Duke Dennis Net Worth 2024 – Age, Girlfriend, Height, Earnings

Duke Dennis Net Worth
Duke Dennis Net Worth

Duke Dennis net worth

Duke Dennis is from Georgia, Alabama, and he emerged as a household name in 2017. The videos he posts mostly showcase his prowess in basketball and NBA 2K sports simulation games.

The American YouTuber crafts an array of gaming videos that have made him immensely popular in the realm of the NBA series. Duke Dennis has established himself as a key player in the dynamic YouTube collective AMP.

According to the 2024 estimates, the Duke Dennis net worth is around $4 million. Lets delve deep into the financial aspects of the content creator including his earnings, income generation streams, assets, expenses.

Duke Dennis real nameDuke Dennis
Other namesDuke, Deeblock Duke, Durag Duke, AMP Duke
Duke Dennis net worth$4 million
Birthdate26th February, 1994
BirthplaceUnited States
Duke Dennis age30
Duke Dennis height5 ft 10 inches
Occupationgaming YouTuber
Duke Dennis
Duke Dennis

Duke Dennis Income and Relevant Revenue Streams

Duke Dennis gained a significant following and established himself as one of the best YouTubers in the gaming field, particularly basketball gaming. The content he has posted has garnered millions of views. In addition, the YouTube star launched his own clothing brand.

Duke Dennis has earned a huge amount from the different income sources and the majority of the earnings come from content creation. Considering all the income sources it can be said that Duke Dennis monthly earnings are around $25K to $40K. That said the Duke Dennis yearly earnings are around $300K to $480K.

Breaking down earning streams

Born on February 26, 1994, in Greenville, South Carolina, Dennis grew up in Georgia and Alabama. Dennis played football in high school and received multiple offers to play college football before turning them down.

After high school, the YouTube star went ahead with the dream to pursue the military, enlisted in the army and was stationed in Germany after completing basic training. Dennis served his four-year contract but ended in 2017. Right from the point he left the army, Dennis made up his mind to pursue YouTube as his full-time career.

Duke Dennis makes money from different streams that go beyond YouTube advertising and sponsorship. We will list the relevant income sources here as follows:

Income Generation StreamAmount Generated
YouTube Advertising Revenue$15000 – $20000 per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$100 – $1000 per sponsorship
Earnings from Twitch (twitch.tv/duke_dennis)$5000 – $8000 per month
TikTok Advertising Revenue$200 – $300 per month
TikTok Sponsorship Revenue$200 – $300 per sponsorship
Instagram Sponsorship Revenue$100 – $500 per sponsorship
Products sales; Collaborations; Sponsorships; Brand Endorsements and Brand Deals$2000 – $5000 per month
Streaming Platforms – spotify.com$200 – $300 per month
PayPal donations$200 – $300 per month

How do we calculate the net worth?

To calculate the net worth, we subtract total liabilities from total assets, where the latter includes investments, savings, and any equity in a home, car, or other similar assets.

How do we calculate the earnings?

For the calculation of the earnings, we take an advanced look into the official sources associated with the individual. Based on our findings, we list down the amount earned from the range of sources.

Based on the detailed information, we try our best to figure out the most relevant information regarding the amount generated in a month and the year.

For calculating the YouTuber’s income, we have considered his YouTube channel as one of the primary sources of income, where he frequently posts sponsored videos. Also, what adds to the income are the collaborations with brands and companies, potentially earning him thousands of dollars per video.

His popularity on Instagram has also been one of the major reasons for his immense net worth. Paid endorsements and brand partnerships help Duke Dennis secure a significant portion of his income. An additional income stream that adds to his income is his own line of merchandise, which includes a range of products such as t-shirts, hats, and other items featuring his personal brand.

Duke’s Twitch Profile is also one of the major contributors to his income. Duke has amassed a significant following on Twitch, where he has created an informative environment for his viewers.

General Expenses, Possessions, and Investments

Content creators usually have to bear a wide variety of expenses while creating their content, that’s inclusive of investing in equipment, travel expenses, utilities, amenities, entertainment, and other living expenses. In this regard, we can say that

Duke Dennis travels a lot in between streaming and vlogging, and in the process has visited cities like Miami, Las Vegas, Aspen, Houston, to name a few.

Also he had presented to the viewers the place where he grew up, showing the new home he bought his mom. The YouTuber has uploaded plenty of videos on his channel at the AMP house. In 2022, Duke Dennis made a vlog showing off the new AMP house co residing with other YouTubers. the house has a pool, offers view of the mountains. There’s a large kitchen with black countertops, multiple terraces and multiple rooms and bathrooms.

Duke Dennis Car Collection  

Duke Dennis owns three Jeep Wranglers and runs a Twitter account, @dukedennisjeep, for his cars. He purchased camo Jeep Wrangler with a D-block interior, in 2017 but then gave it away to his brother after buying a Jeep Wrangler with a Scat pack engine.

Duke Dennis is now the proud owner of an SRT Jeep Wrangler. Often Duke has mentioned that he had felt very attracted to jeeps growing up in South Carolina and fell in love with them. All he wished to buy were vehicles like a G-wagon, Lamborghini.

Additional investments

Duke Dennis invests a huge amount in developing his setup, and the amount he invests is around $30K to $70K a year. The investments he makes include better cameras, recording equipment, microphones, and editing software.

Duke Dennis girlfriend
Duke Dennis girlfriend

YouTube highlights:

  • Channel name: Duke Dennis
  • Joined on: 1st May 2020
  • Number of subscribers: 2.64M+
  • Channel name: Duke Dennis Gaming
  • Joined on: Feb 16, 2013
  • Number of subscribers: 1.95M+


How old is Duke Dennis?

Duke Dennis age is 30 years.

What is Duke Dennis net worth?

Duke Dennis net worth as per the latest estimates is $4 million.

How much is Duke Dennis worth?

Duke Dennis worth as per our latest findings is $4 million.

Is Duke Dennis grill permanent?

Yes, Duke has permanent grills and Tattoos.

What is Amp Duke Dennis Net Worth?

Duke Dennis net worth is around $4 million.

How much is Duke Dennis Salary?

In a month, Duke Dennis earns around $25K to $40K.

How Much Does Duke Dennis Make A Month?

Duke Dennis Monthly Income is around $25K to $40K.

How Much Does Duke Dennis Make A Year?

In a year, Duke Dennis earns around $300K to $480K.

What’s Duke Dennis Net Worth?

Duke Dennis net worth is around $4 million.

How much money does Duke Dennis make?

Duke Dennis Income, considering the different income sources, goes around $25K to $40K.

How many kids does Duke Dennis have?

Duke Dennis has six children.

Closing words

Duke Dennis has attained tremendous acclaim over the years with the unique blend of talent, hard work, and dedication that has established him as a well-known social media influencer. What he has taken help of over the years is his charismatic personality, humour, and commitment to delivering quality entertainment. Stay tuned for further updates regarding his financial background.


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