Webull Net Worth – Review | Is Webull Safe and Legit?

Webull Net Worth
Webull Net Worth

Webull Net worth

Webull Financial LLC has served as one of the eminent electronic trading platforms you can access via mobile app and desktop computer. What makes the platform quite favorable is that it allows the commission-free trading of stocks. Hunan Fumi Information Technology Co., Ltd is the company that owns Webull. According to the 2021 estimates, the Webull Net worth is around $1 billion. In addition to that, it helps with the exchange of options, margins, traded funds, and cryptocurrencies. 

Company nameWebull Financial LLC
Webull Net worth$1 billion
TypePrivately held company
IndustryFinancial services
Founded onMay 24, 2017
FounderWang Anquan
Wang Anquan net worth$50,000 – $100000
HeadquartersNew York, USA
CEOAnthony Denier
Anthony Denier net worth$100,000 – $250,000

Webull income, earnings

Webull Financial LLC, which serves as a member of SIPC, protects securities customers of members up to $500,000. Webull earnings estimate suggests that Webull income is through the $250,000 for claims for cash.

About Webull

The Webull trading platform serves as the interface favorable for the users as the mobile web-based and desktop app. It presents the features useful for experienced and intermediate traders. The tools incorporated in the platform ensure providing information and insights to make more profitable trades. Moreover, it boasts a superior platform over many others as it gives the scope to interact with others. To make the results better, you can get the support of Two-factor authentication. Be ready to trade with the utmost satisfaction when the platform is safe and secure.

Denier has been serving as CEO of the stock trading firm Webull since 2017. Prior to that, Anthony Denier had worked in the trading division of Credit Suisse’s equities. But, later on, he lost that job after the bank shut down equity operations in New York. IT happened so that the job loss was a blow to Denier, who committed savings to buy a home for his family. 

Webull, founded by Wang Anquan, is proving to be a successful trading firm. Moreover, it has been listed in the category of top company’s net worth list. Wang Anquan had been serving as the former Alibaba and Xiaomi employees. Right after launching the brokerage business in 2016, Anquan continued progressing more in this chosen field. He hired Denier to run it, and by now, Anquan owns about 35 percent of Webull. Although Webull serves mostly as a Chinese company, it falls under U.S. regulations. 

What’s the method by which Webull makes money?

Webull makes money with the principle of selling customer orders to market makers. Also, the platform collects margin fees when investors who have insufficient funds use leverage programs to boost trades. Premium services are available, with the investors paying subscription fees to access. The company also makes the additional income through the interest on investors’ idle cash balances, which proves to be quite similar to how a savings account holds the interest. 

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages
Advantages and disadvantages

Similar to numerous other stock trading app-based platforms, Webull has several lists of advantages and disadvantages associated with it. Have a look below:


  • Webull is the commission-free trading platform for over 5000 different stocks and ETFs.
  • There is no need for account maintenance fees in the software platform field.
  • You can also leverage 4:1 on the margin trades that are made on the same day into it.
  • The trading platform Webull comes with technical and fundamental analysis tools.


  • Webull does not support trading in mutual funds, bonds, or OTC stocks.

Who is the Webull account best for?

Webull caters to the needs of all kinds of investors and traders. The commission fee structure is favorable for the short-term and the active beginner, intermediate, experienced traders looking forward to seeing the considerable amount on the commissions compared to the online brokers.

Besides, the Webull platform is the best because it comes with innovative features and the design that can be best for advanced traders. Moreover, the platform also offers fractional shares to the customers. Even the smallest accounts get into the priciest stocks. Be ready to get the series of trading courses and a trading simulator for the demo trading account.

Learning about the Webull options can assist to a large extent. The features can also be the most suitable when you have real-time data and advanced tracking capabilities for our listed stocks. Webull is also favorable for beginning traders who wish to learn more regarding the market and develop a trading plan.

Highlight on the platform and tools associated with Webull trading platform

Webull is available in a mobile web-based and desktop app platform with a range of features for the freshers, experienced, and intermediate traders. The tool incorporated in the platform Webull ensures providing the information and the insights for helping in making the trade more profitable.

When it comes to the fundamental analysis, it can be said that the platform always lets you get access to the analyst recommendations, revenue as well as historical earnings per shared data. Besides, it often considers stock information, key statistics, and insider trades, including earnings, stock, and dividends. Webull will give you the real-time bar, candlestick, and line charts when it comes to the technical side.

When having the time, there will be frames ranging between one minute and 60 minutes.

Access this brand-new feature on Webull:

  • Availability of crypto trading and crypto 24/7 makes it very favorable
  • Webull trading option for conducting the trade from one account
  • Webull requires just a $1 minimum deposit.

With Webull, you will also get the availability of free stocks. Webull is now boasting the new account homepage design to make trading and accessing information easier. Also, with Webull, you can get the Integrated Message Center to let you customize messages into various categories. Overall, Webull, as a community, can be very helpful for the traders, investors, and everyone else involved in it.

Discussion of the fundamental analysis: The platform comes with analyst recommendations, historical earnings, revenue, and other information. Also, suppose you want to get better insights regarding the trades, key statistics, and stock information.


How much is Webull worth?

Webull worth estimates suggest that Robinhood Rival Webull has been raising New Funds at a $1 Billion Valuation.

What company owns Webull?

Hunan Fumi Information Technology Co., Ltd is the company that owns Webull.

How does Webull make money?

Webull makes a considerable amount through monetizing order flow or receiving rebates from market makers as well as the trading venues. Monetizing the trading activity allows Webull to make money without charging a commission when investors place trades.

Is Webull worth using?

Webull works with the lowest fees among brokerages without skimping on the involvement of advanced trading tools. For beginners as well experienced professionals, the field works amazingly well.

Is Webull owned by China?

Webull by Fumi Technology serves as a Chinese holding company. It has the backing from Xiaomi, Shunwei Capital, alongside other private equity investors in China.

What is Webull revenue?

Webull Financial LLC generates $46,145 in sales (USD) as the Webull revenue.

Is Webull safe and legit?

Webull, the popular stock trading platform, serves as the legitimate firm among broker companies. Also, over the years, it has been providing an easy-to-use trading platform with the availability of different fundamental and technical analysis tools. Also, there is the involvement of a wide variety of stock market assets.

Final words

Webull Net worth has been gradually increasing with the numerous investors and traders joining the platform to flourish it more. Stay tuned to get further updates regarding the similar stock trading firms that are gradually gaining market potential.


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