LankyBox Net Worth (2024) – Justin and Adam Earnings

LankyBox Net Worth
LankyBox Net Worth

Lankybox Net Worth

2024 estimates reveal that the Lankybox Net Worth is around $40 million. Explore most recent details regarding the Lankybox earnings, income, salary, assets, expenditures and career.

LankyBox, the rich and popular Comedy, Animation, Gaming, & Mukbang YouTuber duo, has earned immense recognition lately. The top earning YouTuber pair joined the platform on July 30, 2016.

Lankybox real nameJustin Kroma and Adam McArthur
Lankybox Net Worth$40 million
BirthdayJustin Kroma-January 11, 1995; Adam McArthur-April 27, 1996
BirthplaceJustin Kroma- Seattle, WA, United States; Adam McArthur- United States
Lankybox ageJustin Kroma-29; Adam McArthur-27
Lankybox heightLankyBox Justin height- 5’6″, LankyBox Adam height- 5’8″
OccupationComedy, Animation, Gaming, & Mukbang YouTuber
What is LankyBox Net Worth?
What is LankyBox Net Worth?

Lankybox earnings, income, and salary

LankyBox income details reveal that the Lankybox monthly earnings from Youtube advertising go around $ 1.02M. That said, the Lankybox yearly earnings are around $12M.

Sources of Income

The YouTubers earn from varied sources as follows:

YouTube advertising revenue 

Fans keep asking: How Much Money Does Lankybox Earn On YouTube? The YouTube content creators earn $2 – $12 per 1000 monetized views after YouTube takes its cut. That being said, the Lankybox net worth has acquired an immense value lately with the average earnings from YouTube being $ 1.02M a month.

In addition to that, Google Preferred allows deep-pocketed companies to target ads in the top 5% of most popular content. The YouTubers generate extra from YouTube Red viewers who pay a monthly fee to view premium content on YouTube plus watch videos without ads.

Marketing products, brand endorsements, and sponsorships 

YouTubers rarely earn from one source of income. The well paid YouTubers promote their own products, accepts sponsorships, or generates revenue with affiliate commissions. From brand endorsements and sponsorships, they earn around $100K a month.

Lankybox Merch collection is pretty impressive, and it is loaded with entities like Boxy Plush, Rocky Plush, Foxy Plush, Lankybox Mystery Eggs, Foxy Magic Mug & Boxy Magic Mug, Lankybox “I’m Not Fat I’m Thicc'” Hoodies, Boxy Face Mask, Lankybox Box 1 and 2, Cozy Collection, Back to School Bundle, Foxy & Boxy hoodie and T-shirt, Lankybox Color Changing T-Shirt and numerous other stuff. The revenuw generated from the merch collection is around $50K a month.

Why we are so sure about the information we have stated is for the reason that the amount is calculated through the combination of our robust methodology, data collection, and algorithm. Editors and industry professionals review them before publishing so that there is no false information for our readers.

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Lifestyle, Assets, and Expenditures

The YouTubers owns a luxurious house in Seattle, WA, United States.


For buying the foods to create the mukbang videos, Lankybox invest around $10 000 a year. Besides, The YouTube duo has spent somewhere between around $800 to $1,000 for a very good 1080p/1440p gaming PC.

Taking into consideration that he regularly upgrades his gaming setup, it can be said that he invest between $600 and $1,000 per desktop, and between $900 and $1,500 per laptop.

Also. he makes a decent investment behind extra monitors around $150 on average, as will a docking station for laptops. Also, they spend another $50 to $100 for buying a keyboard/mouse combo.

Car collection

The YouTuber owns expensive cars including a Lamborghini.

Lankybox relationship 

The details regarding Lankybox Justin Kroma girlfriend are not known yet. The details regarding Lankybox wife reveal that Adam McArthur doesn’t have a girlfriend right now.

YouTube details

  • Channel name: LankyBox
  • Joined on: 30 Jul 2016
  • Number of subscribers: 31.8M+


Two American young guys, Justin Kroma and Adam McArthur founded LankyBox, an American comedy channel. The guys primarily do Roblox gaming videos and parodies of music videos.

The pair also have a YouTube series titled “Guess The Price”, where Justin or Adam tests a product and guesses its price of it. The animated series uses the characters Foxy and Boxy presenting them doing various stories based on what they have gone through in their life. Get further information about similar YouTubers like Hagen Toons and Wojan Games.

Lankybox Early life and career

LankyBox, an American comedic channel founded by the YouTuber comedy duo Justin Kroma (born: January 11, 1995 (1995-01-11)) and Adam McArthur (born: April 27, 1996 (1996-04-27)), has been drawing the attention of the fans.

The channel produces parodies of music videos and movies, Zero-Budgets, animations, and “Guess The Price” episodes. They have recently started to create gaming videos. YouTube channel run by a duo, the Zero Budget Guys, became well known for their “K-POP WITH ZERO BUDGET!” series of viral videos.

Justin, one half of the channel, portrays himself as thicc, food-loving, quirky, and makes puns and alter-egos. On the other hand, Adam portrays himself as sane and sometimes gets “annoyed” by Justin’s presence. He does strange-ish pranks on Justin. (Called PrankyBox’s by Justin.)

Zero-Budget Parodies are what make them so famous. LankyBox has been creating music video parodies with zero-budget props. Justin makes many puns in these videos, and there are old videos where the two often used food and chip bags as “hair” and construction paper as backgrounds. They have recently started making Zero-Budget’s movies.

Guess The Price is also a show that is pretty popular. LankyBox created a show where Justin or Adam tested different products to guess the price of them. If either wins, he gets to play the mystery game. The games are decided by fans of LankyBox.

In addition to that, they also invite the “friends,” Cooky (a pink rabbit plushie from BT21, a project created by BTS for LINE), Boxy (a cardboard box plush from Lankybox), Foxy ( a cardboard box plushie with a pink/purple fox from Lankybox), Chimmy (a plushie dog wearing a yellow hoodie, also from BT21), Rocky (a rock character from the mind of Justin Kroma) and Dumbo (a circus elephant from Disney). Lankybox Net Worth has ranked in the category of top YouTuber’s net worth list.

LankyBox Animated Stories by the high earning YouTuber duo is also a point of attraction. LankyBox started to create animated stories about their pasts. One episode revealed that Justin had tried to sneak into an R-rated horror movie with his friend in middle school.

Lankybox Adam McArthur bio

What is Adam McArthur Net Worth?
What is Adam McArthur Net Worth?

Adam McArthur, the top earning youtube star, was born on February 28, 1995, in the United States. The YouTube content creator rose to fame as one-half of the duo LankyBox. He, alongside the creative partner, has frequently made pop-culture parodies and Roblox videos. He and Justin Kroma created content together as LankyBox. a popular brief comedic segment titled “#shorts” on YouTube also makes them popular.

Lankybox Adam net worth, as per the latest estimates, is $15 million. June 2021 updates reveal that he appeared in the YouTube skit “Who is SMARTER? #shorts” featuring a spaghetti prank and has received over 262 million views. He also parodied a BLACKPINK music video that has been viewed more than 16 million times.

Lankybox Justin Kroma bio

What is Justin Kroma Net Worth?
What is Justin Kroma Net Worth?

Justin Kroma, the high paid YouTuber, was born on January 11, 1995, in Seattle, WA. Lankybox Justin net worth, as per the latest estimates, is $16 million. He is famous as one of two personalities behind LankyBox. He and partner Adam McArthur are also known as The Zero Budget Guys for videos such as “K-Pop With Zero Budget,” “Ariana Grande With Zero Budget!” and other musical performers.

Lankybox contact details and Social media platforms 

Lankybox, the high paid YouTuber duo, has been performing incredibly well and drawing the attention of the viewers through various platforms. People are continuously searching for the Lankybox phone number. Check out the relevant information. Some of the well-known platforms are as follows:

  • Twitter: @lankybox
  • Facebook: LankyBox
  • Instagram: @lankybox, @imadammcarthur, @justinkroma

Comedy, Animation & Gaming YouTube Lanky Box Channel Lankybox is popular as the nursery channel, formerly LankyBox Plays. Animation channel has acquired the immense Lankybox Net Worth for their impressive content.

Current Lankybox Plush’s & friends 

The duo presents some characters as follows:

Boxy – It is the representation of the yellow and white cardboard box that turns out to be loving and sometimes awkward. He is running the Youtube channel Lankybox World with Foxy.

Foxy – It’s the representation of the purple and white fox with a cardboard box on its head that loves food and puns like Justin; it has earned recognition for the Youtube channel Lankybox World with Boxy.

Rocky – Dark grey rock presents itself with black eyes and a red mouth and turns out to be Justin’s pet rock. Previously, he had been missing for a while before being found.

Sticky – It is the representation of a brown stick or a tree, currently missing.

6 Mini-Plush’s make appearances on the show. Superhero Foxy, Birthday Boxy, Donut Foxy, Sleepy Boxy, Pizza Foxy, and Heart Boxy can be bought in the LankyBox Mystery Eggs.

Games owned include LankyBox Simulator. It turns out to be the official Roblox game that needs the hiring 4 Roblox developers to develop it.

Lankybox Controversies

There have been plenty of controversies surrounding the gaming Youtuber duo.

  • Stealing accusations

December 8, 2020, updates reveal that popular Roblox YouTuber Flamingo made a tweet exposing Lankybox. He accused them of stealing thumbnails and video titles. Lankybox copied the exact thumbnail of iamSanna’s video, “I Built A SECRET ATTIC MANSION On Top Of My BEST FRIENDS House In Adopt Me! (Roblox)”. Flamingo’s tweet then revealed that multiple YouTubers made a video on the situation, such as SonaDrawzStuffYT and KonekoKitten. LankyBox never responded to the situation.

  • Bloxys 2021

February 10, 2021, updates reveal that LankyBox was nominated for the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards for Video of the Year. They competed against ElTrollino, FGTeeV, and LOGinHDi. Adam McArthur guaranteed LankyBox’s nomination since Justin Kroma is not in the YT Star Program Group, not an Independent Content Creator and the founder of the LankyBox channel is Adam.

Later, they lost the Bloxys by FGTeeV, earning the most votes. LankyBox fans accepted their loss, while most of them didn’t accept their loss. They stormed the Roblox Twitter and Instagram pages and committed hate crimes against FGTeeV.

  • Issues with TOS

January 3, 2022, updates reveal that NightFoxx called out LankyBox for breaking TOS. He stated the comedy duo is breaking TOS, making a Livestream full of their videos and Livestream it on their channels.


What is Lankybox Youtube Net Worth?

As per the latest estimates, Lankybox Net Worth is around $40 million.

Who is Lankybox Adam Mom?

High-quality Lankybox Adam Mom inspired Art Prints, High-quality Lankybox Adam Mom-inspired gifts, and merchandise is there.

How Old Is Lankybox Adam?

Adam McArthur age is 27 years.

 Does Justin From Lankybox Have A Girlfriend?

The details are NA.

How Old Is Lankybox Adam And Justin?

Justin Kroma age is 29 years, while Adam McArthur age is 27 years. 

Are Adam And Justin From Lankybox Dating?

There are no details available yet to confirm whether the two are dating or not.

Is Justin From Lankybox Married?

It isn’t known whether he is married or not.

Are Justin And Adam Brothers?

No, they aren’t. They are friends who consider themselves brothers. Justin is known for teasing and poking fun at Adam for his sloppy English. Adam often pranks him with funny pranks.

How Did Adam And Justin Meet?

The two met at an international film festival and stated how they had liked each other’s films. They found themselves funny and got along and connected that way. Justin and Adam launched a commercial video and production house.

Who is Lankybox Justin Girlfriend?

Lankybox Justin Girlfriend or Lankybox Justin wife name is NA.

Who is Lankybox Adam Wife?

Lankybox Adam Wife name is NA yet.

Who is Lankybox Adam Sister?

Lankybox Adam Sister name is not known.

What Does Adam From Lankybox Mom Look Like?

He has dark brown hair and blue eyes.

What is Lankybox Adam Height?

LankyBox Adam height is 5’8″.

What is Lankybox Adam Full Name?

Lankybox Adam Full Name is Adam McArthur.

When Is Lankybox Adam Birthday?

Adam McArthur was born on April 27, 1996.

When Was Lankybox Born?

Justin Kroma was born on January 11, 1995, while Adam McArthur was born on April 27, 1996.

Where Does Lankybox Adam Live?

Where Does Adam Mcarthur Live? Adam McArthur is an American actor and martial artist based in Los Angeles, California.

Where Does Lankybox Justin Live?

Justin from Lankybox resides in Seattle, Washington, United States of America.

When Was Adam From Lankybox Born?

Adam McArthur was born on April 27, 1996.

Is Lankybox Justin Born In Texas?

He was born in Washington but grew up in Seattle, alongside his family and friends.

How Tall Is Lankybox Adam?

LankyBox Adam height is 5’8″.

When is Lankybox Birthday?

Justin Kroma birthday is January 11, while Adam McArthur birthday is April 27.

Who are Lankybox Characters?

LankyBox characters include Justin, Adam, Boxy, Foxy, Ghosty & Rocky!

Is Lankybox Exposed?

Popular Roblox YouTuber Flamingo made a tweet exposing Lankybox on Twitter.

Where is Lankybox House In Real Life?

Justin Kroma lives in Seattle, Washington, United States. 

Where Is Lankybox Located?

Justin from Lankybox currently resides in Seattle, Washington, United States of America.

What is Lankybox Off Camera?

LankyBox FORGOT TO STOP RECORDING!? is a popular video.

How Much Does Lankybox Make?

Lankybox from YouTube advertising goes around $ 1.02M per month.

How Much Does Lankybox Make Per Video?

Lankybox Make around $600K Per Video.

When Did Lankybox Start Youtube?

The YouTube star and social media influencer started the YouTuber career with his friend Adam McArthur; they launched a YouTube channel, LankyBox, on 30th July 2016.

Where Do The Guys From Lankybox Live?

Adam McArthur is an American actor and martial artist based in Los Angeles, California, and Justin from Lankybox resides in Seattle, Washington, United States of America.

Lankybox Where Are They From?

Justin Kroma is from Seattle, WA, United States, and Adam McArthur is from the United States.

Why Is Lankybox Called Lankybox?

They got that name for the channel to represent it as the funny/cringe YouTube channel name.

Why Is Lankybox So Popular?

Adam McArthur is a celebrated social media star who, with his partner, Justin Kroma, runs the famous YouTube channel LankyBox. The Zero Budget Guys publish funny game videos and parody content, including gameplay clips and Roblox-themed music videos, that have increased their fame.

Why Is Lankybox Shipping So Expensive?

Some buyers have raised their concerns regarding the high shipping rates. The reasons are not known yet, but it can be said that the goods are packaged in really good condition.

Final words

Lankybox Net Worth has been increasing as the YouTuber pair has been creating new videos and uploading. Share your opinion in the comments below. Also, stay tuned for further updates.


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