Oliver Velez Net Worth – Wife, Scam, Age, Earnings, Trading

Oliver Velez Net Worth
Oliver Velez Net Worth

Oliver Velez Net Worth

According to the 2024 estimates, Oliver Velez Net Worth is around $15.5 Million.

Oliver L. Velez, world-renowned international trader, adviser, bestselling author, and entrepreneur, is one of the most sought-after speakers as well as teachers on trading financial markets. Besides, he is also well trained for handling seminars and speaking events.

Real nameOliver L. Velez
Oliver Velez Net Worth$15.5 Million
Works ForIfundtraders, LLC, Trade For Wealth
OccupationFounder at Ifundtraders, LLC

Tens of millions of traders around the world have attended these seminars. Besides, he is also well known for the runaway best-selling books, “Strategies for Profiting on Every Trade” along with the “Tools and Tactics of the Master Day Trader.” 

Besides, there are also must-read classics for people interested in trading markets for a living.

Oliver Velez
Oliver Velez

Oliver Velez earnings, salary, income 

Oliver Velez monthly earnings are around $1000. That said, Oliver Velez yearly earnings are around $12000.

Oliver Velez wife

Oliver Velez wife
Oliver Velez wife

There are no prominent details regarding Oliver Velez relationship. We will update you as soon as we get the ideas regarding it.

Oliver Velez YouTube

The channel provides insights into unique and powerful trading education. There’s scope to learn several tactics, strategies, and concepts that have also helped plenty of his students become advanced traders in the financial arena.


1999 revelations suggest that Dow Jones dubbed “The Messiah of Trading” and financial programs on channels like CNBC, CBS, and Fox News frequently. Mr. Velez and his life-long dedication to awareness of trading became a popular topic. It serves as the way of life mentioned in the New York Times, Investor’s Business Daily, Barron’s, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Stocks & Commodities, Equities Magazine.

Besides, a host of other financial publications has also highlighted this topic. He has also been the subject of numerous articles and books. There are concepts associated with Wall Street’s most successful traders, including popular books Bulls, Bears, and Brains. The other famous book by him is The Guts & Glory of Day Trading. The growing Oliver L Velez Net Worth has been why he got listed on the top celebrity’s net worth list.

2007 updates about Oliver Velez Trading mention that Mr. Velez turned attention to the professional trading arena with the designing award-winning training program Trade for Life. It proved to be a massively successful 2-day seminar and a 5-day Live Trading Session. The core focus of this program was training traders to go beyond retail for trading the markets professionally. Till now, he has also trained over 3,000 traders worldwide. From him, they’ve learned about the method to navigate the financial markets.

Mr. Velez has got enormous fame by writing numerous best-selling books, including Power Trading: Winning Guerrilla, Micro, and Core Tactics.

Oliver L. Velez has become internationally famous for founding and growing Pristine Capital Holdings, Inc., which had proved to be his first firm, started his New York City basement apartment. It proved to be one of the premier educational institutions for investors and retail traders.

WealthTradeTM Program, a unique program for teaching and training followers to handle themselves in the complex world of long-term trading, has earned him fame. He has shown his expert knowledge in acquiring wealth, commodities, using futures, currencies, and equities. Long-term strategies educate traders on methods for accumulating and preserving sustainable wealth.

Educational DVDs have sold plenty of copies compared to other financial experts in history. 5 Trading Tactics that Beat the Market, Essential Strategies to Trade for Life, and Trade for Wealth are some of the most famous.

A highlight on the Oliver Velez Scam

Oliver Velez has got the tag Scam artist because some think that he has not been genuine. The reports suggest that Scam artist Oliver Velez markets himself as a day trader guru. Besides, he has gained fame with the phrase “swing trading” and presents himself as a pioneer. Oliver Velez regularly appears on a legitimate channel and MoneyShow, and people suppose that he pays for his appearances.

He has been into selling ‘master classes’ on the website fund traders for $3,000. Oliver Velez Scam reports also reveal that you can trade $50,000 of money and split the profits when you graduate. After reaching imaginary Level 4, you start trading with $500,000. There hasn’t been strong proof regarding all the statements made against him. But, there may be the chances that the reports are true.

Oliver Velez has also been taking the assistance of many influencers for the promotion of the course.

Also, reports suggest that the strategy of marketing himself is very simple. Ifundtraders Scam reports suggest that if you start losing, Oliver Velez can close the trading account, or there may be chances that you go back to the virtual money. The major possibilities are related to the scam of $50K and never giving real $50K. The simple formula is that he is just giving the $1000 paid for the course with 50X leverage.


Who is Oliver Velez trader?

Oliver L. Velez has risen to popularity as internationally known for founding and growing Pristine Capital Holdings, Inc. He is well known for being one of the country’s premier educational institutions for investors and self-directed, retail traders.

What is Oliver Velez strategy?

Oliver’s more popular strategy deals with how he trades the open. Oliver calls this series, Trade the Open Like a Boss. This is the series where the viewers get a chance to watch OV placing real trades and hear his commentary as he trades.

What is Oliver Velez net worth?

According to the 2024 estimates, Oliver Velez Net Worth is around $15.5 Million.

What are Oliver Velez books?

Oliver L. Velez books include: Tools and Tactics for the Master DayTrader: Battle-Tested Techniques for Day, Swing, and Position Traders
2000, Swing Trading 2000, Strategies for Profiting on Every Trade: Simple Lessons for Mastering the Market 2007, Option Trading Tactics: Course Book 2007, Power Trading: Winning Guerrilla, Micro, and Core Tactics 2008, The First Rule of Trading 2009, Essential Strategies to Trade for Life 2009, Simple Tactics to Trade for Wealth 2010, Option Trading Tactics: Pristine. Com’s Methods for Profiting with Options 2012, Swing Trading Bundle 2013 and Micro Trading Tactics 2013.

How old is Oliver Velez?

Since his birthday is not known, we cannot say his age.

How rich is Oliver Velez?

Oliver Velez Net Worth is around $15.5 Million. Through his career as a trader, he has become a millionaire.

Where does Oliver Velez live?

Oliver Velez live in the USA.

Where is Oliver Velez from?

Oliver Velez is from the USA.

What is Oliver Velez trading review?

Reviewers have mentioned that Oliver Velez delivers a very good presentation of trading in the stock market.

What is Self trading Oliver Velez?

The Self-Start Trading™ Program serves as the perfect program for those who are serious about trading and mentally ready to learn from Oliver Velez.

Final words

Oliver Velez Net Worth is increasing every day, and though there are controversies regarding him, yet he is working more in this field to gain recognition. 


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