How Ridiculous Net Worth (2024) – Brett, Derek and Scott Earnings

How Ridiculous Net Worth
How Ridiculous Net Worth

How Ridiculous Net Worth

How Ridiculous, an Australian YouTube channel based in Perth, Western Australia, presents the major personalities Brett Isaac Stanford, Derek Douglas Herron, and Scott Steven Gaunson.

The channel presents to its audience trick shots and experiments involving dropping objects onto other objects from a great height. People have usually considered them weirdos, yet one cannot deny that they’re super cool dudes, and their objective in life is entertaining the viewers in every possible way.

How Ridiculous Wiki is much searched alongside their net worth. Based on the findings regarding the YouTube group’s financial aspects in 2024, How Ridiculous Net Worth is around $7 million. We will delve here deeper into finding the details regarding their earnings, diversified income streams, possessions, expenses, and related aspects.

How Ridiculous real names/ How Ridiculous Cast/ How Ridiculous MembersBrett Isaac Stanford, Derek Douglas Herron and Scott Steven Gaunson
How Ridiculous Net Worth$7 million
BirthdayBrett Isaac Stanford: 22 April 1988; Derek Douglas Herron: 3 March 1988; Scott Steven Gaunson: 3 January 1992
How Ridiculous ageBrett Isaac Stanford age: 36; Derek Douglas Herron age: 36; Scott Steven Gaunson age: 32
OccupationYouTubers, vloggers
StyleSports and entertainment
ResidencePerth, western Australia, Australia
How Ridiculous websiteOfficial Website –
What is How Ridiculous Net Worth?
What is How Ridiculous Net Worth?

Highlighting Financial Aspects – Earnings and Diversified Income Streams

The trio from How Ridiculous earn a significant amount from varied income streams. Also, as a group of YouTubers, they have collaborated with other YouTubers and internet personalities. 

How Ridiculous monthly earnings are around $50K to $70K. From this estimated data, we can be sure that the How Ridiculous yearly earnings go around $600K to $840K.

Income Streams Contributing to the Net Worth

The YouTubers Brett Stanford, Derek Herron, and Scott Gaunson earn from varied sources that go beyond YouTube advertising and sponsorships. The relevant income streams boosting the net worth are as follows:

Income Generation StreamAmount Generated
YouTube Advertising Revenue$20,000 – $25,000 per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$1000 – $3000 per sponsorship
TikTok Advertising Revenue$500 – $700 per month
TikTok Sponsorship Revenue$200 – $300 per sponsorship
Instagram Sponsorship Revenue$500 – $1000 per sponsorship
Products sales (Merch –;; Collaborations; Sponsorships; Brand Endorsements and Brand Deals$5000 – $8000 per month

Why we are so sure about the information we have stated is for the reason that the amount is calculated through the combination of our robust methodology, data collection, and algorithm. Editors and industry professionals review them before publishing so that there is no false information for our readers.

Lifestyle, Assets, and Expenditures

The YouTubers own houses in Perth, Western Australia. But the exact location of their houses isn’t known yet. Derek Herron, the co-founder of the How Ridiculous channel on YouTube, purchased a $1.95 million home in North Coogee.

Given the immense net worth of the YouTuber group, it can be assumed that they own properties at other locations as well.

Car collection

The YouTubers own expensive cars, including a Chevrolet model.

How Ridiculous wife
How Ridiculous wife

YouTube details

  • Channel name: How Ridiculous
  • Joined on: 9 Sept 2009
  • Number of subscribers: 21.6M+
  • Channel name: HR Gaming (How Ridiculous Gaming)
  • Joined on: Sep 25, 2020
  • Number of subscribers: 127K+

Other media

The team has been associated with numerous social media platforms as follows:

  • TWITTER – @HowRidiculous
  • FACEBOOK – HowRidiculous
  • INSTAGRAM – @howridiculous


Who are the How Ridiculous Members?

The main personalities are Brett Isaac Stanford, Derek Douglas Herron, and Scott Steven Gaunson. Jack Wallace, aka “Editor Jack,” later joined them for camerawork and post-production editing.

What Is How Ridiculous Net Worth?

How Ridiculous Net Worth is around $7 million.

Why Is How Ridiculous Called The 44 Club?

It started in the outro of this video where they wondered if anyone was still watching at that point and asked them to comment 44 (Scott’s fave number) if they were. That was the point when Brett said, “44 Club get on board,” and the rest is history!

Where Is How Ridiculous Filmed?

The Australian YouTube channel based in Perth, Western Australia, shoots in numerous locations, including such as Optus Stadium, Texas, Los Angeles, Turkey, Lesotho, Perth Motorplex, Dubai, Serbia, and the Australian Outback.

Do How Ridiculous Own The Tower?

No, they don’t. It serves as a not-for-profit interactive science education center, operated by The Gravity Discovery Centre Foundation Board Inc, and received government funding of $300,000 to cover the period 2021-2023.

What Do The How Ridiculous Guys Do For A Living?

How Ridiculous is known for monetizing its crazy stunts and now serves as a serious business working with national and international brands such as Disney, Mattel, HBF, Subway, and iinet.

Where Is The How Ridiculous Tower?

Located at the Gravity Discovery Center in Gingin, Australia, the Gingin Tower was built to facilitate and illustrate gravity’s invisible pull.

Is How Ridiculous Christian?

Yes, they are.

Who is the owner of How Ridiculous?

Australian YouTube channel How Ridiculous is based in Perth, Western Australia presents channel’s main personalities Brett Stanford, Derek Herron and Scott Gaunson.

How old are the members of How Ridiculous?

Viewers have often asked: How Old Are The How Ridiculous Guys? How Ridiculous members are Scott Gaunson, Derek Herron, and Brett Stanford. They are Scott Gaunson – born on January 3, 1992 – age 32; Derek Herron – born on March 3, 1988 – age 36; and Brett Stanford – born on April 22, 1988 – age 36.

Are the guys from How Ridiculous related?

The members from the channel How Ridiculous, Brett Stanford, Derek Herron and Scott Gaunson met as kids at Lifestreams Christian Church in South Perth. Since then they have been friends.

Does How Ridiculous still use the tower?

The Leaning Tower of Gingin has 222 steps to the top to drop balloons filled with water through chutes. The tower leans at an angle of 15 degrees, and 180 tons of concrete hold the tower in place. The YouTube channel “How Ridiculous” uses the drop tower for various drop tests.

How did the How Ridiculous Guys meet?

A group of friends mucking around the backyard with basketballs and digital cameras back in 2009 led to the formation of How Ridiculous. Each of the members has different roles in the team, even when there’s a lot of crossover.

Is How Ridiculous kid friendly?

How Ridiculous is safe and appropriate for Little Kids (5-7 year olds).

What is How ridiculous net worth Forbes?

How ridiculous net worth Forbes is $7 million.

Are the How Ridiculous Guys Mormon?

All of the members of the YouTube channel “How Ridiculous” are Christians. In fact, Brett Stanford, Derek Herron, and Scott Gaunson – aka How Ridiculous (HR) met as kids at Lifestreams Christian Church in South Perth.

Do the How Ridiculous guys have jobs?

The members of the group have confessed that they worked HARD for six years in our spare time before they quit other jobs to do videos for work.

What happened To Kyle Nebel?

Kyle had been tried on a variety of charges, including felonies of intentional homicide. Due to personal issues, he left.

What is the How ridiculous Merch Store?

Rexy Clothing by How Ridiculous is the How Ridiculous Merch store. How Ridiculous Merch & Gifts for Sale are also available on;;;;; and several other stores.

What happened To How Ridiculous?

The group has been continuing with their tricks, honing their skills, and presenting these videos for the world to watch.

What is How Ridiculous religion?

How Ridiculous religion is Christianity.

What are the types of videos on How Ridiculous channel?

The channel is known for presenting different kinds of How Ridiculous videos, including epic stunts, amazing videos, and fun challenges coming to life.

What is Brett Stanford Net Worth?

Brett Stanford net worth is around $1 million.

Why Did Kyle Nebel Leave How Ridiculous?

Kyle Nebel Left How Ridiculous as had been tried on a variety of charges, including the felonies of intentional homicide. 

What is Derek Herron Net Worth?

Derek Herron net worth is around $1.5 million.

Who are How Ridiculous Wives?

How Ridiculous Guys Wives details are not available at the moment.

What is How Ridiculous 44 Club Meaning?

Many viewers have questioned: Why Does How Ridiculous Use 44? People are very curious to know about How Ridiculous 44 Meaning. In this regard, How Ridiculous Forty Four Meaning has something to do with Scott asking viewers to comment “44” if they were watching as it’s his favorite number. Then Scott chimed in with “44 Club, get around it,” and the group even got 3000+ comments simply saying “44” or “44 Club”.

What is Kyle Nebel How Ridiculous net worth?

Kyle Nebel net worth is around $ 1 million.

Are The How Ridiculous Guys Married?

They are married, but the details regarding their married life aren’t that clear.

Who is How Ridiculous 4th Member?

The trio from How Ridiculous added a fourth member Jack Wallace, aka “Editor Jack.” He had initially started with camerawork and post-production editing but later made his appearances in person in several videos. He had especially appeared in a video in which he showed his skills at speedcubing while riding a waterslide at Aquaventure in Dubai.

How Much Money Does How Ridiculous Make?

In a month, the trio from How Ridiculous earns around $50K to $70K.

Is How Ridiculous Kyle Nebel still a part of the group?

No, he isn’t. How Ridiculous Kyle Nebel Left as he had been tried on a variety of charges, including the felonies of intentional homicide. 

Does How Ridiculous Own The Tower?

No, they do not own it. However, the group uses the drop tower for various drop tests.

Where Do How Ridiculous Live?

How Ridiculous Location is Perth, Western Australia.

Final words

How Ridiculous has never missed an opportunity to work with heaps of epic brands, and what they prioritized in the journey is creating something awesome and unique. How Ridiculous has been witnessing steady financial growth as the members have been quite focused on taking their YouTube fame to the next level? Share your opinion regarding them in the comments below.

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