Marc Rebillet Net Worth – Girlfriend, Income, Earning 2022

Marc Rebillet Net Worth
Marc Rebillet Net Worth

Marc Rebillet net worth

Marc Rebillet, an American electronic YouTuber and a musician from Dallas, Texas. Based in New York City, the artist is best for improvising electronic songs. Besides, he is also well known for the comical lyrics. YouTube videos and Twitch live streams show some of his most awesome works for showcasing his work, and he considers taking the loop station, keyboard, vocals, and percussion instruments. Three studio albums: Marc Rebillet, Europe, and Loop Daddy III, alongside the two extended play records, Loop Daddy and Loop Daddy II, have given him enough recognition.

The net worth of Marc Rebillet is about $150,000 and earns around $90 per day, and his major income is through YouTube advertising revenue. With a monthly income of about $2000 to $2500, he earns a handsome amount of money.

Real name Marc Rebillet
Age32 years old  
Net worth$150,000
OccupationAmerican electronic YouTuber 
Height5 ft 6 inches (1.67m)
Marc Rebillet
Marc Rebillet

Other highlights

Number of subscribers – 1.88M subscribers

Joined on – November 13, 2006

Views – 144,750,701 views

Eye Color  Brown      

Ethnicity – White of European descent

Birth Name – Marc Rebillet      

Hometown – Dallas

Age – 32 years old  

Years active – 2016- Present

Zodiac Sign – Saggitaurus 

Race – Irish

Sexuality  Straight 

Affair/ Ex-Girlfriend – NA  

Current Relationship – Single


The Marc Rebillet daily earning stats suggest that he earns around $90 per day. His major income is through YouTube advertising revenue. With a monthly income of about $2000 to $2500, he earns a handsome amount of money.

Early life

In the early days of childhood, he used to play with the children in his hometown is in Texas. After spending his childhood in New Jersey, he finally settled in New York. He had been passionate about music.

He had started focusing on his choices by playing the piano at age four. Besides, he also focused on classical music while attending Booker T. Washington High School. He had also worked at the corporate call centre.

He came to highlight Fox 4 in Dallas after he was spotted buying an iPhone. Besides, he also got recognition in 2016, after discovering the 1998 Sufjan Stevens album that proved to be an alleged unreleased in a dumpster. Besides, in the interview with Stereogum, Marc Rebillet marked his expression of regret for disrespecting the label’s wishes.


Based in New York City, the artist is best for improvising electronic songs. Besides, he is also well known for the comical lyrics. Three studio albums: Marc Rebillet, Europe, and Loop Daddy III, alongside the two extended play records, Loop Daddy and Loop Daddy II, have given him enough recognition.

American electronic musician Marc Rebillet, aka Loop Daddy, is gaining prominence recently with the loop station, percussion instruments, and tambourine. Albums like Marc Rebillet, Loop Daddy and Loop Daddy II are gaining recognition as well. He has had always shown his interest in the improvisational blues and garnered experience while performing the choir at Manhattan School of Music.

Online streaming had been a major part of his career. The professional music career of Marc Rebillet had begun in 2016 with the publishing of YouTube videos and live streams. The best part of his career had been the videos going viral through Reddit and Facebook. That said, he could also get recognition on social media. The content also holds the romance and sex to more frivolous topics.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he scheduled free live stream shows on Twitch, out of which the first became successful in attracting over 1.57 million viewers. That said, it could also raise $34,000 for coronavirus-related charity. “Essential Workers Anthem” by Marc Rebillet also proved to be the anthem specifically dedicated to essential workers.

Live performances

He had started gaining recognition by performing in Dublin in 2019. Moving to New York helped him get a lot of recognition through music and made him get the fanbase for recognition of his work.

He had seen the leap from 7,000 or 10,000 followers all of a sudden that reached 50,000. Tours in the United States and Europe also became the source of revenue. The best part of his work is that they present him to be quite energetic, interactive, and improvised.

The unnerving and engaging performance he has always shown has made him one of the best artists. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Marc Rebillet also made arrangements for the “drive-in concert tour” while remaining in compliance with social distancing regulations. The revenue the concerts generated grossed $523,000. His performances have been the major reason behind the ever-increasing Marc Rebillet net worth.

Awards and recognition

Billboard recognized the artist as “Billboard Dance Emerging Artist” in August 2019. Rebillet the “Do it for Shacknews Award 2019” was the award he received In December 2019. That said, he had shown his eminent presence in building a community to appreciate his masterpieces.

Family And Girlfriend

Marc Rebillet Girlfriend
Marc Rebillet Girlfriend

As an only child, Marc had got the support from his family for his love for music. Close to both of his parents, Gilbert and Susan; he had got love from his family. He loves keeping his personal life in a low-key manner. Marc and his ex-girlfriend used to spend good times but, at the moment, Marc is reportedly not dating anyone. His tour and events are gaining recognition. Recent estimates mention Marc Rebillet is dating Margaret Burgau since 2013.

Marc Rebillet contact information

The immense fame of the YouTuber has been drawing the attention of the fans to learn more about the Marc Rebillet phone number. Also, you will get the information regarding Marc Rebillet contact details. The social media personality doesn’t hesitate to interact with fans on the different social media platforms. So, it’s worth checking out.

Tour and Events 

Electronic musician Marc Rebillet is continually working for promoting his music on YouTube. Besides, he has also started playing gigs since November of 2017. appearance on the iPhone 8 inventory comedic video on YouTube has given him immense popularity.

What is Marc Rebillet’s income?

The net worth of Marc Rebillet according to 2020 update is $150,000. That said, his earning is around $90 per day through his YouTube advertising revenue. Monthly income ranges between $2000 to $2500 from YouTube advertising.


What is the nickname of Marc Rebillet?

He is popularly referred to as Loop Daddy.

What program does Marc Rebillet use for recording the music?

Music. Rebillet uses a Boss RC-505 loop station for his musical career. This is the equipment that promotes layering his voice with keyboards, tambourines, as well as other hand percussion instruments. It also gives prominence to elements of soul, hip hop, funk, and house music, as well as comedy skits.

Who is Marc Rebillet?

Marc Rebillet is an American electronic musician as well as YouTuber from Dallas, Texas, currently based in New York City. Improvising electronic songs that feature comical lyrics is what makes him famous.

How did Marc Rebillet get hurt?

Marc Rebillet had been in the middle of a massive tour when he injured himself. At that time, he was riding his electric unicycle and had to cancel some stops. After a break, Marc announced that he would plan to return from his “hidey hole” and hop on stream for the first time in three whole months.

What is Marc Rebillet setup?

Rebillet’s music is a mark of use of a Boss RC-505 loop station, allowing him to layer his voice with keyboards, tambourines, and other hand percussion instruments. Most songs include elements of funk, soul, hip hop, and house music.

Where did Marc Rebillet go to school?

Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts had been his school.

Where is Marc Rebillet from?

Marc Rebillet is from Dallas, Texas, United States

What piano does Marc Rebillet use?

Both live performances and YouTube live streams are part of a comedy show, well-crafted beats created on his M-Audio Axiom 49 keyboard. In addition to that, he uses Boss RC-505 loop station. “[The Boss RC-505] is an incredible workhorse piece of equipment”.

Final words

With keyboards, tambourines, and other hand percussion instruments, he is working more and more on his work to get the recognition that he had always wanted. Stay updated to get more ideas about Marc Rebillet and Marc Rebillet net worth.


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