Sailing Zatara Net Worth (2024) – Age, Girlfriend, Family, Earnings

Sailing Zatara Net Worth
Sailing Zatara Net Worth

Sailing Zatara Net Worth

Sailing Zatara has been a famous American YouTuber since Jun 2016. Sailing Zatara, an American YouTube channel that has become famous for the vlogs that show their life out sailing and the adventures they encounter.

According to the 2024 estimates, Sailing Zatara net worth is around $900K. Explore most updated information regarding the Sailing Zatara earnings, expenditures and career.

Sailing Zatara real names/ Crew membersSailing Zatara crew members include Keith Whitaker (age 51), Renee Whitaker (age 47), Anna Whitaker (age 19), Jack Whitaker (age 18), Finn Whitaker (age 14), and Kate Whitaker (age 13)
Sailing Zatara net worth$900K
BirthplaceUnited States
OccupationAmerican sailing YouTuber
Sailing Zatara
Sailing Zatara

Sailing Zatara earnings, income, and salary

Sailing Zatara earnings are estimations of YouTube advertising revenue. In this regard, it can be said that Sailing Zatara monthly earnings are around $15K to $20K. That said, the Sailing Zatara yearly earnings are around $180K to $240K.

Sources of Income

The YouTubers earn from varied sources as follows:

Income Generation StreamAmount Generated
YouTube Advertising Revenue$10,000 – $15,000 per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$1000 – $3000 per post/ $3000 – $9000 per month
Instagram Sponsorship Revenue$100 – $1000 per post/ $300 – $3000 per month
Products sales (‘Let It Flow Away’ merchandise, Z-Swag and Gear$1000 – $3000 per month
Amazon affiliate links$1000 – $2000 per month
PayPal donations$200 – $500 per month
Patreon donations$200 – $500 per month
$10/month membership to Facebook Group$50 – $500 per month
Homeschool education for other sailing families$200 – $500 per month

Lifestyle, Boat collection, and Expenditures

Like Sailing Nandji, the professional sailing YouTube stars from Sailing Zatara live a nomadic lifestyle but do own family houses in the USA.

Affording sailing as a career

Keith and Renee both aren’t from a rich family and do not have well-paying jobs. Keith used to work in the oil industry. Equity in their home and investments helped them a lot. They had already made the decision to sell their house and afford their first sailboat, which was priced at $257,000.

YouTube videos generated some revenue for them, and it made it easier for them to buy their 2nd sailboat for $590,000 USD, but they did it two years later.

The YouTube stars had to invest an amount between $100,000 and $150,000 for their YouTube career. Besides, they keep making additional investments in the sailboat upgrades.

Sailing Zatara Girlfriend

Sailing Zatara wife updates mention that Keith Whitaker is married to Carsen Gilroy, who was the Sailing Zatara girlfriend since many years. Sailing Zatara Family updates mention that the family of six are happily touring the world on their sailboat, sharing stories and inspiring lives.

Jack has his own channel that also performs fine as that of his younger brother Finn Whitaker. Finn Whitaker isn’t currently dating as of now.

Sailing Zatara Girlfriend
Sailing Zatara Girlfriend


  • Channel name: Sailing Zatara
  • Joined on: 15 Jun 2016
  • Number of subscribers: 600K+

Early life and Career

Sailing Zatara Bio suggests that Keith Whitaker is a YouTube Star famous for their favored Sailing Zatara YouTube channel. Keith Whitaker, aka Sailing Zatara, has earned plenty of views alongside his youngsters and spouse for sharing adventures cruising around the globe.

Born on February 28, 1970, in the United States, Keith Whitaker launched his YouTube channel and took a 3-hour cruising course with his spouse in April 2016. The immense fame as well as the massive Sailing Zatara net worth has ranked the channel in the category of top YouTuber’s net worth.

The best part of the channel is that the couple film, edit, and publish all episodes are family-friendly!

Sailing Project Atticus too has been investing much efforts in their YouTube career but it seems that they will still need some more time to gain a huge subscriber base as that of Sailing Zatara.

Crew Members

Sailing Zatara crew members include Keith Whitaker, Renee Whitaker, Anna Whitaker, Jack Whitaker, Finn Whitaker, and Kate Whitaker.

However, the family doesn’t sail with their older daughter (Tait Whitaker-Cargo). She has personally chosen not to sail with them as she is already married and with two children.

Jack Whitaker is also highly popular for the reason that he shares unique insight into cruising as a teenager:

Keith, the father of the kids and husband of Renee, is the family leader, while the latter is a wife, the mom, and the teacher. She used to work in the past for 20 years and has also mentioned being in love with writing and geography.

Anna decided to leave the boat and she was rather interested in pursuing a Psych degree at a Texas university.

Jack, second in command on the Z-crew, enjoys kiteboarding, and free diving. Finn, an avid kite boarder and aspiring musician, has become a successful YouTuber himself.

Kate, the youngest Z- is an avid kiteboarder and a beginning surfer.

About the Boat

Sailing Zatara owns a 2009 Privilege 585 Catamaran and one of the best aspects is that it is equipped with a 4-cabin layout. Previously, they had been proud owners of a Beneteau 55-foot monohull. But later they later sold it as that wasn’t at all fit for crossing large oceans.

Upgrades include B&G electronics addition. Also, there is a new Highfield dinghy. They have also added a movie projector for the kids.

Cruised locations

Now, for the ones who have been trying to find out the locations covered, we can say Sailing Zatara was in Europe after sailing along the Somali Coastline. But in the past, they had sailed across The United States, The Bahamas, The Caribbean, The Marquesas, Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand. Crossing in the Pacific, however, proved to be a hectic journey for them.


Sailing Zatara has already collaborated with numerous other sailing YouTubers, including Gone With The Wynns, The Sailing Family, Sailing Ruby Rose, and The Cruising Kiwis. They are also friends with Sailing Nahao.

Keith and Renee didn’t witness success overnight. Rather, they had to figure out the resources they had and make sure their efforts and investments paid off to let the dream happen.

Why did Keith and Renee choose sailing as a career?

Keith and Renee were fed up with the corporate America life and couldn’t take a chance to let their marriage fall apart, Also, they didn’t want to spoil the life of their kids. That was when they decided to save cash, gather kids, and, regardless of little to prior sailing experience, sell a suburban Texas home and buy a sailboat. With the start of the sailing adventures in late 2016, the family has sailed over 50,000 nautical miles. First, they started with the monohull (Beneteau 55’) and then later started journeying in the catamaran (Privilege 585).

Costs involved in living a sailing lifestyle

Living on a yacht is a costly hobby that demands between $3,000 and $12,000 per month. Also, one has to keep up with amounts including Slip fees, Maintenance and repairs, Dining, Engines, Crew costs, Medical and liability insurance, and Training. The cost of sailing, however, varies depending on the type of boat, the size of the family, the route, and other regular bills. One can choose to put up with a cost anywhere from $700 to $3,000 or more per month.


How Much Does Sailing Zatara Make On Youtube?

Sailing Zatara details reveal that in a month the YouTuber family earns around $10,000 – $15,000 per month from the ads running on YouTube. Also, they make around $3000 – $9000 per month from the YouTube sponsorships.

What is Sailing Zatara Family Last Name?

Sailing Zatara Family Last Name is Whitaker.

What Happened To Sailing Zatara?

Sailing Zatara Family saved some cash, gathered four kids, and, regardless of no prior sailing experience, sold a suburban Texas home and bought a sailboat to start out touring the world.

Where Is Sailing Zatara Now?

The current position of ZATARA is at Indian Ocean (coordinates 4.14949 N / 73.47727 E)

Who is Sailing Zatara Jack Girlfriend?

Lilly was the Sailing Zatara Jack Girlfriend.

What Kind Of Boat Is Sailing Zatara?

Sailing Zatara boat is THE ZATARA Privilege 585 Catamaran. Other boats are ACR Boat Rescue Beacon, ACR Personal Rescue Beacon, RescueMe MOB1 AIS Rescue, Handheld VHF Radio, and Scanstrut Waterproof USB Port.

Who Is Keith From Sailing Zatara?

Wiki Sailing Zatara mentions Keith Whitaker is a YouTube Star famous for favored Sailing Zatara YouTube channel.

How Does Sailing Zatara Make Money?

The family records the entire video of their adventures on a sailboat and uploads them on YouTube. This is how they make money.

How Big Is Sailing Zatara?

After sailing over 12,500nm in a monohull, a family of six needed more space and a comfortable ride to continue circumnavigation. Privilege 585 from Alliaura Marine is what makes them happy now.

Is Sailing Zatara Over?

The family is continuing with the journey.

Is Zatara Still Sailing?

Sailing Zatara is Still Sailing.

What is the Sailing Zatara net worth?

As per our recent findings, the Sailing Zatara net worth is $900K.

What is the Sailing Zatara Catamaran?

In Greece, the Sailing Zatara family bought a 59-foot Privilege 585 catamaran named Zatara that has proven to be a great platform for their adventures and has helped them navigate both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans.

Who is Sailing Zatara?

Sailing Zatara is a famous American YouTube channel known for the vlogs that show their life out sailing and the adventures they encounter.

How much is Sailing Zatara worth?

Sailing Zatara worth as per the latest estimates is around $900K.

How big is Sailing Zatara?

ZATARA (MMSI: 338170786) is a Sailing Vessel whose length overall (LOA) is 16 meters and her width is 5 meters.

How much is Keith from Sailing Zatara worth?

Keith from Sailing Zatara worth is $200000.

Sailing Zatara how do they afford it?

The family has been documenting their adventures that has earned them enough recognition as well as money over the years.

Final words

Plenty of sailing YouTube stars have a bunch of incredible stories to share. One of the most remarkable channels is Mj Sailing. The YouTubers after circumnavigating the North Atlantic in Serendipity, (1989 Sabre Targa 34), took on a 2 year complete refit of new boat Elements of Life – a custom aluminum 37′ monohull.

After sailing her to the Arctic, the YouTube stars also sold her in 2020 to begin newest project of building a 42 ft catamaran. If you haven’t gone through their incredible journey yet, it’s highly suggested to go through our post regarding how they have earned fame and money both by documenting their journey on YouTube.

Sailing Zatara’s net worth has been increasing as the family is very interested in their hobby that has now become their career. Share your thoughts about the fun that this family has. Do let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear.

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