Desi Banks Net Worth (2024)- Wife, Earnings, Income, Wiki

Desi Banks Net Worth
Desi Banks Net Worth

Desi Banks Net Worth

2024 estimates suggest that Desi Banks Net Worth is $5 million. Explore the most recent updates regarding the Desi Banks earnings, income, salary, assets, expenditures, career and other details.

Desi Banks, the well known American Actor and Entertainer, has earned immense recognition over the years as one of the most eminent acting personalities performing on social media.

Desi Banks real nameDesi Terrell Banks, Jr.
Desi Banks Net Worth$5 million
Birthday9 May 1993
BirthplaceAtlanta, GA
Desi Banks age30
Desi Banks height6′feet 1″ inch (169 cm)
Desi Banks weight90 kg
Occupationactor, comedian, YouTuber and digital genius
Desi Banks
Desi Banks

Desi Banks earnings, income, salary

So, it can be said that Desi Banks YouTube channel generates $40K in ad revenue every month. The Desi Banks yearly earnings are around $480K. Additional revenue sources include sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales.

Desi Banks Net Worth has got the massive boost. Desi Banks income source reveals that there are separate revenue sources that earn him immense income.

Sources of Income

The actor, comedian, YouTuber and digital genius earns from varied sources as follows:

Occupation as actor, comedian

The artist mainly earns a huge amount from acting and comedic career amounting to $20K every month.

Desi Banks, an American multi-talented actor, comedian, and computer wizard, who quickly rose to stardom, has cemented as one of the most powerful influences of his generation. Desi Banks, most known for his pranks and comedy skits videos, earns up to $116.71 thousand from the different social media platforms. 

Social media star and influencer Desi Banks has revealed that the prime source of income is his standup comedy, paid promotions, and YouTube Ad revenue. 

YouTube advertising revenue 

Fans keep asking: How Much Money Does Desi Banks Earn On YouTube?

YouTube content creators based in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia earn $2 – $12 per 1000 monetized views after YouTube takes its cut.

As a comedic content creator, Desi Banks earns a good amount of revenue from YouTube.

Google Preferred allows deep-pocketed companies to target ads in the top 5% of most popular content. The YouTubers generate extra from YouTube Red viewers who pay a monthly fee to view premium content on YouTube plus watch videos without ads.

Marketing products, brand endorsements, and sponsorships 

YouTubers rarely earn from one source of income. The well paid YouTuber promotes his own products, accepts sponsorships, or generates revenue with affiliate commissions. From brand endorsements and sponsorships, he earns around $5K a month.

Why we are so sure about the information we have stated is for the reason that the amount is calculated through the combination of our robust methodology, data collection, and algorithm. Editors and industry professionals review them before publishing so that there is no false information for our readers.

Lifestyle, Assets, and Expenditures

The YouTuber owns a luxurious house in Atlanta, GA.

Car collection

Desi Banks has been driving some of the best vehicles, and each of them looks pretty expensive. One of the popular cars that he drives is Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS. Also, he has lately uploaded a hilarious video to YouTube, How Dudes Be When They Get They car Broken Into!

Desi Banks wife and family

Desi Banks wife
Desi Banks wife

Desi Banks relationship updates suggest that he is a married man. Desi Banks children updates suggest that he has a child, Desi Banks ll. Banks’ fans are curious to know regarding the Desi Banks girlfriend. Candace B Harris has revealed that she is not in an open relationship.

However, she had been rumored to be romantically involved with Desi Banks. And Then We Had S** with B. Simone & Desi Banks is a popular YouTube video by On-Ear Network that sparked rumors stating that Desi Banks and B. Simone were dating.

Regarding his personal life, we can say that Desi is currently living a low-key life. The Instagram star keeps his personal details away from the media.

Although not much information is available on Desi Banks father, the details regarding Desi Banks mother is that Monique Murray is a nurse who finished her graduation while Banks was still in college.


Desi Banks, an Afro-American Youtuber popular for his comedy and prank videos, initially started his journey with social media and then became a Youtuber star.

Desi Terrell Banks, Jr., who is well known as Desi Banks, has been writing, performing, and producing comedy for over four years.

Desi Banks, the renowned Actor, and Entertainer from Atlanta, GA, chose the path to becoming one of his generation’s top rising stars. Over the years, he had honed the skills that could help him become what he is today. Desi Terrell Banks, Jr., the top earning actor, comedian, and digital genius, became immensely famous lately and had been drawing the attention of fans. Quick rise to fame has solidified him as one of the most influential influencers.

Desi has the innate ability to relate to audiences that helped him a lot to grow his fanbase exceeding over 4 million followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


  • Channel name – Desi Banks
  • Joined on – 15 Dec 2014
  • Number of subscriber – 2.50M+

Early life and career 

The Afro-American Youtuber popular for his comedy and prank videos was born on 9 May 1993 in Atlanta, GA and raised by a single parent. Desi Banks mother was a nurse at Emory University Hospital, and the star shares a very close relationship with his mother.

The renowned social media star completed his high school education at Cedar Grove High School. Later on, he went to Georgia State University, where he did his higher studies and received a degree in sociology. 

Desi Terrell Banks, Jr started a comedic career from the time he was 5 years old. Desi Banks initially gained fame for posting humorous short clips and acting skills. 

The high-earning Actor and Comedian Desi Banks had started initially entertaining the fans as the eminent stand-up comedian and an influencer. Desi Terrell Banks, Jr., known by his stage alias, Desi Banks, was born on 9 May 1993 in Atlanta, GA. He started his journey from the platform Vine App and soon became famous as a comedian and made content for around 1 minute short videos.

Desi Banks, the high paid YouTuber, always dreamed of being in movies and producing his films, and he had been starring with other actors. The top paid actor and YouTuber Desi Banks graduated from Georgia State University.

Desi, a digital genius, has attracted the audience through his videos and chooses the topic that is trending or having issues associated with it.

Desi Terrell Banks, Jr., popularly known as Desi Banks, has become the best Actor, Comedian, Instagram Star, YouTube Star, and digital genius among the young generation.

Desi Terrell Banks, Jr. had taken into consideration the unique idea that could help him refine his skills and helped him become one of the most excellent top rising stars on social media. The immense Desi Banks net worth has drawn the attention of the fans to learn more about him.

Also, it is his unique content that helps him a lot to connect with audiences on social media. In the initial stage, he started taking the assistance of the Vine app as there he posted short videos for getting a large number of views, and over the years, his earnings earned rapid growth. That said, Bank started posting the same content on Instagram, which gave him the publicity.

When the Vine app grew, Twitter helped to scoop it up for around $30 million, changing its strategy and making significant content that could be highly favorable for Youtube Channel. Then Desi Banks shifted to making small content videos on Youtube. Most popular Youtube video, “When Your Friend Fresh Out Of Jail, ” with around 4.9 million views, has been one of the major reasons that he has listed in the category of top Youtuber’s net worth.

After trying the vine app and Youtube, Desi started refining his skills in the field of Stand up comedy and did a few tours, including “Fresh Off of the 30 cities” and “You’re My Boyfriend” tours with B.Simone.

Desi Banks Wikipedia suggests that Banks, from an early age, had a passion for acting, so he wished to open a production house. Later he opened a Desi Banks Production that presented the capability of producing over 2000 original videos till now, and the production house offers other creators to showcase talents in creating content.

In addition to the YouTube career, Desi Banks pursued a career in acting as well and has received positive responses from viewers. The role in the movie Flexin was praised by critics. He has scored other roles like in Love By Chance, where he played the role of Dante. Love By Chance turned out to be Desi’s big breakout role and earned him lots of recognition. The movie represents two South Africans aspiring to work in the show business of America. The movie tackled them dealing with the rejection and problems that come with working in an already busy Hollywood.

Desi Banks acted in films like Strangers With Memories, Daddy’s Home, and Louisiana 1961. One of his latest films, Little, was a comedy film, and he co-starred with well-known actor Regina Hall. Desi branched out to start a production company under his name. Also, the YouTuber has earned recognition for creating writing opportunities for actors and equipping them with a platform to advertise their creative content to the public.

The money he has earned has also attained the immense figure due to the partnerships with companies in the sport, fashion, and music. both as a professional and regular Youtuber; he has earned immense recognition. 

The  Desi Banks website shares insightful details regarding the high-paid celebrity. Desi Banks, an actor and producer, is known for Love by Chance (2017), Little (2019), and BLOOM (2019).

The short film “Flexin” presented Desi as cast as a lead role, and after watching his acting level, the producers also chose him as the cast in the movie “Love By Chance” as a Supporting Role.

Desi Banks Cast 2019 updates highlight that Desi was a part of the movie “Little.” What made him quite popular is that his co-stars were Regina Hall and Issa Rae, all of who were working under the banner Will Packard Production film.

Desi Banks social influence helped him get the opportunity of making the best arrangement for a social campaign of a vast brand partnership like TikTok and Google Pixel.

During his childhood days, Banks was also an avid football player and used those techniques while working.

Desi Banks today has been competing with big names in the industry as the rich and famous American Instagram star, YouTuber, and comedian best known for uploading pranks, challenges, reactions, comedy videos, and vlogs. Massive follow-up fans on his other social media platforms, in addition to YouTube, are something that is making him immensely popular today. Stand-up performances Fresh off the 30 cities and You’re My Boyfriend Tour with B.Simone helped him demonstrate his variety and range to audiences.

Desi Banks started his YouTube channel on 371k and uploaded his first video on Mar 16, 2015, with the video “Lil Johnny at his auntie/babysitter house.” Since then, the actor and eminent YouTuber has been uploading various pranks, reactions, comedy videos, challenges, and vlogs.

Vine and Instagram comedian Desi Banks was professionally signed by the famous CAA talent agency in 2021. commercial for Google that featured T-Pain and Normani in 2021 also boosted his engagement.

Desi Banks and B.Simone

Desi Banks and B.Simone started a YouTube channel, The B.Simone and Desi Show. B Simone, a comedy YouTuber and businesswoman, assisted him a lot throughout the initial career stage.

Collaborating on personal YouTube and Instagram videos helped the duo attain immense fame. Desi Banks also appeared on a small chat show with B Simone. The two had a partnership together, and Desi has even gone on to tour with B Simone. Desi has also gone on to headline comedy shows. 

Desi Banks Gender Reveal

How It Be At Gender Reveals! ft @yesimprettyvee is one of the best videos by Desi Banks that was posed to YouTube on 09-Jul-2021.

Desi Banks controversy

Desi Banks and B. Simone, both of who are popular online comedians, were the recipients of major social media backlash when the pair spoke out about their thoughts on the Black Lives Matter protests.

May 29 updates highlight that Bank’s tweeted out, “If you want to change in America register to vote.” 

The tweet had been responsible for causing mass chaos when many users pointed out that the statement is shallow, ignorant, and not at all appropriate to say.

After the mass criticism regarding his tweet, Banks responded with a video on his social media accounts explaining how he believed that there’s more that can be done.

B. Simone spoke out about how she believed that rioting was not the best way for handling the anger felt after the death of George Floyd. Also, they stated that people should not be complaining about how others decide to support the cause.

Some users, in response, pointed out the hypocrisy of Simone’s thoughts on the rioting versus the actions of the actual Jesus Christ. Her tweet had some validity, alluding to stereotypes of angry Black women who came across as poor to many.

Simone posted a photo on Instagram where the caption stated that she apologized and explained what she meant by the tweet. She was angry herself and stated, “What we do with that anger is what makes the difference. I don’t want you to think I’m not gonna be on the front line, and I’m just gonna sit in the house and pray all day! We need both!”

There was a huge misunderstanding regarding their point of view.


How Old Is Desi Banks?

Desi Banks age is 30 years.

What Is Desi Banks Real Name?

Desi Banks Real Name is Desi Terrell Banks, Jr.

How Much Is Desi Bank Worth?

Desi Banks Net Worth as per our latest findings is $5 million.

Who Is Desi Banks?

Desi Banks, the well known American Actor and Entertainer, has earned immense recognition over the years as one of the most eminent acting personalities performing on social media.

Where Is Desi Banks From?

Desi Banks is From Atlanta, GA.

How Much Does Desi Banks Charge?

Desi Banks tickets start at $35.00, but the prices are varied based on the date of the show seat selection, alongside other factors.

How Much Does Desi Banks Weigh?

Desi Banks Weight is 90 kg.

Who Is Desi Banks Signed To?

Rich and famous Actor, comedian, and social media personality Desi Banks has signed with CAA for representation.

Who Is Desi Banks Wife?

Candace B Harris has revealed that she is not in an open relationship. However, she had been rumored to be romantically involved with Desi Banks.

Who is Desi Banks Child?

Desi Banks children updates suggest that he has a child, Desi Banks ll.

Where is Desi Banks House?

Desi Banks House address is Desi Banks, Atlanta, GA, USA.

What State Does Desi Banks Live In?

Desi Banks Live In Atlanta, GA, USA.

Who Is Desi Banks Real Baby Mama?

When Your Baby Mama Have To Move With You! is a video that highlights the Desi Banks Real Baby Mama.

Who Does Desi Banks Date?

Candace B Harris has been rumored to be romantically involved with Desi Banks.

How Much To Book Desi Banks?

Desi Banks tickets start at $35.00, but the prices are varied based on the date of the show seat selection, alongside other factors.

Did Desi Banks Play Football?

Yes, Desi Banks Play Football. Desi Banks arrived at Cedar Grove High School and, over the years, focused more on basketball, baseball, and football.

What is Desi Banks And Candace Harris Relationship?

Candace B Harris has mentioned it that she does not believe in open relationship. However, she had been rumored to be romantically involved with Desi Banks.

Why Is Desi Banks Cancelled?

“Desi Banks Is Canceled” turned out to be the Twitter trend on May 30 after the comedian posted a controversial meme during the protests over the death of George Floyd. The controversial meme highlights Dr. Martin Luther King marching with other civil rights campaigners marching.

Is B Simone Dating Desi Banks?

And Then We Had S** with B. Simone & Desi Banks is a popular YouTube video by On-Ear Network that Desi Banks and B. Simone were dating.

Final words

The journey of Desi Banks to become an actor and comedian started when he was 5, growing up on the east side of Atlanta. The success and the high Desi Banks net worth are a result of the efforts that he has always put in his career. As a teenager, he was introduced to the comedy world by Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy by Banks ‘ grandmother. Desi Banks arrived at Cedar Grove High School and, over the years, focused more on basketball, baseball, and football.

Later, comedy took a back seat. Today, he is a well-known personality on social media who is drawing the attention of viewers around the globe. Share your opinion regarding the comedian in the comments below. Also, stay tuned for the further updates.



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