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Sailing Yacht Florence
Sailing Yacht Florence (Image source - Instagram)

Sailing Yacht Florence is immensely popular as a British sailing couple. They have been adventuring and documenting their life aboard. Their sailboat Florence is a 1985 37ft Oyster Heritage blue ocean monohull. The 2024 estimates reveal Sailing Yacht Florence Net Worth is $900K. Get updated information here regarding Sailing Yacht Florence earnings and their life.

Real nameMatt Bruce Humpreys; Amy Cartwright
Net Worth900K
BirthdayMatt Bruce Humpreys – 1989; Amy Cartwright – 1990
BirthplaceMatt Bruce Humpreys – the UK; Amy Cartwright – the UK
AgeMatt Bruce Humpreys – 35; Amy Cartwright – 34
HeightMatt Bruce Humpreys – 5ft 8in; Amy Cartwright – 5ft 5in
WeightMatt Bruce Humpreys – 82kg; Amy Cartwright – 62kg
ProfessionSailing YouTubers
Sailing Yacht Florence
Information about Sailing Yacht Florence

Details regarding their earnings

Sailing Yacht Florence earns around $10K – $15K a month. That said, their yearly earnings are around $120K – $180K.

Income generation avenues The well paid Sailing YouTubers earn from varied sources that boost the overall wealth. The streams contributing to it are follows:

Income Generation StreamAmount Generated
YouTube Advertising Revenue$10000 – $15000 per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$1000 – $3000 per post/ $3000 – $9000 per month
Instagram Sponsorship Revenue$500 – $5000 per post/ $1500 – $15000 per month
Products sales, brand endorsements, and sponsorships$3000 – $9000 per month
Donations from their Patreon subscribers ($1000 – $3000 per month
Contributions via Paypal ($100 – $300 per month

Lifestyle, Possessions and Expenses

The professional YouTube stars own houses in the UK across varied locations.

Boat collection and Investment in sailing career

The YouTube couple owns expensive boats, including a 1985 37-foot Oyster Heritage blue ocean Sailing Yacht, Florence. Also, they have a dinghy, The Machine. Amy and Matt invested $75,000 in their yacht and bought it through diligent savings as they both had full-time jobs prior to sailing. Not having children also assisted them a lot in their mission.

The duo invest around $500-$5000 in making additional upgrades.

YouTube details

  • Name of the channel: Sailing Yacht
  • Joined on: 21 Oct 2012
  • Number of subscribers: 128K

About the sailing couple

Matt Bruce Humpreys & Amy Cartwright
Matt Bruce Humpreys & Amy Cartwright (Image source – Instagram)

Sailing YouTube duo Sailing Yacht Florence is a British sailing couple who started sailing in 2016 on a 37ft monohull. The couple is known for creating videos documenting adventures.

Early Life, Milestones and location covered

The pair from Sailing Yacht Florence set sail off from England in 2016 on a 37-foot sailboat Florence. Here, we will also share the detailed information regarding the locations they covered.

  • 2016

In 2016, the pair sailed down the coast of Atlantic Spain. The locations they covered were Portugal, The Madeira Islands, The Canary Islands, and the Cape Verde Islands.

  • 2017

In 2017, Matt Bruce Humpreys and Amy Cartwright covered The Caribbean, Panama, through the Panama Canal. They travelled across the Pacific to The Marquesas, The Tuamotus Islands, Tahiti as well as the Society Islands, Suwarrow, Samoa, Tonga and New Zealand.

  • 2018

In 2018, Matt and Amy covered New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji, Vanuatu, and Australia.

  • 2019

They covered Australia, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

  • 2020

Matt and Amy covered Malaysia, Thailand, and West Sumatra. But, they got there stuck over a year because of COVID-19. 

  • 2021

In 2021, Matt and Amy ended up crossing the Indian Ocean in Seychelles, South Africa.

  • 2022

In 2022, Matt and Amy Sailed across the Southern Atlantic from South Africa to Namibia. Also, they touched St Helena to South America and the Caribbean.

  • 2023

In 2023, the pair traveled North through the Caribbean to the Bahamas. Also, they sailed across the North Atlantic Ocean via Bermuda and the Azores. Then, they sailed back to the UK to complete circumnavigation.

  • 2024

In 2024, Matt and Amy plan to go north to the Arctic Circle. We will keep researching more regarding the same.

Crew members

Regarding the crew members, we can say Matt Bruce Humpreys and Amy Cartwright are the members of the channel. But, there are chances that they will look forward to involving more members.

Details about the boat

Regarding the Boat, we have the information Florence is a 1985 37-foot Oyster Heritage Blue Ocean Sailing Yacht. There are three cabins and one head within the boat. The gross tonnage is 7 tonnes. The pair have added plenty of units to it. They added outboard, new B&G electronics including GPS and autopilot. Also, they added to the boat a new spinnaker and spinnaker pole. 


Where Is Sailing Yacht Florence From?

Sailing Yacht Florence is from the UK.

How Much Does Sailing Yacht Florence Make?

Sailing Yacht Florence earns around $120K – $180K a year.

What kind of boat is sailing yacht Florence?

Holman and Pye designed the 35 Oyster Heritage 37s. Oyster Marine had built it with the 18mm solid fibreglass hull, integral ¾ length keel (without bolts), skeg hung rudder as well as keel stepped mast.

Who is Matt and Amy sailing Florence?

Amy Cartwright and Matt Humphreys is known today to the world as a British couple who had set out the UK’s south coast to circumnavigate the world, the 1985 Oyster Heritage 37.

Final words

Matt and Amy from Sailing Yacht Florencere always encourages us use the resources we have available to us and not let the 30s go to waste. The British couple who set off in 2016 to sail around the world on 37ft monohull has covered multiple oceans, and the adventure is still ongoing.


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