Adam LZ Net Worth – Wife, Earning, Income, (Latest)

Adam LZ Net Worth
Adam LZ Net Worth

Adam LZ Net Worth

American YouTuber Adam LZ is a famous YouTuber known for BMX stunt videos, drifting videos as well as personal vlogs. Adam LZ Net Worth according to the 2021 updates is around $4.5 million dollars. Adam Lizotte-Zeisler is the owner as well as creator of the YouTube Channel. That said, “Adam Lz” has got much recognition from the YouTube videos. With his amazing videos, he has acquired over 3 million subscribers. He has gained all the fame with posting videos for the past 8 years. Besides, the videos are dedicated to cars, BMX stunts, as well as extreme sports.

Real nameAdam Lizotte-Zeisler
Adam LZ Net Worth$4.5 million dollars
Date of BirthMay 5, 1995
CountryUnited States of America
ProfessionProfessional YouTuber

Adam LZ income, earnings, and salary

The amount of money he makes from YouTube Adam is $dollar 3 million. He has been involved in this field for over eight years. Every day the channel gets around 1,500 subscribers. Besides, around 450000 video views also is a reason behind getting listed on the list of top YouTuber’s net worth. The daily views and the subscriber growth make sure about Adam LZ earnings are around $840000. The revenue is mainly from the ads on the videos. That said, the Adam LZ monthly earnings are around $70K. Adam LZ  income every year is around $500000 from sponsorships advertisements and YouTube videos. The car collection bears the estimated price tag of around $450000. Besides, he also has a home in Florida that costs around $700000.

Adam LZ Wife

Adam LZ Wife
Adam LZ Wife

Adam LZ wife revelations suggest that Adam LZ was married to Nicole Frye. The couple had got married in 2016. The couple had started the journey when Adam started studying at the University of Central Florida. Back then, Nichole was pursuing Elementary Education.

There are videos documenting the proposal where there is a display of the fire tower in Connecticut. The names of the couple are engraved there. They got married in July 2016. They had invited over 160 people.

Unfortunately, the marriage couldn’t last long. The problem started when things didn’t start working out between Adam and Nicole. So the couple broke up in October 2018. They had legally announced the separation right after a year of trying to maintain the relationship. So first, there was a video “pls leave us alone,” and then they considered taking a divorce.

Early life and Career

Adam had grown up in Connecticut, Woodbury. Growing up, he had always been attracted to YouTube. From 2013, he started engaging a massive number of viewers who were between 12 and 24. He had studied with business management at the University of Central Florida. Adam was born on 5th May 1995 and was raised in the farmer town. The location is just 20 minutes from Waterbury, Connecticut, in the United States. He used to go to the wood camp for around two weeks. After that, he used to follow the same every summer for around four years. During that span, he used to practice riding that improved his skills gradually.

With the beginning of his channel in 2012, Adam has got enough recognition. With the efforts, he has also acquired around 3 million YouTube subscribers. The ability to post entertaining and captivating videos has also earned him enough recognition. Videos that focus on testing cars, racing cars, as well as lifestyle videos earn him fame. On his videos, there are reviews of motors, as well as extreme sports compilations. In addition, videos highlight giving away prizes to viewers and subscribers increases engagement.

Adam LZ had pursued a passion for extreme sports and cars. Besides, he had been involved in dedicating the time to a YouTube channel. Such work is a mark of his passion for cars. The consistency he has maintained over the years has made him so successful. At an early age, Adam has acquired a massive social media following. Besides, there is a reason behind enormous net worth. Every day plenty of the followers are getting added to his channel. He is developing interesting content and is posting them consistently. The knowledge about the BMW alongside extreme sports cars gives some recognition as a specialized YouTuber.

Monitoring the YouTube videos makes him a lot of amount through the advertisements. His clothing brand and the promotion of YouTube account also make sure about making a huge amount of money. Videos give him the affiliate commission earnings.


The collaborations with various stars like Tanner Fox have earned him recognition. The video fans love the video that features his dad driving Porche. Besides, one of the most viewed videos is the “Walmart Game of bike.” This is the one that has more than 9 Million videos. Special Mother’s day video with mom, “scaring her mom in her own car,” has got over 8 Million views.

Famous recordings, including videos like“Freedom factory Full Send,” “First Drifts in Mustang,” “The worst way drift week could end,” have been the reason behind the fame as well. In 2016, Adam had gone on with collaborating with the “Xtreme Video Network.”

On 3rd February 2020, Adam had made a record on the Youtube Channel. Recordings of riding on his Youtube give him enough recognition. The recognition is also a result of the stunts, Float recordings, BMX webisodes, etc.

  • Value of the YouTube channel: $2,000,000
  • Value of the merchandise business: $100,000

Final words

Adam had also owned a warehouse. Some fans also feel that the merchandise business is more profitable than the YouTube channel. One of the big automotive YouTubers, Adam LZ, has got an amazing Adam LZ net worth. It is a result of the lucrative and successful merch line. Do let us know your thoughts regarding the YouTuber in the comment section. We would love to hear from you!


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