Prettyboyfredo Net Worth – Height, Wife, Earnings, Cars

Prettyboyfredo Net Worth
Prettyboyfredo Net Worth

Prettyboyfredo net worth

Alfredo Villa, who is well known for his popular name, prettyboyfredo, is a famous content creator. He is well known for videos of pranks, commenting on NBA 2K games, and playing. Besides, he also has videos representing log and his relationship with his former girlfriend Jasmine. A common question among netizens is what is prettyboyfredo net worth? YouTube-based online success is the reason behind prettyboyfredo net worth of around $ 4 million, according to the 2022 estimates.

Real name          Alfredo Villa
Nick mane          Prettyboyfredo, Fredo 2 times, holliboy
Date of birth      August 20, 1993
prettyboyfredo net worth$ 4 million
Birth-place         Palm Beach, Florida, USA
OccupationOnline content creator

Highlight on prettyboyfredo YouTube earnings

How much money does prettyboyfredo make? The channel with over 7.5 million subscribers has got around 1 billion views. He took to YouTube seriously since February 2015. He uploads 1 video every 2 days, and the videos have got plenty of views. That said, the YouTube earnings are around $3500 every day.

The prettyboyfredo YouTube earnings are around dollar 1.3 million every year. Prettyboyfredo makes income from Twitch account over 450000 followers. He also has got paid subscription to a channel that. He gets the revenue from the ads and donations adding to the money. He also has another YouTube channel that he runs with his girlfriend. That channel, too, has earned him a lot of money.

Prettyboyfredo Wife (girlfriend)

Prettyboyfredo Wife
Prettyboyfredo Wife

Prettyboyfredo relationship history shows that he was in a relationship with Jasmine for a long time. The couple had started dating in 2013. Besides, on November 11, 2017. he also became the father of the baby girl Ava. Though they had experienced parenthood, they are not living as a married couple.

In mid-2019 prettyboyfredo wife and Alfredo had also parted ways and are no more in a relationship. On November 5th, 2020, he got down on his knees. He put the marriage proposal offering the engagement ring to Jasmine. Prettyboyfredo girlfriend Jasmine had accepted his marriage proposal. But they haven’t shared their wedding date yet.

What was the reason behind prettyboyfredo income?

The regular post on YouTube, including the regular vlog and extreme challenges, earned him the money. Popular videos, including Angry Girlfriend Throws PS4 in pool prank, cheating on my girlfriend prank, are some of the ones that have gained numerous views.

Besides, the top earning YouTuber has also gained enough followers on Twitch, and with 1.9 million followers on Instagram, he has got plenty of income. His collaborations with other YouTubers are also the reason behind his Fame. prettyboyfredo salary statistics suggest that prettyboyfredo monthly earnings are around $10000. That said, the prettyboyfredo yearly earnings are around $120K.


  • Channel name – Prettyboyfredo
  • Joined on – 17 Jun 2009
  • Number of subscriber – 7.39M

Highlight on early life and career

prettyboyfredo was born Alfredo Villa on August 20, 1993, in Palm Beach, Florida, United States. His biological parents had abandoned him when he was just three months old. His dad was illegally living in the united state and was an immigrant from Costa Rica. Besides, his mother was a drug addict.

So his foster parents had raised him in 2011. He completed his High School graduation from Ridge Community High School while he was in High School. The girls in his school named him prettyboyfredo. Then later, he also used the name for his YouTube. He started his YouTube channel with prettyboyfredo in June 2009. Though he had created the channel in 2009, he started gaining put NC after 2015.

The rich and famous YouTuber was fond of playing video games. He also makes the videos on the NBA 2K 15 games. The video started getting a lot of views, and so he got more encouragement about making more videos. Initially, his videos used to have a gap of two days. As he was getting popular, he started making more interesting videos and upload them to the channel.

He has also got plenty of prank and challenge videos. He and the girlfriend Jasmine made plenty of other videos showing their love and presented them on the channel the 2X family. It has got around 2.9 million subscribers. Till today, the personal YouTube channel has got plenty of subscribers as well.

Prettyboyfredo body measurements 

Prettyboyfredo height update is 5 feet 9 inches. Overall Body Weight is 70 kg.

Some interesting facts regarding prettyboyfredo

There are plenty of facts related to the prettyboyfredo.

  • He drives the 2016 Chevy Camaro 2SS.
  • He had commemorated the occasion of reaching 2 million subscribers by getting the tattoo on the back.
  • There he has the words Clamp God. He had also presented a vlog where there was an occasion where he thanked his fans and was for the support in 2018.
  • He had also presented the video where he shows his new house. He had bought the home for him, his then-girlfriend Jasmine, and his daughter. For that, he had paid $400000.
  • Afterward, he purchased the property in 2020 again in Florida that has claimed around $ 5 million.

Following on Twitch and Social Media:

The follower base on social media is the reason behind the huge acknowledgment on behalf of the fans.

  • Prettyboyfredo, the Twitch streamer, started with posting videos on YouTube.
  • Prettyboyfredo has got over 573,000 followers on the Twitch account.
  • He also started with a sizable following on vlogging platform.
  • Popularity due to massive social media following has become the reason behind substantial social media following.
  • It has come with YouTuber’s chances of earning with views and subscribers.
  • Social media network in 2012 has also brought in 434.4K followers on Twitter.

Social Networks:

  • Instagram: prettyboyfredo Official
  • Facebook: prettyboyfredo
  • Twitter: prettyboyfredo
  • YouTube: Prettyboyfredo


What has been the reason behind Prettyboyfredo going to jail?

At 19, Prettyboyfredo had been responsible for stealing video games from an electronics store. This is the reason behind the year of probation.

Where Prettyboyfredo Lives Now?

The YouTuber and his girlfriend Jasmine started staying together. He started staying in Palm Beach, Florida.

Does Prettyboyfredo Have A Kid?

Yes, he does have a daughter named Ava Jade. On November 11, 2017, he and prettyboyfredo wife welcomed a baby girl. Besides, Ava, Prettyboyfredo’s daughter, has got an Instagram account.

Final words

Prettyboyfredo net worth is increasing every day with the growing popularity and work. Stay tuned with us to get more updates regarding such content creators.


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