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Jaynorris Newsclips03
Jaynorris Newsclips03

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Jaynorris Newsclips03

JayNorris NewsClips03 was once one of the famous YouTube channels for highlighting the news clips. YouTube Stats & Analytics Dashboard

Export suggests that so far, the Subscribers are 13.9K. Total Views are 8.44M. Jaynorris Newsclips03 Earnings is around $ 12.98. The CPM is $ 10-$ 18  Est. The Jaynorris Newsclips03 Est. Partner Earning(Monthly) are $ 184 – $ 1.47K. Subs Growth of Jaynorris Newsclips03 is +59K.

Further updates

Jay Norris has been famous as the controversial, outspoken champion who has been known for openness and data mining. There has been a keynote speech at a shareholder meeting at  Vinewood Bowl, Vinewood, Los Santos. Mr. Norris has been serving as CEO and founder of the social networking site. December 29, 2020, updates suggest that the Jaynorris Newsclips03 states that American Freedom is GONE!

JayNorris NewsClips03‘s include Videos representing the New at SubtleTV! Some close-ups are available on Jaynorris Newsclips03, including Juliet Huddy & Anna Gilligan (12-29-15).

Other updates from Jay Norris

Founder and CEO of Lifeinvader, Jay Norris founded Lifeinvader. He did that at the parents’ pool house in East Carraway and made a fortune off selling billion people’s personal information using Lifeinvader to corporations and the government.

  • Full name: Jay Norris
  • Status: Deceased
  • Nationality: American
  • Place of birth: East Carraway (possibly)
  • Date of death: 2013
  • Main affiliation: Lifeinvader
  • Vehicle(s): X80 Proto · T20 · Osiris
  • Businesses: Founder and CEO of Lifeinvader

Final words

At present, we do not have too many updates regarding JayNorris NewsClips03. Stay tuned to get further updates as soon as we can.


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