Ice Poseidon Net Worth – Income, Girlfriend, Twitch Ban and Controversies

Ice Poseidon Net Worth
Ice Poseidon Net Worth

Ice Poseidon net worth

Paul Denino, is the real name of an American social media star. He is proving to be one of the most famous YouTubers. He live streams his videos on the YouTube channels. According to the estimates of 2021, Ice Poseidon net worth is approximately $ 250 thousand.

Real namePaul Denino
Ice Poseidon net worth$ 250 thousand
LocationUnited States
Profession         YouTuber

Paul Denino, with his popular name Ice Poseidon, is famous for live vlogs, travel, adventure, and gaming. The personality is trending on Instagram and Twitter as well.

Ice Poseidon
Ice Poseidon

YouTube Stats

  • Channel name: Ice Poseidon
  • Joined on: 22 Nov 2013
  • Number of views: 84,238,049 views
  • Subscribers: 750K subscribers

Born on September 29, 1994, Ice Poseidon is a famous American YouTuber from Florida, United States. He is the son of Michael Denino and Enza Denino.

From his childhood, he wanted to learn finance. But, later, he switched to become a social media influencer. That said, with his chosen path, he is doing great in the present. Ice Poseidon had always proved himself as a significant twitch collaborated streamer personality. In the year 2015, he acquired fame for live streaming Run escape. He did so with his pseudo name being Ice Poseidon. At 12, he gave the name Ice Poseidon to himself. Live streaming had made him famous.


Though he loves embracing the controversies, yet nothing could stop him from securing his position in the list of the high-paid YouTuber’s net worth. Denino earns from sponsors and his affiliate network with the eSports organization NRG. Besides, he makes money from streaming on Mixer and Twitch. Advertisements on his YouTube channel also give him revenue of about $180,000. Ice Poseidon income ranges between $ 31.5K and $ 189K a year.

Ice Poseidon salary of $270 is consistently increasing. That said, Ice Poseidon yearly earnings are around $100,000 yearly. Through gifts, Ice Poseidon earns roughly $5k to $20k consistently. Ice Poseidon monthly earnings suggest an average of $5,000 – $20,000 per month.

How much money does Ice Poseidon earn from his YouTube channel?

The estimated revenue is $300 per day from the ads and the viewers watching them. Income through donations during the stream is also a common source of his income. Average of $5,000 – $20,000 per month is a part of Ice Poseidon net worth. Once, he could make $5,000 in donations overnight.

Twitch Ban

Twitch has banned Ice Poseidon several times. Denino had the freedom of streaming in their IRL section debut. The live session gave him restrictions. This event had happened when he allegedly revealed the cellphone number of a woman. He also faced the third restriction for 45 days.

Controversial YouTuber

Tour in Europe marked a tabloid talking about him being kicked out of hotels. Besides, he is quite infamous for violating rules and regulations. The majority of the twitches have banned him for the habit of uploading the clips of swatting.

On November 3, 2016, he had faced a ban as a result of Twitch viewer California exploiting the word filter on text-to-speech donations.

On April 27, 2017, there was a false claim that Paul was carrying a bomb to Phoenix. Internet streamer Denino was removed from the plane. Twitch banned his account the next day. Denino stated in a YouTube video that the ban was due to location reveal at the airport.

Controversy had started regarding this matter where some believed his ban was unjustified.

Personal details- relationship, divorce, new girlfriend

Ice Poseidon had once got married to Carolina Burt. But, he got divorced from her due to unclear reasons. In January 2018, a big fuss had started about ending his relationship with Caroline. In 2019, fans started spotting Denino dating Kimberly.

The worst part is that he went on presenting Caroline as the ‘siphon’ to remove him from the stream. Some also say that he allegedly faked separation. Some even speculate that he secretly is observing Caroline.


Denino moved to California to follow his Twitch career. He wanted to take it as a full-time career. Today, he is one of the most amazing live streamers. He got this recognition after his IRL genre.

Introduction to RuneScape by a neighbor exposed him to the fantasy massively multiplayer online arena. The arena is the role-playing game by Jagex. After consulting a random-name generator, the YouTuber took to the character Ice Poseidon. RuneScape live streams have always been an inspiration.

Streams initially involved closing doors on players who had been struggling to train the Prayer skill. He had also been to streaming with a broken earplug. Pranking players, playing Trihard song requests, staking gold are some of his hobbies. As a vlogger, he has got over a huge number of subscribers on YouTube channels.

On August 1, 2019, he had started with his passion for streaming on the streaming platform Mixer by Microsoft. He had even asked Mixer $2 million for the development of a potential partnership. And, the exact message had been- “Hello, Microsoft. I’m streaming on your little baby platform, and you’re giving out USD$50 mil contracts to these basic streamers to boost your views by 2%.”Paul went on saying,” Give me USD$2 mill, and I’ll do a lot more than 2%.” It’s a well-known fact that the YouTuber has been rude oftentimes. Regardless of such aspects, he currently has 1,000 viewers on his Mixer streams.

Paul had also been into streaming other games like Quiplash, Outlast, and Stanley Parable.

Edgy refers to his live streams. He likes the idea of meeting with his viewers. He loves engaging them with his attractive “text-to-speech” version. He does so by taking the assistance of stream spinning. Undying controversies about Ice Poseidon are the reason behind his fame as well. Controversies due to bullying are common about him. Booming fame is mainly a result of his career as a live streamer. He dedicates most of his time to come out of the controversies.


  • Ice Poseidon is an eminent live streamer and a professional collaborator with Twitch.
  • Ice Poseidon has been exposed to several controversial matters due to his bullying nature.
  • The platform has ended up banning him several times.
  • Becoming a social media influencer hasn’t been that easy for him.
  • Rolling Stone has given Paul the name “pioneer ‘life streamer.’”
  • A panic attack on stream had sent him to hospital.

Follower highlights:

Instagram Followers       53.8K

Twitter Followers            190K

YouTube Subscribers       749K

Awards and Achievements

Ice Poseidon was nominated for the Golden Gnome Award 2016. He has proved himself as the genuine competitor for the Esport Industry Awards for “Streamer Of The Year” 2017.


Despite сrіtісіѕmѕ, Dеnіnо is always engaging fans with nеw аttrасtіvе ѕtуles to grab the public attention. Om the other hand, from some fans, he has got exceptionally impressive and extraordinary accomplishments. Troublesome youth, marking endless battle against power, has been a part of his life. But, he is proving himself as the revolutionary YouTuber to add more amounts to his incredible Ice Poseidon net worth.


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