Stonemountain64 Net Worth – Wife, Age, Earnings, Income

Stonemountain64 Net Worth
Stonemountain64 Net Worth

Stonemountain64 net worth

David Steinberg, who is popularly known as Stonemountain64, has been a popular gaming influencer. He is also well known and respected in the gaming circles. The Stonemountain64 net worth is around $700k. The vast Facebook following he has is the mark of his reputation. One of the biggest gaming influencers has got around 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube. Besides, he also has over 1.4 million followers on Facebook. The expert resides in Washington State and has been a prominent mark in the gaming industry.

Stonemountain64 Real NameDavid Steinberg
Famous asStonemountain64
Stonemountain64 net worth$700k
BirthdateMay 22, 1992
BirthplaceUnited States
OccupationYouTuber, streamer

Stonemountain64 had earned a reputation as the 2018 Esports awards steamer of the Year. Fans visit his page because of the unique comic video style. One of his biggest hits was the series portraying stonemountain64 military games in full character.


Stonemountain64 earnings, salary, income

Stonemountain64 salary statistics suggest that the majority of income is from his career as a YouTuber, streamer. The 2021 estimates suggest that the Stonemountain64 monthly earnings are around $2.6k. That said, the Stonemountain64 yearly earnings are around $25K approx. Stonemountain64 YouTuber earnings from YouTube are estimated at $145K a year.

Stonemountain64 wife

Stonemountain64 wife
Stonemountain64 wife

Stonemountain64 girlfriend revelations suggest that besides professional life, Stonemountain64 is happily married to Emily. He had got married to his wife in 2016, and they together are very happy. Stonemountain64 wife has been an inspiration. They also have a child.

Stonemountain64 YouTube

Channel name: Stonemountain64

Joined on: 27th September, 2011

Number of subscribers:  2.31+ million subscribers


The popular gaming expert is growing with the use of social media following every day. Alongside nick EH 30, Stonemountain64 had become one of the Gamers who signed to CAA and got opportunities in Motion Pictures tools and TV. Specializing in shooter games, Stonemountain64 is a YouTube gaming commentator who uploads videos from Battlefield, Call of Duty, and Battlefront.

These games have earned him 2.1 million subscribers. Besides, he is also well known for digital distribution and partnerships with personal appearances. He had started his YouTube career in 2011 September and started with putting content related to Call Of Duty.

The publishing and endorsements also yield a good sum of money. One of the first gaming influencers to be signed by CAA, Stonemountain64, has been increasing with the social media pages. The hilarious representation of the characters makes them even better. Besides, he had completed numerous tournaments.

The fans remember him as the Fortnite celebrity pro-am tournament E3 2018. The popularity is earning him partnerships with the top brands like Tencent and EA. Besides, he has also got the opportunity of working with the celebrities like Trevor Noah and Deadmau5. Such recognition has been the reason behind his fame and the name in the top YouTuber’s net worth list.

Highlight on the Twitch account

Stonemountain64 twitch has shown an impressive following. It stands with over 153K followers. Besides, you can also check out the Stonemountain64 PUBG series on YouTube. The Yolo series has been a reason behind the love for his followers and fans. The topics of the series include Serious Soldier, Commanding Officer, Mission Failure, and Fall In Line, to name a few.

Besides, there has been option involvement in the Gaming directly. So, stonemountain64 has been taken part in empowering the upcoming Gamers with the help of a podcast. The platform is referred to as Pipeline for passing the message across players and has encouraged starting and playing for cash.

Final words

Stonemountain64 has proved to be a successful gamer and YouTuber.  Stonemountain64 net worth is increasing every day. His major contribution to the Gaming world and numerous other rising stars is encouraging everyone. The efforts are always helping him to become one of the topmost YouTubers and Gamers.


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