Linus tech tips Net worth – Age, Earnings, Wife, YouTube Earning

Linus tech tips Net worth
Linus tech tips Net worth

Linus Tech Tips net worth

Linus Tech Tips, a passionate team of experts in consumer technology and video production, always keep the audience updated with the “professionally curious” points. Linus tech tips Net Worth according to the 2021 update is within $36 Million (Approx.) But, the amount gets divided among the owner and the other members of the team.

A YouTube channel that shows videos specifically about computers, PC unboxing and gadget reviews are quite popular. Run by Linus Sebastian, the channel is under Linus Media Group and is one of the most active channels. With its start in November 2008, the channel has gathered over 14 million subscribers.

Real NameLinus Gabriel Sebastian
Net worth$36 Million
Birth DateAugust 20, 1986
ProfessionYou tuber
Linus tech tips
Linus tech tips

Other highlights

Joined on – 25 Nov 2008

Number of subscribers – 12.9M subscribers

Views – 4,500,619,895 views

First Name – Linus

Last Name – Sebastian

Birthday & Zodiac – Birth Sign, Leo

Birth Place – Vancouver, Canada

Country – Canada

Income Source and earnings    

Primary Income source is YouTube for most YouTubers. The earnings they generate is a huge one. Such a value generates interest among netizens to learn about top YouTuber’s net worth. The income of every member isn’t known but it’s evident that the amount gets divided among all of them. The channel LinusTechTips had started back in November, 2008. By 2021, it has got 40 million subscribers.

The channel Linus Tech Tips income gets an average of 3.2 million views per day. The amount ensures generating Linus Tech Tips daily earnings around $25,000 . That said, the amount makes Linus Tech Tips yearly earnings of around $9 million from YouTube ads.

So, the average of 3.2 million views that generates around $25000 per day. This makes it around $2.9 million a year from the YouTube ads itself.

Early life and Career

Born August 20, 1986, Linus Gabriel Sebastian is an eminent expert in the tech field and is also a Canadian YouTube personalitypresenter, and producer.

The experts associated with the channel aim to educate people through entertaining videos. The best part of their work is the well-curated videos for people of all ages. With these videos, the audience gets product reviews, a variety of tech-focused project-based information, and step-by-step computer build guides.

As a product manager for defunct Canadian online computer store NCIX, Sebastian had to help demonstrate products. Assisted by an unidentified cameraman and editor, he started shooting videos for being streamed on Sunbeam processor heatsink. Sebastian created the Linus Tech Tips channel by keeping in mind the lower production values without impacting the NCIX brand.

However, in this mission, Linus Gabriel Sebastian didn’t take the idea of developing videos full-time at NCIX. In the beginning years, he was working as a full-time sales representative, systems designer, product manager, and category manager.

Glimpse on the YouTube

Founder of Linus Media Group (LMG), Linus Gabriel Sebastian, has served as CEO of the company since 2013. Creating and hosting YouTube channels based on technology has marked him as a jewels in the technological field. The channels he hosts are Linus Tech Tips, Techquickie, TechLinked, and ShortCircuit. These four channels have a combined subscriber base of over 19 million. He had also served as the regular presenter of technology videos from 2007 to 2015.

He has also made his presence with the defunct Canadian computer retailer NCIX. Sebastian secured the 4th rank in a list of the “Top 30 Power Players in Tech”. That said, he has proven himself the Floatplane Media owner.

Notable projects

Linus Tech Tips presented a video highlighting the computer capable of supporting seven individual users simultaneously on January 2, 2016. The estimated total cost of $30,000 was involved in the project. 

Then, the channel went on with setting the next milestone. In the mission, the channel In August 2017, uploaded a two-part video to the game at 16K Resolution (15360 by 8640). For that, they put to use the 16 4K Acer Predator XB1 monitors with the 4 by 4 configuration

The third time they presented themselves was In April 2018, when the professional team uploaded a video of Apple refusing to repair his iMac Pro resulting from a product teardown. In December 2018, Linus Tech Tips also presented the four-part series detailing experience buying a gaming PC.

They purchased it from 6 systems integrators, thus representing three different market tiers where two major manufacturers, namely HP and Alienware, and two high-volume systems integrators, namely was iBuyPower and CyberPowerPC, involved. Besides, there were also two upscale boutique systems integrators, namely origin PC and Maingear. The remarkable part of this series is that it had received over 12 million views.

Personal life

Sebastian got married to Yvonne Ho on May 20, 2011. Besides, and he also has a son and two daughters. His favorite YouTubers are TotalBiscuit, Marques Brownlee, and Austin Evans. He has also remarked that he was thinking about retiring. 


According to the survey of September 2020, Linus Tech Tips by Linus Gabriel Sebastian has secured the title of the most-watched technology channel. The channel has also seen another achievement in 2014, as “top 1% of Google’s preferred advertising channels”. 


Linus Sebastian got married to girlfriend Yvonne Ho and then the duo shared the wedding voes. They celebrated the marriage on May 20, 2011, among close friends and family. They ended up with the romantic relationship.


How much do Linus Tech Tips employees make?

The channel generates $25000 a day where the sum generated gets divided among the employees.

Who is Linus Sebastian’s wife?

Yvonne Ho is the wife of the popular YouTuber.

How much does Linus make a year?

His estimated earning is $9 million a year.

Final words

Linus Tech Tips by Linus Gabriel Sebastian proves to be an independent venture. Besides that, the channel hosts a “convention featuring tech-focused content creators and personalities” as an event that makes the channel even better. Hopefully, you have got the crystal clear highlight on the Linus tech tips Net Worth. The channel is also uploading new videos to make it one of the best ones in the technological field. 


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