Pinkfong Net Worth (2024) – Family, Owner, Age, Income

Pinkfong Net Worth
Pinkfong Net Worth

Pinkfong Net Worth

Pinkfong, the famous South Korean children’s YouTube channel, has become famous lately. Pinkfong help children explore the world. What viewers love regarding the channel is the unparalleled, high-quality content.

YouTube Diamond Creator, as well as Google Play’s Best Family App Pinkfong, has been drawing the attention of fans lately. Amazon Video Direct Star Pinkfong is loaded with Songs & Stories. South Korean children’s YouTube channel Pinkfong has Playlists loaded with Animated TV Series and movies.

Based on 2024 estimates, we have found the information that the the Pinkfong Net Worth is around $135 million. Explore the most recent updates regarding Pinkfong earnings, lifestyle and other details.

Pinkfong real namePinkfong
Pinkfong net worth$135 million
BirthplaceSouth Korea
Pinkfong age14
Pinkfong heightNA
NationalitySouth Korean
Occupationfamous South Korean children’s YouTube channel
TV showsPinkfong Wonderstar
FoundedJun 2010
Headquarters5th Floor, 94 Myeongdal-ro, Seocho-dong, Seoul, South Korea
Key peopleCEO Kim Min-seok CFO Lee Ryan Seung-kyu
Owner   SmartStudy

Breaking down earnings and income

The amount Pinkfong earns from the different sources is a huge amount. Combining all sources, let’s us get to the conclusion that Pinkfong Monthly earnings are around $800K to $900K. That said, the Pinkfong yearly earnings are around $9.6 million to $10.8 million. In addition to earning from advertisements, the channel Pinkfong earns from sponsorships and endorsements.

From YouTube alone, Pinkfong earns around $7.5 million to $8 million a year.

Income generation paths

The famous South Korean children’s YouTube channel earns from varied sources. As a company, it takes into consideration diversifying its revenue generation streams as follows:

Income Generation StreamAmount Generated
YouTube Advertising Revenue$600K – $650K per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$10,000 – $30,000 per post/ $30,000 – $90,000 per month
TikTok Advertising Revenue$2000 – $7000 per month
TikTok Sponsorship Revenue$1000 – $8000 per post/ $3000 – $24000 per month
Instagram Sponsorship Revenue$500 – $5000 per post/ $1500 – $15,000 per month
Marketing products, brand endorsements, and sponsorships $7000 – $17,000 per month
Merchandise sales$7000 – $9000 per month

Pinkfong girlfriend

The Pinkfong relationship and Pinkfong wife details are not available as the channels serve as the famous South Korean children’s YouTube channel that has no further details.



Pinkfong (Korean: 핑크퐁) serves as the children’s educational brand of SmartStudy, as well as South Korean educational entertainment company Pinkfong consists of children’s songs. “Baby Shark”; the dance video became the most-viewed YouTube video.

The Korean children’s YouTube and the educational channel has been presenting brightly-coloured programming consisting of stories, sing-along songs and dances. Everything is represented by a pink fox named “Pinkfong”. The global product development company Pinkfong has over 4,000 children’s videos, songs, games and apps.

Pinkfong, Children’s entertainment brand, is a media channel that had its creation in June 2010. With the Headquarters on the 5th Floor, 94 Myeongdal-ro, Seocho-dong, Seoul, South Korea, the famous South Korean children’s YouTube channel Pinkfong has been earning fame. Pinkfong Net Worth has attained an immense figure as the brand has been quite dedicated in their mission.

Key people include CEO Kim Min-Seok, CFO Lee Ryan Seung-kyu. The Pinkfong Owner SmartStudy has been regulating the site. Website has been becoming famous for the “Baby Shark” song. Other products include Reception, Awards and nominations and others. pinkfong.official shares plenty of the updates about Pinkfong and Baby Shark.

Pinkfong, Male Fox has the Eye Color Magenta. Pinkfong has become famous as the main character and mascot of the YouTube channel, Pinkfong. Pinkfong, the alien fox, has pink fur, magenta-coloured eyes, and a golden crown. Pinkfong wears a gold star necklace holding magical powers.

The show Pinkfong Wonderstar has also become quite famous. The episode The Mysterious Holes shows the Pio is vulnerable to getting tired and losing powers for a small amount of time.

Pinkfong Personality suggests that he is a cheerful young fox, singing in most of his videos. According to the official website, Pinkfong is “the prince of Staria with boundless curiosity” and loves music.

Pinkfong Wonderstar updates mention that in Wonderville, Pinkfong was energetic while playing with Hogi’s toys. He broke the telescope but managed to fix mistakes using Pio. Jojo could not sleep as there was a strange noise in Good Night. At that point, Jojo, him and Hogi were frightened because they were continually listening to the horrific sound while Pinkfong was not.

This is what shows Pinkfong holds a mark of bravery. Also, in Good Night, Jojo, Pinkfong never thought about any negative thoughts and then went inside Barri’s cave without fear. That said, the male fox Pinkfong holds a mark of determination and that he isn’t willing to give up on his friends.

In the episode, Pinkfong asked Jojo, “Do you have any neighbours that like to drop giant weights?”. This is the question that shows that how Pinkfong is trying to comfort Jojo by being humorous. Talking about the Boogie Woogie Fun, it can be said that Pinkfong was defensive of the house while he thought that Hogi was an intruder.

Pinkfong presented his clumsy side in We are Wonderstar, where he destroyed Hogi’s detective office blueprint on accident. Pinkfong sometimes presents himself irascible, as shown in We are Wonderstar. All of this situation happened when Hogi yelled at him for breaking his blueprint and yelled back.

Pinkfong Creation suggests that Pinkfong used to be the mascot of “SSBOOKS/SMARTBOOKS,” and the parent company is “SAMSUNG PUBLISHING CO (삼성출판사)”. Pinkfong later became the mascot of the parent company SmartStudy. Pinkfong’s name was “kick-kick(킥킥)” not “pink pong,” and then it changed to “bebifong (베비퐁)” or “Babyfong” and “Fong”. Later, it came up with the current name, Pinkfong (핑크퐁).

Song by Pinkfong has become very famous lately, and so the fans are asking How much is the baby shark family worth? Report from Bloomberg, “Baby Shark,” released by children’s educational brand Pinkfong, suggest that it has attributed to Korean family’s net worth of $125 million. Kim Min-Seok and the Kim family are collectively owning 63% of Samsung Publishing and 21% of SmartStudy.

Pinkfong, The Shark Family, suggests that Pinkfong Mommy Sharks name is Ellie. Pinkfong Daddy Sharks name is Nick. Nick, the Male Shark, has brown eyes as well as a blue body.

Brooklynwho was previously known as Ollie, is the Baby Shark, as well as a recurring character in Pinkfong videos. Choi Bo-bae provides the voice of the character in the original Korean version, and Alison provides a voice in the English dub.

Who created Baby Shark?

Baby Shark, the cute and ultra-catchy children’s song by South Korean company Pinkfong, has become the most viewed video ever on YouTube. Baby Shark has earned the Korean family a high amount of money. South Korean man Kim Min-Seok founded SmartStudy in 2010, before transforming it into children’s education brand Pinkfong unleashed Baby Shark, Bloomberg reports.

The song by the YouTubers came to prominence in American baseball right after Nationals player Gerardo Parra. He chose the song because a 2-year-old child loving it so much. YouTuber since 2011 has become famous for the Kids’ Songs & Stories.

Famous South Korean channel for Nursery Rhymes & Songs, Pinkfong is becoming immensely popular for kid’s Songs & Stories trending videos. The song “Baby Shark” started showing infiltrated pop culture that was even featured in this year’s World Series, where fans of the Washington Nationals and sang the infectious line: Baby Shark, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo.” It’s not just North America that has fallen for the song, but also people around the globe started appreciating it.

The educational offshoot companyPinkfong released the “Baby Shark” video that became trending in 2016. Now, Pinkfong has over 27 million subscribers to the YouTube channel. The video became popular due to the simple reason that it shows a young girl and boy singing about a family of sharks while they’re clapping their arms like jaws. The song went viral in 2017 as people were posting videos of themselves performing the “Baby Shark” dance with the hashtag #babysharkchallenge.

Also, the 2018 updates mention that it hit the UK’s Top 40 song charts in 37th place. Fans participate in the “Baby Shark” song as Gerardo Parra comes up at-bat against the Houston Astros at Nationals Park on October 25, 2019, in Washington, DC.

Kim, 38, never took to the mission of writing the internationally hit song. Rather, the fact is that he worked at gaming companies and developed content for kids at Samsung Publishing. He did that before co-founding SmartStudy to focus on the growing market for educational content. “Baby Shark” took the startup’s fortunes to the next level. Consequently, in 2018, SmartStudy’s revenue jumped 47% to $34.3 million.

“Entertainment”, “Film”, “Music” channel Pinkfong has been becoming very famous since its inception on Dec 14, 2011. YouTube Channel @pinkfong.official is one of the best Brands in South Korea to have achieved Unicorn startup. Pinkfong, owned by the company Smartstudy, has been specializing in early education. Founded in 2010 by VP Park Huyn-Woo, CEO Kim Min-Seok and, CFO Lee Ryan Seung-Kyu, the company has been performing quite well over many other entertainment channels today. The immense fame of the YouTube channel today has ranked it in the category of top YouTuber’s net worth.

Pinkfong History

Kim, born in South Korea in 1980, is part of a pretty large family conglomerate, and now he is 3rd generation Kim following his father Kim Jin-Yong as well as grandfather Kim Bong-Kyu. They had been the Founders of Samsung Publishing Co. Kim Min-Seok grew up in the family business and also proved to be one of the best father’s successors.

Kim studied at Yonsei University, and this is where he earned the encouragement to start his career as an Information Specialist. After graduation, Pinkfong, an educational offshoot of the company Smartstudy started working as a developer at some gaming companies alongside handling his father’s business before founding Smartstudy. Also, he took the assistance of the lifelong friend Park Huyn-Woo and CFO Lee Ryan-Kyu in 2010.

In an interview with Forbes, Kim from Pinkfong, an educational offshoot of company Smartstudy, mentioned the company’s ideas were focused around what they wanted to sell. Pinkfong, with four thousand videos, songs and applications available in English, Chinese, Korean and Spanish, is becoming immensely popular.

Interesting Facts about Pinkfong

  • Pinkfong doesn’t hold the rights to the Baby shark song. The song is public domain and has different versions from every country.
  • Over five years, Pinkfong’s YouTube subscriptions have been rising, reaching fifty million.
  • The overall views are over 25 billion! 
  • Kim had never come up with planning to achieve this miraculous fame.


How Much Is Pinkfong Worth?

The Pinkfong Net Worth is around $135 million.

How Much Money Does Pinkfong Make?

Pinkfong makes around $800K and $900K a month by combining all sources.

Who Is The Owner Of Pinkfong?

Founded in 2010 by VP Park Huyn-Woo, CEO Kim Min-Seok and, CFO Lee Ryan Seung-Kyu, the company Pinkfong has been performing quite well over many other entertainment channels today.

Is Cocomelon Pinkfong?

Before “Baby Shark” was covered by CoComelon, Baby Shark was covered by South Korean entertainment establishment Pinkfong that had the foundation in June of 2016. However, it’s worth noting that Pinkfong’s version was the one that popularized and memed the traditional tune.

Did Pinkfong Make Cocomelon?

Jay Jeon is the owner of Cocomelon that began as ThatsMEonTV (known on YouTube as checkgate) on September 1, 2006. Jay Jeon and his wife founded Cocomelon that uploaded their first two videos, two versions of the Alphabet Song.

Who Is The Owner Of Cocomelon?

Jay Jeon is famous personality known as the founder of Cocomelon. Jay Jeon and his wife founded Cocomelon.

Does Cocomelon Own Baby Shark?

SmartStudy Own Baby Shark as “Baby Shark” was greatly popularized by a version of the song by Pinkfong, which serves as an education brand owned by South Korean entertainment company SmartStudy.

Who Is Behind Pinkfong?

Pinkfong (Korean: 핑크퐁) serves as the popular children’s educational brand of SmartStudy, which is a South Korean educational entertainment company.

What is the Pinkfong revenue?

The company makes between $800K and $900K a month.

What is Pinkfong baby shark net worth?

Pinkfong Net Worth is around $135 million.

What does Pinkfong mean?

The word has no specific meaning. One of the founders thought that “fong” was a fun word sounding like “phone” — it refers to the company and its mascot, the bright pink fox.

What gender is Pinkfong?

Pinkfong gender is male.

What is Hogi Pinkfong?

Hogi is a hedgehog with cream-colored skin, brown eyebrows, green spikes, dark blue eyes, and brown claws. The character has green belly and legs, and he has green feet.

What is Pinkfong baby shark?

A version of the song produced by Pinkfong popularized “Baby Shark”.

Where does Pinkfong come from?

The headquarters are based in 5th Floor, 94 Myeongdal-ro, Seocho-dong, Seoul, South Korea.

Where is Pinkfong made?

It is made in South Korea.

Where does Pinkfong live?

The company is based in Seoul, South Korea.

Why is Pinkfong so bad?

The things started getting weird with a song.

Is Pinkfong a boy or girl?

It’s a boy.

Final words

The immense fame of the YouTube channel has contributed to the increase in Pinkfong Net Worth. Stay tuned to receive further updates regarding similar children’s entertainment and educational YouTube channels that have been earning immense fame lately.


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