Fernanfloo Net Worth – Age, Income and Earnings Revealed

Fernanfloo Net Worth
Fernanfloo Net Worth

Fernanfloo Net Worth

Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado, better known by his nickname Fernanfloo, is a Salvadoran gaming YouTuber who has earned immense fame today.

2022 estimates suggest that the Fernanfloo Net Worth is around $7 million.

With over 8 billion views, more than 570 videos, and 40 million subscribers, the top gaming YouTube channel has become by now the 41st most-subscribed channel on YouTube, as well as the fourth most-subscribed in Spanish-speaking channels behind El Reino Infantil, Badabun, and Germán Garmendia.

Explore more about the Fernanfloo earnings, income, salary, career, and other details.

Fernanfloo real nameLuis Fernando Flores Alvarado
Fernanfloo Net Worth$7 million
Birthday7 July 1993
BirthplaceSan Salvador, El Salvador
Fernanfloo age29
Fernanfloo height1.86 m (6 ft 1 in)
OccupationYouTuber, streamer
Years active2011–present
GenreLet’s Play, Comedy, Vlog, Animation
What is Fernanfloo Net Worth?
What is Fernanfloo Net Worth?

Fernanfloo earnings, income, and salary

Fernanfloo, a popular Gaming channel on YouTube, was launched in 2011 and is based in El Salvador.

One common question among the viewers is:

How much does Fernanfloo earn? 

The streamer and YouTuber earn Fernanfloo monthly earnings of around $50K. That said, the Fernanfloo yearly earnings go around $600K. Most of the earnings are from streaming on YouTube as well as the Twitch career.

The monetized YouTube channel earns revenue by displaying. The YouTube channel earns between $3 to $7 for every one thousand video views.

In addition to that, he earns a good sum from sponsorships, collaborations, endorsements, and numerous other sources.

Fernanfloo girlfriend

Fernanfloo girlfriend
Fernanfloo girlfriend

Talking about his sexuality, Fernanfloo has identified himself as asexual and agnostic. The Fernanfloo relationship details don’t reveal any information about the Fernanfloo girlfriend.

YouTube details

Twitch information

  • Channel name: fernanfloo
  • Years active: 2018–present
  • Games: Fortnite

Creator Awards

The YouTuber has won multiple awards from YouTube. They’re as follows:

  • YouTube Silver Play Button 2014
  • YouTube Gold Play Button 2015
  • YouTube Diamond Play Button 2016

Early life and career

Born on 7 July 1993 in San Salvador, El Salvador, the rich and famous YouTuber, and streamer Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado has earned immense popularity in the gaming niche. Fernanfloo siblings details reveal that he has two brothers, Juan Flores Alvarado (older brother) and Diego Flores Alvarado (younger brother).

1 May 2011 estimates reveal that the high earning gamer, streamer, and YouTuber created their YouTube channel «Fernanfloo,» with his name as a combination of his Fernando Flores. 2015 updates reveal that Fernanfloo with BBTV launched an app called The Fernanfloo Game with over 2.3 million downloads within its first week of release. It also earned its position within 24 hours as number 1 in 17 countries.

2016 updates highlight that the high paid YouTuber was nominated for the 2016 MTV Millennial Awards in the categories of “Digital Icon of the Year,” losing to Sebastián Villalobos and “Master Gamer.”

July 2017 also reveals that Luis released his first book, a comic titled Curly Esta en Peligro, which means Curly is in Danger in English. The fictional book originated from his dog, who has also gained fame due to Luis, Curly. 2017 details regarding his career reveal he was again nominated for the 2017 MTV Millennial Awards, this time in the “Miaw icon of the year” and “Celebrity challenge” categories, losing to Juanpa Zurita and CD9, respectively.

In the same year, Fernanfloo participated in the Ecuadorian film Dedicada a mi Ex, briefly playing a waiter. The film was released on 8 November 2019 in Ecuador. Then he uploaded a video on 6 August, announcing the publication of his first book, a graphic novel titled Curly está en Peligro.

After disappearing for four months, he uploaded a video entitled “Se Acabó” (It’s Finished); he stated that: «Things are really going to change. You will not see many videos as there have been during these seven years that you they have accompanied me throughout this journey».

January 2019 highlights that he had announced his collaboration with game developer Capcom to have himself on the Resident Evil 2 remake.

2021 interview with Heyobi reveals that the top earning Youtuber and streamer Fernan explained the reasons for his withdrawal. 16 September 2021 updates reveal that the YouTuber Bambiel, known for his song titled “El Rap de Fernanfloo” (Fernanfloo’s Rap), collaborated with Fernanfloo. Together, they interpreted and published a Rap song entirely dedicated to the haters. The music video accumulated more than 4 million visits.

Fernanfloo, well known gaming YouTuber known for Gaming, Comedy, Vlogs & Animations, partnered with TGN, the gaming-centric brand within the BroadbandTV digital network. The collaboration boosted the Fernanfloo Net Worth. It helped Luis launch and update the successful App Store and Google Play Fernanfloo game app in December 2015 and July 2016.

The Start of the popularity 

Fernanfloo Biography highlights Fernando started his YouTube channel on May 1, 2011, as online alias, Fernanfloo. His first video was about dogs fighting like Jedis, parodying Star Wars. The high paid gamer and streamer later did sketches with his brother but did not get a cult following from these videos. 2012 highlights that he started to do gameplays of indie games.

2013 was the year when he started to do GTA V videos, gaining him a lot of popularity as well as the immense Fernanfloo Net Worth. It ranked him in the category of top YouTuber’s net worth. Later, he intended of doing a montage that became viral on YouTube, continued his YouTube career by doing sketches, vlogs, gaming along with doing animations, Q&As, and collaborating with special guests.

Moving on to Twitch also helped him a lot in acquiring fame. Between December 2017 and April 2018, Luis left his channel inactive for 4 months. But, again, on April 6th, 2018, he uploaded a video titled SE ACABO:’V, which in English would mean: IT’S OVER:’V. He had given the explanation regarding why he left his channel for four months, and there was a link leading to his first stream on Twitch.

This Livestream revealed that he was going to play Fortnite, and also he explained why he left his channel for 4 months. At a point, he was bored of making videos, and it took a lot of time. That is when he wished to switch to Twitch so he could Livestream the games he played on YouTube.

May 10th, 2018, reveals that he created a second channel called Fernan, and the first video on that channel was My first victory on Fortnite. The channel was basically for uploading highlights of some of his live streams on Twitch. September 2018 reveals that he uploaded another video on his main channel, being a Fortnite video, being followed by a video of Street Fighter V three months later.

January 14th, 2019 reveals that he uploaded a video of himself on his main channel playing Resident Evil 2 Remake. 2020 reveals that the top earning streamer and YouTuber uploaded four videos on the main channel, first a video of him playing the Dragon Ball GT theme song on the piano, being followed by a video of him reacting to a fan animation, then a video of Ninjala, and a Christmas special.


What Happened To Fernanfloo?

On the Livestream, he was going to play Fortnite, and before he explained why he left his channel for 4 months. Also, he had stated that he was bored of making videos, and it took a lot of time; he moved to Twitch so he could Livestream the games he would play on YouTube.

How Much Does Fernanfloo Make?

He makes a decent amount from his gaming career. In a month, he earns around 50K. That said, the Fernanfloo yearly earnings go around $600K.

Why Did Fernanfloo Stop Making Videos?

He hadn’t permanently stopped but had mentioned that he was super bored of making videos. He wished to establish a career in Twitch. This is why he stopped making videos for some time.

How Much Money Does Fernanfloo Make A Year?

He makes around $600K a year.

How Old Is Fernanfloo?

Fernanfloo age is 29 years.

What You Want Fernanfloo?

You can stream What You Want De Fernanfloo by jefersoncp on desktop and mobile.

Where Is Fernanfloo From?

Fernanfloo is From San Salvador, El Salvador.

Where Does Fernanfloo Live?

It seems like he still resides in San Salvador, El Salvador.

What Nationality Is Fernanfloo?

Fernanfloo nationality is Salvadoran.

Why Is Fernanfloo Famous?

Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado, better known by his nickname Fernanfloo, is a Salvadoran gaming YouTuber and has earned immense fame through online streaming.

What is Fernanfloo Net Worth?

Fernanfloo Net Worth as per our team’s latest findings is $7 million.

What is the Fernanfloo meme?

Fernanfloo dresses up meme template is available with mobile-friendly meme generator. Make Fernanfloo Dresses Up memes or upload your own images that will help to make custom memes. Fernanfloo Dresses Up is the reference to a series of two-panel memes based on two photographs of Salvadoran YouTuber Fernanfloo where he wears pajama pants.

What is Fernanfloo saw game?

Fernanfloo Saw Game serves as a point & click adventure game for Android where the role you hold is to help the popular youtuber to find his pet that has been kidnapped.

What is Fernanfloo Geometry dash?

MI PROPIO NIVEL #2 – Geometry Dash 2.0 | Fernanfloo is a famous YouTube.

What you want Fernanfloo?

What You Want de fernanfloo – YouTube is a popular video uploaded to YouTube.

How much money does Fernanfloo make?

In a month, the YouTuber makes around $50K. That said, from YouTube advertising revenue, he makes around $600K.

Final words

Fernanfloo Net Worth has been gradually increasing as the gamer and YouTuber is quite focused on his career. Share your opinion in the comments below. Also, stay tuned for further updates regarding similar gamers, streamers, and YouTubers who have earned immense recognition.


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