Captain Rick Moore Net Worth – Income, Earnings, Wife, Lifestyle

Captain Rick Moore Net Worth
Captain Rick Moore Net Worth

Captain Rick Moore Net Worth

Traveling YouTuber and sailor Captain Rick Moore created one of the very first sailing YouTube channels in history and has the most content of any channel in existence. With a passion for videography, Captain Rick Moore hopes that his videos inspire others to consider a different way of life.

Captain Rick Moore shows that breaking away from the norms of modern society brings freedom, satisfaction, and simplicity. According to the 2024 estimates, Captain Rick Moore Net Worth is $900K. Explore the most recent updates regarding their earnings, lifestyle and other details.

Captain Rick Moore real nameRick Moore
Members real nameMaddalena Alessio and Brenden Moore
Net Worth$900K
BirthdayRick Moore – 1970; Maddalena Alessio – 1977; Brenden Moore – 1999
BirthplaceRick Moore – Canada
AgeRick Moore – 54; Maddalena Alessio – 47; Brenden Moore – 25
HeightRick Moore – 5ft 10in; Maddalena Alessio – 5ft 7in; Brenden Moore – 5ft 7in
WeightRick Moore – 87kg; Maddalena Alessio – 63kg; Brenden Moore – 85kg
ProfessionYouTuber and sailor
Captain Rick Moore
Captain Rick Moore

Captain Rick Moore Estimated Earnings

Captain Rick Moore monthly earnings, as per our findings, are around $20K to $30K. That being said, Captain Rick Moore yearly earnings are around $240K to $360K.

Sources of Income

The well paid sailing YouTube stars like may others earn from varied sources all of which have boosted their net worth. Here, we will list the generation streams and the amount earned.

Income Generation StreamAmount Generated
YouTube Advertising Revenue (Captain Rick Moore)$4000 – $6000 per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$1000 – $4000 per post
Instagram Sponsorship Revenue (sailingsophisticatedlady)$2000 – $5000 per post
Earnings from daily charter business$30000 – $40000 a year
Marketing products (Captain Rick Moore merch store; Print-on-demand products), brand endorsements, and sponsorships$600 – $3000 per month
Patreon subscriptions ($500 – $1000 per month
Occupation as an office manager (family business)$20,000 per month is the email address to get in touch with the crew.

Lifestyle and expenditures

Though it seems like the crew has sold off their possessions to venture out in the seas, but again, we feel, the lead sailing YouTube personality owns a family house in Canada.

Boat collection and Investment in sailing career

The high earning YouTuber owns expensive boats, including a 1995 36-foot yacht. The amount he had paid was around $10,000.

Rick bought his yacht after 10+ years of diligent saving and investing, with his past career in the marine industry. He also invests around $500-$5000 a year in making additional upgrades.

YouTube details

  • Name of the channel: Captain Rick Moore @SailingSophisticatedLady
  • Joined on: 13 Jul 2007
  • Number of subscribers: 149K

Captain Rick Moore bio

Captain Rick cruises the islands, capturing the beautiful, serene views. He serves as Captain & Videographer at Sailing Sophisticated Lady as well as Creative Director and Producer for and

Early Life and Career

Captain Rick Moore Early Life

Life is about living, and Captain Rick Moore crew share the journey with moments captured as they are experienced. presents the sailing videos that have drawn the attention of fans.

Captain Rick Moore of the Sailing Sophisticated Lady vessel lives full-time on a sailboat and has turned it into a full-time career for himself between running charters and filming YouTube videos. Rick now has made his vessel fully self-sustainable and even did this podcast from his boat off the coast of Colombia. Rick, originally from Canada, grew up doing a number of different jobs that helped lead to his success on the water today.

Rick had to put in much effort to make this a reality. Rick also gave some of the best advice for anyone who wants to change career paths or wants to do something considered outside the box.

  • Boat 

S/V Sophisticated Lady is the boat, but this is not to be confused with the MV Sophisticated Lady based in the UK. Sophisticated Lady is a 1995 36-foot yacht, and Rick has upgraded his boat with a new furling roller, a new security system as well as new solar panels.

  • Crew Members

Rick Moore, Maddalena Alessio, and Brenden Moore are the cast. Captain Rick Moore is now married to Maddalena, and the pair got married in early 2021. The couple now has a baby boy together, Riccardo “Baby Ricci.”

Sasha and Valentina were previous crew members. Sailing Sophisticated Lady’s crew also includes Tiki, the parrot.

  • Location

Rick Moore and his boat, Sophisticated Lady, remain mostly in The Caribbean and Panama. Rick Moore’s boat is used for charter purposes and provides him with much of his income.

Rick Moore has sailed extensively throughout South America through some sketchy places. Captain Rick Moore is fluent in Spanish.

In the past, Rick has previously sailed around the world with a beautiful boat, great lifelong friends, and, most importantly, a beautiful, supportive wife.

  • Collaborations

Rick has collaborated with SV Delos, Sailing Miss Lone Star, Sailing Into Freedom (Plukky), and numerous other smaller influencers.

Rick started it all, led firstly by his passion and secondly by the wind. With over 2 decades of sailing experience, Rick finds great joy in sharing his adventures with all of his viewers.

Maddy, from Italy, lived there until she finished her studies. Maddy traveled and worked in the hospitality industry in Europe. Through that, she gained cultural and professional experience before joining Rick on his sailing adventures. Maddy is thrilled that she can travel and be at home at the same time.

Tiki, an African Grey Parrot, is the lovable mascot and loyal guardian of Sophisticated Lady, who enjoys crackers but will eat pretty much anything.

Sailing Sophisticated Lady’s (SSL) Patreon page presents Captain Rick Moore as an entrepreneur, creator, and general scallywag. He has been filming adventures aboard SSL for ten years now. Captain Rick Moore is focused on creating the highest quality videos for the audience. Captain Rick Moore creates some of the most professional content of all the sailing channels.

The time and cost involved in developing and sharing work are as high as the rewards. Captain Rick Moore needs to find commercial videography work along the way to support himself. He often puts SSL’s YouTube videos on hold and explains why the episodes fall 5-6 months behind.

Captain Rick Moore’s goal is to be able to work on SSL full-time, producing one video a week consistently. For this to happen, Captain Rick Moore would need only 2% of SSL’s YouTube subscribers to donate as little as $2 a month. This page on Patreon is simply for people who want to help him out, not only to continue his dream of living sustainably on the water but also to continue to provide education, entertainment, and inspiration to those who may want to one day do the same.

Captain Rick Moore’s ultimate goal is to be able to enter the Pacific Ocean as a self-sustainable vessel in all ways, including financially. With that, Captain Rick Moore could dedicate 100% of their time to SSL, and it’s something he has been wanting to do for a long time now. Also, it would allow him to finally produce more of the videos that his viewers want to see.

Insights into Family and Relationship

Captain Rick Moore Family and wife

Regarding Captain Rick Moore family and relationship, we can say that he is now married to Maddalena, and the pair got married in early 2021. Regarding Captain Rick Moore children, we can say that the couple now have a baby boy together, Riccardo “Baby Ricci”.


How Old Is Captain Rick Moore?

Captain Rick Moore age is Rick Moore – 54; Maddalena Alessio – 47; Brenden Moore – 25.

Where Is Captain Rick Moore From?

Captain Rick Moore is from Canada.

How Much Is Captain Rick Moore Worth?

Captain Rick Moore Net Worth is $900K.

How Much Does Captain Rick Moore Make?

Captain Rick Moore earns around $20K to $30K a month.

Final words

Rick has earned recognition for himself and his travels. Rick is known for being one of the very first cruising YouTubers, with his first video about 14 years ago with his parrot. Rick keeps his content real, relevant, and unscripted. We are trying our best to find out further information regarding the YouTube star besides Captain Rick Moore Net Worth. Do stay tuned to receive further updates from us.


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