GeorgeNotFound Net Worth (2024) – Age, Girlfriend, Sister

GeorgeNotFound Net Worth
GeorgeNotFound Net Worth

Georgenotfound Net Worth

According to the 2024 estimates, the Georgenotfound Net Worth is around $15 million. Explore most recent details regarding the Georgenotfound earnings, income, salary, assets, expenditures and career.

George “GeorgeNotFound” Henry Davidson is a famous English YouTuber/ Twitch streamer.

He is well known for Minecraft-related content. GeorgeNotFound has been active on both YouTube and Twitch. Some of the other platforms where he is famous include Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. GeorgeNotFound currently has 8.38 million+ subscribers on YouTube. Besides, he also has around 3.9 million followers on Twitch.

Real nameGeorge Henry Davidson     
Georgenotfound Net Worth$15 million
Birth date/ BirthdayNovember 1, 1996
BirthplaceLondon, United Kingdom
Georgenotfound Age26
Georgenotfound Height5 ft 9 inches
OccupationContent Creator, Online streamer, YouTuber
What is GeorgeNotFound Net Worth?
What is GeorgeNotFound Net Worth?

Georgenotfound earnings, salary, income

One common question among viewers is:

How much does Georgenotfound earn?

Georgenotfound yearly earnings are around $960K. Georgenotfound monthly earnings are around $80K.

Sources of income

Monetized YouTube channel earns revenue by serving. The YouTuber earns an average of between $3 to $7 per thousand video views. Additional revenue sources like sponsorships, affiliate commissions, and product sales generate much more revenue than ads.

GeorgeNotFound has been well known to collaborate frequently with fellow internet personalities Clay “Dream,” Darryl “BadBoyHalo” Noveschosch, and Nick “Sapnap.” Currently, GeorgeNotFound owns 5 YouTube channels “GeorgeWasFound,” “GeorgeNotFound,” “Not GeorgeNotFound,” “GeorgeNotFound Streams,” and “GeorgeNotFoundShorts” and has a combined 12.5 million subscribers on the platform. GeorgeNotFound earns a decent amount via online merchandise stores.

Earnings as a Twitch streamer

Regardless of the content he streams, GeorgeNotFound monthly income is around $15-20k from Twitch, which amounts to GeorgeNotFound yearly income of around $200-250k per year.

Earnings as a YouTuber

GeorgeNotFound has been quite popular on YouTube and garnered around 25-30 million views on YouTube. GeorgeNotFound monthly income is $100-150k per month on YouTube. GeorgeNotFound yearly income is around $1-1.5 million from YouTube every year. GeorgeNotFound, incredibly popular on YouTube, earns a decent amount from YouTube. The YouTuber earns an average of between $3 to $7 per thousand video views.

Earnings from sponsorship deals

GeorgeNotFound is expected to have a large number of sponsors considering his overall success on both YouTube and Twitch earning him around $10K a month.

Currently, GeorgeNotFound earns most of his income via his multiple social media channels and active streaming career. The immense popularity is increasing the curiosity among fans to learn more about the Georgenotfound Phone Number. The whopping Georgenotfound Net Worth has listed George in the category of top YouTuber’s net worth.

Why we are so sure about the information we have stated is for the reason that the amount is calculated through the combination of our robust methodology, data collection, and algorithm. Editors and industry professionals review them before publishing so that there is no false information for our readers.

Lifestyle, Assets, and Expenditures

The YouTuber owns a luxurious house in Brighton, East Sussex, England.

Car collection

The YouTuber owns expensive cars including a Lamborghini Urus.

Georgenotfound girlfriend

Georgenotfound girlfriend?
Georgenotfound girlfriend?

Georgenotfound Relationship updates suggest that fans suppose that the Georgenotfound boyfriend is Dream. But, there is no prominent idea to confirm regarding the Georgenotfound wife. Fans even started calling him as DreamNotFound.


  • Channel name: GeorgeNotFound
  • Joined on: 12th October 2013
  • Number of subscribers: 10.5 Million+


George “GeorgeNotFound” Henry Davidson, an English YouTuber/ Twitch streamer, is known for his Minecraft-related content. GeirgeNotFound is active on both YouTube and Twitch, besides social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

GeorgeNotFound frequently collaborates with fellow internet personalities Clay “Dream,” Nick “Sapnap”, and Darryl “BadBoyHalo” Noveschosch.

GeorgeNotFound has 5 YouTube channels, called “GeorgeNotFound,” “GeorgeWasFound,” “Not GeorgeNotFound,” “GeorgeNotFound Streams,” and “GeorgeNotFoundShorts” and earns a decent amount via his online merchandise store.

Early life and career

GeorgeNotFound, the rich and popular YouTuber was born on November 1, 1996. He was born and brought up in London, England, UK. Currently, GeorgeNotFound lives in Brighton. GeorgeNotFound real name is George Henry Davidson, and on April 15, 2020, George stated that he has been suffering from Protan (red-green) color blindness.

He went to university to complete his graduation with a degree in computer science. Besides, GeorgeNotFound is also left-handed. GeorgeNotFound’s YouTube career suggests that GeorgeNotFound has gained social media popularity since 2020. Back then, the YouTuber had less than 500k subscribers on the primary account.

This continued until May 2020. The streamer has grown in popularity due to frequent collaborations with other YouTubers. Besides, the Minecraft Dream SMP server streams earned him fame.

GeorgeNotFound grew on YouTube due to his Minecraft challenge videos. GeorgeNotFound, who is one of the highest-paid YouTubers has shown how active he can be by participating in multiple.

The content has come in specifically a total of 11 versions of the Minecraft Championship series. Notable partnerships with YouTubers such as Sapnap, Quackity, Dream, and Karl Jacobs make him famous. GeorgeNotFound, a member of the “Dream Team” alongside Sapnap and Dream, created the Dream SMP Minecraft server.

Dream previously worked as a coder on MunchyMC, BadBoyHalo’s Minecraft server. The internet personality has back then met Dream via the server, who was a developer/admin. Since the YouTuber has been quite focused on his career, the Georgenotfound net worth has been boosted to a huge extent. GeorgeNotFound’s Twitch career highlights suggest that in addition to Minecraft, GeorgeNotFound streams other games, including Among Us, Fall Guys, and Phasmophobia.

The YouTuber GeorgeNotFound witnessed huge popularity on both YouTube and other social media platforms. GeorgeNotFound became active on Twitch in early 2020 and got approximately 1 million followers by the beginning of October 2020. Later on, he reached the limit of the whopping 3.9 million!

Does George Not Found Have A Girlfriend?

Fans are continually asking Does Georgenotfound Have A Girlfriend. So, we have figured out that when it comes to Georgenotfound dating life, he has been keeping things a lot secret. There is indeed the existence of the Georgenotfound girlfriend. But he has not revealed her name.


What is Georgenotfound Height?

Georgenotfound Height is 5 ft 9 inches.

What Is Georgenotfound Net Worth?

George Not Found Net Worth is $15 million.

How Old is Georgenotfound?

Georgenotfound Age is 26 years old.

Does Georgenotfound Have A Sister?

Lila, is the younger Georgenotfound sister.

How Tall Is George Not Found?

Georgenotfound Height is 5 ft 9 inches.

What is Georgenotfound Real Name?  

Georgenotfound Real Name is George Henry Davidson.   

What is the Georgenotfound Car?

Georgenotfound Car updates are still not available as he doesn’t own a driver’s license.

Where does georgenotfound live now?

George Davidson, better known online as GeorgeNotFound, is an English YouTuber and lives in Brighton in the United Kingdom.

Where does DreamWasTaken live now?

DreamWasTaken lives now in Orlando, Florida.

Is GeorgeNotFound in the US?

Minecraft streamer GeorgeNotFound’s move to the US suggests that he decided to finalize the decision to take up residence with Minecraft streamers Dream and Sapnap, who are roommates. The move helped them collaborate as a part of the Dream team.

Where is GeorgeNotFound from?

GeorgeNotFound Place of birth is London, United Kingdom.

What is Dream real name?

Clay, better known as Dream or DreamWasTaken on social media, is famous as an American YouTube gamer best known for his Minecraft videos on YouTube.

Are George and Dream getting married?

George on Twitter had announced, “Happy to announce that @DreamWasTaken and I are getting married in 2021! 🎉”

What is GeorgeNotFound merch collection?

GeorgeNotFound Merchandise sells Hoodies, George Gift Card and similar other items.

What is the GeorgeNotFound Minecraft skin?

GeorgeNotFound Minecraft skin collection is available with GeorgeNotFound Minecraft Skins

What type of colorblind is GeorgeNotFound?

GeorgeNotFound has severe Protan (red-green) colorblindness.

What is GeorgeNotFound private Twitter?

GEORGE PRIVATE TWEETS (@georgeprivatez) is the GeorgeNotFound private Twitter.

What is GeorgeNotFound eye color?

GeorgeNotFound Eye Color is Dark Brown.

Why does GeorgeNotFound wear gloves?

GeorgeNotFound wear compression sleeves to prevent muscle cramping. In addition to that, the gamer gloves designed to help with sweaty hands.

Why is GeorgeNotFound called Gogy?

Sapnap gave him the nickname “Gogy” and his favorite artist is Travis Scott.

Why is GeorgeNotFound so popular?

He rose to fame with his first upload as recent as 2019, and his Minecraft challenge videos earned him immense fame.

Why is GeorgeNotFound a mushroom?

George by threatening to exile Tommy because he burnt down George’s mushroom house.

Why does GeorgeNotFound pass out?

Due to his colourblindness, his eyes are very sensitive and he often passes out.

Why does GeorgeNotFound have Heterochromia?

George confirmed he has severe protanopia (red-green colorblindness). Colorblind glasses to help him distinguish red-green colors.

Where does GeorgeNotFound stream?

GeorgeNotFound started livestreaming on Twitch, and has continued to stream since. Through his YouTube channel, he has earned high number of live viewers.

Where did GeorgeNotFound go to college?

George Davidson attended university and graduated with a degree in computer science.

Where did GeorgeNotFound go to university?

He had attended the university to pursue degree in computer science.

Where to buy GeorgeNotFound glasses?

George 404 Goggles – sells George 404 Goggles, Fashion vintage oval sunglasses, retro goggles with Metal hinges and Durable glasses.

Who is GeorgeNotFound married to?

He got married to @DreamWasTaken.

Who is GeorgeNotFound sister?

He had revealed that he grew up with a sister.

Who does GeorgeNotFound have a crush on?

He had a crush on Dream.

Who is Gogy GeorgeNotFound?

George Davidson, better known online as GeorgeNotFound and Gogy, is a member of the Dream Team, who has been uploading current YouTube videos publicly since 2019.

How to get GeorgeNotFound dragon?

The Georgenotfound Dragon is not breedable. But, future events may allow you to win the Georgenotfound Dragon.

How much money does Georgenotfound make?

Georgenotfound monthly earnings are around $80K. Regardless of the content he streams,  GeorgeNotFound monthly income is around $15-20k from Twitch, which amounts to GeorgeNotFound yearly income of around $960K per year.

How much is GeorgeNotFound merch?

The price starts with a tag of around $15.

How to cosplay as GeorgeNotFound?

High quality Georgenotfound Cosplay-inspired gifts and merchandise is available through online stores.

Is GeorgeNotFound colorblind?

Yes, he is.

Is Dream married to GeorgeNotFound?

They are a married couple.

Is GeorgeNotFound dating Minx?

Such rumors haven’t been confirmed yet. George is married to Dream.

Is GeorgeNotFound quitting YouTube?

Back in 2020, GeorgeNotFound announced he is QUITTING Youtube to become a full-time Zookeeper.

Is GeorgeNotFound left handed?

Yes, he is.

Final words

Georgenotfound Net Worth is gaining potential, and the YouTuber is growing with fame. Numerous streamers and YouTubers are joining the platform to get the desired fame and earnings. Stay tuned with us to stay updated regarding the famous YouTubers.



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