Tim Pool Net Worth – Age, Income, Girlfriend, Earning (Latest)

Tim Pool Net Worth
Tim Pool Net Worth

Tim Pool net worth

Timothy Daniel Pool, popularly known as Tim Pool which was born on March 9, 1986, is an American journalist, political commentator, and a YouTuber who has been marking his incredible presence on YouTube. Tim Pool net worth of $1 million makes him an amazing personality. He is well known for the live streaming and the Wall Street protest that was done in 2011.

Real name Timothy Daniel Pool
Age35 Years
Tim Pool Net worth$1 million
Height5′ 10″
Profession     Journalist, YouTuber
Nationality    Chicago
Born09 Mar 1986 (age 34) · Chicago, IL
Tim Pool
Tim Pool


There’s more information available about latest YouTuber’s net worth as per the 2021 updates. The Tim Pool income source is mainly YouTube. The latest Tim Pool income updates suggest that he has roughly made $320,0000 to $630,000 US dollars on YouTube. A glimpse of the Tim Pool earnings suggests that he makes between 5K to 30K USD a month.

Tim Pool relationship

Tim Pool girlfriend
Tim Pool girlfriend

2021 estimates about the Tim Pool girlfriend states that presently he is single. He loves his career and will think about dating someone in the future. Yet, fans speculate that he keeps his love life private.

Early life 

Growing up in Chicago’s South Side, he left school at age 14. Born in a lower-middle-class family, Timothy Daniel Pool grew up with his three siblings. The earning of 1 million dollars while live-streaming protests turned out to be a fortune for him.


Previously, he used to live-chat stream for responding to viewer based questions. Later on, he also started using the modified software for live streaming. Later on, he rose to become one of the most prominent YouTubers.

The maximum attention he had got in 2011 was for the occupy Wall Street protest. His channel, Tim cast IRL, is also producing a podcast related to cultural and political issues .The channel also shows interviews with prominent figures related to the topical issues.

Other details

Pool marked his eminent presence by joining fusion TV in 2013 and 2014.Later on, he moved to independent work on the platform like YouTube and some related platforms.

Born in Chicago, the United States team has now become a celebrity and is well known for YouTube commentary as well as the journalism skills .He grew to get 100 million monthly views making him one of the most viewed independent YouTube creators.

He has shown his presence by releasing around 4 + hours of video every day across the three main channels Name Tim Pool, Tim cast, and Tim cast IRL.

The founding individual of the independent Media Company SCNR, Tim pool had gathered around 545000 subscribers, 19 million views and 176 million views on Tim Pool and TimCast respectively.

He has got a Twitter account with 350000 followers and a Facebook account with 64000 likes by July 2019. He has also won the short award for a journalist in 2013. His followers have been a major support behind increasing Tim Pool net worth.

  • Awards: 

Shorty Award for Journalist (2013)

  • Nominations: 

Shorty Award for Journalist (2014, 2013)

  • Gender           


  • Birth Sign       


  • Religion          


  • Ethnicity        


  • Father            

Not Available

  • Mother          

Timothy Daniel Pool

  • Tim Pool- Start of YouTube channel

Joined 22 Dec 2011

  • The number of subscribers Tim Pool has:

1.24 M subscribers


What is the height of Tim Pool?

Tim Pool is 5 feet and 10-inch-tall and is quite simple in terms of his physique.

What is the Tim Pool relationship status?

Tim Pool is single as per the estimates of 2020. 

Final words

Tim Pool The subscribers can also get access to exclusive bonus content with the guest appearances by joining the channel. There are also plenty of behind the scenes videos, exclusive live streams, and access to the event that is usually held in the studio of the centre on the east coast. So, stay tuned to the channel to get more updates regarding Tim Pool net worth and his incredible presence on social media.


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