Karina Kurzawa Phone Number – Email, Address, Contact

Karina Kurzawa Phone Number
Karina Kurzawa Phone Number

Karina Kurzawa Phone Number

KarinaOMG, whose real name Karina Calor has risen to popularity as the rich and famous Canadian Roblox and Minecraft gamer and YouTuber who has found success on YouTube by posting content from games to her GamerGirl channel. 2024 estimates reveal that the Karina Kurzawa Phone Number is +1-905-721-XXXX. Karina Kurzawa, the top earning YouTuber and social media sensation, rose to prominence after sharing videos of herself playing Minecraft, Roblox, and other games on her GamerGirl YouTube channel.

Also, the YouTuber runs a self-titled YouTube channel where she uploads a range of content, including vlogs, pranks, challenges, and DIY. Karina, together with her siblings RonaldOMG and Aria, hosts the SIS vs BRO. Also, the high earning social media personality is active on TikTok and Instagram. Explore more about the Karina Kurzawa social media contact details.

Karina Kurzawa real nameKarina Calor
NicknamesKarinaOMG,GamerGirl, Karina Kurzawa
Karina Kurzawa Phone Number+1-905-721-XXXX
Karina Kurzawa WhatsApp Number+1-905-721-XXXX
Karina Kurzawa texting Number+1-905-721-XXXX
Karina Kurzawa House Address/ Karina Kurzawa residence addressKarina Kurzawa aka KarinaOMG, Owner GamerGirl, Toronto, Canada
Karina Kurzawa fanmail IDKarina Kurzawa, Canada
Karina Kurzawa email IDKarinaFunWith@gmail.com
Karina Kurzawa websiteSisvsbro.com
Residence LocationToronto, Cananda
FatherFred Kurzawa
SiblingsRonald Kurzawa , Aria Kurzawa
ProfessionYouTuber and Social Media Influencer
What is Karina Kurzawa Phone Number?
What is Karina Kurzawa Phone Number?

Karina Kurzawa social media profiles

The random searches for the Karina Kurzawa Phone Number have ranked the YouTuber in the category of top YouTuber’s contact details. Since it isn’t easy to get connected with 

via a phone call, it’s advisable to have a look at the Karina Kurzawa social media handles.

  • Twitter Address: gamergirlarcade
  • Instagram Profile: kurzawa_karina
  • TikTok: @karina_kurzawa
  • YouTube Channel: Karina Kurzawa, RonaldOMG, GamerGirl, SIS vs BRO

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Karina Kurzawa boyfriend 

Currently, Karina is single, and there has no information about her relationship. 

Early life and career

Born on March 23, 2007, in Canada, the top eraning youtube star launched her GamerGirl channel. But, before that, she began posting toy tutorials and reviews to her FUNwithKARINA YouTube channel in February 2016. The social media personality often goes through obstacle courses, or obbys, in her Roblox videos. “Going to Prison in an OBBY! Escape the Prison + Rob The Bank OBBY,” as a video, has earned over 20 million views.

Karina Kurzawa Family Life details reveal that she is the older sister of fellow YouTuber RonaldOMG. Also, Karina Kurzawa siblings detail reveal that she has a younger sister named Aria. They collaborate on a joint YouTube channel called SIS vs BRO. Karina Kurzawa father has had a YouTube channel called Freddy.

Karina Kurzawa, a well-known Canadian game streamer with highly searched contact details, made a name for herself by uploading Minecraft gaming videos on YouTube. Karina Kurzawa, at the age of 11, commenced her Youtube journey by launching a self-titled Youtube channel. Back then, it was known as FUNwithKARINA. She posted her debut Youtube video on 22 February 2016 titled ‘’How to make DIY Picture Frame | Easy Kids Crafts’’. The remarkable aspect of the video is that it collected millions of views. For four months, she was very active on her channel. However, June 2016 updates reveal that the rich and popular YouTuber and Internet personality stopped posting videos.

July 2018 updates again reveal that she came back to her channel to post a variety of content like DIY, makeup, fashion, and short videos. Some viral videos include ‘’doing something dumb at 2:13 am’’, ‘’How to make Nebula Galaxy Bottle’’, ‘’What I got for my 12th Birthday!!’’, ‘’I Quit My Summer Camp!’’, etc.

Karina owns another Youtube channel, GamerGirl, launched on 24 April 2016 that has gathered millions of subscribers for its gaming content, including Minecraft and Roblox. Some most-viewed videos include ‘’GETTING CAUGHT IN A TORNADO WITH RONALD!!!’’, ‘’Going to Prison in an OBBY! Escape the Prison + Rob The Bank OBBY’’, ‘’Hide and Seek with Ronald!’’, ‘’Escaping Grandma’s House OBBY!’’, and more.

Karina Kurzawa, the high earning YouTuber with the most searched phone number, extended her fan base on TikTok and has allured millions of followers on her Karina_Kurzawa-titled Tiktok account. What makes her popular include the lip-sync, dancing, and comedy content.

General lifestyle vlogs that she posts on her self-titled YouTube channel have also made her immensely famous. She is well known for her famous videos, including treetop walking and trying on her mother’s shoes as well as birthday gifts, to name a few.

‘Sis vs Bro,’ her most successful YouTube channel that she shares with her brother, posts different videos pertaining to challenges, questionnaires, and games. ‘Nighttime Routine!! School Day vs Weekend’ also has earned immense recognition as one of the best videos posted by the duo. ‘Pancake Art Challenge!!!,’ ‘Expectations vs Reality of having a Sibling,’ as well as ‘All Morning & Night Routines!!!!!’ are some of the trending videos that have garnered millions of views. Also, she and her siblings sell the merchandise through a website.

Karina Kurzawa Net Worth

The Canadian Youtuber and social media starlet Karina Calor has earned tremendous fame and income from the social media platforms. In this regard, it can be said that Karina Kurzawa Net Worth is around $1.6 million. Her major sources of income include brand endorsements and social media platforms. Youtube advertising revenue has earned her an immense income lately.


What Is Karina Kurzawa’s Phone Number?

Karina Kurzawa Phone Number, as per our latest findings, is +1-905-721-XXXX.

What is Karina Kurzawa Cell Phone Number?

Karina Kurzawa Cell Phone Number is +1-905-721-XXXX.

What is Karina Kurzawa Email Address?

Karina Kurzawa Email Address is KarinaFunWith@gmail.com.

What is Karina Kurzawa Real Phone Number?

Karina Kurzawa Phone Number is +1-905-721-XXXX. But the Karina Kurzawa Real Phone Number is NA to avoid privacy issues.

How Can I Contact Karina Kurzawa?

Contact Karina Kurzawa via Karina Kurzawa Phone Number +1-905-721-XXXX, Karina Kurzawa Email Address KarinaFunWith@gmail.com as well as the Karina Kurzawa social meida handles.

What is Karina Kurzawa Address To Send Mail?

Karina Kurzawa Address To Send Mail is Karina Kurzawa, Canada.

How Can I Get In Contact With Karina Kurzawa?

Get In Contact With Karina Kurzawa via Karina Kurzawa Phone Number +1-905-721-XXXX, Karina Kurzawa Email Address KarinaFunWith@gmail.com as well as the Karina Kurzawa social meida handles.

How To Email Karina Kurzawa?

Email Karina Kurzawa via Karina Kurzawa Email Address KarinaFunWith@gmail.com.

How To Contact Karina Kurzawa For Business?

Contact Karina Kurzawa For Business by sending her personal emails through Karina Kurzawa Email Address KarinaFunWith@gmail.com.

What is Karina Kurzawa Contact Info?

Karina Kurzawa Contact Info includes Karina Kurzawa Phone Number +1-905-721-XXXX, Karina Kurzawa Email Address KarinaFunWith@gmail.com as well as the Karina Kurzawa social media handles.

What is Karina Kurzawa Address For Letters?

Karina Kurzawa Address For Letters is Karina Kurzawa, Canada.

What Phone Company Does Karina Kurzawa Have?

The information is NA.

Where Does Karina Kurzawa Live?

She resides in Georgetown, Ontario.

Where Is Karina Kurzawa From?

Karina Kurzawa is From Toronto, Cananda.

What is Karina Kurzawa Fan Mail Address?

Karina Kurzawa Fan Mail Address is Karina Kurzawa, Canada.

What is Karina Kurzawa Snapchat ID?

karina (@karinaelle) is the Karina Kurzawa Snapchat ID

What is Karina Kurzawa Manager Name?

Karina Kurzawa Manager Name is NA.

Final words

Our team is trying their best to find out the Karina Kurzawa Phone Number real. If you have information regarding the same, share it with us in the comments below. Also, stay tuned for further updates.


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