Ryan Upchurch Net worth – Income, Earnings, Wife 2021

Ryan Upchurch Net worth
Ryan Upchurch Net worth

Ryan Upchurch Net worth

Music has always been the lifeline of the people who are hurt. That said, musical gigs are very popular these days. In this regard, Ryan Upchurch, the talented singer, has been streaming on social media for many years. Ryan Upchurch net worth in 2021 is $4 million dollars. By now his fanbase has increased a lot. In this article you will come to know more about who is Ryan Upchurch, his career and some other details.

Real NameRyan Upchurch
BirthdateMay 24, 1991
Net worth$4 million
Channel NameRyan Upchurch

Other highlights

  • Nickname: Ryan
  • Age: 30 years old (as of 2021)
  • Born In: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  • Youtube Joined on: 7 Jul 2014
  • Views: 1,262,159,846
  • Youtube subscribers: 2.31M 
  • Instagram: @ryanupchurch

Ryan Upchurch Income and earnings

Involvement with music as well as YouTube gives many YouTubers an immense YouTuber’s net worth. Ryan Upchurch is no exception. He has the mainstream of income from YouTube. Besides that, He also runs a clothing line. This business has also topped his earning. Some estimation suggests that Ryan Upchurch yearly earnings is not less than $62,000. Besides, Ryan Upchurch monthly earnings is between $5.9K and $93.7K.

Early life

Born on 24th May 1991, Ryan Upchurch grew up in a middle-class family alongside his brother. The famous YouTube singer has revealed the facts related to early years and educational details. Besides his love for music, he was initially attracted to the various shades, shapes, and forms of automobiles.

There are plenty of pictures on the social networking site showing his keen interest in cars. Later on, Ryan Upchurch started flourishing on YouTube alongside his friend shade Glover.

They started streaming on the YouTube channel Upchurch, the redneck, and also posted many videos. Besides, he has also shared the comedy gigs on the channel.

He hasn’t revealed much information regarding his parents but has revealed when you of his brother that is Austen. He stars in the music video of the hit summer love. Besides, he has also featured his mother and the other siblings in one of the childhood photos that was posted on Instagram. But there is not much information regarding the educational background. It’s evident that he belongs to an American family.


Talking about the professional life and career, he founded Upchurch the Redneck with his friend shade Glover. Then, he started posting videos on YouTube. In2015, he released the Cheatham country that worked as the extended play and also followed the full-length album Heart of America.

In 2016 this video started reaching the top 30 of the billboard top country album. He traded 1300 copies of the heart of America in the first week of the release. Besides, he also released the second full-length album, Chicken Willie, which he had released in August 2016. The summer love topped at number 33 in the top country album start because it had sold 3700 copies. Then he came up with his fifth studio album, king of Dixie released on November 10th, 2017.

The album also features 19 tracks, and then he went on with his first rock album on April 22 that focused on rock with a few other elements. Upchurch also went on with releasing another album, supernatural, in august 2018. Part of this album holds some country elements. This album attained number 6 on the billboard’s top country albums. The first album he released in 2019 was Creeker 2 in April. The album’s songs are quite popular. His YouTube channel is gaining plenty of acknowledgment from the subscribers. People are curious to know about the Ryan Upchurch Phone Number. But, to be honest, we cannot reveal the Ryan Upchurch Real Phone Number due to privacy issues.

Personal life and scandal

When it comes to the personal life of Upchurch, it can be said that he has never confirmed a relationship status. He had only posted a picture of a girl that captioned “breakfast with my best bud” posted on January 7, 2019.In February 2019, he went on putting a selfie with the same girl, but he has never disclosed her name.

However, he has mentioned that he had previously been in the relationship, and he had his ex-girlfriend Briana Vanvleet. This brought in heavy publicity of this relationship. He was rumored to have dated Katie Noel. During the relationship he had with her, there was a lot of controversial news.

Besides that, Ryan Upchurch bio updates suggest that Katie Noel has also claimed assaults that caused the ruin to her career because there were allegations and the power of public opinion. He claims that he had the text messages and proof showing Katie noel as the liar. So the allegations were of no use.

Ryan Upchurch Wife

Ryan Upchurch Wife
Ryan Upchurch Wife

Ryan Upchurch isn’t married yet but had been in a romantic relationship with Brianna Vanvleet back in 2015. It’s his dream to make her his wife. He has shared memories of kissing Brianna, his love. Ryan Upchurch And Taylor Smith updates suggest Ryan Upchurch had developed a a public relationship with Taylor Eileen Smith. They proved to be fan favorite couple. The couple even got married in 2020. It happened at the time of their wedding, that she had already given birth to her daughter Rae. Consequently, Upchurch adopted her daughter and then he became a father-figure.


How Much Is Ryan Upchurch Worth?

Ryan Upchurch net worth in 2021 is $4 million dollars.

How Old Is Ryan Upchurch?

Ryan Upchurch age is 29 years old.

How Tall Is Ryan Upchurch?

Ryan Upchurch height is 5ft 9 inches, that is, 175cm.

Who is Ryan Upchurch Daughter?

Ryan Upchurch Daughter is Raelynn aka Rae.

What Happened To Ryan Upchurch?

Upchurch decided to show displeasure by posting a video of him shooting up two of the paintings that he had purchased. Among this two, one was of Johnny Cash and one was of Upchurch himself. He later auctioned these two destroyed paintings off to fans.

Where Does Ryan Upchurch Live?

Ryan Upchurch, is originally from Cheatham County, Tennessee, but lives in East Nashville.

Did Ryan Upchurch And Taylor Break Up?

Rumours about Upchurch And Eileen Smith separation have been making fans curios. But, all we can say for now is that the pair have not confirmed it.

Who Is Upchurch?

Ryan Upchurch, the talented singer, has been streaming on social media for many years.

Where is Ryan Upchurch House?

Ryan Upchurch, is originally from Cheatham County, Tennessee, but lives in East Nashville.

What is Ryan Upchurch Address?

Ryan Upchurch Address is Cheatham County, Tennessee, but lives in East Nashville.

Final words

A hard-working, successful YouTube personality, Ryan Upchurch is dedicated to his career. Hopefully, you have got the clear idea about Ryan Upchurch net worth. The comic rapper has gained popularity that has made him quite funny and entertaining among the fans.


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