Sailing Magic Carpet Net Worth – Maya & Aladino Earnings

Sailing Magic Carpet Net Worth
Sailing Magic Carpet Net Worth

Sailing Magic Carpet has earned popularity as a sailing YouTube channel that has been documenting sailing adventures, restoration endeavors, and life-changing moments in the lives of Maya and Aladino.

According to the 2024 estimates, Sailing Magic Carpet Net Worth is $900K. Explore the most recent updates regarding their earnings and other details about their life.

With her own boat to care for and sail, Maya’s love of sailing grew, and now she combines sailing with her love of music, art, and filmmaking to produce the Sailing Magic Carpet films. She has been a violinist since age 3, and she often keeps playing some live music for films.

Sailing Magic Carpet real nameMaya and Aladino
Net Worth$900K
BirthplaceAladino – Switzerland; Maya – Canada
HeightAladino – 5ft 9in; Maya – 5ft 4in
WeightAladino – 85kg; Maya – 58kg
NationalityAladino – Swiss/Italian; Maya – Canadian
ProfessionYouTubers and sailors
Sailing Magic Carpet
Sailing Magic Carpet

Estimated earnings from different streams

Sailing Magic Carpet monthly earnings, as per our findings from all the sources including YouTube, are around $12K to $18K. That said, Sailing Magic Carpet yearly earnings are around $144K to $216K.

Income generation streams

The sailing YouTube stars earn from varied sources and in the initial stage YouTube isn’t enough to yield a huge income. The revenue generation streams are as follows:

Income Generation StreamAmount Generated
YouTube Advertising Revenue (Sailing Magic Carpet)$8000 – $10000 per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$100 – $500 per post/ $300 – $1500 per month
Instagram Sponsorship Revenue (sailingmagiccarpet)$500 – $1000 per post
Products sales, sponsorships, brand endorsements and deals$1000 – $3000 per month
Subscriptions to their Patreon account$500 – $1000 per month
Paypal donations ($500 – $1000 per month

Lifestyle, Possessions and Expenses

The professional sailing YouTube personalities is always out on the seas. Yet, we believe that they own a family house in North Carolina.

Boat collection and Investment in sailing career

The high earning YouTuber and solo sailor owns expensive boats, including a Magic Carpet a 28ft Vindo sailboat. The pair launched her just a few days after they got married and began their travels around the Mediterranean, through Europe, and up to the Netherlands. Magic Carpet II is a Cape George 36, built in Port Townsend, WA, in 1982, a beautiful and seaworthy boat that just came in poor condition.

Maya and Aladino invested $20,000 in a 28ft Vindo sailboat. Besides, they also invest around $500-$5000 a year in making additional upgrades. The pair kept very basic budgets and did simple things to save most of their expenses. Also, the couple isn’t rich but works normal jobs to save up enough money to sail permanently.

YouTube details

  • Name of the channel: Sailing Magic Carpet
  • Joined on: 13 May 2018
  • Number of subscribers: 157K

Sailing Magic Carpet bio

Well known sailing influencers and YouTubers Sailing Magic Carpet Maya and Aladino have gained popularity for the YouTube channel that documents the sailing adventures of the couple.

Aladino bio

Aladino bio

Aladino, the nomadic boatbuilder of Swiss Italian origin, speaks 5 languages, so he’s more or less at home anywhere in the world. A professionally certified boatbuilder, Aladino loves the boatshed but prefers to be out on the water. Aladino is an extremely talented sailor, freediver, and spearfisher.

Maya bio

Maya bio

The Canadian artist Maya is a musician, artist, filmmaker, and sailor who has been the driving force behind the Sailing Magic Carpet channel. A writer at heart, Maya enjoys turning real-life adventures into a story to draw you in. Maya loves playing her violin in beautiful anchorages, clambering along beaches with a camera slung over her shoulder, as well as writing down new video ideas in a weather-worn notebook.

Career beginnings and present status

The sailing Magic Carpet website presents the pair Maya and Aladino’s love in cruising around the globe.

  • Boat Name

S/V Magic Carpet II is a 1982 Cape George 36. The boat has been currently going through an extensive refit process.

Magic Carpet I is their first boat together. Despite her name, she is only 28ft long. The boat has taken Maya and Aladino all around Europe — from Sicily to Sweden. The boat floats after a tragic accident that happened before she came to Maya and Aladino.

Magic Carpet II, a Cape George 36, built in Port Townsend, WA, in 1982, is a beautiful and seaworthy boat. It came to Maya and Aladino in poor condition and is undergoing a massive refit. When the work is done, the boat will be our bluewater boat to sail around the world.

  • Crew Members

Aladino, a Swiss/Italian, met Maya, a Canadian, and has been currently starring on Sailing Magic Carpet.

  • Location

The pair continued the boat renovation project in Port Townsend, WA, and United States. With their boat finished, Maya and Aladino are now sailing in Sweden and will work their way around the world, slowly but surely!

Before embarking on the restoration project, the pair had sailed Magic Carpet 1 throughout the Mediterranean.

The sailing YouTube couple have sailed the rugged coasts of Canada, the azure blue of the Mediterranean, the French Canals, and the seaside villages of Northern Europe.

Boatbuilding is also what they are in love with. So, the pair carefully craft vessels with an eye for tradition and elegance. Aladino presents his skills as a professionally trained boatbuilder shining in the refit films.

Also, Filmmaking is something they love. The films they create are carefully crafted with music, prose, cinematography, and humor to bring viewers there.

Maya and Aladino sailed Magic Carpet all throughout the Western Mediterranean, visiting France, Italy, and Spain. Maya and Aladino then went north to explore The Netherlands and the Baltic Sea.

One of Maya and Aladino’s most ambitious journeys yet was traveling through the entire continent of Europe via canals and rivers.

Magic Carpet II Refit guaranteed that it was time for Maya and Aladino to travel across oceans. Europe has been amazing, but they wished to go towards remote islands. Maya and Aladino needed a boat to get there. Magic Carpet II was built for this purpose. Maya and Aladino wished to begin by cruising the Canadian coastline and then setting off around the world.

Before owning boats, Aladino showed his love for bikes. While still in high school, Aladino did several long-distance bike trips around Europe, and when he graduated, he decided to fly himself and his bike over to Seattle, WA. That was when he decided to begin a long journey down the coast with the goal of getting all the way to the southern tip of South America, but he only made it as far as Mexico. There, Aladino met an older sailor and boatbuilder who changed his life.

Miguel was an American man who took Aladino under his wing and taught him how to sail. Growing up in Switzerland, Aladino never saw sailing as something reserved for the rich, but Miguel’s guidance helped Aladino see a different side of sailing: the liveaboard lifestyle, moving around the world with the wind, full-time travelers.

When Aladino returned to Switzerland, he enrolled as an apprentice boatbuilder. In the evenings, he began working on his own project: Magic Carpet I.

Canadian Musician, Filmmaker, and Sailor Maya’s sailing roots run deep. Sailing Magic Carpet Maya parents met on a tall ship during a voyage around the world. But Maya’s sailing aspirations started in high school, and then she learned to sail in local BC waters on board a small fiberglass keelboat.

Sailing Magic Carpet Maya education details reveal that in her second year of university, Maya’s life changed when she was gifted a gorgeous wooden sailboat for $1 under some very strange circumstances. Maya combines sailing with her love of music, art, and filmmaking to produce the Sailing Magic Carpet films.

  • How Maya and Aladino Met

Maya and Aladino met in the summer of 2017. Maya graduated with a four-year university degree in Canada and accepted a job on a tall ship in the Mediterranean. Aladino was also sailing around the Mediterranean on a little fiberglass boat with a friend.

When Maya met Aladino, she found him very special. Their boats were sailing to different places, but the two kept in touch, and when the summer season ended, Maya decided to go visit him in Switzerland.

On the first day in Switzerland, she texted my best friend back home in Canada: “I think I just met my future husband.”

Together, Aladino and Maya finished the refit on Magic Carpet I and set sail for the Mediterranean in 2018. Maya and Aladino began filming a few episodes just for fun, but neither had any idea how to make a film. They enjoyed storytelling, so Maya just stitched together a few iPhone shots over the top of a written narration.

People began to watch them, and that’s when the pair started learning more about filmmaking and invested in better equipment. Today, Maya and Aladino have been pursuing the Sailing Magic Carpet channel as their full-time job.

  • Tragedy to Triumph

In 2013, before Magic Carpet was a 28ft Vindo 32 belonged to Maya and Aladino, tragedy struck. In an accident at a boatyard, Magic Carpet ended up falling 20ft from a crane onto the concrete below, a total write-off. Magic Carpet’s keel was crushed, the entire transom blew out, the rudder was mangled, and there was a giant crack on her port side.

Aladino found Magic Carpet, saved her from the junkyard, and gave her a new life. Magic Carpet spent four years expertly rebuilding the hull and turning her into his masterpiece. During the last year of the restoration, Aladino and Maya met, and the two put together the last pieces of the restoration.

Aladino and Maya launched Magic Carpet in June of 2018 –just a few days after they got married- and took her through the French canals on a two-week journey to the Mediterranean.

After two Mediterranean seasons, Aladino and Maya decided to go north and underwent a massive journey through Europe via canals and rivers. The pair finally stepped the mast again in The Netherlands and enjoyed a season sailing there.

Magic Carpet I has been an incredible first boat together for Aladino and Maya, and the adventures aren’t done yet! Also, the pair stated that there’s still more European exploration to come.

Magic Carpet II, a Cape George 36, is a bluewater boat that can circle the globe with ease. Aladino and Maya bought Magic Carpet II sight unseen from halfway around the world during the first wave of COVID-19.

Family and Relationship details

Sailing Magic Carpet relationship

Regarding Sailing Magic Carpet family and relationship, we can say that Maya and Aladino are a married couple.


Where Is Sailing Magic Carpet From?

Sailing Magic Carpet Aladino is from Switzerland, and Maya is from Canada.

How Much Is Sailing Magic Carpet Worth?

Sailing Magic Carpet Net Worth is $900K.

How Much Does Sailing Magic Carpet Make?

Sailing Magic Carpet earns around $12K to $18K a month.

Final words

Aladino and Maya e plan to make videos documenting every aspect of the journey, from sailing the oceans to journeying down rivers to long days in the boatyard, with a focus on sailing, music, storytelling, and serenity. Aladino and Maya hope the videos they create inspire viewers to pursue their own dreams.

We are trying our best to find out further information regarding the YouTube star besides Sailing Magic Carpet Net Worth. Do stay tuned to receive further updates from us.


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