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Zach Rushing

Zach Rushing Net Worth

Zach Rushing, a motivational comic and YouTuber from South Mississippi, has become famous for the no-holds-barred personality. Also, he presents the unique style are that makes him popular. Zach started a US tour in Bonne Terre, Missouri and became immensely famous for the two sold-out performances with people travelling from as far as southern Florida.

Zach Rushing net worth is $3 million. Zach, got involved in philanthropy and his videos have been spanning from his little hometown to the Wildfires in Australia.

Also, the viewers have started acknowledging the Instagram page @therealzachrushing. Usually, people look for Zach Rushing Wikipedia details, but the page isn’t unavailable. We included all the information in this article to satisfy the reader’s queries. 

Real nameZach Rushing
Net worth$3 million
BirthdayApril 18, 1990
BirthplaceWildfires of Australia
ResidenceNaples, Florida
Height6-foot-3 inches
OccupationComedian, Motivational Comic, YouTuber
Source of IncomeYouTube Ad Revenue, BBB Company Revenue, Comedy Live Shows

Earnings and income streams

Zach Rushing makes money from comedy live shows, YouTube advertising revenue, marketing products, brand endorsements, and sponsorships. Also, he makes enough income from the brand BBB.

Zach Rushing earns around $40K to $60K a month. That said, the Zach Rushing yearly earnings are around $480K to $720K.

Revenue producing streams

Similar to several other YouTube stars, Zach Rushing makes money from several streams that extend beyond YouTube. We will list these streams down below:

Income Generation StreamAmount Generated
YouTube Advertising Revenue$4000 – $10000 per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$1000 – $3000 per sponsorship
Concerts and tours ($7000 – $10000 per month
TikTok Advertising Revenue$500 – $700 per month
TikTok Sponsorship Revenue$100 – $1000 per sponsorship
Instagram Sponsorship Revenue$500 – $1000 per sponsorship
Zach Rushing taking back the country comedy show (Ticket prices vary depending on location)$7000 – $10000 per month
Meet and Greet addition via Zach’s merch booth$1000 – $3000 per month
Zach Rushing Patreon (Merch, podcasts, and videos)$1000 – $5000 per month
Clothing brand BBB$1000 – $5000 per month

How do we calculate the net worth?

To calculate the net worth, we subtract total liabilities from total assets, where the latter includes investments, savings, and any equity in a home, car, or other similar assets.

How do we calculate the earnings?

For the calculation of the earnings, we take an advanced look into the official sources associated with the individual. Based on our findings, we list down the amount earned from the range of sources. Based on the detailed information, we try our best to figure out the most relevant information regarding the amount generated in a month and the year.

In the case of Zach Rushing, we have taken into consideration his revenue generation streams, including YouTube, Concerts and tours, TikTok, Instagram, taking back the country comedy show, Meet and Greet, Patreon, as well as his Clothing brand BBB.

General Expenses, Possessions, and Investments

Content creators usually have to bear a wide variety of expenses while creating their content, which is inclusive of investing in equipment, travel expenses, utilities, amenities, entertainment, and other living expenses. In this regard, we can say that Zach Rushing owns a house in Woolmarket, Mississippi.


Regarding Zach Rushing’s investments, we can say that he invests a huge amount in his YouTube career, and the amount ranges somewhere between $10K to $50K a year.


  • Channel name: Zach Rushing
  • Joined on: 19 Dec 2013
  • Number of subscribers: 400K+

Life as a Comedian

Zach, a famous comedian, mainly known for doing raw and brutal comedy, earned immense recognition when he did two sold-out shows during US comedy Tour in Bonne Terre.

People came from Florida just to see Zach performing on the stage. Moreover, he is also famous for making controversial statements that open a way for fans to talk with him.

Zach Rushing, who was born in the Wildfires of Australia, now lives in South Mississippi. Also, the YouTuber has majored in Criminal justice, but he wanted to establish his career as a motivational comic. He became immensely famous from the time he appeared at the US comedy tour in Bonne Terre. The live performance made him immensely famous, and also, he got his tickets sold.

Also, people flocked to watch him at the Hook Comedy Club. Also, he is well known for giving controversial statements.

BBB Clothing Brand

Zach, the owner of the clothing brand BBB, focuses on providing buyers with the best outdoor clothing at an affordable price.

BBB brand is quite popular in the fashion industry and has an extensive catalog that includes caps, t-shirts, hoodies, and other accessories.

Zach Rushing had also been a popular football player while he was in college. The performance started with the football at D’lberville High, and then he continued with it in college. Also, he was the winner in the match with Grand Rapids Community College.

Personal life details

Zach Rushing Wife

Zach Rushing relationship updates suggest that the would-be his girlfriend once appeared on one of his videos saying that she had been shopping around $600 from his card. He has been dating Sarah. Also, he posts regarding it on social media accounts.

Zach is unmarried, but he is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Sarah. Also, he talks openly about his girlfriend in his videos.

Zach as an avid philanthropist

motivational comic born and raised in Woolmarket, Mississippi, Zach Rushing gained a huge follower base across Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Zach, an avid philanthropist, lets a portion of all proceeds from his comedy tour and outdoor company, Triple B Outdoors (Bass, Bucks, and Birds), to feed our US Veterans. The amount he donates also goes into buying presents for children with cancer who are in the hospital during the Christmas holidays.


What is Zach Rushing Company?

Zach Rushing clothing brand BBB has proved to be immensely popular. What makes the brand famous is the outdoor clothing that he sells at reasonable rates.

What Does Zach Rushing Do For A Living?

Zach Rushing earns a lot as a YouTuber. In addition to that, he has been earning through the clothing brand. Zach Rushing clothing brand BBB has proved to be immensely popular.

Was Zach Rushing in the military?

Zach Rushing served in the united states air force for 3 years, the best three years of his life. Also, he stated that he would do it again if need be.

Did Zach Rushing play in the NFL?

Zach Rushing is popular as 6-3, 295-pound Offensive Tackle from Perkinston, MS. Rushing has a 247Sports rating of 70, making him a 2-star prospect.

How to make money as a comedy content creator?

There is a possibility to open a consistent income stream by using subscription models where fans can pay to access exclusive content. Publishing subscription content via Patreon also lets you get paid. Besides some other methods include entering a commercial video contest, placing advertising on your blog or YouTube channel as well and getting a freelance writing gig. Creating funny merchandise to sell and linking sponsorship deals with brands will also help a lot to boost the income.

Final words

Zach Rushing’s wealth has been increasing by leaps and bounds, and he is also inspiring the entire folk of the comedians and vloggers on YouTube. Stay tuned with us to receive the further updates regarding similar YouTubers and vloggers who have made comedy a career and have been entertaining fans.

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