Tommyinnit Net Worth (2023) – Age, Height, Girlfriend, Income

Tommyinnit Net Worth
Tommyinnit Net Worth

Tommyinnit Net Worth

Thomas Simons, who is popularly known by his online alias TommyInnit, is a rich and famous English YouTuber and Twitch streamer. 2023 estimates reveal that the Tommyinnit Net Worth is around $20 million. 

Born on 9 April 2004, TommyInnit produces Minecraft-related videos and live streams, including collaborations with fellow YouTubers and streamers associated with the Dream SMP. For the collaboration, TommyInnit’s YouTube and Twitch channels gained popularity.

Seven YouTube channels by TommyInnit have collectively earned over 24 million subscribers and over 1.98 billion views. TommyInnit main Twitch channel has reached over 6.9 million followers.

This is the reason that he has become one of the most-followed Minecraft channels on Twitch. In addition to that, he has also earned recognition as the 13th most-followed overall.

Explore more regarding the Tommyinnit career, earnings, salary, and other details.

Tommyinnit real nameThomas Simons
Tommyinnit Net Worth$20 million
Birthday9 April 2004
BirthplaceNottinghamshire, England
Tommyinnit age18
Tommyinnit height5ft 8 inches
OccupationYouTuber, Twitch Star
Income sourceYouTube, Twitch Streams, Online Brand Endorsements

Tommyinnit earnings, salary, and income

Tommyinnit monthly earnings suggest that Tommyinnit makes an estimated $240K per month from his YouTube channel and Twitch subscribers. In this regard, it can be said that the Tommyinnit yearly earnings are around $2880K.

How Much Money Does TommyInnit Earn On YouTube?

The channel earns $7 – $10 per 1000 monetized views after YouTube takes its cut. The successful YouTuber also has sponsors and could increase revenues by promoting his own products.

The immense fame of the channel has also boosted the Tommyinnit Net Worth. On average, TommyInnit, the rich and famous gaming YouTuber made around $620k in 2021. Along with his base pay of $620k, TommyInnit made an additional amount from the donations and the bits he receives during his stream. 

Sources of income

In addition to running his main YouTube account, TommyInnit operates smaller channels on the side. This includes TommyOutIt, TommyVODS, tomaye, and his vlog containing entertaining stuff other than gaming, Tom Simons. TommyInnit’s primary channel alone has piled up a total of about 2 billion views.

Besides YouTube, TommyInnit has a merch store that sells branded items such as hoodies, t-shirts, posters and mobile phone cases. Check out his online store at The online merch store pulls in $100,000 per month in revenue.

Tommyinnit girlfriend 

Tommyinnit girlfriend 
Tommyinnit girlfriend 

Tommyinnit relationship, as well as Tommyinnit girlfriend updates, mentions that popular Minecraft streamer and content creator Tommyinnit had his first date on Minecraft with the “TikTok girl,” whose name is Beautie, and it ended up hilariously. However, we do not have the updated details regarding his present status of relationship as Tommyinnit remains relatively quiet when it comes to sharing his personal life.


Thomas Simons, better known by his pseudonym TommyInnit, has risen to popularity as famous across two of the most viewed streaming platforms on the web, YouTube and Twitch. People love the well paid YouTube star for his fun and energetic gaming content, mostly Minecraft-related.

Tommyinnit Family

TommyInnit father is Mr. Simons, who is a businessman by profession, and TommyInnit mother is Sarah Simons, who is a housewife. He hails from Nottingham, England, and has had dogs named Betty and Walter.

Early life and career

TommyInnit, the rich and famous gaming YouTuber Born as Thomas Simons on 9 April 2004 in Nottingham, England, has become immensely famous as YouTuber and Twitch streamer. Some of the popular channels include Channels like TommyInnit, TommyVODS, TommyOutit, Tom Simons, tomaye, Channelnutpig, and TommyCLIPS.

Tommyinnit Wikipedia suggests TommyInnit had begun his stint as a gamer with a YouTube channel when he was 12. The channel ChannelNutpig hadn’t been that famous back then. TommyInnit was often bullied by schoolmates for the unusual name that he assigned for his channel. When TommyInnit turned 13, he renamed it Tom and then set his videos to private.

A year later, TommyInnit began streaming on Twitch. By late 2018, the popular Minecraft player had started posting on Twitch regularly. TommyInnit streamed Fortnite, PUBG, and Hypixel public parties (primarily Bed Wars). His perseverance has helped his attain the massive Tommyinnit Net Worth. 

Since 2013, the top earning British YouTuber has been creating impressive videos that are based on Gaming and vlogging. Twitch Channels include tommyinnit and tommyinnitalt. TommyInnit has been quite active in his gaming career since 2018. Games that he plays include Minecraft, PUBG, Fortnite.

Creator Awards he has earned

Some of the creator awards that TommyInnit, the high paid YouTuber has been awarded include:

  • YouTube Silver Play Button: 100,000 subscribers
  • YouTube Gold Play Button: 1,000,000 subscribers
  • YouTube Diamond Play Button: 10,000,000 subscribers


  • Channel name – Tommyinnit
  • Joined on – 24 Dec 2015
  • Number of subscriber – 11.7M+

YouTube Career

Thomas Simons, the top earning gamer and YouTuber, created the first YouTube channel, Channelnutpig, on 15 February 2013. In addition to that, he also started his TommyInnit channel on 24 December 2015. Thomas Simons uploaded his first video on his TommyInnit channel on 9 September 2018. Simons uploads videos consisting of him playing Minecraft.

YouTube channel TommyInnit launched on December 24, 2015, witnessed immense growth at a point as the YouTuber started regularly posting in 2019. YouTube channel TommyInnit first video, “Guide to Lobby Spamming,” was posted on September 9, 2018.

By early 2019, Tommy had become a Twitch affiliate. Most fan base back then was Hypixel influencers.

August 6, 2019, updates highlight that Tommy began posting Hypixel Skyblock clips. Tommy’s channel switched from following a video-type skit format to posting edited live streams.

Tommy, as one of the fastest YouTubers, with his follower count rising from 4.8 thousand to 66 thousand in the initial phase itself, now has over 593 thousand subscribers.

After three months of Hypixel Skyblock uploads, TommyInnit began posting general content based on Minecraft. Soon, Tommy was invited to SMPEarth, a private SMP that featured many influencers. TommyInnit, also a member of Skeppy’s SMP and AnothaSMP, was also part of Blockworth season 2.

6 August 2019 updates mention that Simons uploaded his first video relating to the Hypixel minigame (Minecraft game) SkyBlock. The high-paid Minecraft player TommyInnit has been consistently uploading SkyBlock-related content. Such consistency has helped in growing the TommyInnit channel rapidly. In this regard, it increased its subscriber count from 4,800 to 66,000.

4 July 2020 updates also highlight that the PUBG player and top gaming YouTuber Simons joined the Dream SMP. He earned recognition for the roleplay-focused Minecraft server run by eponymous YouTuber Dream.

August 2020 updates mention that TommyInnit uploaded a video of himself and a group of fellow Minecraft YouTubers visiting Brighton. September 2021 witnessed the immense growth of the viewers. The video had amassed over 31 million views.

April 2021 updates highlight that Simons created a new YouTube channel under his name Thomas Simons. He gradually increased the popularity of that channel, too, by uploading the first video onto it two months later.

In some of TommyInnit’s videos, Tommy had live-streamed featuring himself playing Minecraft while hacking. TommyInnit once created a video exposing The Archon server. Tommy’s co-gamers include Tubbo, TimeDeo, Pigicial, Badlinu, darkleonard2, and RudyInnit.

TommyInnit has participated in Minecraft championships, playing as part of teams including Team Purple Pandas, Team Pink Parrots, Team Cyan Creepers, Team Aqua Horses, and Team Red Rabbits. TommyInnit has teamed up with gamers such as Wilbur Soot, TheEret, Krinios, Bitzel, CaptainPuffy, Sylvee, MiniMuka, VoiceoverPete, Captainsparklez, CaptainPuffy, and Ph1lzA.

TommyOutit, as one of the popular channels by the Minecraft player, mostly hosts his stream highlights (similar to TommyInnit). The channel hosted content from the series Blockworth, but Tommy later set the videos to private or deleted them. TommyVODS, as one of the popular channels, has presented the top VODS (videos on demand). In addition to that, it contains the unedited live streams archived from Twitch.

Twitch career

Thomas Simons began streaming on Twitch in late 2018. At that time, the gaming YouTuber had been streaming Minecraft, PUBG, and Fortnite.

20 January 2021 updates also highlight that TommyInnit live-streamed the finale of the Dream SMP, The Dream SMP Finale that earned over 650,000 viewers, making it the third-highest all-time concurrent viewer Livestream on Twitch. It had the capability of overtaking Ninja’s Fortnite collaboration with Drake.

September 2021 updates also highlight that Simons announced that he would move to Brighton in 2022.

2021 highlights that he made it to the Guinness World Records with most viewers of a Minecraft gameplay live stream on Twitch.

Also, his channel became the most followed Minecraft channel on Twitch.

TommyInnit often streamed minigames on the popular Minecraft server Hypixel. Through the immense recognition as well as the massive Tommyinnit Net Worth that he has earned on YouTube and Twitch, TommyInnit got listed in the category of top YouTuber’s net worth.

After being involved for a year into his streaming career, Tommy started uploading newer gaming videos on his YouTube channel, TommyInnit. TommyInnit channel gained traction due to videos including”Every Hypixel YouTuber Ever.” Over the years, he also surpassed 5,000 subscribers soon after.

Tommyinnit, the rich and famous youtube star, has been earning popularity for the Minecraft gameplays and mods, including on the SkyWars PvP server. TommyOutit has accumulated more than 3 million subscribers. His channels have been gaining traction as the TommyVODS, and Tom Simons channels have also earned over 5 million subscribers.

In addition to YouTube, TommyInnit is well known today for his popular tommyinnit Twitch channel. Through that channel, TommyInnit lives streams Minecraft gameplay and also posts highlights from his play. What makes him so distinct from the rest is that he competes in Minecraft survival multiplayer games on the Dream SMP server. Also, he has been giving tough competition to popular gamers such as Dream and GeorgeNotFound. 

Tommyinnit, a member of Roblox, Dream SMP, Minecraft has become immense famous as one of the top earning Gaming Creators.

Tommyinnit contact number 

The immense popularity of the YouTuber and Twitch player Tommyinnit has increased the curiosity among fans to learn about the Tommyinnit Phone Number. We’ve finally found out his phone number as well as the social media contact details that can make it easier to contact the YouTuber.

Tommyinnit controversies

In 2018, while Tommyinnit had been streaming on his Twitch channel, he used “lobby spamming” to get more viewers. Lobby spamming refers to the process of going into a Hypixel lobby full of players and posting a stream link and some clickbait, usually as fake giveaways. Tommyinnit and his friend Freddie (known as Badlinu) created chat macros to take the assistance of lobby spamming.

Late 2018 updates highlight that Tommy asked a server staff whether lobby spamming was allowed on the platform. He got the confirmation that it was allowed. December 2018 updates also highlight that the top paid TommyInnit was muted by a server staff for 7 days. The server staff responded with an impolite comment after Tommy got muted. The staff later found out Tommyinnit had used macros for lobby spamming. Tommy got blacklisted completely.

But that wasn’t the end of the conflict. Rather, Tommyinnit later explained that a server staff had said that lobby spamming was allowed. Also, he raised the matter regarding the rude comment made after Tommyinnit was banned. A Hypixel admin then took into consideration analyzing the whole situation. He found out that it had been blown out of proportion and approved Tommy’s appeal, allowing him to join Hypixel again. Tommy remained muted and rather used the time to polish his editing skills.

June 26, 2019 updates again highlight that Tommy got banned due to his video the ranked skywars experience (handcam). The reason why he was banned is that Tommyinnit had joked about downloading the Vape Client. Hypixel admins banned Tommyinnit for 30 days for promoting cheats. The conflict, however, came to a settling point when Tommy claimed the video was a satire. Though he was caught up in some serious issues, as a hardworking guy, he could acquire the jaw-dropping Tommyinnit Net Worth.

April 27, 2020 updates also highlight that Tommyinnit was caught again in trouble due to his video “I installed 13 Minecraft hacked clients and did this…”. That was when people on the Hypixel forums noticed that the video was responsible for breaking Hypixel’s YouTube ranking policy.

People started a campaign against him. Tommyinnit later clarified through a stream that Simon, the owner of Hypixel, had mentioned that the Tommyinnit video was allowed since it had not started a hacking trend. Tommy is a popular name today in the gaming and live streaming world as he has created countless videos on hacking since then, and none of these videos has been banned.

Despite the issues and the controversial moments he has faced in his career life, TommyInnit has been growing immensely popular today as he is more focused on his career. Despite the controversies, he has been continuing to progress that is boosting the Tommyinnit Net Worth.

How Did Tommyinnit Get Famous?

TommyInnit often streamed minigames on the popular Minecraft server Hypixel. So, after staying involved for a year into his streaming career, Tommy started uploading on his YouTube channel, TommyInnit. TommyInnit channel gained traction due to videos “Every Hypixel YouTuber Ever,” and he surpassed 5,000 subscribers. TommyInnit often streamed minigames on the popular Minecraft server Hypixel. This is how he gained immense popularity over the years.

What Servers Are Tommyinnit In?

TommyInnit has the YouTube rank on the Hypixel server but has been temporarily banned from the server multiple times due to his videos. Fans also question How does TommyInnit make server? The answer is that he makes it through Bits -For every bit a streamer receives, they get $0.01. Ads. The streamers run ads on Twitch they making around $10-20 CPM depending on their contracts. TommyInnit earns $10-20 per 1000 viewers on the stream when the ad runs.

What I Like Tommyinnit?

TommyInnit had been Singing Bruno Mars – That’s What I LikeBack. The YouTube updates highlight that in November 2020, Tommy uploaded a video titled “Explaining this video” to YouTube, where he discussed the story behind a hilarious clip of him lip-syncing to Bruno Mars’s hit song “That’s What I Like” while flipping between cameras.

Is Tommyinnit Still In The Dream SMP?

“Tommyinnit is now dead on the Dream SMP server.”

Tommyinnit had finally succeeded in locking Dream up, which was a major accomplishment. Dream has been after Tommy since Tommy joined Dream SMP. In addition to that, it’s worth noting that Dream has always been after Tommy’s discs. Once he got some of them, Tommy vowed to take back what belonged to him.


How Much Money Does Tommyinnit Make?

TommyInnit, the rich and famous gaming YouTuber made around $620K in 2021. Donations and the bits he receives during his stream also boosts his income. Tommyinnit monthly earnings details reveal that he earns around $240K per month from his Youtube channel and Twitch subscribers.

How Old Is Tommyinnit?

Tommyinnit age is 18 years.

Where Does Tommyinnit Live?

Tommyinnit Lives in Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom.

How Much Does Tommyinnit Make On Twitch?

TommyInnit makes an estimated $163K per month from streaming on Twitch that earns him nearly $2 million per year. He streams about 5 days per week.

How Much Does Tommyinnit Make A Year?

Tommyinnit earnings details reveal that Tommyinnit yearly earnings are around $2880K. Also, he makes a huge amount from Twitch. From Twitch streaming, he earns around $2 million per year.

What City Does Tommyinnit Live In?

Tommyinnit Lives in Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom.

How Much Does Tommyinnit Make A Month?

Tommyinnit monthly earnings attain a huge figure from basically YouTube and Twitch. He makes $240K per month from his Youtube channel and $163K from the Twitch subscribers.

Does Tommyinnit Have Merch?

TommyInnit Merch is the official merchandise for TommyInnit fans. It serves as #1 TommyInnit Apparel & Collectibles. You can go through for the top merchandise collections.,, are some popular sites selling the TommyInnit Merch.

When Does Tommyinnit Stream?

Check out the tommyinnit stream schedule on

Who Is Tommyinnit’s Girlfriend?

Tommyinnit had his first date on Minecraft with Beautie, and it ended up hilariously.

What Is Tommyinnits Zodiac Sign?

The Zodiac sign of Tommyinnit is Aries.

Who are Tommyinnit Parents?

TommyInnit father is Mr. Simons, who is a businessman by profession, and TommyInnit mother is Sarah Simons, who is a housewife.

What is Tommyinnit Date Of Birth?

Tommyinnit Date Of Birth is 9 April 2004.

Who is Tommyinnit Girlfriend?

Tommyinnit remains relatively quiet when it comes to sharing his personal life. Tommyinnit had dated “TikTok girl,” whose name is Beautie.

How Tall Is Tommyinnit?

What Is Tommyinnits Height? Tommyinnit height is 5ft 8 inches.

Is Tommyinnit A Millionaire?

Yes, he is a millionaire. According to our latest estimates, Tommyinnit Net Worth is around $20 million. 

How Tall Is Tommyinnit In Cm?

Tommyinnit height In Cm is 176.78cm.

What Is Tommyinnit Discord? is Tommyinnit Discord.

Does Tommy Have A Discord?

Yes, he has. is Tommyinnit Discord.

Is Tommyinnit Single?

Tommyinnit relationship details are not publicly available as he chooses to remain silent. However, he had mentioned dating a girl named Beautie.

Who Does Tommyinnit Go On A Date With?

Some updates mention that TommyInnit & Tubbo go dating in Minecraft with “TikTok girl” with hilarious results.

Is Tommy Really Adopted?

There are no details regarding Tommyinnit adoption.

What is Tommyinnit Eye Color?

Tommyinnit Eye Color is blue.

Are Tommyinnit Eyes Blue?

Yes, Tommyinnit Eye Color is blue.

Is Tommyinnit Blonde?

Yes, he is blonde.

What Is Tommyinnit Real Name?

Tommyinnit Real Name is Thomas Simons.

How Did Tommyinnit Become So Big?

His popularity started when he joined the Dream Team Survival Multiplayer server, co-run by major Minecraft YouTuber Dream. Streaming his activities almost daily helped him become one of the main personalities of the Dream SMP in the process.

When Did Tommy Join Dream SMP?

Tommy joined the Dream SMP on July 4, 2020, and immediately started a conflict between himself and the Dream Team. The conflict was related to Dream, GeorgeNotFound, and Sapnap.

Is Tommyinnit Live?

Tommyinnit Lives in Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom.

Did Tommyinnit Lose His Last Life?

Tommyinnit’s main goal on the server was to reclaim his discs from Dream. It was all a part of Disc Saga. However, they ran into an argument about the Book of Necromancy not being real, leading Dream killing Tommy taking his final canon life.

Is Tommyinnit A Billionaire?

No, he isn’t. Tommyinnit is a millionaire. Our team’s latest findings reveal that Tommyinnit Net Worth is around $20 million.

Who Tommyinnit Parents?

TommyInnit father is Mr. Simons, who is a businessman by profession, and TommyInnit mother is Sarah Simons, who is a housewife.

Is Tommyinnit Related To Wilbur?

Due to game glitches and crashes throughout the event, they ended up placing 6th. Tommy is thus related to Wilbur.

Is Tommyinnit Family Friendly?

TommyInnit’s video goes above sexual references. YouTube’s terms and conditions state that videos for anyone under the age of 18 cannot have sexual references or innuendos. Some viewers claim that not all of his videos are family-friendly.

What Happened To Tommyinnit Today?

Tommy was present at the Saint-Malo Trials. At that time, Technoblade attempted to bribe TommyInnit to speak for them at the trial with “$5 and 2 memes”. However, it happened that after the trial, TommyInnit was killed by Phil.

Is Tommyinnit Alive Again?

“Tommyinnit is now dead on the Dream SMP server.”
Tommyinnit had finally succeeded in locking Dream up, which was a major accomplishment. Dream has been after Tommy since Tommy joined Dream SMP.

Where Does Tommy Live?

Tommy Lives in Nottingham, England.

Final words

Tommyinnit Net Worth has been gradually increasing as the YouTuber and Twitch player has been quite focused on his career. He has been participating in numerous gaming competitions that are increasing his fame. Share your opinion regarding the gamer in the comments below. Also, stay tuned for the further updates.


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