Trevor Wallace Net Worth – Age, Girlfriend, Earnings, Income

Trevor Wallace Net Worth
Trevor Wallace Net Worth

Trevor Wallace Net Worth

Trevor Wallace is an American comedian and video creator on YouTube who has gained many followers since starting his comedy career in 2011. Born and raised in California, United States, Trevor Wallace started making short videos on Vine.

Estimates based on 2024 records state that Trevor Wallace Net Worth is around $5 million. Explore the most updated information regarding his earnings, lifestyle, and other details.

Net Worth$5 million
Place of BirthNaperville, Illinois, United States
Date of BirthDecember 30, 1992
Height5 feet 10 inches
ProfessionComedian, YouTuber

Trevor Wallace
Trevor Wallace

Trevor Wallace income, salary, and earnings

Besides digital comedies, Trevor Wallace has also been well known for his incredible success in live performances.

According to the 2024 estimates of the YouTube subscribers, the estimated Trevor Wallace monthly earnings are around $40K to $50K. That said, the Trevor Wallace yearly earnings are around $480K to $600K.

Income generation pathways

The comedian and YouTuber star doesn’t depend on a single income stream. Trevor Wallace earn from varied sources as listed below:

Income Generation StreamAmount Generated
Career as a comedian$20,000 – $25,000 per month
YouTube Advertising Revenue$15,000 – $20,000 per month
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue$1000 – $3000 per sponsorship
TikTok Advertising Revenue$500 – $1000 per month
TikTok Sponsorship Revenue$100 – $300 per sponsorship
Instagram Sponsorship Revenue$100 – $500 sponsorship
Marketing products (merch sales), brand endorsements, and sponsorships $2000 – $5000 per month

Business venture

Trevor Wallace has also been involved in selling his Merchandise. He designs unique and humorous Merchandise. People admiring his comedy purchase his creative T-shirts and caps. His income from his entrepreneurial firm is immense.

How do we calculate the net worth?

To calculate the net worth, we subtract total liabilities from total assets, where the latter includes investments, savings, and any equity in a home, car, or other similar assets.

How do we calculate the earnings?

For the calculation of the earnings, we take an advanced look into the official sources associated with the individual. Based on our findings, we list down the amount earned from the range of sources. Based on the detailed information, we try our best to figure out the most relevant information regarding the amount generated in a month and the year.

Live performances are one of Trevor Wallace’s primary income sources. Yet, as stated above, we have considered other income sources, including YouTube, selling albums, merch, sponsorships, TikTok, brand endorsements, and numerous others.

Lifestyle Details, Assets, Investments and Expenses

The YouTuber owns a luxurious house in Camarillo, CA USA. Given his immense net worth, we can conclude that Trevor definitely owns houses in several other locations, but we do not have concrete proof of this.

Car collection and Additional Belongings

The YouTuber owns expensive cars including a Subaru Legacy.

Trevor Wallace wears an Apple Watch and makes additional expenses for his personal and luxury needs.


Regarding his investment, Trevor invests around $10K to $50K a year in refining his career, including buying equipment and software to create better videos.

Personal life

Trevor Wallace girlfriend
Trevor Wallace girlfriend

Trevor Wallace is Jewish. He and his family moved to California. Trevor grew up in Camarillo, and after graduating from Lincoln High School, he moved to San Jose.

Regarding his relationship, Jessica Lackmeyer is his ladylove. Jessica appeared on the podcast in July of 2021 to discuss dating and getting physical with Trevor.

In 2017, Trevor Wallace was still single, but Jessica Lackmeyer commented on one of his posts.

Wallace noticed Jessica when she attended a nearby college. The pair then started dating in Santa Monica. Later, they chose to stay as friends.

YouTube highlights

  • Channel name- Trevor Wallace
  • Joined on- 30th September 2011
  • Number of subscribers- 4.79 million+

Start of the comedy career 

While studying at San Jose State University, Trevor Wallace started creating videos. He founded the San Jose University stand-up comedy club. The content on the channel has always been a mixture of podcasts and videos.

Trevor Wallace is mostly known for his six-second skits and pranks. His ongoing social and cultural commentary and iconic sense of humor have made him a popular face on YouTube. Trevor Wallace was also a finalist at the 12th Shorty Awards in the comedy category.


What watch does Trevor Wallace wear?

Trevor Wallace Wears An Apple Watch.

How much does Trevor Wallace make on YouTube?  

Considering YouTube Advertising and Sponsorship Revenue, Trevor Wallace makes a minimum of $16K from YouTube every month.

How does Trevor Wallace make money?

Trevor Wallace earns from his YouTube channel, sponsorships, merchandise sales, a career as a comedian, and brand endorsements. 

How Much Do Comedians Make?  

Earnings for professionals in the entertainment industry vary significantly, yet most earn $20 or thousands per performance. The salary depends on talent, fame, venue, and type of performance.

How much can you make from comedy?

The comedy club market and comedy one-nighters generally pay between $100-$200 for a single 45-minute stand-up comedy performance. On an hourly basis, the range is $133-$266 per hour.

Final words

Trevor Wallace is well known for his talents in humor and comedy. He regularly works on his YouTube channel and has featured his performances on platforms like Super Deluxe, Buzzfeed, and MTV2. Stay tuned with us to get more updates about similar personalities who are trending on YouTube.

Disclaimer: For calculating the net worth as well as earnings of the personalities on our site, we rely heavily on just estimates based on the information we have gathered from official sources and other credible sources. We can give no guarantees in regard to completeness, accuracy, usefulness, or timeliness.


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