Jontron Net Worth – Income, Wife, Earning, Controversy (Latest)

Jontron net worth
Jontron net worth

Jontron Net worth

The owner of the YouTube channel, JonTronShow, Jontron, is an eminent comedian, and reviewer. Here, we will give you relevant information about JonTron. In this regard, the JonTron net worth is around $2.4 Million(2021 update). Get the insight about the other details.

Real NameJonathan Aryan Jafari
Age30 years
Net worth $2.4 Million
BIRTHDAYMar 24, 1990
Height5′ 10″
OccupationYoutuber, comedian, reviewer
  • Start of youtube channel– Jontron

September 1st, 2010

  • Jontron– Number of subscribers

6.49 Million

  • Early life Jontron

Jonathan Aryan Jafari attended Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, where he had gathered ideas from fellow YouTubers.

  • Career and other details Jontron

In 2003, he uploaded five animations and, in 2006, made a YouTube account. Besides, he also uploaded videos on 


Rancho Palos Verdes, United States of America



  • Spouse: 

Charlotte Claw

  • Albums: 

Love Is Like Drugs (2016) · Titenic (2015)


Fans are curious about knowing the YouTuber’s net worth, career, and relevant stuff that is a part of updated information. According to the social blade review, he gets monthly earning between $3.6k and $57.1k that has made annual earnings between $42.8k and $55.1k out of the YouTube channel.


On August 31, 2010, he went ahead in creating a YouTube channel, JonTronShow. He also gave a two-part review of the Nintendo 64 version on this channel. In his videos, he also incorporates elements of sketch comedy.

He also reviews plenty of video game adaptations. After the Reddit post review of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, he started achieving notability. Jonathan Aryan Jafari, referred to as Jontron, proves to be an eminent American, comedian, and YouTuber.

Well known for the YouTube web series JonTron where he gives plenty of reviews and parodies related to video games, movies, and other media, he is well known as a video creator.

He was the former co-host of Let’s Play web series Game Grumps. Besides, he has also presented himself as the co-creator of the videogame entertainment website Normal Boots. YouTube channel, Jontronshow, has around 6.45 Million subscribers and 1.07 billion views.

Born in Rancho, California, on March 24th, 1990, Jonathan Aryan Jeffery is of Hungarian descent from his mother’s side and Iranian Descent from his father’s side.

He has been showing his eminent presence over the years and his channel with 6.47 million subscribers. He has plenty of videos listed on his youtube channel. You can also get the availability of the playlist associated channels with this channel, like League of Legends.

To name a few, Hans Van harken had started with the channel on September 1st, 2010, and has received around 1087761671 views to date. He has also got his platform available on Instagram and Twitter. This is increasing the Jontron net worth.

He has produced a lot in recent years, with around 5.1 million subscribers as of February 2019. Besides, the survey of 2018 also suggests that his network is approximately $1 billion.


JonTron has not received any awards. However, his popularity is no less than a precious achievement for him. He also achieved the recognition as fifth on’s ‘Rop 10 YouTube Video Game Reviewers’. 

Racial Controversy

JonTron defended a tweet on Twitch streamer Destiny’s channel and has had also gotten into many racial controversies. 

Jontron Wife (Relationship Status)

Jontron Wife
Jontron Wife

On 23rd October 2019, JonTron got married to Charlotte Claw. Being a social media star, JonTron is proving to be more active in major social media, including YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. His YouTube channel, JonTronShow, is gaining more recognition on behalf of the fans.


Who is JonTron and what is his occupation?

JonTron is recognised American comedian, internet personality and reviewer. YouTube based web series JonTron makes him famous. His occupation is reviewing movies, video games, and television shows in a comedic way.

What has been the racial controversy surrounding Jontron?

JonTron has been involved in numerous racial controversies including his most controversial racial statement.

Final words

Jontron is growing with massive popularity on YouTube and is gathering more fans to recognize his work. Stay tuned to learn more about Jontron net worth and his life.


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