Deep South Homestead Net Worth – Danny & Wanda Earnings

Deep South Homestead Net Worth
Deep South Homestead Net Worth

Homestead and off-grid YouTubers Danny and Wanda own a 10-acre homestead in south Mississippi to teach others through videos on YouTube, Deep South Homestead.

Detailed reports from 2024 reveal that Deep South Homestead Net Worth is $900K. Explore the most recent updates their earnings, lifestyle and other details.

Shooting videos of their everyday lifestyle and posting them on social media earned them tremendous views and subscribers to their channel, Deep South Homestead. Together, Danny and Wanda raise pigs, goats, turkeys, chickens, and cows, and grow a large variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs using their two greenhouses.

Deep South Homestead real nameDanny and Wanda
Net Worth$900K
BirthdayDanny – NA and Wanda – NA
BirthplaceDanny – south Mississippi and Wanda – Columbia
AgeDanny – NA and Wanda – NA
HeightDanny – 5ft 10in and Wanda – 5ft 5in
WeightDanny – 82kg and Wanda – 63kg
NationalityDanny – American and Wanda – American
ProfessionHomestead YouTuber
Deep South Homestead
Deep South Homestead

Earnings at a glance

Deep South Homestead monthly earnings, as per our findings, are around $10K to $20K. That being said, Deep South Homestead yearly earnings are around $120K and $240K.

Income generation paths

The well paid off grid YouTube stars earn from varied sources as YouTube ads aren’t enough to afford a lifestyle for them. The income streams are as follows:

Income Generation StreamAmount Generated
YouTube Advertising Revenue (Deep South Homestead)$8000 – $10000 per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$200 – $700 per post/ $600 – $2100 per month
Instagram Sponsorship Revenue (deepsouthhomestead)$100 – $500 per post
Sponsorships, brand endorsements, collaborations and affiliate commissions$500 – $1000 per month
Merchandise sales (Amazon; Etsy – seeds and plants, Books written by Danny, Deep South T-SHIRTS from PORCH TIME, Crazy Dazes, D. Teeccino Herbal Coffees and Deep South Homestead$1000 – $3000 per month
Patreon subscriptions (Gatherers $3/month)$200 – $500 per month
Paypal donations ($200 – $500 per month

Deep South Homestead mail address is PO Box 462 Wiggins, MS 39577, and the Email address is as well as

Candy Corn Cabin PROJECT, an off-grid cabin that Danny and Wanda are building, has been also drawing the attention of fans. One can paypal to support them in the project.

Lifestyle and Expenditures

Danny and Wanda, professional homestead and off grid YouTube personalities, own a 10-acre homestead in south Mississippi to teach others through videos on YouTube, Deep South Homestead.

Car collection

The high earning YouTubers own farming vehicles, but the names of the vehicles aren’t available yet.

Investment in homestead and farming career

The pair invest around $500-$5000 a year in buying the equipment as well as additional items needed for the growth of their YouTube career. The items they invest in are Harrows, fertilizer spreaders, Balers, seeders, Wagons or Trailers, and Other Tractor Attachments.

YouTube details

  • Name of the channel: Deep South Homestead
  • Joined on: 20 Dec 2015
  • Number of subscribers: 298K 

Deep South Homestead bio

Deep South Homestead bio

Deep South Homestead, located in South Mississippi on 10 acres, uses permaculture and conventional gardening techniques as well as High Tunnels for sustainability.

Deep South Homestead official website,, reveals that at Deep South Homestead, the pair are dedicated to showing how to live a simple life. Danny and Wanda provide knowledge about all aspects of homesteading. The pair know what it takes to both create and maintain a homestead.  

In this regard, they put efforts to let the audience enjoy homestead by providing knowledge on gardening, animal care, canning, smoking meat, repairs, DIY projects, herbs, woodworking, product reviews, gluten-free cooking, frugal tips, book reviews, and more. Off Grid Cabin Build and two ponds are what have been drawing the attention of viewers. Danny and Wanda have also added two new greenhouses for year-round growing.  

Early Life and Career Highlights

Danny and Wanda own a 10-acre homestead in south Mississippi to teach others through videos on YouTube, Deep South Homestead.

Deep South Homestead serves as a place to enjoy the simpler things of life, like sitting on the porch, tending a garden, hunting in the woods, fishing in the pond, or squeezing cane at the old cane mill. 

Deep South Homestead is 30 miles north of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and enjoys a year-round growing season that includes our greenhouses. We use old-fashioned hugelkulture, raised beds, containers, row cropping, permaculture, 

vertical planters, and simple foraging from the surroundings to supply the homestead with food. The pair have added an off-grid cabin to relax in and an outdoor canning kitchen to preserve produce. 

One can also find goods for refrigeration. Hoss Tools supplies drip irrigation, pest control, two-wheel hoes, seed starting, fertilizer, and more. 

GreenStalk Vertical Planters serve as an excellent way to grow even MORE food in a small space! Alexapure Water System also assists in the objective. MY PATRIOT SUPPLY serves as a one-shop store for emergency food, air filtration systems, Alexapure Water Filtration Systems, 

heirloom seeds, and survival essentials. Renogy Solar Kits are also in demand. 

Podcast, too, shares vital details about how they’ve been living their life.

Specialized cookbooks

Wanda’s Cookbook deals in GARDEN to Pantry to Table in the Deep South Kitchen. One can order Deep South Cookbook with gluten-free recipes that use fresh and canned vegetables. Grow Sweet Potatoes with Step-by-step instructions with pictures written by Danny on how to grow sweet potatoes, from making your own slips to harvesting and canning. Also, a few recipes.

Growing English Peas involves step-by-step instructions with pictures written by Danny on how to grow English Peas or Green Peas and includes seed-to-harvest canning and cooking. 

The beginning of the YouTube career

Danny and Wanda King never set out to be famous on YouTube. Rather, while Working on their farm in Perkinston, the couple would watch YouTube for entertainment. Danny saw others’ “farming tutorials,” and he knew he could publish better content.

Along with everything they plant, Danny and Wanda are both working on establishing a permaculture or edible landscape to simplify some of the work they present to the viewers.

Danny has foraged native plants like Huckleberry bushes from the woods and replanted them in their front yard. Also, viewers love to watch Wanda making tart jelly from the small berries.

Their first video was published in December 2015, with only Danny in the videos at first. Danny transitioned to social media seamlessly; Wanda filmed and edited and then started appearing in the videos as well.

Now, in addition to the original channel, Danny and Wanda both have their own YouTube channel for more personal video diaries. The pair run an Etsy account where they sell Danny’s homemade spoons, bowls, and tortilla presses.

Danny and Wanda struggle to find time for hobbies; both love to read. The couple has traveled by invitation to speak and serve as panelists for homesteading conferences.

Personal Life details: Family and Relationship

Regarding the Deep South Homestead family and relationship, we can say that Danny and Wanda are married. Danny has lived on his current property for about three decades, while Wanda grew up in Columbia. Wanda was living in Hattiesburg, where she was attending classes for medical coding at Pearl River Community College. Danny and Wanda met there in 2013 through Christian Mingle, an online dating website.

Both Danny and Wanda were skeptical of finding a partner online, but within a few weeks, they were talking. The couple married in 2013. 


Where Is Deep South Homestead From?

Deep South Homestead Danny is from south Mississippi, and Wanda is from Columbia. 

How Much Is Deep South Homestead Worth?

Deep South Homestead Net Worth is $900K.

How Much Does Deep South Homestead Make?

Deep South Homestead earns $10K to $20K a month.

Final say

Deep South Homestead has been excelling in creating videos and vlogs giving a glimpse into Homestead Life. We are trying our best to find out further information regarding the YouTube stars besides Deep South Homestead Net Worth. Do stay tuned to receive further updates from us.


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