Trevor Wallace Net Worth – Age, Girlfriend, Earnings, Income

Trevor Wallace Net Worth
Trevor Wallace Net Worth

Trevor Wallace Net Worth

Trevor Wallace, The most viewed video creator on YouTube, has been boasting plenty of subscribers. Ever since he started on his mission in 2011, he has gained many followers and a lot of money. Today the recent estimates state that Trevor Wallace Net Worth is around $5 million.

Trevor Wallace Net Worth$5 million
Place of BirthUnited States
Date of BirthDecember 30, 1992
Trevor Wallace age29
Trevor Wallace height5 feet 10 inches
ProfessionComedian, YouTuber

Trevor Wallace, The American comedian, was born and raised in California, United States. He started making short videos on the short video sharing platform Vine. Later on, he got acknowledgment from the masses.

Trevor Wallace
Trevor Wallace

Trevor Wallace income, salary, and earnings

According to the 2022 estimates of the YouTube subscribers, the estimated Trevor Wallace monthly earnings is around $20K. That said, the Trevor Wallace yearly earnings are around $240K. The YouTube channel has accumulated over 250 million views, and so he gets those views per day from different sources. That said, it could be said that the estimated Trevor Wallace earnings of $1250 per month from YouTube can give Trevor Wallace YouTube earnings of $450000 every year. However, many factors determine his all-over income.

There are certain factors like the location of the viewer, the number of the ad running on his video. Besides, the type of the advertisement ad engagement and the type of the content may affect the Trevor Wallace income statistics. Based on that, the Trevor Wallace salary that we have mentioned above may differ.

Trevor Wallace girlfriend

Trevor Wallace girlfriend
Trevor Wallace girlfriend

Trevor Wallace girlfriend revelations mention that Jessica is his ladylove. Jessica also appears on the podcast in July of 2021 to talk about dating and get physical with Trevor.

Trevor Wallace girlfriend revelations suggest that he has dated many girls in the past. In 2017 he was still single, but Jessica Lackmeyer had commented on one of his Posts. With that, he had got a high level of Fame. Wallace had noticed Jessica that she belonged to a college nearby. The pair then started dating in Santa Monica. But later on, they chose to stay as friends.

YouTube highlights

  • Channel name- Trevor Wallace
  • Joined on- 30th September 2011
  • Number of subscribers- 2.38 million+

Early life and career

Trevor Wallace is Jewish; he and his family had moved to California. He grew up in Camarillo. After his graduation from Lincoln high school Trevor Wallace had moved to San Jose.

He was studying at San Jose State University when he had started creating these videos. During that time, he had founded the San Jose University stand-up comedy club, and it’s also going on in 2021. His remarkable appearances in videos and good content have earned him recognition in the list of top YouTuber’s net worth.

Some of the viral videos had made him quite popular. One of his most popular video series is Life as a Zumiez Employee. There he has sufficient the signature character Bryson. The content on this channel has always been the mixture of the podcast and videos. Trevor Wallace has also been well known for his six-second skits and the pranks. At one point, Trevor Wallace had faced an issue with the video-sharing platform being shut down. However, he got around 14 million views on one video.

Today he is working more on delivering the ongoing social and cultural commentary. The iconic sense of humor that he shows is very enticing for the fans. What makes him even better is that behind YouTube is that he had been the finalist at the 12th shorty awards in the comedy category.

Besides these digital comedies, he has also been well known for his incredible success in live performances. He has been performing at the San Jose Improve, Orpheum Theatre In Arizona.

Highlight on the YouTube success

Comedy is one of the best things that can win someone’s heart, and Trevor Wallace could manage this perfectly. With a YouTube channel in 2011 and the post of the comedic content, he got many followers. Some of his best videos include When That Guys Come Home for the Summer, Going Home For Thanksgiving, and similar other videos.

Highlight on the Merchandise career

Trevor Wallace has also been involved in selling his Merchandise. He designs unique and humorous Merchandise. The online sellers Stay Twisted INC has been selling search merchandise. People have been admiring his comedy and purchasing his creative T-shirts and caps that are pretty good. So he has been earning a lot of income from his entrepreneurial firm and will keep on doing his best in the coming years.


What happened to Trevor Wallace?

Wallace works for All Def Digital, based in Los Angeles. Regular guest appearances on the All Def comedy YouTube series, Great Taste has earned him fame. Wallace and comedian Michael Blaustein are the co-hosts of the podcast Stiff Socks, which began in 2019.

Where is Trevor Wallace from?

Trevor Wallace is from Naperville, Illinois, United States.

Did Trevor Wallace graduate college?

Trevor Wallace Education details suggest that he studied at Adolfo Camarillo High School, San José State University.

How old is Trevor Wallace?

Trevor Wallace age is 29 years (30 December 1992).

Did Trevor Wallace work at Zumiez?

Trevor Wallace – Life As A Zumiez Employee shows his life as an employee.

Was Trevor Wallace in a movie?

Trevor Wallace is known for his work on The Crossing (2018), The InBetween (2019) and Brazen (2022).

What did Trevor Wallace major in?

Wallace explored various topics, including his confusion regarding meaning of Level B’s name, humorous commentary about a drive-in strip club in Texas. Also, he shares college experiences at a self-described “state school,” where he majored in film and joined a fraternity.

What watch does Trevor Wallace wear?

Trevor Wallace – Wears An Apple Watch.

When was Trevor Wallace born?

Trevor Wallace was born in 30 December 1992 (age 29 years).

Final words

Trevor Wallace Net Worth is increasing with the amazing content that he posts on YouTube. The personality is well known for his talents in humor and comedy. The comedian today is regularly working on his YouTube channel and is also featuring his performance on similar platforms like Super Deluxe, Buzzfeed, and MTV2. All his affiliation has also earned him the money that could make him successful. Stay tuned with us to get more updates about similar personalities who are trending on YouTube.


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