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Funnymike Phone Number
Funnymike Phone Number

Funnymike Phone Number

Funny Mike, the famous YouTuber, Rapper, and social media Star, has been gaining fame over the years. The YouTuber from the United States was born on October 8, 1996, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the USA. According to the 2023 estimates, the Funnymike Phone Number is +1(832)384……. Explore more about the Funnymike social media contact details.

Funnymike real nameMacArthur Johnson
NicknameFunny Mike, 22 Savage
Funnymike Phone Number+1(832)384…….
Funnymike Real Phone NumberNA
Funnymike WhatsApp number+1(832)384…….
Funnymike Residence Address/ Funnymike Address/ Funnymike House AddressJosephine St, Houston, Texas
Funnymike Email Id 
OccupationYouTuber, Rapper, and social media Star

Funnymike Contact Details- The in-depth idea

MacArthur Johnson, aka Funny Mike, had been a Tara High School student. Funny Mike’s internet career started by sharing short comedic videos on Vine and other social media platforms. Some of the Funnymike contact details are as follows:

  • Old Phone Number: +1(520)487-5286
  • New Phone Number: +1(832)384…….
  • New Phone Number: +1(832)054…….
  • WhatsApp Number: +1(832)384…….
  • Official Website:
  • Email:

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FunnyMike Social Profiles

Though we have stated the Funnymike Phone Number, we suggest you look at the FunnyMike Social Profiles. The social media sites are easily accessible for contacting because the YouTuber is mainly active on the social media profiles.

  • Instagram Id: @funnymike
  • Facebook page: FunnyMike
  • Twitter Id: @1funnymike
  • Youtube Channel: FunnyMike
  • TikTok Account: @whofunnymike
  • Twitch Account: miketvlive

Bio, Early life and career

Young 22, aka FunnyMike, the high paid Rapper with the most searched phone number was born on October 8, 1996 (Libra) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Young 22, aka Funny Mike, whose real name is MacArthur Johnson, rose to popularity as an American comedian and rapper. He is more popular by stage names, Young 22 or Funny Mike, or 22 Savage. While he was still a high school student, Johnson started garnering modest fame as a social-media-based comedian by posting videos of his short skits, impressions, and memes.

Also, he established himself with a moderate career as a rapper before a new gangster rapper named 21 Savage emerged on the scene in early 2016. His violent backstory as we a distinctive style of rapping attracted multiple emulations, with Johnson’s being the most prominent and extreme of all.

Johnson’s impersonation of 21 Savage under “22 Savage” confused the public and earned him wide recognition as well. The well known rapper and social media star with highly searched contact details, FunnyMike, eventually released his song ‘No Heart’ in mid-2016. Since then, he has changed his name to Young 22 to carve out his own identity. He signed with Travis James Entertainment and has put out the popular song ‘Hit That Bit for the Gram.’

Johnson began his career under the moniker Funny Mike and was a social media comedian primarily active on Vine and YouTube. With time, he accumulated a small but loyal following in those early years of his career. He became particularly popular in his hometown Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas, created short skits, made impressions of celebrities, and posted memes.

In addition to establishing his career in comedy, he was also an aspiring rapper. Rapper 21 Savage became one of the most talked about gangster rappers in mid-2016, and that was when Johnson, using the moniker 22 Savage, began to emulate his appearance, style, and music.

In August 2016, he released his first song, ‘No Heart’ as 22 Savage.

21 Savage was aware of Johnson’s antics, and the two had a public spat on Twitter. Johnson even challenged 21 Savage to a boxing match, which the latter declined.

After ‘No Heart’ was released, 22 Savage recorded ‘Jumpin’. After the track became a hit, the top earning musical artist and social media influencer made a music video of it. He has put out several original songs, including ‘Hit That 22’, ‘Run It,’ and ‘Pay 4 It’. February 2017 details highlight that he changed his name to Young 22 to bring a degree of legitimacy to his career.

Controversies & Scandals

Young, 22, was charged with murder in May 2016. A report published in ‘WAFB Baton Rouge’ revealed that he and his two acquaintances were standing outside a supermarket in Baker, Louisiana, on May 3 when they noticed a man named Richard Phillips was distributing party fliers in the parking lot at the time. The pair approached him, and soon an argument broke out. Contradictory accounts of what happened next are numerous, but Phillips was shot in the chest and eventually succumbed to his injuries.

The police later that day arrested Young 22, and he confessed to shooting Philips but claimed he did so in self-defense. However, there were discrepancies between the accounts he gave to the police and the video footage of the incident. He was ultimately charged with second-degree murder, illegal use of a weapon, as well as obstruction of justice, and his bond was set at $370,000.

The music news website Complex contacted a representative for the Criminal Records Department for Louisiana’s 19th Judicial District. They stated that the rapper was out on bail, and there had not been any development in the case since he was released. February 2017, updates highlight that a grand jury declined to indict Young, 22, on the murder charge.

Personal Life and relationships

Young 22 was born on October 8, 1996, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The well known rapper grew up in an impoverished household. From a young age, he was always the jokester among his friends. Speculations regarding him being a part of a gang as a young adult are numerous. Johnson attended Tara High School.

Young 22 has been in a relationship with a woman named Jaliyah. In addition to regularly appearing on his YouTube channel, she also ran the joint channel The MJ Family with Young 22. Jaliyah welcomed a daughter, Londyn, in February 2019, with Young 22. FunnyMike mother, who goes by the moniker Momma Jones, has a channel of her own named FunnyMike Mom.


What is Funnymike Real Phone Number?

Funnymike Phone Number Real is not available as the YouTuber doesn’t want his contact details to go public.

How to Call Funnymike?

The Funnymike Phone Number as per the recent estimates is +1(832)384……. by which you can contact him.

How To Contact Funnymike?

The Funnymike Phone Number as per the latest updates is +1(832)384……. by which you can contact him.

What is Funnymike New House Address?

Funnymike New House address is Josephine St, Houston, Texas.

Where Does Funnymike Live?

Funnymike New House address according to the latest updates is Josephine St, Houston, Texas.

Where Does Funnymike Live Now?

Funnymike New House address is Josephine St, Houston, Texas.

How To Contact Funnymike?

The Funnymike Phone Number as per our team’s estimates is +1(832)384……. by which you can contact him.

What is Funnymike Address?

Funnymike New House address is Josephine St, Houston, Texas.

What Is Funnymike Number?

Funnymike Number is +1(832)384……. by which you can contact him.

Final words

Funnymike Phone Number is available now, and fans are getting access to it to contact him. Stay tuned as we will keep updating the further details regarding the contact number of the celebs and the YouTubers.


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