Sailing Doodles Net Worth – Bobby and Crew Members

Sailing Doodles Net Worth
Sailing Doodles Net Worth

Sailing Doodles Net Worth

According to the 2024 estimates, Sailing Doodles Net Worth is $800K. Here, we will provide you with detailed information regarding Sailing Doodles earnings and his life.

Bobby White, aka “Sailing Doodles,” has earned popularity lately on YouTube for his interest in sailing. Bobby was living the corporate dream as a pilot but later made a decision to make YouTube a career.

Sailing Doodles real nameBobby White
Sailing Doodles Net Worth$800K
BirthplaceDallas, Texas
Sailing Doodles age42
Sailing Doodles height5 feet 11 inches
Sailing Doodles weight86 kg
ProfessionPilot (formerly); YouTube star
Sailing Doodles
Sailing Doodles

Sailing Doodles Estimated Earnings

Sailing Doodles monthly earnings, as per our findings, is $20K. That being said, Sailing Doodles yearly earnings are $240K.

Sources of Income

The well paid YouTube stars earn from varied sources as follows:

YouTube advertising revenue

How Much Money Does Sailing Doodles Earn On YouTube? In this regard, it can be said that as a traveling and sailing YouTube content creator, Sailing Doodles earns $1 – $5 per 1000 monetized views after YouTube takes its cut. Besides, he generates extra from YouTube Red viewers who pay a monthly fee to view premium content. From YouTube alone, Bobby White earns around $10K a month. 

Mj Sailing is a YouTube channel that has been witnessing immense fame lately yet it’s devoid controversy as that of Sailing Doodles. About the latter, some people claim that all it aims at is distracting the skipper from how badly they sail.

Profession as a pilot (formerly)

As a pilot, Bobby White used to earn around $150,000 annually. He was working as a private pilot for a wealthy family in Texas before he suffered a stroke.

Marketing products, brand endorsements, and sponsorships

The well paid sailing YouTube personality promotes his own products similar to other sailing stars like and Sailing Yabá.

Also, he has brand sponsorships such as Butcherbox and Babbel that earn him around $3K a month. The team accepts media and sponsorship inquiries through email sells the t-shirts and caps. Sales of the Zero to Hero online sailing course also add to the income.

It’s great to learn about the tales of documenting adventurous sailing. One of the best channels on YouTube that has been documenting it is Sailing Nandji. They put the needed efforts in the sailboat to prepare it ready for anything, until they got stuck in some remote islands off Malaysia and created life! The YouTubers continued to upgrade sailboats to a Bob Perry design and are now have been invested in preparing dream boat, the Tayana 47 ready for the Indian Ocean!

Monthly Patreon subscriptions

One can become a patron of Sailing Doodles today on Patreon! Patreon adds around $2K to the monthly earnings of the YouTuber.

Ad-hoc donations via PayPal

SAILING DOODLES @ PAYPAL allows making contributions to keep the dream running! Their biggest fans add to the income by contributing around $1K a month.

Why we are so sure about the information we have stated is for the reason that the amount is calculated through the combination of our robust methodology, data collection, and algorithm. Editors and industry professionals review them before publishing so that there is no false information for our readers.

Lifestyle, Assets, and Expenditures

The professional sailing YouTube star lives a nomadic lifestyle. But, he does own a family house in Dallas, Texas.

Sailing La Vagabonde have also inspired people from around the world to learn about how inspiring sailing can be as a career. In this regard, the YouTubers have by now sailed over 90,000 nautical miles each, across many oceans. The videos that they create is to inspire others to explore alternative options of living and to spread ocean awareness.

Boat collection

Sailing Doodles boat collection

The high earning YouTube star owns expensive cars, including a 2005 Gulf Stream 5230. Sailing Doodles boat collection includes a 1997, 60-foot Hatteras extended-cockpit motor yacht, which Bobby named The Dark Side. But as per the latest updates, he has sold it off and is looking forward to including a new Island Spirit 525e Sailing Catamaran. In the past, he had sailed a Jeanneau 37 and recently purchased a 2001 Searay Sundancer 340 to cruise through the Florida Keys and take to the Bahamas.

Investment in sailing career

Since Bobby keeps buying and selling boats, he makes a minimum investment of $50,000 in each of these. Also, he invests around $2500-5000 a year in making the boat upgrades. Bobby had some cash saved up before buying his first sailboat for $24,000 plus an additional $4,000 in upgrades.

Bobby went to Houston and paid US$24,000 for a 37ft C & C (1984) and put another $4,000 into upgrading the boat. Within a month of buying C & C (1984), he set sail with his friend Megan on Ruff Seas out of Galveston Bay, and they sailed across the Gulf of Mexico to the Florida Keys in seven days. Together, they continued on through the Bahamas and into the US Virgin Islands.

Bobby has been very enthusiastic about sailing. He has owned an additional two boats since through wise investments and YouTube income. Also, he could afford it because he had worked as a commercial pilot and flew guests on private jets.

YouTube Stats

  • Name of the channel: Sailing Doodles
  • Joined on: October 5, 2016
  • Number of subscribers: 639K

Sailing Doodles bio

Sailing Doodles bio

Well known sailing YouTuber Bobby White is the founder of Sailing Doodles, which is based in Dallas, Texas. He documents his sailing journey and puts in the needed effort to make a living from it. Also, what he wishes to do is inspire anyone to follow their dreams and fully explore his burning desire for adventure.

Early Life and Career

Official Sailing Doodles website reveals that the crew of Sailing Doodles have sold Motoryacht “The Dark Side” and are anxiously awaiting delivery of a new Island Spirit 525e Sailing Catamaran sometime in late spring of 2024. Also, they have sailed a Jeanneau 37 around Greece for three months and recently purchased a 2001 Searay Sundancer 340 to cruise through the Florida Keys and head towards the Bahamas!

  • Crew members

Bobby White from Dallas, TX, is the main face behind the sailing YouTube channel. Taylor Francis was previously on Doodles and was once featured on SV Delos. She recently bought her own yacht, a 1994 Catalina Morgan 38 called Mary M, with plans to sail to Mexico. It doesn’t seem like she will return.

Sailing Doodles Crew members
Sailing Doodles Crew members

Bobby and Taylor were never a couple and remained as friends only, though they may have had an off-camera relationship.

Laura (LaLa Libra) on board was Bobby’s partner, but after the breakup, she left him and eventually married. Now, Laura is a mom with two girls of her own, and her full name is Laura Peters. She had used the name Laura Libra on Sailing Doodles.

Ex-crew members of Sailing Doodles include Megan Finley and Amanda Wojtas. Each was featured in past episodes, yet none were married to Bobby and have moved on.

Stephanie, Tess, and Geraldine are the latest girls who have joined the boat in Asia. The Sailing Doodle dog, Maverick, passed away in early February 2020 due to cancer.

  • Starting a new career 

Bobby White previously had daydreamed about sailing to exotic destinations with beautiful women, but his life took an unexpected turn in 2015. That was when he had spent most of his time in the air, not at sea. Previously, he used to be a commercial pilot but had a brain hemorrhage.

His career grounded, and Bobby sold everything. Right after that, he bought a 1984 37-foot C&C sailboat and moved aboard it in October 2016 with his two 90-pound Labradoodles, Maverick and Goose.

Bobby’s friend Megan Binkley joined him on the boat. They named it Ruff Seas, and the duo headed out across the Gulf of Mexico bound for the Caribbean, with the two big dogs in their lifejackets standing watch.

Bobby shot videos of their life on the water and posted them to his YouTube channel, “Sailing Doodles.” The videos, which combined practical tips about cruising with dogs and maintaining an older boat with nautical scenery and adventures at sea, soon gained a big following. “Sailing Doodles” YouTube channel flourished, and Bobby never wanted to return as a pilot.

Every season of the “Sailing Doodles” video blog brings fresh faces as female crew members on and off the boat. One former crew, Taylor Francis, now has her own YouTube channel, “Taylor’s Travels”. Maverick passed away in 2020, and Goose is now living with Bobby’s parents in Texas.

Bobby has cruised nearly the entire Caribbean. Besides, he has also spent some good time exploring parts of coastal Canada, the U.S., Mexico, and the Mediterranean. The sailing YouTube personality has also sailed across the Pacific to Polynesia. He made some voyages in boats belonging to friends he made along the way.

Bobby bought a larger sailboat: a 56-foot Ta-Chiao ketch. In November 2020, catastrophe struck as he was sailing singlehanded off the Outer Banks of North Carolina. While he was rounding Cape Lookout in rough weather, the wind was 35 knots, steadily gusting to 40.

He had turned the bow into the wind and started motoring when the standby anchor broke, and the rode seized the prop. He continued; the engine caught on fire, but he didn’t realize the extent of the damage. He was lucky it didn’t burn through the fuel lines.

While he was at least four miles to the nearest inlet, and the sailboat was starting to sink, Bobby called the Coast Guard, which responded right away and towed him in. Highfield Classic 360 was lost during the long tow to shore. The sailboat was repairable, but Bobby wound up selling it to a “Sailing Doodles” patron. 

The 2021 season of “Sailing Doodles” marked Bobby and crewmates Sydney, Sarah, and Amanda in the Virgin Islands on board a very different type of vessel. Following his disaster, Bobby purchased a 1997 60-foot Hatteras extended-cockpit motor yacht, The Dark Side.

Bobby has a new tender: a Highfield Sport 360 with a 40-hp Tohatsu motor that is suitable for watersports and exploring the islands.

Also, the crew had done “Meet & Greets” along the way with fans, and their subscribers would bring food, batteries, movies, and hard drives. The crew stayed in Mexico for three months; Bobby’s dogs were with them during that time as they waited out the cyclone season. The crew set sail from Cabo St Lucas in Mexico for Hiva Oa in the Marquesas in French Polynesia on March 17, 2018, doing 2700nm in 17 days.

The crew spent a month traveling through French Polynesia and Gulf Charters, helped them plan their route, and moved on to Tuamotu, Bora Bora, Niue, Tonga, and then Fiji, where they spent a month. After sailing to Vanuatu, the crew had a hard eight-day journey to Papua, New Guinea, with rough seas and rough wind. Next, they sailed through the Strait of Torrez off the coast of northern Australia, spent a month traveling through Indonesia, entered Saumlaki, and left at Belitung in the northwest.

The Pacific crossing was relatively incident-free. 

  • The Boat

Bobby previously owned a 50-foot Beneteau yacht but no longer sails it. He owns a 1997 Hatteras 60 Motoryacht and cruises on it. In Greece, he sailed on a different yacht, a 2021 Beneteau Oceanis 62 yacht that he’s sailing on for two weeks. He rented this boat. Bobby has upgraded his electronics, added a new dinghy, and installed new solar panels.

The remarkable aspect of the videos is that his channel doesn’t focus on renovations; he chooses to focus on the near-naked women featured as guests. And the dogs.

  • Location

Sailing Doodles are currently in Mexico, but Past Cruising has been done in The United States, The Caribbean, The Bahamas, Thailand, and SE Asia. Unlike other channels, Bobby prefers coastal cruising instead of circumnavigations. The crew have recently arrived in Europe and aim to sail the Mediterranean.

  • Collaborations

Sailing Doodles had previously featured Taylor’s Travels, and Laura (LaLa Libra) has also been on board for an extended time. Her name ‘Laura’ is a pseudonym, as OnlyFans creators don’t use their real names. Also, he had featured MJ Sailing briefly in one episode.

Viewers have also speculated that the clickbait (beautiful women in thumbnails) works to generate millions of views to his YouTube channel. Thousands of searches on Google each month are already there for nude/uncensored photos of Laura and Megan by middle-aged men late at night.

Sailing Doodles Personal Life: Family and Relationship 

Sailing doodles bobby realtionship

Regarding Sailing Doodles family and Sailing Doodles parents, it can be said that Sailing Doodles father had recently (R.I.P.) passed away, although Sailing Doodles mother mum is still alive and has been featured in some episodes.

Regarding Sailing Doodle’s girlfriend and wife, it can be said that while in the US Virgin Islands, Bobby met Laura (his girlfriend and sailing partner), and back then, she was working as a traveling nurse. Coincidentally, Laura was an ICU nurse who took care of Bobby as he suffered a stroke.

Bobby White impressed her that he didn’t let his tragedy stop him from living his life. Laura was helpful and always ensured that Bobby was feeling better. However, they broke up later as their relationship didn’t seem to work out very well. Bobby is currently in Belize with his new girlfriend.


How Old Is Sailing Doodles?

Sailing Doodles age is 42 years.

Where Is Sailing Doodles From?

Sailing Doodles is from Dallas, Texas.

How Much Is Sailing Doodles Worth?

Sailing Doodles Net Worth is $800K.

How Tall Is Sailing Doodles?

Sailing Doodles height is 5 feet 11 inches.

How Much Does Sailing Doodles Make?

Sailing Doodles earns $20K a month.

Final words

Bobby from Sailing Doodles suffered a near-death experience, but he didn’t break down. Rather, he used the time to re-evaluate his life choices. Also, the YouTube star started sailing and never looked back, simply using the resources he had.

He decided to grab the freedom-based opportunity to go cruising. We are trying our best to find out further information regarding the YouTube star besides Sailing Doodles Net Worth. Do stay tuned to receive further updates from us.


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