Norris Nuts Net Worth (2024) – Ages, Real Names, Family, Income

Norris Nuts Net Worth
Norris Nuts Net Worth

Norris Nuts Net Worth

2024 estimates suggest that the Norris Nuts Net Worth is around $16 million. Explore most recent details regarding their earnings and other details about their life.

The Norris Nuts, the popular Australian YouTube channel Launched in 2017, is a family entertainment channel.

The Norris Nuts real nameSabre Norris, Biggy Norris, Sockie Norris, Naz Norris, Disco Norris, Charm Norris, Brooke Norris, Justin Norris
Norris Nuts Net Worth$16 million
The Norris Nuts birthdaySabre Norris-3 January 2005, Biggy Norris- January 30, 2009, Sockie Norris- February 13, 2007, Naz Norris-8th November, 2010, Disco Norris-20 June 2018, Charm Norris-9 December 2019, Brooke Norris- March 18, 1980, Justin Norris- 3 June 1980
The Norris Nuts ageSabre Norris-18 years, Biggy Norris-14 years, Sockie Norris-16 years, Naz Norris-12 years, Disco Norris-5 years, Charm Norris-2 years, Brooke Norris-43 years, Justin Norris-43 years
HeightSabre Norris-4 feet 6 inches, Biggy Norris- 4 feet and 3 inches, Sockie Norris- 5 feet and 2 inches, Naz Norris- 4 feet 3 inches, Disco Norris- 3ft, Charm Norris- NA, Brooke Norris- 1.67 m, Justin Norris- 1.85 m.
Norris Nuts
Norris Nuts

Norris Nuts Estimated Earnings

The Norris Nuts monthly earnings are around $250K to $360K, and the Norris Nuts yearly earnings are around $3 million to $4.4 million. Besides, Merchandise is sold to various loyal fans all over the globe, and this contributes to a significant portion of their income.

Sources of Income

The YouTubers earn from varied sources as follows:

Income Generation StreamAmount Generated
YouTube Advertising Revenue (The Norris Nuts)$50K – $100K per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$5000 – $10000 per post/ $15000 – $30000 per month
Instagram Sponsorship Revenue (norrisnuts)$3000 – $5000 per post/ $9000 – $15000 per month
Brand deals (Netflix, Crayola Glitter, Playlight Savings, Oculus, Paw Patrol, and many others), Marketing products and sponsorships)$30000 – $50000 per month
Norris Nuts Merch ($20000 – $30000 a month
Occupation as a Professional athlete (Sabre Norris)$3000 – $5000 a month (not permanent)
TikTok Ads + Sponsorship$5000 – $10000 per post

Income generated from different YouTube channels

The YouTube family earns an amazing amount from the different YouTube channels. Here, we will list the amount generated from every channel:

Channel nameAmount earned
The Norris Nuts$100K – $150K per month
Norris Nuts Gaming$5000 – $10000 a month
Norris Nuts Do Stuff$4000 – $9000 a month
Norris Nuts Clips$3000 – $7000 a month
Norris Nuts Cooking$4000 – $8000 a month
Norris Nuts Squad$3000 – $5000 a month

Lifestyle, Assets, and Expenditures

The YouTubers own a luxurious house in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

Car collection

The YouTuber owns expensive cars including a Mazda CX 5 and a Lamborghini.

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Family vlog channel The Norris Nuts star surfer Sabre Norris and her siblings.

It also includes vlogs from his parents and siblings emphasizing the aspects of their daily lives. The Norris Nuts has become a fantastic entertainment destination for fans.

The Norris Nuts, a popular Australian family YouTube channel initially started by Sabre Norris and later included her siblings & parents named Sockie, Biggy, Naz, Disco, Mama (Brooke) & Papa (Justin), have earned jaw-dropping net worth.

The content is mainly vlog videos of her and her family doing various activities multiple times a week. Three other channels, Norris Nuts Do Stuff, Norris Nuts Cooking & Norris Nuts Gaming, that post gaming and challenges make them quite popular among the masses.

Personal life details

The Norris Nuts relationship updates suggest that Justin Norris married his girlfriend, Brooke Norris. The Brooke Norris husband, Justin Norris, has been raising their kids happy. The Biggy Norris girlfriend is Txunamy.

The Norris Nuts Members

The Norris Nuts Family Members
The Norris Nuts Family Members

The Norris Nuts family include the following members

  • Sabre Norris
  • Biggy Norris
  • Sockie Norris
  • Naz Norris
  • Disco Norris
  • Charm Norris
  • Brooke Norris
  • Justin Norris

Justin Norris (Father) is the father of the Norris Nuts family. Brooke Norris (Mother) is one of the leading members of the family. In addition to that, the channel presents the following members:

  • Sabre Norris (Oldest child)
  • Sockie Norris (2nd oldest)
  • Biggy Norris (3rd oldest)
  • Naz Norris (4th oldest)
  • Disco Norris (2nd youngest)
  • Charm Norris (Youngest)

Justin Norris bio

Justin Norris

Justin Neville Norris, a rich and famous Australian swimmer, ‘Olympic’ medalist, and ‘YouTube’ sensation, runs his YouTube channel, ‘The Norris Nuts,’ along with Justin Norris wife, Brooke, and their six children, Sabre, Sockie, Naz, Biggy, Disco, and Charm.

The channel gained millions of subscribers and an incredible count of views. Born on 3 June 1980 in Mandurah, Australia, Justin Neville Norris is an Australian butterfly and individual medley swimmer who won the bronze medal in the 200 meters butterfly at the 2000 Summer Olympics, Sydney, Australia.

Over the years, he became famous for the YouTube channel that he runs with his family, ‘The Norris Nuts.’ Justin Norris educational background updates suggest that the father of the six children attended Merewether High School, Australian Institute of Sport.

Brooke Norris bio

Brooke Norris

Brooke Norris is, a former junior swimming champion, has become famous for the family’s YouTube channel ‘The Norris Nuts, which stars her children. Born on March 18, 1980, in Australia, Brooke Norris is an Australian YouTube personality who is best known for being Justin Norris wife. Brooke Norris, the family’s mother, has blue eyes and black hair.

She’s been loving shouting along with her kids when playing Among Us on Norris Nuts Gaming. She is a Pisces and has been the former junior swimming champion. Brooke Norris children refer to her as Slender Mum because she moves that way.

Sabre Norris bio

Sabre Norris

Sabre Norrisborn on January 3, 2005, in Newcastle, Australiahas earned immense popularity lately as a rich and famous YouTuber. Sabre Norris from the Norris Nuts and her siblings Sockie, Biggy, Naz, Disco present the family vlogs that entertain the viewers.

They live a happy life with the Norris Nuts parents Mama (Brooke) and Papa (Justin). Sabre, the oldest of the siblings, has been helping her siblings as well. Sabre Elle Norris is her full name, Capricorn is her zodiac sign, and she enjoys skating and surfing.

Sabre declares that she enjoys fashion, make-up, and dressing up in the song “So Different.” Sabre Norris father is Mr. Justin Norris, who is a butterfly swimmer, and Sabre Norris mother is Mrs. Brooke Norris, who is a homemaker. All of the Norris Nuts kids (except Disco, who is still a baby) are top-notch skaters and surfers, all of who are based in Australia.

Sockie Norris bio

Sockie Norris

Cerrus (Sockie) Norris, popularly known as Sockie Norris on social media, was born on February 13, 2007, in Australia to the Norris Nuts parents, Justin and Brooke. Sockie is a high paid YouTuber and popular member of the Norris family who has been uploading the videos to the channel alongside several siblings, including Disco, Sabre, Biggy, Nazzy, and Charm.

Sockie ( Cerrus Norris ) manages ‘Norris Nuts Cooking’ and ‘Norris Nuts Gaming.’ She enjoys cooking and focuses on the YouTube channel “Sockie’s Simple Recipes.”. The channel was not well-known back then but gained popularity after the name was changed to Norris Nuts Cooking and the Norris Nuts began to upload.

Pisces is her zodiac sign. Also, the lady is allergic to seafood and is responsible for her two younger siblings. She has often described herself as a huge fan of the Harry Potter series.

Biggy Norris bio

Biggy Norris

Biggy Norris, a boy, and a rich and popular YouTuber, is a member of the Norris Nuts. Born on January 30, 2009, in Australia, Biggy Norris has siblings Sockie, Sabre, Disco, Naz, and Charm, all of whom are high earning YouTubers. Biggy Norris (full name: Coda Cee Norris) has blue eyes and wavy blonde hair.

His Chinese zodiac sign is Ox, and his Zodiac sign is Aquarius. Txunamy Ortiz, from “Familia Diamond,” had been his longtime crush, and so they’re happily dating her. He performed three songs: “So Pretty,” “Trolling Troop,” and “Spare Time,” and featured on three songs: “We The #Legends,” “Dancing in the Elevator,” and “We Play All Night Long.” He has also shared that Skittles, Froot Loops, and red stuff/food with red coloring are among his favorite foods.

Biggy Norris enjoys frightening Sabre and prefers the moniker Biggy to Coda. The family’s most athletic member, Biggy Norris, despises his name so much that the family joke has become that if Biggy behaves nicely for three days, he can change his name. The issue that Biggy Norris has faced is that he has bad behavior and a bad temper, and so he has never been able to achieve this objective.

Biggy and Naz share a fantastic relationship. Also, Biggy Norris has stated how he wishes to pursue a career as a musician. Dork Diaries and Harry Potter are his favorite books. Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana are his favorite brands.

Naz Norris bio

Naz Norris

Naz Norriswell known as a family member of a popular youtube familyThe Norris Nuts, was born on the 8th November 2010 and raised in Australia with her family and friends. Naz Norris (full name: Naz Bea Norris) has brown hair, and her eyes are green rather than blue.

Her Chinese Zodiac sign is Tiger, and her Zodiac sign is Scorpio. Naz Norris’ dress sense is a mix of edgy and posh. In addition to that, she has mentioned having a plush animal named “Bunny” that she purchased from Big W. Also, she has loved owning it for the majority of her life and enjoys dressing it up to match her.

Cheese is her favorite food. Naz Norris, the proud owner of a guinea pig, also assisted with the creation of certain Norris Nuts Fashion items. Born to Justin Norris and Brooke Norris, Naz Norris is a young and rich YouTuber who has been focused on taking her career to the next level.

Disco Norris bio

Disco Norris

Disco Baz O Norris, popularly known by online alias Disco Norris was born on 20 June 2018 in Australia and is being brought by parents Justin and Brooke Norris, alongside his siblings.

Charm Norris bio

Charm Norris, a lovely baby and a YouTuber born on 9 December 2019 in Australia, became famous as the youngest member of the Norris family, The Norris Nuts. Charm and her mum Brooke Norris has opened her personal Instagram account immediately after she was born.


The Norris Nuts, a Youtube channel run by the siblings from the Norris Nuts, uploads videos related to certain challenges and stuff like that. Instagram account by the Norris Nuts also makes them immensely famous. The four oldest children are homeschooled, and the parents also plan to homeschool the younger two as well. All of them used to attend public school but were often bullied and left out for being different. The Norris Nuts, a video channel on YouTube, is operated by the brothers and sisters, who are now six siblings. They post videos highlighting various challenges and other topics. A variety of amusing videos for kids and parents, ranging from fantastic skits and challenges to sports as well as motivational material, has earned the channel immense recognition.

They showcase the series of comedy vlogs, challenges, and other entertaining videos. The family, The Norris Nuts, went on to produce other channels called NORRIS NUTS GAMING, NORRIS NUTS SQUAD, NORRIS NUTS DO STUFF and Norris Nuts Cooking.

The Norris Nuts, an Australian Youtube channel formed initially by four siblings, hosts Sabre Norris as the main face of the channel. Sabre gained fame after competing in a World Surf League and was the second youngest surfer to compete in the league. In addition to that, she had gained fame as the third female to land on a 540 half pipe.

The Norris Nuts, the top paid YouTube channel, includes herself and her siblings and her lovely parents.

Justin is good at sports especially swimming, and was an Olympic medalist in swimming.

The siblings present themselves making challenges and Q&A videos. 4 YouTube channels, including “Norris Nuts Gaming,” “Norris Nuts Squad,” “Norris Nuts Do Stuff,” and “The Norris Nuts,” makes the family immensely famous.

Besides a single account titled “The Norris Nuts,” which is a common account for all, all of the siblings have their own private Instagram accounts controlled by their parents.

Norris Nuts Wikipedia suggests that the siblings generate good yearly income from the channels. The Norris Nuts highlight the sibling goals and inspire others to enjoy their lives with siblings.

Biggy Norris, an Australian child YouTuber best known as a featured member of the YouTube channel The Norris, also has a solo channel where he shares entertaining and engaging videos. He has been obsessed with the camera from an early age, and this is the reason Biggy is featured in videos related to motivation, sports, music, skits, challenges, leisure, and more.

Regardless of what he is doing, like a solo vlog or collaborating with his siblings, the young and famous child YouTuber does it with utmost determination. He has shown himself too mature for his age. Talking about Biggy Norris social media popularity, it can be said that he is doing incredibly well. 

Collaborative family channel The Norris Nuts has accumulated over 5 million subscribers. Coda (Biggy) Cee Norris, known as Biggy on social media, has also earned immense recognition as a young skateboarder and surfer best known as one of the Norris Nuts.

The channel has been growing as each member of the family is equally supporting each other’s objectives to take the YouTube career to the next level.

The Norris contact details 

The immense popularity of the channel has increased the curiosity among fans to learn about The Norris Nuts phone Number. At some point, the most asked question was What Is The Norris Nuts Number as fans started loving their videos that highlight the bonding between siblings. So, check out The Norris Nuts social media contact details as well, which will make it an effortless task to get connected with the YouTuber family.


Are The Norris Nuts Rich?

Yes, they’re immensely rich. The Norris Nuts Net Worth is around $16 million.

Who are Norris Nuts Family?

The Norris Nuts, the popular Australian YouTube channelFamily vlog channel The Norris Nuts star surfer Sabre Norris and her siblings. They showcase the series of comedy vlogs, challenges, and other entertaining videos.

Where Do The Norris Nuts Live?

The Norris Nuts Live in Newcastle, Australia, New South Wales.

What are Norris Nuts Ages?

Norris Nuts Ages are as follows:

Sabre Norris-18 years
Biggy Norris-14 years
Sockie Norris-16 years
Naz Norris-12 years
Disco Norris-5 years
Charm Norris-2 years
Brooke Norris-43 years
Justin Norris-43 years

Where is Norris Nuts House?

The Norris Nuts Live in Newcastle, Australia, New South Wales.

Who is Norris Nuts Sabre?

Sabre Elle Norris is the eldest child of the Norris Nuts family who is known for winning silver in the X-games and being the 3rd female in history and 1st Australian female to land a 540 on a half pipe.

When Did The Norris Nuts Start YouTube?

The Norris Nuts Started YouTube on June 28, 2014.

Are The Norris Nuts Homeschooled?

Yes, they’re homeschooled to avoid getting bullied at school.

What are The Norris Nuts Real Names? 

The Norris Nuts Real Names are as follows:
Sabre Norris
Biggy Norris
Sockie Norris
Naz Norris
Disco Norris
Charm Norris
Brooke Norris
Justin Norris

What Happened To The Norris Nuts Dog?

The Norris Nuts parents revealed that the puppy, Bubba, unexpectedly passed away after a “tragic accident,” and it was nearly nine weeks old. Brooke explained that the dog died due to an incident involving Justin but clarified that it wasn’t Justin’s fault.

Who are Sabre Norris Parents?

Sabre Norris Parents are Justin Norris and Brooke Norris.

What is the Norris Nuts Fashion Website? is the Norris Nuts Fashion Website.

Where Do The Norris Nuts Live In Australia Address?

The Norris Nuts Live in Newcastle, Australia, New South Wales.

How Much Money Does The Norris Nuts Make A Year?

The Norris Nuts yearly earnings are around $3 million to $4.4 million from the ads that appear on the videos.

How Much Is Saber Norris Worth?

Saber Norris Worth is around $5 million.

Is Justin Norris Sabres Real Dad?

Yes, Justin Norris is Sabres Real Dad.

Who Is The Owner Of Norris Nuts?

FORMER Olympian Justin Norris and his wife Brooke serve as the head of the Norris Nuts YouTube channel. Together, the duo posts a family-orientated content channel alongside their six children, Sabre, Sockie, Biggy, Naz, Charm, and Disco.

How Did The Norris Nuts Dog Die?

The Norris Nuts parents revealed that the puppy, Bubba, unexpectedly passed away after a “tragic accident,” and it was nearly nine weeks old. Brooke explained that the dog died due to an incident involving Justin but clarified that it wasn’t Justin’s fault.

What do Norris nuts parents do?

The Norris Nuts parents Mama (Brooke) and Papa (Justin), had been avid swimmers previously. Now they’re more focused on their YouYube career. Papa (Justin Norris) was an Olympic swimmer who won a bronze for the butterfly at the Sydney Games.

Is Justin Norris Sabres real dad?

Sabre Norris’s father is Mr. Justin Norris, who is a butterfly swimmer by profession and is the real father of the family. 

Are the Norris Nuts a real family?

FORMER Olympian Justin Norris and Justin Norris wife Brooke serve as head honchos of the Norris Nuts YouTube channel, posting family-orientated content on their channel alongside their six children, Sabre, Sockie, Biggy, Naz, Charm, and Disco. They’re a real family.

What age is Justin Norris?

Justin Norris Age is 43 years.

What is Sockie Norris middle name?

Cerrus (Sockie) Norris, known as Sockie Norris on social media, is well known as a young chef and athlete best and has been running the popular Australian family YouTube channel.

Who is Justin Norris married to?

Justin Norris wife is Brooke Norris.

What is Naz Norris full name?

Naz Norris full name is Naz Bea Norris, who was born on the 8th of November, 2010.

Where is Norris Nuts House?

The Norris nuts live in Newcastle, Australia, New South Wales, and shop in an area probably around Charleston and Kotara.

What has happened to Sabre Norris?

Sabre Norris has been diagnosed with the condition Chiari malformation, causing her brain tissue to extend into her spinal canal.

What did Justin Norris do to the dog?

Brooke explained that the dog died due to an incident involving Justin but clarified that it wasn’t Justin’s fault.

How long has Brooke and Justin Norris been married?

In early 2000, Brooke Norris got married to Justin Norris.

Is Disco Norris Boy or girl?

Disco Norris is a girl.

Who is Sabre Norris dad?

Sabre Norris dad is Justin Norris.

Did the Norris Nuts house burn down?

Norris Nuts on Twitter stated, “We are fine – there aren’t any fires near us in Newcastle.”

What mall do the Norris Nuts go to?

Westfield Tuggerah is the mall where the Norris Nuts goes to.

How many siblings do the Norris Nuts have?

The Norris Nuts includes six siblings.

Who is Biggys girlfriend?

Txunamy is Biggys girlfriend.

Where in Newcastle do the Norris Nuts live?

Justin Norris raised a family and started a business where there is a stunning view of Newcastle as his backdrop.

Why aren’t the Norris Nuts posting?

Fans keep asking why are the Norris Nuts not posting? The reasons are not clear.

Why I hate Norris Nuts?

People hate the Norris Nuts as they keep having children. They give their children weird names such as Disco and Sabre.

Where are the Norris Nuts moving to?

The Norris nuts live in Newcastle Australia, New South Wales and the family usually shop in an area probably around Charleston and Kotara, which is shown in the shopping or challenges vlogs.

Where do the Norris Nuts buy their clothes?

The family usually shop in an area probably around Charleston and Kotara, shown in the shopping or challenges vlogs.

Where do the Norris Nuts live in Newscastle?

The Norris nuts live in Newcastle Australia, New South Wales.

Final words

Norris Nuts Net Worth has been immensely increasing as the YouTuber family has been highly focused on taking their career to the next level with the range of videos that they’re posting to their channel. The entertainment channel has attracted numerous viewers over the years. Share your opinion regarding the YouTuber family in the comments below. Also, stay tuned for the further updates.



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