Charlie Berens Net Worth – Age, Wife, Family, Bio, Income

Charlie Berens Net Worth
Charlie Berens Net Worth

Charlie Berens Net Worth

Charlie Berens, a Midwestern journalist, was born on April 27, 1987. Today, he is a famous comedian, YouTuber and creator of “Manitowoc Minute”. Also, he has been featured on FOX, CBS, Funny or Die, TBS Digital, Variety, and MTV News. According to the 2023 estimates, Charlie Berens Net Worth is around $10 million.

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Charlie Berens real nameCharlie Berens
Charlie Berens Net Worth$10 million
BirthdayApril 27, 1987
BirthplaceWisconsin, U.S.
Alma mater/ EducationUniversity of Wisconsin–Madison
GenresObservational comedy
Subject(s)Midwestern United States current events sports
SpouseAlex Wehrley​(m. 2015; div. 2020)​
Charlie Berens age35
Charlie Berens height6’1″ / 185 cm
Occupationcomedian, correspondent, journalist, YouTuber, screenwriter, and social media star
Charlie Berens
Charlie Berens

Charlie Berens earnings, income, and salary

YouTube channels monetized earn revenue a lot from the ads. YouTubers earn an average of between $3 to $7 per thousand video views. The Charlie Berens monthly earnings are around $20K. That said, the Charlie Berens yearly earnings from YouTube are around $240K.

Charlie Berens wife

Charlie Berens wife
Charlie Berens wife

Charlie Berens family and Charlie Berens relationship updates suggest that Charlie Berens girlfeind was Alex Wehrley. He got married in 2015 and divorced in 2020.


  • Channel name – Charlie Berens
  • Joined on – 28 Sept 2007
  • Number of subscriber – 706K


Charlie Berens, a top earning comedian, Emmy-winning journalist, and host of the Manitowoc Minute has become famous for Fox, CBS, Funny or Die, TBS Digital, Variety, MTV News, and more. After completing studies in journalism, Charlie Berens started working as a writer as well as a copy editor in The Daily Cardinal in 2006. Charlie began his career working for MTV News’ Choose or Lose. Also, he worked in front and behind the camera for YouTube news channels.

Charlie Berens, a popular name in the American entertainment and media industry, has achieved prominence as a comedian, correspondent, journalist, screenwriter, and social media star. Berens pursued a degree in journalism to build a career in the same field. Through his well-established career, the YouTuber has earned the immense Charlie Berens net worth.

2012 updates suggest that Tribune Media tapped Charlie to host the comedic news show Nightcap. 2013 updates suggest that Charlie Berens won an Emmy for “The Cost of Water” while reporting for KDAF.

2014 updates mention that CBS Sports Network hired the famous YouTuber Charlie Berens to host the sports gameshow You’re So Money. Also, in 2014, PMC (Variety, Deadline) hired Charlie Berens as the host of their comedy/entertainment news brand @Hollywood. From red carpets to Sundance to SXSW to Coachella, Charlie Berens has interviewed celebrities, politicians, actors, and musicians.

2016 updates mention that Charlie turned his attention toward acting and developing scripted series. Also, he became famous for the Just For Laughs Festival, where Kevin Hart picked up Co-Anchor Confidential for the LOL comedy platform. The famous comedian and YouTuber Charlie Berens has been regularly featured on Funny or Die.

Charlie Berens has become famous for the comedic mashups, including “If Jack Dawson Was Really From Wisconsin.” Charlie’s Manitowoc Minute series has received success — including views and a sold-out standup comedy tour. His fame as a top YouTuber as well as the massive Charlie Berens net worth has listed him in the category of top YouTuber’s net worth.

High-paid Comedian, Emmy Winning Journalist Charlie Berens is the famous Creator of da @manitowocminute. Charlie Berens, today the well-known YouTube channel covering Comedy, has attracted plenty of subscribers on YouTube. Charlie Berens started in 2007 has been focused on his career.

Charlie Berens Bio suggests since Charlie Berens is famous as a comedian, he had become the creator of the comedy show Manitowoc Minute and a chief comedian. 2013 updates suggest that he received the prestigious Emmy Award for the show The Cost of Water.


How Old Is Charlie Berens?

Charlie Berens age is 34 years.

How Much Is Charlie Day Worth?

Charlie Berens Net Worth is around $10 million.

Where Is Charlie Berens From?

Charlie Berens birthplace is Wisconsin, United States.

Who are Charlie Berens Parents?

Charlie Berens Father (Dad) is Mr Berens. and Charlie Berens Mother is Mrs Berens. But, the detailed names are not known.

Who is Charlie Berens Dad?

Charlie Berens Father (Dad) is Mr Berens.

Who is Charlie Berens Sister?

Berens’ sister, Bridget, is a junior at Brookfield East High School and also a member of the group.

Who is Charlie Berens Wife Alex Wehrley?

Alexandra Ann Wehrley, aka Alex Wehrley, is a content creator, TV host, real estate investor as well as former Miss Wisconsin USA. Alexandra Ann Wehrley is best known for co-hosting the 2015 Miss USA pageant.

Where is Charlie Berens Hometown?

Charlie Berens Hometown is Wisconsin, United States. 

Where Was Charlie Berens Born?

Charlie Berens birthplace is Wisconsin, United States.

Where Does Charlie Berens Live Now?

Charlie Berens Live Now in LA.

Who Is Charlie Berens Married To??

Charlie Berens had been previously married to Alex Wehrley. He got married in 2015 and divorced in 2020.

Where Did Charlie Berens Go To High School?

Charlie Berens high school is the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Who Is Charlie Berens Wife??

He had got married to the Charlie Berens girlfeind Alex Wehrley in 2015 and divorced in 2020.

Where Did Charlie Berens Grow Up?

Charlie Berens grew up in Wisconsin, United States.

What Is Charlie Berens Net Worth?

Charlie Berens Net Worth is around $10 million.

How Much Does Charlie Berens Make?

Charlie Berens has been making a good income from YouTube advertising. In this regards, the monthly earnings are around $20K. He earns around $240K in a year.

How Ikea Was Invented Charlie Berens?

This is one of the best videos on Charlie Berens YouTube channel. Check it out.

Is Myles Montplaisir Related To Charlie Berens?

They’re related as comedians. Also, Charlie has mentioned that of his favourites is a video he did with Myles Montplaisir from YouBetcha.

Is Dude Dad Related To Charlie Berens?

Yes, they are friends in real life.

How is Charlie Berens ice fishing?

He had stated that ice fishing had gone wrong.

What is the Charlie Berens merch collection?

Charlie Berens MERCH collection is available on that lets you get the collection of MERCH, TOUR, BOOK. Get plethora of the T-Shirts and similar other stuff.

What did Charlie Berens win an emmy for?

Before his career in comedy, Charlie Berens worked in local news and won an Emmy Award for “The Cost of Water”.

Who is Charlie Berens brother in law?

He has a brother-in-law who is from Wisconsin.

How long is Charlie Berens show?

Charlie Berens comedy episodes are generally about 90 minutes.

Is Myles Montplaisir related to Charlie Berens?

Myles Montplaisir is the founder of You Betcha, a Fargo and turns out to be the closest entity Wisconsin culture has to an influencer, Charlie Berens.

Is Charlie Berens Canadian?

No, he is American.

Final words

The incredible fame of the YouTuber has been increasing Charlie Berens Net Worth. Also, he has been uploading plenty of new videos to his channel. Stay tuned to receive further updates regarding several YouTubers and comedians who have earned immense recognition.


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