Sailing Nahoa Net Worth – Family, Ages, Earnings, Income

Sailing Nahoa Net Worth
Sailing Nahoa Net Worth

Sailing Nahoa Net Worth

Traveling YouTubers and sailors Ben Stobbart and Ashley Stobbart are lovely couple to sail their boat and go to different places by circumnavigating the world. They have been documenting their amazing journey through their YouTube channel, Sailing Nahoa.

In 2024, as per our team, Sailing Nahoa Net Worth is $900K. Explore the most recent updates regarding their earnings, lifestyle and other details.

Sailing Nahoa real nameBen Stobbart; Ashley Stobbart; Willa Stobbart; Their son Bodhi Stobbart
Net Worth$900K
BirthdayBen Stobbart – 1984; Ashley Stobbart – July 17, 1980; Willa Stobbart – 2020; Their son Bodhi Stobbart – 2022
BirthplaceBen Stobbart – Canada; Ashley Stobbart – Canada; Willa Stobbart – Canada; Their son Bodhi Stobbart – Canada
AgeBen Stobbart – 40; Ashley Stobbart – 43; Willa Stobbart – 4; Their son Bodhi Stobbart – 2
HeightBen Stobbart – 5ft 11in; Ashley Stobbart – 5ft 4in; Willa Stobbart – 40 inches; Their son Bodhi Stobbart – 33.5 inches
WeightBen Stobbart – 85kg; Ashley Stobbart – 62kg; Willa Stobbart – 15.42 kg; Their son Bodhi Stobbart – 11kg
ProfessionYouTuber and sailors
Sailing Nahoa
Sailing Nahoa

Financial aspects – earnings and income

Sailing Nahoa monthly earnings, as per our findings, are around $15K to $20K. That said, Sailing Nahoa yearly earnings are around $180K to $240K.

Sources of Income

The well paid sailing YouTube stars earn from varied sources as just earning from YouTube revenue isn’t enough to keep their life going. The income sources are as follows:

Income Generation StreamAmount Generated
YouTube Advertising Revenue (Sailing Nahoa)$5000 – $9000 per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$300 – $2000 per post
TikTok Advertising Revenue$50 – $100 per month
TikTok Sponsorship Revenue$100 – $500 per post
Instagram Sponsorship Revenue (sailingnahoa)$200 – $2000 per post
Marketing products (Sailing Nahoa merch store; Sailing Nahoa merch store – hats, men’s, women’s, kids, accessories, and all merch), brand endorsements, affiliate links (Precision Sail Loft, OceanRodeo, Steiner Optics and Brnkl) and sponsorships $2000 – $5000 per month
Patreon subscriptions ( – Deck Hand $2/video; Crew $5/video; Admiral $50/video)$200 – $3000 per month
PayPal donations$200 – $3000 per month

The email address for General Inquiries is

Possessions and Expenditures

The professional sailing YouTube personality owns family but not their persona, which is houses in Canada.

Boat collection and Investment in sailing career

The high earning YouTubers own expensive boats, including a 2005 Lagoon 410.

After the loss of Ashley’s father, the pair Ben and Ashley worked hard, invested, and sacrificed plenty for seven years to afford their catamaran; in this regard, the boat cost approximately $320,000 and required additional work to be cruiser-ready.

YouTube Stats

  • Name of the channel: Sailing Nahoa
  • Joined on: 13 Jun 2012
  • Number of subscribers: 400K+

Sailing Nahoa bio

Sailing Nahoa bio

Well known sailing influencers and YouTubers Ben Stobbart and Ashley Stobbart from Sailing Nahoa have established themselves as known Video creators and Modern day explorers who have completed 1st circumnavigation and are now building an expedition catamaran for the next lap.

Sailing Nahoa official website,, presents Ashley as a Logistics coordinator, yogi, mother, and cheerleader. She is in charge of researching the next destinations, taking the helm, and ensuring the meals keep flowing. Ashley Stobbart, a famous YouTube Star from Canada, was born on July 17, 1980, in Canada. The Canadian YouTuber is known for documenting her family’s adventures as they sail around the world on a catamaran.

Ben, her husband, has established himself as a Self-taught mechanic/plumber/electrician/video editor & more; he’s also crazy about fishing.

Willa has been known for holding the camera when mom & dad are wrestling a big fish & ensuring her little brother stays in the cockpit when the seas are too big.

Bodhi spent more time at sea than on land and has been quickly learning the ropes & acquiring new skills, including falling asleep in a gale while getting airborne in his front berth.

Career Beginnings and present status

After University, the two went down the typical path, and life was extremely predictable. Mortgaged to the hilt with the first townhome, Ashley flew overseas for software implementations. Moving up the corporate ladder, Ben built up his software consulting agency. They were good, but something was missing, and they didn’t want a life where they were just owning a house and a few toys.

For the next decade, they hustled, scrounged, and sacrificed, saved every penny, quit their jobs, and sold up the house, car, and most of their possessions to embark on a life-changing trip that would change them forever.

The pair bought the boat and sailed off into the sunset, a magical first year.

  • Boat

Sailing Nahao, previously named Marheva. Nahao is a 2005 Lagoon 410, it often isn’t considered a blue water cruising catamaran, but it’s the best for the charter market. Ben and Ashley have made it work for their cruising adventures.

Nahao has had many upgrades, including Code Zero and Main Sail, 1200w of solar panels + D400 mount, 3000W Victron inverter, Iridium Go + Antenna, Badelf GPS puck + iPad for navigation, New Hardtop custom-made by Just Catamarans, New Dacron Sailbag which Ashley made herself, 10ft Inflatable Dingy with 15hp outboard.

  • Crew Members

Ben, Ashley, Willa, and their son Bodhi Stobbart are the members of the boat.

  • Location

Sailing Nahoa crew are in Africa, but the boat Nahao has been sailed extensively to Venezuela, North America, The Panama Canal, Columbia, Papua New Guinea, The South Pacific (Coconut Milk Run), Indonesia, and New Zealand.

  • Collaborations

Though Sailing Nahao hasn’t collaborated with any YouTube channels, it has a close connection with Sailing Zatara.

Nahoa is floating and is in better shape than she’s ever been, and the duo has been starting the second half of circumnavigation. Things are lining up to be an epic few years as they decided to sail across the Indian Ocean and around the Cape of Good Hope.

They proudly say that they have a responsibility as explorers, especially those who make videos, to show viewers the World as they encounter it and how it exists.

Personal Life: Family and Relationship

Sailing Nahoa family and relationship

Regarding the Sailing Nahoa family and relationship, we can say that Ben and Ashley Stobbart are married. Sailing Nahoa children are Willa Stobbart and their son Bodhi Stobbart.


Where Is Sailing Nahoa From?

Sailing Nahoa is from Canada.

How Much Is Sailing Nahoa Worth?

Sailing Nahoa Net Worth is $900K.

How Much Does Sailing Nahoa Make?

Sailing Nahoa earns around $15K to $20K a month.

Final words

The incredible crew of SV NAHOA: Ben, Ashley, Willa, and Bodhi are a Canadian family hailing from Victoria, BC, and have been presenting to the viewers an awe-inspiring global sailing adventure. Over five years, they’ve explored 35 countries and covered an impressive 40,000 nautical miles to reveal the world as they encounter it, without judgment but with understanding and openness to diverse ideas.

Sailing Nahoa has become successful on YouTube by creating genuine content that takes its audience to beautiful places. We are trying our best to find out further information regarding the YouTube star besides Sailing Nahoa Net Worth. Do stay tuned to receive further updates from us.


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