SAILING into FREEDOM – Peter and Margarida Bio, Net Worth


SAILING into FREEDOM has earned immense popularity as a couple that shares the dream of exploring the world. The pair have been sailing together for a year and a half now and started their journey on a 42-foot Crowther Catamaran named Long Reef in 2010.

  • Real name – Peter Lukursky (Plukky); Margarida Lukursky
  • Net Worth – $900K
  • Birthday – Peter Lukursky (Plukky) – 1975; Margarida Lukursky – 1987
  • Birthplace – Peter Lukursky – Jamboree Heights, QLD; Margarida Lukursky – Algarve, Portugal
  • Age – Peter Lukursky – 48, Margarida Lukursky – 36
  • Height – Peter Lukursky (Plukky) – 5ft 9 in; Margarida Lukursky – 5ft 5in
  • Weight – Peter Lukursky (Plukky) – 82kg; Margarida Lukursky – 57kg
  • Nationality – Peter Lukursky (Plukky) – Australian; Margarida Lukursky – Portuguese
  • Profession – Sailing YouTuber


SAILING into FREEDOM Biography

SAILING into FREEDOM as a couple share the dream of exploring the world. The pair have been sailing together for a long time.

The sailing YouTube duo started its journey on a 42-foot Crowther Catamaran named Long Reef in 2010. They worked to get Long Reef up to scratch while working to pay it off and get together a sailing kitty. 

PLUKKY also known as Peter is an Australian guy and a boat owner. Peter, who is popularly known as Plukky, got educated, and 2 degrees later, with his own business, he was even more disillusioned.

Margarida joined the crew as a video editor (without having before edited a single video in her life) and, for some strange reason, fell under Plukky’s spell.

Margarida is not a stranger to the ocean but rather a human with gills, so her transition to living on the boat went smoothly, and as expected, sailing came naturally. Margarida is known for her dark humor, her girliness, and her stubbornness, making the two the perfect match. 

Career beginnings and current status

The duo Peter and Margarida document their adventure, where they sail to remote places around the world, live off the land where they can, and try to keep their footprints as small as possible. The videos present the challenges they face, the people they meet and take on as crew, and the sharing of way of life, which leads to some interesting moments. 

SAILING into FREEDOM website, reveals that one can get in contact with the crew via 

Peter and Margarida are a sailing YouTube couple who share the dream of exploring the world and have been sailing together for a long time. 

In 2017, PLUKKY, also known as Peter, met Margarida, a young Portuguese girl who came to work on Long Reef as a video editor.

At that time, Peter was already doing vlogs about sailing life along the Australian East Coast, the people he met, the wonderful crew, the dramas we all went through, and the places they visited. Margarida was not easily scared and came to stay. 

Being together for only three months, the duo decided to go sailing to the most remote place in Australia, the Kimberley, and they hit a reef; they tried to save the boat but eventually lost Long Reef.

This accident proved to be a disastrous setback in following the dream of sailing around the world and, to a large extent, emotionally crippling. But with Margarida by his side, Plukky overcame this and decided to buy an old boat, Freedom. 

With a new home, the duo will continue our adventure and keep the dream alive.

The YouTube pair sail wherever the wind takes them, live off the land where they can, and try to keep their footprint as small as possible. 

Financial aspect – Net worth and earnings

SAILING into FREEDOM Net Worth is $900K. Their monthly earnings are around $10K to $12K. In a year, they earn around $120K to $144K. The revenue generation streams include ads running on YouTube, YouTube sponsorships, Patreon, PayPal, collaborations, product sales, to numerous others.


Where Is SAILING into FREEDOM From?

SAILING into FREEDOM Peter Lukursky is from Jamboree Heights, QLD, while Margarida Lukursky is from Algarve, Portugal.

How Much Does SAILING into FREEDOM Make?

SAILING into FREEDOM earns around $10K to $12K a month.

Final say

Plukky is the epitome of true freedom on the open ocean and doesn’t entertain the unnecessary drama of other YouTube influencers. Rather, he reminds us that we don’t need fancy equipment or expensive boats to realize the cruising dream.


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