Zion Williamson New Girlfriend 2024 – Breakup, Full story (Latest)

Zion Williamson Girlfriend
Zion Williamson Girlfriend

Born on 6-7-2000, Zion Williamson was born in Salisbury, North Carolina. The Zion Williams net worth updates suggest that the star Zion Williamson had made an $8 million fortune. Being a star athlete, Zion Williamson is quite a in demand.  That said, being such a star makes one vulnerable to a broken relationship. The same incident has happened at some point in life with Zion Williamson. This is the reason why people are curious to know about Zion Williamson’s girlfriend, according to the 2024 update. So, let us get started with the discussion.

Who is Zion Williamson dating in 2024: Concise details regarding his girlfriend

Relationship statusNo more dating presently. But, had been dating(Since 2018)
Current Girlfriend of Zion Williamson      None
Ex-girlfriendTiana White
Has any kids?No
Zion Williamson
Zion Williamson

What about the love kind of relationship with Tiana White?

The NBA prodigy had been dating his high school girlfriend. This was the decision that he had made before his commitment to Basketball. Now, as the problems had started, the big question is who is Zion Williamson girlfriend?

Who is Zion Williamson Girlfriend 2024?

As of the latest 2024 update, Zion is single. He has broken up with his long-time girlfriend, Tiana. Besides, he has also stated how he is relishing his single relationship status. He is also into the open dating life. He doesn’t reveal much about the personal life. But, his professional life is flourishing. He is also looking forward to Power Forward for New Orleans Pelicans. Zion Williamson has recently teamed up with Nike AirJordan.

Zion Williamson Girlfriend Tiana White: the High School Sweetheart

The NBA prodigy reports suggest that he had dated a girl, Tiana White. They had been to the same high school, and they had been the sweetest couple. The amazing part of the dating history is that they had been on prom date together. His then-girlfriend, Tiana had been an athlete at high school. She had also been a cheerleader. That said, they used to share similar interests and fell in love.

How did they open up about the relationship?

The pair had been clear about the relationship. Officially, they had confirmed it via Instagram live. The video shows us how White asked if Zion has a girlfriend or not. Then, it came up with the rhetorical question, Do I? He did so with a smile. They had gone on with following each other on social media. The worst part is that they don’t follow one another anymore. Right after high school, Zion had went on drafting to New Orleans Pelicans.

Zion Williamson snapchat UNC cheerleader

Zion Williamson Accusation of Sending Thirsty Snapchat to a UNC Cheerleader revelations suggest Zion Williamson had been caught up with accusation of sending thirsty Snapchat to a UNC Cheerleader. These had caught up Zion into controversy regarding the slid into a girl’s dm. Zion at that time had been waiting in hotel room. Zion Williamson had been going on with all such thirsty Snapchat to that girl. Zion had been waiting in his hotel room. With that, he had been going on with thirsty Snapchat to a girl. The dirtiest part is that he had been captioning as ‘I have a big room, come sleep with me.’

Zion Williamson girlfriend- the highlight shows how they broke up Due to Long Distance

Maintaining a long-distance relationship turns out to be painful. The news suggested that Williamson only spent one season at Duke before he moved on from that disastrous point. Again, the bad news was that the pair had started to stay away from each other. The long-distance relationship between Zion and Tianna made the relationship fall apart.

The pair had deleted photos of White and Williamson from social media. This act confirms that they are not dating. The Instagram handle of Tiana is private.  With this issue, there are rumors regarding linkups with celebs. In early 2019, rumors started that Zion had been hooking up with actress Peyton List. Speculations had also started on a larger scene when Zion shared a cozy picture with Peyton. The caption was so enticing-“It was dope meeting a Disney ⭐, thanks for supporting the Blue Devils.”

Who is Tiana White?

Tiana White, a member of the Spartanburg High School’s cheerleading squad, is also an eminent member of the volleyball team. She had been in the track and field team. Her Instagram suggests that she is attending Wofford College. She is a part of the class of 2023.


Who is Sharonda Sampson?

Sharonda Sampson, the mother of Zion Williamson an American professional basketball player for the New Orleans Pelicans of the National Basketball Association, was an athlete.

Who is Zion Williamson step dad?

Lee Anderson is Zion’s step-father and has been with Zion since he was only four. What makes the relation even better is that Zion acknowledged an Instagram post during Father’s Day, 2018. Zion had also given thanks and appreciation to both fathers.

Does Zion Williamson have a girlfriend?

The NBA prodigy reports mention that Zion Williamson had dated a girl, Tiana White.

Final words

We’ve stated details regarding how much is Zion Williamson worth. You’ve got the concise details about Zion Williamson girlfriend and the present status of his life. If you want further updates, stay tuned with us.


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