Alanna & Ivor Net Worth – Age, Wiki, Income, Earnings

Alanna & Ivor Net Worth
Alanna & Ivor Net Worth

Alanna & Ivor Net Worth

Alanna Panday and Ivor McCray rose to fame as the social media star couple. They got engaged while they were holidaying in the Maldives. 2023 estimates suggest that Alanna & Ivor Net Worth is around $6 million.

The couple had also shared the news on the internet when Alanna wrote, “Didn’t realize it was possible to love another human this much until I met you.

Thank you for making me smile every day and loving me unconditionally.” Alanna Panday, an Indian model and internet celebrity, is popular as the cousin sister of Bollywood movie actress Ananya Panday.

Ivor McCray, Director of Marketing Project, worked directly with the non-profit organization to create a video teaser that aimed to give urban dwellers the skills and knowledge they need to enjoy spending time in nature.

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Alanna & Ivor real nameAlanna Panday, Ivor McCray V
Alanna & Ivor Net Worth$6 million
BirthdayAlanna Panday: August 16, 1995, Ivor McCray V NA:
BirthplaceAlanna Panday: Mumbai, Maharashtra India, Ivor McCray V: NA
Alanna & Ivor ageAlanna Panday: 26, Ivor McCray V: NA
Alanna & Ivor heightAlanna Panday: 1.67m, Ivor McCray V: 1.8m
NationalityAlanna Panday: Indian, Ivor McCray V:NA
OccupationAlanna Panday: model, social media star, Ivor McCray V: photographer
What is Alanna & Ivor Net Worth?
What is Alanna & Ivor Net Worth?

Alanna & Ivor earnings, income, and salary

As the rich and popular social media star couple, Alanna & Ivor monthly earnings go around $70K. That said, the Alanna & Ivor yearly earnings are around $840K.

Alanna & Ivor relationship 

Alanna Panday boyfriend details mention that she is engaged to Ivor McCray V. Earlier, when she was dating Yudi Jaising, and back then, she put up photos with her then beau on social media.

Alanna Panday bio

Born on August 16, 1995, Alanna Panday is the Cousin of Bollywood actress Ananya Panday as well as the niece of Chunky Panday. She hails from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and lives in the city with Alanna Panday parentsEntrepreneur and Model Alanna Panday have been quite focused on her social media career.

Ivor McCray V bio

Ivor McCray V biography mentions Panday is currently in a love relationship with a man by the name of Ivor McCray V. McCray is also famous as the top earning photographer and arts personalityIvor Mccray V Net Worth, as per the latest estimates, is around $1 million. The two have successfully completed their love relationship for over a year, and Alanna even posted pictures with her man.

YouTube details

  • Channel name – Alanna & Ivor
  • Joined on – 16 May 2020
  • Number of subscriber – 150K+

Personal life and career

Alanna Panday wrote: “2 years ago today, I met this amazing human at a Halloween party. He made me laugh so much that night my jaw hurt. Everything else seems pretty blurry, but all I can remember was how happy he made me.” Alanna Panday And her Boyfriend Ivor are now engaged.

Modeling career and Instagram fanbase due to her exotic and beautiful pictures has earned the top earning social media star immense recognitionAlanna Panday father, Chikki Panday, is a famous Indian businessman and a member of India’s Steel Authority. Similarly, talking about Alanna Panday mother, Deanne, is an author and fitness expert.

Alanna Panday social media handles reveal that she has a huge fan following. Panday shares videos and pictures of herself and collabs with multiple brands for paid promotions.  Alanna Panday Net Worth is around $3 million. Alanna & Ivor Net Worth has ranked in the category of top celebrity’s net worth.

Alanna Panday education details reveal that she graduated with a Fashion Designing degree from the London School of Fashion. Earlier, she attended a private school in India. Born and raised in a very business and entertainment-oriented family has helped her refine her career from a very early age.

Alanna Panday Wiki mentions Panday, linked with the fashion industry, works as a model for multiple brands from skincare, haircare, and fashion to housing designers. Brands she has already worked with include Urbanhabitatstyle, Vogue India, Icingstores, Fashionnova, And Lapcos USA. Besides, she is also the owner of the collabtribe.

Alanna Panday Biography states the high paid model and Instagram star Alanna Panday holds charming facial features, brown eyes, a slim body, and brown skin with long hair. The famous couple caught public attention when Model Alanna Panday got engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Ivor McCray. The couple had been by then holidaying in the Maldives when McCray went down on one knee and popped the question. Alanna shared the news about her engagement on social media. Alanna, currently residing in Los Angeles, has been living a happy life with her fiancé.

Moreover, the couple is also dedicated to their career, making it easier for them to prosper in their respective professional field.


What does Alanna Panday do for a living?

She is a fashion freak and has done graduation in Fashion Management. Also, she is a popular social media star.

What does Ivor McCray do for a living?

He is CEO · Music Tour Videographer/Photographer · Aerial Photographer/Videographer · Merchandise Manager, Tour Assistant · Communication Intern by profession.

What is the salary of Alanna Panday?

The salary of Alanna Panday suggests that she earns around $30K a month.

Who is Alanna Panday father?

Aloke Sharad Pandey, better known as Chikki Pandey, is an Indian businessperson based in Mumbai and the Alanna Panday father.

Who is Alanna Panday Husband?

She is engaged to the long time boyfriend, Ivor McCray.

Who is Alanna Panday Sister?

Alanna Panday is Cousin of Bollywood actress Ananya Panday.

Are Alanna Panday And Ananya Pandey Sister?

They are cousins.

Is Alana Panday Married?

She is presently engaged to a long time boyfriend, Ivor McCray. The wedding is to take place in 2023

What Does Alanna Panday Do?

She is a fashion freak with graduation in Fashion Management. She has been earning as the top known Internet celebrity.

What is the Alanna Panday Weight?

Alanna Panday Weight details: in kilograms- 50 kg in pounds- 110 lbs.

What is Ivor Mccray Age?

Ivor Mccray Age details are NA.

When is Ivor Mccray Birthday?

Ivor Mccray Birthday details are NA.

Who is Ivor Mccray Sister?

Ivor Mccray Sister name is NA.

What is Ivor Mccray Nationality?

Ivor Mccray Nationality is NA.

What is Ivor Mccray Height?

Ivor Mccray Height is 1.8m.

What does Ivor Mccray Wikipedia reveal?

Ivor Mccray Wikipedia page isn’t available at the moment. But, he is a photographer and videographer by profession.

How Did Ivor And Alanna Meet?

She has met him at a Halloween party. He made her laugh so much that night her jaw hurt.

What is Ivor Mccray profession?

Ivor Mccray is a photographer by profession.

When is Ivor And Alanna engagement?

Alanna Panday and Ivor McCray V got engaged in November 2021.

Final words

Alanna & Ivor Net Worth has been increasing as the pair has been drawing the attention of followers. Share your opinion in the comments below. Stay tuned for further updates.


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