KidBehindACamera Net Worth (2024) – Age, Height, Wife, Wiki

KidBehindACamera Net Worth
KidBehindACamera Net Worth

KidBehindACamera net worth

KidBehindACamera net worth, according to the 2024 estimates, is around $7 million. Explore most updated information regarding the his earnings, lifestyle and other details.

KidBehindACamera, whose real name is Michael Green, is a famous American YouTube. “Pickleboy” is gaining huge recognition on behalf of the fans due to the hit web series ”TheAngryGrandpaShow.” Michael Green is himself the cameraman of that channel.

KidBehindACamera real nameMichael Brian Green
Popular namePickleboy
KidBehindACamera net worth/ Michael Green Net Worth$7 million
Kidbehindacamera Bridgette Weight250 lbs (113.398 kg)
Kidbehindacamera Bridgette Height 5′ 3″ (1.60 m)
Hair colorDark brown
Eye colorBlack
BirthdateJune 2, 1987
BirthplaceColorado, USA
KidBehindACamera Age36
OccupationYouTuber, internet sensation, and videographer

Earnings, income, and salary

KidBehindACamera monthly earnings are around $70K to $80K approximately. The KidBehindACamera yearly earnings are around $840K to $960K.

Besides that, Michael also makes extra income from selling the Merchandise. He has also developed collaborations for making more income. He has taken over the Angry Grandpa show channel right after the passing away of Angry Grandpa.

Sources of Income

The YouTuber earns from varied sources as follows:

Income Generation StreamAmount Generated
YouTube Advertising Revenue$60,000 – $70,000 per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$1000 – $5000 per post/ $3000 – $15000 per month
TikTok Advertising Revenue$500 – $1000 per month
TikTok Sponsorship Revenue$1000 – $3000 per post/ $3000 – $9000 per month
Instagram Sponsorship Revenue$500 – $5000 per post/ $1500 – $15000 per month
Marketing products, brand endorsements, and sponsorships $3000 – $7000 per month

Lifestyle, Assets, and Expenditures

The YouTuber owns a luxurious house in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

Car collection

The YouTuber owns expensive cars including a Luverne MegaStep; 2003 Ford Focus ZTS; Chevrolet Tahoe and a 1955 Chevrolet.

KidBehindACamera Wife

KidBehindACamera Wife
KidBehindACamera Wife

KidBehindACamera girlfriend revelation suggests that he is engaged to Bridgette West. She is a YouTuber who has got a YouTube channel with 292000 subscribers.

Greene had met her on mySpace in 2008. Regarding his children updates suggest that the firstborn is a daughter Mia Nicole who was born on November 1, 2019. The lovebirds also gave birth to their second child Michael Robert Charles Green Jr, on August 17, 2021.


  • Channel name – KidBehindACamera
  • Joined on – 5 Jul 2011
  • Number of subscriber – 2.89M+


Michael Green, aka Pickleboy, is the cameraman and the mastermind behind the popular YouTube channel The Angry Grandpa Show. The son of Angry Grandpa and Tin is well known by his online alias KidBehindACamera. His other siblings are Charles, Jennifer, and Kim.

He runs his own channel KidBehindACamera basically his vlogging channel, together with other random content he posts. He started filming back in 2007, but the first channel got terminated due to a violation of the terms of service. He got back with the TheAngryGrandpaShow, which eventually led to his current channel.

Early life and career

KidBehindAcamera is an American YouTube star, internet sensation, and videographer renowned for The AngryGrandpaShow. Over the years, KidBehindAcamera YouTube channel has gained a considerable number of subscribers, and this is the reason he has become one of the most popular YouTube content creators on the platform.

He had been in a poor family in the beginning. His father is Charles Marvin Green, who is also referred to as Angry Grandpa. Angry Grandpa had been one of the stars of the Angry Grandpa show. He had made his online debut on Christmas 2007.

Michael Greene aka KidBehindACamera has always been the mastermind behind the popular YouTube channel, theAngryGrandpaShow. The son of father Charles Green Jr. and mother Tina Green is engaging more and more fans. Michael Greene has got three siblings Charles Green III, Jennifer Green, and Kimberly Green.

Now, the incredibly rich and famous videographer runs his own channel, KidBehindACamera that is basically a vlogging channel. Besides, on his channel, he also posts some random content. He had started filming in 2007. But unfortunately, the channel had to face termination. This happened due to the violation of the terms of service. Then, the top earning YouTuber Michael Greene again became popular with the Angry Grandpa show that leads to the development of the new channel KidBehindACamera.

In 2015 Michael also bought the new house. Angry Grandpa had stated that his son had bought him a house and he was too much in love with his son. This is where he had stated that every kid must do this for his family. Angry Grandpa had passed away on December 10th, 2017. This happened due to the cirrhosis of the liver. At that time, he was just 67.

But after his death, his kid had gone into depression. Out of this depression, 22 kilograms of the weight got added. Later on, he started positively managing the trauma. He had tweeted in November 2022 to his fans that he is in a very depressed condition.

KidBehindACamera Wiki details reveal that The Angry Grandpa show had started on June 19, 2010. According to the 2024 estimate, it has got over 4.56 million subscribers to date. On July 5th, 2011, he also started with KidBehindACamera, which has secured around 2.43 million subscribers.

On July 18th, 2011, Michael had started with another channel referred to as GrandpasCorner. The YouTube channel features Green uploading the cooking videos. With that, he has got 99K subscribers approximately.

The amazing talents that the talented and top earning YouTuber has presented as well as the KidBehindACamera net worth have got him recognition in the list of top YouTuber’s net worth.

In 2014 Greene had appeared in the short film Angry Grandpa: the movie. The September 19, 2018 diagnosis suggested that he had been suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Other than being active on YouTube, Michael Greene, popularly known as KidBehindACamera, is also active on similar social media accounts. Over the years, he has been active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. He is gaining plenty of fans around the world. He hasn’t got a nomination for any award yet, but his YouTube channel is rapidly growing. The unique talent that he shows makes him one of the famous social media personalities.

When the YouTube account was first suspended, he had moved to the other media platform He had continued when he had left off and had got his popularity back from YouTube.

Three years after the initial suspension, Michael and Charles also returned to YouTube. The video content type was the same. In a first video, Angry Grandpa had also been yelling at YouTube and officials for banning from the first platform. The video has become quite popular, and the comments from the fans were also highlighted.

The high paid and popular YouTuber had started continuing with similar videos where they were pranking each other. When the Angry Grandpa show’s popularity increased, Michael in 2011 started setting up his own channel. This is where he would upload more about the personal stuff. The first video started with an opinion on Casey Marie Anthony.

Eventually, he went on with uploading more videos to attract people to his channel. More focus was given on the personal videos. He has also mentioned how he had met his wife and similar other stuff.

The top earning YouTuber who has got millions of fans on YouTube channels has become a star. According to certain recent estimates, KidBehindACamera earnings are around $2000 a month. This is the amount he makes from his YouTube channel. In recent years Michael had started facing problems with the health.

Besides, in July 2020, he also shared a story regarding how he has to undergo surgery. He had been struggling with obesity for a long time and needs a lot of courage to fight it off.

The Second channel KidBehindACamera uploads similar content as that of the main channel. Content on the vlog, along with girlfriend, makes the content more engaging. He had started with the channel on July 5, 2011. Well-known videos are also there on the channel.

Some of the famous ones are “GRANDPA SMOKES CATNIP! (PRANK!)“, “Big Boy Upset Over WWE Royal Rumble 2014!“, “THE CARAMEL ONION PRANK,” and “GRANDPA WIPES OUT!“. YouTube channel GrandpasConer started on July 19, 2011, in the form of a vlogging account of The Angry Show.

KidBehindACamera family

Kidbehindacamera Family details mention that the his father is Charles Green Jr. His mother is Tina Green. Kimberly Pratt and Jennifer Green are his sisters. Charles Green III is the disowned brother.

KidBehindACamera contact details

The fame of the Youtuber has been earning him recognition and increasing the curiosity among the fans to learn more about the KidBehindACamera phone numberSome have also successfully contacted him via phone number. 

Social media account

Active social media account includes Instagram account @KidBehindACamera. The account has got more than 198 k followers. YouTube account TheAngryGrandpaShow has also received over 4.44 million subscribers. The second YouTube account, KidBehindACamera, is gaining recognition with 2.37 million subscribers. Twitter account @Lyricoldrap has also got over 312 k followers. Facebook channel @TheAngryGrandpa is gaining pace with 1 million followers.


What Is Kidbehindacamera Net Worth?

Kidbehindacamera Net Worth is around $7 million.

What is Kidbehindacamera New House Address?

In July 2015, Angry Grandpa had to give up living in a trailer in Creekside. He moved to his New House. Charlie had been living in one of the rooms at the house, spending time avoiding his father and playing his PlayStation 4. KidBehindACamera currently is residing in Summerville, South Carolina.

How Much Money Does Kidbehindacamera Make?

The KidBehindACamera earns around $840K to $960K a year from the advertisements on YouTube.

Where Does Kidbehindacamera Live?

KidBehindACamera currently is residing in Summerville, South Carolina.

What is Kidbehindacamera phone number?

Though there is no complete information available, the possibility is that number 843 737 1551 is the number.

How Old Is Kidbehindacamera Girlfriend?

Kidbehindacamera Girlfriend age is 40.

Are Bridgette And Michael Still Together?

You can spot Jennifer in the first video where Angry Grandpa has been telling her children that Santa is not real. You can spot her between 2010-2011 visiting the Green Household. You can spot her less in early 2012. Again, she became prominent in 2013.

How Old Is Kidbehindacamera?

Kidbehindacamera is 34 years old.

How Tall Is Kidbehindacamera?

Kidbehindacamera height is 5′ 3″ (1.60 m).

Where is the Kidbehindacamera house?

Kidbehindacamera house is in Summerville, South Carolina.

What is Kidbehindacamera Bridgette weight?

The details are NA.

What is the Kidbehindacamera address?

Kidbehindacamera address is Michael Greene, Summerville, South Carolina.

What happened to JC from Kidbehindacamera?

September 8, 2020 updates mention that he had been found living with Jennifer, awaiting a court date. Contrary to popular belief, JC wasn’t arrested.

Kidbehindacamera what happened to Tina?

After the prank was revealed to Grandpa, Tina complained about having to get Grandpa to buy her a new bra since he broke her only one during the struggle. She pranked Angry Grandpa in the video, Grandpa Kills Tina 8, comes over after Grandpa made cookies and eats one of the cookies.

Where does Kidbehindacamera work?

He acted as a musical artist under the alias Lyricold, bought a PlayStation 4 from a couple that won a Taco Bell contest.

Why can’t Kidbehindacamera drive?

Michael, popularly known as Kidbehindacamera does not drive, as he has a phobia of driving after getting in multiple car accidents.

How much does Kidbehindacamera weigh?

He weighs about 250 lbs.

How old is Kidbehindacamera sister?

She is 39 years old.

How old is Tina from Kidbehindacamera?

Tina Marie Sharp (A.K.A. Angry Grandma) was Angry Grandpa’s second ex-wife and the mother of all of The Green children. She was born on 4th January, 1964 and now is 59 years old.

How old is Kidbehindacamera daughter?

Mia Nicole Green (born November 1, 2019) is the daughter of Michael Green and Bridgette West and is 2 years old.

How old is Kidbehindacamera brother?

He is 40 years old.

Is Kidbehindacamera fake?

Fans who watched Michael Green AKA KidBehindACamera videos have made accusations about him clickbaiting, abuse, lying ETC.

Is Kidbehindacamera married?

Yes, they had announced getting married in 2019.

Is Kidbehindacamera dead?

No, he is alive and happy.

How rich is Kidbehindacamera?

He is rich enough as the Kidbehindacamera net worth is around $7 million.

Final words

KidBehindACamera is gaining amazing recognition and is building a good follower base. KidBehindACamera net worth is gradually increasing and is inspiring other YouTubers. So stays connected with us and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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