Unbox Therapy Current Net Worth (2024) – Earnings and Income

Unbox Therapy Net Worth
Unbox Therapy Net Worth

Unbox Therapy Net Worth

Canadian tech guru Lewis Hilsenteger has developed Unbox Therapy as a channel that has emerged as a powerhouse on YouTube. What makes the channel popular is that it serves as a unique blend of detailed gadget reviews, satisfying unboxings, and humor.

Unbox Therapy Net Worth according to the 2024 estimates is $30 million. Here we will share the detailed information regarding their earnings, sources contributing to the net worth, assets, expenditures and related aspects.

Unbox Therapy Real nameLewis George Hilsenteger
Unbox Therapy Net Worth$30 million
Birth date06 May 1985
BirthplaceToronto, Canada
Unbox Therapy age39
Unbox Therapy height5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
OccupationTech review Canadian YouTuber
Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy

Earnings generated and Unveiling Revenue Streams

The channel uploads several unboxing videos each week gathering around a million views each and earning a massive income for the YouTuber.

Unbox Therapy monthly earnings are around $50K to $80K. That said, Unbox Therapy yearly Earnings are around $600K to $960K. 

Revenue streams contributing to Unbox Therapy’s financial strength

Plenty of Revenue streams contribute to the immense net worth of Unbox Therapy. The revenue streams earning the YouTuber massive amount are as follows:

Income Generation StreamAmount Generated
YouTube Advertising Revenue$25000 – $40000 per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$1000 – $3000 per sponsorship
TikTok Advertising Revenue$500 – $700 per month
TikTok Sponsorship Revenue$200 – $1000 per sponsorship
Instagram Sponsorship Revenue$500 – $2000 per sponsorship
Products sales; Collaborations; Sponsorships; Brand Endorsements and Brand Deals$10000 – $15000 per month

How do we calculate the net worth?

To calculate the net worth, we subtract total liabilities from total assets, where the latter includes investments, savings, and any equity in a home, car, or other similar assets.

How do we calculate the earnings?

For the calculation of the earnings, we take an advanced look into the official sources associated with the individual. Based on our findings, we list down the amount earned from the range of sources. Based on the detailed information, we try our best to figure out the most relevant information regarding the amount generated in a month and the year.

Unbox Therapy earns a substantial portion of its income from ad revenue including the advertising and sponsorships. Sponsorships and Brand Partnerships also serve as major income sources.

Plenty of brands collaborate with Unbox Therapy for product reviews, endorsements, and exclusive content that also generates a good income for the channel. Merchandise Sales of branded apparel and accessories are a major contributor to the income.  

Lewis has expanded entrepreneurial reach with ventures including MoreTop5s, a second YouTube channel, and Quarterly, a subscription box service. These are the sources that bolster Unbox Therapy’s overall net worth.

General Expenses, Possessions, and Investments

Content creators usually have to bear a wide variety of expenses while creating their content, that’s inclusive of investing in equipment, travel expenses, utilities, amenities, entertainment, and other living expenses.

In this regard, we can say that the YouTuber owns a luxurious house in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The area is New Market, Ontario.

Investments in Career

Viewers have been noticing a boost in the production quality of his videos, proving that Lewis has invested a lot in the business. In 2017, Lewis nabbed an 8500-square-foot warehouse to convert into a film studio for production.

Gaming setup that Lewis owns is the ultimate $30000. He mentioned that he was waiting for the Pixel XL 2 and finally got one. Besides he owns Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone, set of three Canon c500 cameras with the frontal camera having a Tokina 11-16mm.

Lewis uses Logitech Craft Keyboard is the keyboard and OnePlus Watch. Also he has invested on a Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 Intel Core i5 10th Gen 15.6. 

Lewis Hilsenteger has earned over $20,000,000 through company sponsorships and advertising revenue that has helped him buy the setup.

Unbox Therapy Car Collection
Unbox Therapy Car Collection

Car collection

Lewis George Hilsenteger likes electric cars and owns a Porsche Taycan Turbo S and a Tesla Model S Plaid; both featured on the Unbox Therapy channel.


  • Channel name: Unbox Therapy
  • Joined on: 21st December 2010
  • Number of subscribers: 24.1M+
  • Channel name: Lew… Later
  • Joined on: Oct 18, 2015
  • Number of subscribers: 817K+
  • Channel name: LaterClips
  • Joined on: Apr 12, 2019
  • Number of subscribers: 970K+
  • Channel name: LaterShorts
  • Joined on: Mar 3, 2022
  • Number of subscribers: 3.48K+


What is Unbox Therapy Income?

In a year, the channel makes around $600K to $960K.

Is Unbox Therapy giveaway real or fake?

Longtime fans of Unbox Therapy have stumbled upon the mega iPhone giveaway by the channel. Lew and Unbox Therapy didn’t specify the exact numbers of the iPhone given away. Reddit thread dated 2016 concluded that it’s just false advertising and misrepresentation.

Why does Unbox Therapy hate Apple?

He mentioned that Apple are not being transparent enough with their phones by detailing the capacity of the battery.

How much does Unbox Therapy charge?

He charges around $15K.

How much money does Unbox Therapy make?  

In a month, the channel makes around $50K to $80K.

Who is the CEO of Unbox Therapy?

Lewis George Hilsenteger, known professionally as Unbox Therapy, has earned popularity as a Canadian unboxing and technology YouTuber. He is also the CEO of Unbox Therapy.

Where does Unbox Therapy live?

Hilsenteger lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is married, and has one brother.

Is Unbox therapy giveaway real?

Unbox Therapy was accused of Faking Giveaways. People had reported that the YouTuber had been Abusing YouTube’s Copyright System, and Plagiarism. The YouTube star came under fire for a lot of issues from both past and current events.

Where is Unbox Therapy located?

UnboxTherapy is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What is Unbox Therapy Net Worth Forbes?

Lewis Hilsenteger Unbox Therapy Net Worth is around $30 million.

Where is Unbox Therapy Studio?

UnboxTherapy studio is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What Does Unbox Therapy Do For A Living?

Unbox Therapy works as a Filmmaker tech reviewer producer comedian podcaster. sponsorship deals from big companies like Google, McDonald’s, IBM, GlassUSA, DBrand, Intel, WB Games, and many more serve as one of the major income sources for the YouTuber.

Final words

Over the years, Unbox Therapy has earned tremendous acclaim from the videos that reveal exciting new technology, including the latest smartphones, phone gadgets, or hi-tech speakers. Stay tuned to receive further details regarding his financial background.

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