his YouTube career. Yet, the Bald and bankrupt YouTube earnings had been a hefty one. Considering the income sources, YouTube advertising, and YouTube sponsorship, he earned a minimum of $15500 – $20000 monthly.

How Much Does Bald And Bankrupt Make?

Bald And Bankrupt monthly earns around $30K – $40K a month from various sources including YouTube.

What is Benjamin Rich net worth?

Bald And Bankrupt Net Worth is around $12 million.

What is Alina Adzika net worth?

Alina Adzika net worth is around $500K.

Why is bald and bankrupt ending?

On 1 September 2022, Rich posted a vlog to his Bald and Bankrupt YouTube channel mentioning his arrest and subsequent order to leave Russia. Rich announced that it would be his final video covering travels through Russia, as he had been banned from returning.

Who is Arthur Chichester bald and bankrupt?

Benjamin Rich, “Bald and Bankrupt” or “Arthur Chichester,” is known for being a former British YouTube vlogger who went viral following his video of himself roaming the remote republics and backwaters of the former Soviet Union and satellite states.

How much is Bald and Bankrupt worth?

Ben Rich net worth is around $12 million.

Is Bald and Bankrupt married?

Bald And Bankrupt, was previously married to a Belarusian woman. Ben, who had previously divorced, is now in a romantic relationship with Alina.

Is Bald and Bankrupt gay?

No, Bald And Bankrupt isn’t gay. He was married to a Belorussian woman. Now, he is in a romantic relationship with Alina Adzika.

Who is Benjamin Rich ex wife?

There have been speculations that Alina is Bald And Bankrupt’s ex-wife, Rich lives in Russia, and Alinchik is his mistress.

Did Bald and Bankrupt break up with Alina?

Alina and Ben met on his previous trip to Belarus in 2016. It isn’t clear whether they are still together. Some even speculate that Alinchik is his mistress.

Closing words

Regardless of the YouTuber’s ups and downs, Bald And Bankrupt has managed to attract viewers’ attention to his channel.

There is no crystal clear idea about what Benjamin is going to do next, but it seems like he will continue working on his YouTube career. He can easily live off the sponsorship deals, endorsements, and promotional considerations he earned. Though Benjamin doesn’t wish to continue with YouTube any further, he has decided to switch to another profession.

Disclaimer: For calculating the net worth as well as earnings of the personalities on our site, we rely heavily on just estimates based on the information we have gathered from official sources and other credible sources. We can give no guarantees in regard to completeness, accuracy, usefulness, or timeliness.


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