Perry Stone Net Worth – Earnings, Age, Wife, Kids 2024

Perry Stone
Perry Stone Net Worth - Earnings, Wife, the Latest updates.

Perry Stone Net Worth

2024 estimates state that Perry stone net worth is around $950K. Explore the most recent updates regarding Perry stone earnings, income, salary, assets, expenditures, career, and other details.

Perry Stone, the American ordained Bishop, author and international evangelist based in Cleveland, Tennessee is a charismatic personality.

He is associated with the International ministry center at Cleveland, Tennessee, and holds a Pentecostal denomination. That said, he affirms the fundamental Doctrine like the power of the Bible redemption through Christ as well as the incarnation.

Perry Stone is now a well-known author and is known mainly for his numerous books. The books come inclusive of “the code of the Holy script” and ‘how to interpret dreams and visions.” He is the director of one of the fastest-growing Ministries that is “the voice of evangelism.”

Perry stone real namePerry Fred Stone Jr.
BirthdayJune 23, 1959
Perry Stone Net Worth$500K
Born inJay Country, IN, USA
OccupationBishop, author, international evangelist

Perry stone income, earnings and salary

The Perry Stone monthly earning is around $5K on average. Again, the estimated Perry Stone yearly earnings show an income of around $150 thousand a year.

Sources of Income

The Bishop, author and international evangelist earns from varied sources as follows:

Occupation as a Bishop, author and international evangelist

As a Bishop, author and international evangelist, Perry Stone earns around $1K a month.

YouTube advertising revenue

Fans keep asking: How Much Money Does Perry Stone Earn On YouTube? YouTube content creators based in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia earns $2 – $12 per 1000 monetized views after YouTube takes its cut.

As an international evangelist, Perry Stone earns a moderate revenue from YouTube.

Google Preferred allows deep-pocketed companies to target ads in the top 5% of most popular content. The YouTubers generate extra from YouTube Red viewers who pay a monthly fee to view premium content on YouTube plus watch videos without ads.

Perry Stone, a popular channel on YouTube launched in 2011, increased curiosity among viewers to learn about her earning potential. Fans kept questioning: What is Perry Stone’s net worth? And how much does Perry Stone earn? 

Advertising Data on Perry Stone’s channel highlights that the channel witnesses 2.50 million views each month and more than 85 thousand views each day.

The estimated earnings g around $3.76K every month. The majority of his income is from preaching and worldwide recognition.

Why we are so sure about the information we have stated is for the reason that the amount is calculated through the combination of our robust methodology, data collection, and algorithm. Editors and industry professionals review them before publishing so that there is no false information for our readers.

Lifestyle, Assets, and Expenditures

The Bishop, author and international evangelist owns a luxurious house in Bradley county, Tennessee, USA. 

Car collection

The Bishop, author and international evangelist owns expensive cars, including a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT.

Perry Stone Early life and education

Perry Stone, born June 23, 1959, to Perry Stone father, Perry Fred Stone Sr. (1933–2011), and Perry Stone mother, Juanita Jean Stone (née Bava) (1935-2021), is a very famous personality today. Perry Stone siblings are Diana, Phillip, and Melanie.

Stone attended Lee University. He had graduated with a B.A. in theology from Covenant Life Christian College and Theological Seminary, located in Rocky Top (formerly known as Coal Creek and Lake City), Tennessee.


The high paid bishop and author, Perry Stone had started his career at just 16. He went on with his dream state after graduating. He holds the rank of the ordained Bishop with the church of God. It is situated in Cleveland, Tennessee. He has got three honorary degrees in his career life. When he was 23, he started conducting the record Breaking revival.

Some of them also went on lasting up to 11 weeks. At a young age, he was invited to speak at the camp meetings and conferences. During his conferences, he could see around 4000 to 5000 attendees at a time. Till this day, Perry continues with his sermons. He has written over 40 books and booklets. The immense popularity has ranked the Perry stone net worth in the category of top celebrity’s net worth.

Besides, the rich and famous author and YouTuber has also produced 100 videos and DVDs. He is also going on with producing thousands of audio teaching album series. Over the two decades, he has found himself as an eminent writer and publisher of the magazine “the voice of evangelism.” In 2000, Perry Stone went ahead with the weekly television program Manna-fest. He started showing the series nationally and internationally. They were broadcasting it via cable and satellite systems around the world.

Perry Stone website highlights the principles of Perry Stone Ministries. Perry Stone’s brand new teaching help you unlock the final mystery! He has prepared this NEW 8-Lesson expanded and detailed teaching contained in 4-DVDs

Perry stone Wife

Perry stone Wife
Perry stone Wife

Pamela Stone is the Perry stone wife, and the family has two kids. Perry stone is happily married to his wife Pamela since 1982. They have two kids that are a boy and a girl, who shares a happy relationship with them.

Stone married his wife Pamela on April 2, 1982, in Northport, Alabama. They have two children: Jonathan and Amanda.

Late Perry Fred stone senior and late Juanita Stone were the parents of Perry. His sibling is Diana stone, who is now a renowned author.


  • Channel name – Perry Stone
  • Joined on – 26 Jul 2011
  • Number of subscriber – 690K+

Voice of Evangelism

Perry Stone and his ministries have earned immense recognition. Perry Stone lives in Bradley County, Tennessee, the headquarters of his ministries. Stone operates Voice of Evangelism, Omega Center International (partnered with The Ramp), and the International School of the Word.


Stone began preaching at the age of 16 and credits Pentecostal minister T.L. Lowery, who pastored two Church of God congregations in Cleveland, Tennessee, and Washington, D. C., as his role model and mentor.

Stone founded the Voice of Evangelism Outreach Ministries (VOE) in 1985. Parts of VOE comprise Omega Center International Conference Center, The Ramp Church, and the International School of the Word, which serves as an online school offering Bible classes. His weekly Manna-fest with Perry Stone TV program focuses on Biblical prophecy, began airing on the Trinity Broadcasting Network in 2000.

A highlight of the Theology

Stone describes Perry Stone theology as threefold:

  • “There comes a time of end; not the end of time, but a time of the end. . . . there is a time of the end and an end generation.”
  • “There are specific signs [in the Bible] indicating when that generation is come.”
  • His mission “is to preach those signs to encourage people to come to know Jesus Christ.”

Stone emphasizes the aspects of emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.

Prophetic visions about significant events, including George W. Bush being elected president, the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, and Osama Bin Laden’s death, are what have helped him recognition. Stone has also taught and confirmed the belief that the Cherokee people possess a unique spiritual heritage associated with the Lost Tribes of Israel.

Propagation of conspiracy theories

Plenty of the Perry Stone conspiracy theories is there. This is the reason that the  Perry Stone net worth has been increasing. The popular ones are as follows:

Gay rights 

October 2015 updates highlight that Stone alleged that there was a congressional effort underway to criminalize anti-gay speech and actions taken by pastors and churches, leading to fines and imprisonment.


December 2015 estimates reveal that Stone claimed that ISIS had placed sleeper cells across the southeastern United States. The organization had warehouses full of weapons in all fifty states.


2018 appearance on evangelist Jim Bakker’s television program revealed that Stone claimed that a government intelligence officer, who was a member of his father’s church in northern Virginia. He had possessed the true knowledge of the Watergate scandal. According to Stone, the person responsible for Watergate was still alive, and if the truth came out, it would destroy the Democratic party.

Donald Trump

2018 estimates by Perry Stone reveal that he claimed to have information about 64,000 emails that proved that the Democratic party conspired with Russia to defeat Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. In addition to that, the situation was such that he also accused anti-Trump Democrats of being demon-possessed and of “trying to place hexes and curses” on Trump.

Globalism and Satanism

2018 sermon updates reveal that Stone pronounced his belief in a “deep state” of globalists who controlled the world’s economy and religions. He also stated in one of his verdicts that an unnamed billionaire told him that globalist political leaders were Luciferians who prayed to Satan before dinner.


March 2020 updates highlight that Stone described the COVID-19 virus as God’s punishment for abortion. Also, he stated that the reason behind the same is the lack of prayer in public schools and same-sex marriage. According to him, it was an attempt to eliminate older, conservative people in the southeastern United States responsible for opposing the Mark of the Beast so that socialism and communism could take over the United States.

According to him, the government supercomputer “666” was working on a cure. At the same time, Stone dismissed the virus as “media hype, God’s retribution on the Chinese,” and an excuse for the U.S. government for the implementation of the widespread surveillance of citizens via the implanting of a microchip that would serve as the Mark of the Beast.

Some of the well-known books by Perry stone

The author has written numerous books. All of them are a little too highly acknowledged by the audience. Some of them are as follows.

  • 2008: Understanding God’s warnings and guidance as a part of “how to interpret dreams and visions.”
  • 2009: Breaking the Jewish code
  • 2010: secrets from beyond the grave
  • 2011: purging your house, pruning your family tree
  • 2018: angelic assignments during the prophetic season: the season of Angels
  • 2012: exposing Satan’s Playbook as a part of the “secrets and strategies Satan hopes you never Discover.”

The renowned sermons by Perry stone

Some of the renowned Sermon that Perry stone has taught to the world are:

•             Who is Jesus?

•             How to pray and believe in miracles?

•             Lessons from the Sea of Galilee?

•             How prophetic wars shake up territorial spirits?

•             What will you do at 11:59?

•             Come up just a little bit higher

•             The significance of the Solomon Generation: Satan’s open-door policy

•             Secret to healing a broken heart

The primary source of income of the bishop

His occupation of serving as a Bishop is the major source. Besides, his channel on youTube and the broadcast mediums are also a remarkable part of his income.

Perry stone as the voice of evangelism Church

The voice of evangelism refers to the universal evangelistic extension of international evangelistic outreach. Revivals, printed material, missionary sponsorship, manna-fest tv, audio/video media, and outreach with powerful Hebraic and end-time bible prophecy teaching preaches it. Perry is proving to be the eminent personality of the fastest-growing ministries in America, “the voice of evangelism.” The founder of the voice of evangelism church is gaining more recognition.

The institution sits in Tennessee on the 70000 square foot international ministry hub. The core objective is to always spread the gospel of Christ domestically and globally. He does so by means of the broadcasting medium like missionary funding, crusade, media, and the printed content. Over the years, he has also attracted an audience from foreign nations.

He has brought in the magnitude of the cassette tape and books. Perry is well known for his articulate preaching. He has been successful in cracking the denominational boundaries while attracting devoted audiences from every religion.

Perry stone controversy

Perry Stone biography mentions that in 1989 he was accused of verbally abusing two brownies. Then he got fired from San Jose, California radio station. He had asked the nine-year-old to keep money from Girl Scout cookie. He had done this on March 10th, 1989, and this broadcast cost him a suspension.

Then came with it the second incident where attorney Michael at the news conference had pointed out fingers towards Perry stone. The furious mother of the teenage daughter wrote a letter to David Baronfeld, the session manager, while requesting the retraction.

How much Perry Stone earn from YouTube?

Only a few Bishops in the world have a capability to get the efforts build a brand. In this regard, Perry Stone is no exception. He has earned a lot so far to make him secure a good position in the list of highest-paid company’s net worth. Fans wonder how much Perry Stone is earning just from YouTube. The channel has got around 2.70 billion views every month. It accounts for around 90 thousand views every day. YouTube has got monetization. It makes sure that the channel earns around $32.7 per thousand video views. He is gaining much income from YouTube. Certain findings show that he makes around $2.70K per month from YouTube.

Perry stone YouTube channel has got 600k subscribers, and the channel is an official YouTube channel for the “voice of evangelism” Ministries in Cleveland, Tennessee. He has got a good audience on Facebook and Twitter. He has joined YouTube on 26th July 2011 and has got around 79000000 views to date.


Who is Perry Stone daughter?

Perry Stone has a daughter Amanda Stone.

How old is Perry Stone?

Perry Stone is 64 years old.

Where was Perry Stone born?

Perry Stone was born in the United States.

Who are Perry Stone children?

The couple are blessed with a son Jonathan Stone and a daughter Amanda Stone.

What denomination is Perry Stone?

Perry Stone has his ministry in a small Tennessee town and is currently a fourth-generation Pentecostal preacher. He has got the largest group of followers as Baptists and Roman Catholics.

What is Perry Stone preacher net worth?

Perry stone net worth is around $950K.

What is Perry Stone ministries net worth?

Perry Stone ministries net worth is around $1-5 million.

What is Perry Stone’s net worth?

As per our latest findings, Perry stone net worth is around $950K.

What is Evangelist Perry Stone’s net worth?

Perry stone net worth is around $950K.

Final words

You’ve got to know who is Perry Stone and how much is Perry Stone worth. Perry Stone has made a steady presence over the years. He has made a huge name with the Christian television networks. Besides, he has gathered fame with the Tennessee-based ministry. He is making more efforts to increase the Perry Stone net worth. Stay tuned with us to get more updates about Perry Stone.

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