Lerner and Rowe Net Worth – Kevin Rowe, Glen Lerner, a brief highlight

Lerner and Rowe Net Worth
Lerner and Rowe Net Worth

Lerner and Rowe Net Worth

Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys proves to be the dynamic law firm. The organization is based in New Mexico. Two friends, Glen Lerner and Kevin Rowe had founded it in 2005. 2021 updates suggest that the Personal injury lawyers Lerner and Rowe Net Worth is more than $45 million. The founders have made immense contribution to their dream foundation and are still working with their best efforts.

FoundersGlen Lerner and Kevin Rowe
Head Location925 N La Brea Ave 4th Fl, Los Angeles, CA 90038
Law officesCalifornia, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Illinois, New Mexico, Indiana, and Tennessee
Lerner and Rowe Net Worth$45 million
Lerner and Rowe
Lerner and Rowe

Multi-million dollar verdicts alongside settlements have been a remarkable part of their career. Lerner today enjoys a lavish life. That said, he owns a $5 million house and a Rolls Royce. Besides, he also owns luxurious things. The father of four children enjoys various activities. His hobbies include martial arts, watching a Red Sox, working out, or spending family time.

Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys are proving to be an eminent team with around 60 attorneys. The country’s most extensive law firm, “Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys,” has earned huge recognition. The well-known Attorneys Kevin Rowe and Glen Lerner have 450 support staff. Consistent success has been a reason for the immense respect and nobility. They have had genuinely served the clients over the years.

The huge success

Esteemed network of attorneys works for nurturing relationships with injury victims. They make sure that the injury lawyer can give the pathway to fair compensation for the loss and suffering.

Twenty-two thousand clients a year shows how successful they have been. Besides, they also work with the cases of car accident claims. Fights against product liability alongside torts are also their specialty. Recently, the company has been successful in widening its scope. Lerner and Rowe are now considering cases related to bankruptcy, social security disability alongside criminal defense. Representing auto dealers and land developers is also their specialty.

Brief highlight on the founders

The two professionals are gaining huge recognition. They had been working tirelessly over the years. Here is a highlight of the amazing contribution of the two.

Kevin Rowe

  • Bio

Kevin Rowe is the Principal and co-founder of the Injury Attorneys Lerner and Rowe. He is also the Principal and founder of Social Security Disability Advocates, LLC. He has been working with his professional and personal ideology. The flawless record shows how he had been serving tireless the broad range of clientele in various disciplines.

He excels in personal injury, social security, criminal defense DUI, and credit restructuring, bankruptcy. The charitable projects he runs have brought in considerable welfare. He also excels in personal injury cases, class action claims, and tort cases.

Kevin Rowe had been the philanthropist attorney. Founder of the non-profit Lerner and Rowe Gives Back Foundation ensures support to the hungry, the homeless, the abused, and the sick. He had earned a JD. He had got recognition from Southwestern University School of Law in California. He had practiced at the insurance defense firm. Multimillion-dollar settlements have given him immense recognition today. Kevin Rowe net worth, according to the 2021 estimates, is $5 Million.

Glen Lerner

  • Bio

Glen Lerner is an eminent personal injury attorney. Besides, the personality also serves as a co-founder of the Injury Attorneys Lerner and Rowe. He has been working on cases of personal injury, malpractice in medicine, hazardous products,  and more. The network of attorneys has had helped in the mission of working with corporations and big companies.

Glen Lerner had been the one who launched his firm “Glen Lerner Injury Lawyers” in 1992 in Las Vegas. He came up with the idea that how TV advertisements helped lawyers gain recognition. Running commercials on the TV ensured the rapid growth of the firm. He took into consideration the assistance of Kevin Rowe in 1998. Glen Lerner net worth, according to the 2021 estimates, is $4.5 Million. Glen Lerner wife Robynn, has been a supportive woman marking the success of her husband.

Expansion of the firm

The most remarkable part to note is that Lerner and Rowe consider a $20 million budget for advertisement. They do so via television, radio, social media, online, and billboard. Over 250 videos have been advertised on YouTube. Besides, the recognized “one gigantic personal injury powerhouse” had recovered over $165 million for clients by late 2018.

Over 22,000 new clients per year sign up every year for assistance. By now, they’ve excelled with the traffic accident claims. Mass torts and product liability have been the point of success as well. The firm has been actively diversifying into new practices. Lerner and Rowe also ensure handling the commercial litigation. They do so while representing land developers and car dealers. Eleven offices have been branded to date. The locations include Nevada, Illinois, and Indiana. Besides, they’re also gaining pace on behalf of offices in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, and Tennessee.

Seattle is their next target market. The new business model can duplicate their success. With attorney Mike Brandner, Lerner and Rowe bought a 50% interest. Besides, they’re also planning to acquire existing firms that can mark the positive cash flow.

Social media influence

The firm has got a Facebook page full of pictures. It comes inclusive of the 4th Annual Salt River Firefighters 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb, the Arizona Interscholastic Association, the Metro PD Enterprise Area Command’s Homeless Outreach, the Holmberg’s Heat Stroke Open and Operation Hydration.

Besides, there are pictures of several other charity events. An impressive 4.8-star rating (out of 5) shows how popular the firm is. Besides, 1,914 people have shared genuine opinions. 80,231 people have liked the official page of the firm Lerner and Rowe. The Twitter page shows 2,808 tweets, 864 followers, and 530 likes. The LinkedIn page of the firm also shows the acknowledgment on behalf of 249 followers. With the amazing presence the brand has built, it has secured the position in the list of the high-paid company’s net worth.

Mastermind group and the impact

Lerner and Rowe have had been building relationships with a private marketing meeting. Twenty law firms are a part of it. According to them, the strategy is a great idea to share ideas and help each other grow.

How much do Lerner and Rowe charge the clients for the service they provide?

Their official website suggests that the personal injury attorney advice proves to be free and confidential.  However, they do charge for correcting your claim for damages. But, they haven’t ever made any official statement regarding how much they charge their clients.

Final words

The firm is continually striving to do its best. Such amazing work has helped them earn recognition today. The active support they’re offering the clients has been the reason for that jaw-dropping Lerner and Rowe Net Worth. We will be updating more about the income strategies of the company. Stay tuned with us.


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