LazarBeam Net Worth – Age, Income, Channels, Girlfriend 2021

LazarBeam Net Worth
LazarBeam Net Worth

LazarBeam Net Worth

Known by his online name LazarBeam, Lannan Eacott is the eminent Australian YouTuber, professional gamer, internet personality who is well recognized for his presence on YouTube. According to the 2022 estimates, LazarBeam net worth is $24 million. Born on 14th December 1984, the YouTuber presents video game come inclusive of the comedic videos.

Real nameLannan Eacott
YouTube channelLazarBeam
Net worth$24 Million
Age 27
PlaceCentral Coast, New South Wales, Australia
live streamer

Gender – Male

Ethnicity – White Caucasian 

Marital status – Unmarried 

Girlfriend -Single 


Plenty of people are always interested about learning the latest YouTuber’s net worth. In this regard, the channel brings 7 million daily views a year that is approximately $16,000 per day. That said, the estimated a monthly ad revenue of $480,000 gives a huge income. LazarBeam Income ranges between $49k and $783.3k. 

LazarBeam Girlfriend 

LazarBeam Girlfriend
LazarBeam Girlfriend

LazarBeam Girlfriend / Spouse updates suggest that he is dating Ilsa Watkins (2018-Present). Besides, he has been in a relationship with a fellow social media star.


He had started making the slow-motion demolition videos in 2014 while still working on his family’s construction business.After getting registered on YouTube channel in 2015, he started posting the let’s play and challenge videos on the various giving platforms. 

Lannan Eacott started growing on YouTube. Later on, he got enough recognition from his fans to diversify the video content. That said, the content comes, including the blog, and the comedy styled videos.

The best part is that he still has substantial growth that he has always wanted. He started putting the videos of the Fortnite Battle Royale in 2018. Later on, he got much recognition from the fans for his videos. In 2019 he got his position as a YouTube’s most viewed content creator of the year.

At that time, he got to be giving views in 2019. In 2022, he has two YouTube channels that are collectively reaching over 20 million subscribers along with the 6 billion videos views. that made him the second most subscribed and the third most YouTuber on Australia’s platform.


The LazarBeam net worth is a huge figure. This aspect is drawing the attention of many fans. Lannan Eacott had dropped out of the high school at a very early age of 15 and started working on the family’s construction business. 

Lannan Eacott had originally started with the posting of the videos of the demolition in the slow-motion on YouTube that had the tag of Crushslash. Later on, Lannan Eacott registered himself as a LazarBeam. Consequently, his YouTube gaming channel got huge recognition on 4th January 2015 that made him one of the best YouTubers.

He also focused on the video game commentary, challenging videos with the primary videos like Madden NFL video game series. In April 2019, the channel on YouTube got around 10 million subscribers, making him 2nd Australian gaming content creator for hitting the milestone.

That said, by July 2019 he became the third most subscribed YouTuber and the Fortnite streamer with around 10.8 million subscribers along with the 3 billion video views like many other streamers.

The top earning live streamer and YouTuber is also releasing the videos in August 2019 with the Exclusive mechanical suit with the Missile launchers and the giant shotgun. In October 2019, an announcement was made regarding how he will appear as himself in 2020 film free Guy alongside some other streamers like Ninja. Along with the Australian YouTuber muselk, Lannan Eacott worked for streaming exclusively on the platform.

In June 2020, during the season-ending live event of Fortnite, the videos by Lannan Eacott started reaching around 900000 content views. So, the reason behind the jaw-dropping LazarBeam net worth is crystal clear. He has two brothers and a sister. His sister has also got the YouTube channel with 1 million subscribers.

How much LazarBeam earns from YouTube?

With over 17.5 million subscribers and over 6.6 billion channel views, LazarBeam, the rich and famous YouTuber is making around $6.4 million per year. This amount accounts for his YouTube advertising income. Sponsored posts on social media bring in $3 million per year. His YouTube revenues are one of the most vital sources of income.

Future in YouTube 

With the undeniable success that he has gotten, he is striving to contribute more. He has got his Trusty dog Willeh. He loves spending his time with his family throughout the year. His sister isn’t as successful as him, yet they are posting gaming and lifestyle content.


Does Lazarbeam have a kid?

LAZAR on Twitter had mentioned, “@RJWild93 I adopted a 17yr old son @mrfreshasian” / Twitter.

Is Lazarbeam a parent?

LAZAR on Twitter had stated, “happy to announce I am now a father” / Twitter.

Is LazarBeam in a movie?

YouTube streamer LazarBeam has risen to popularity with the brief but crucial cameo in the new sci-fi action comedy Free Guy, based on the online gaming world.

Final words

Hopefully, you have got the concise details about LazarBeam net worth, his personal and career life, to everything else. To get more details about your favorite YouTube personality, stay tuned with us.


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