Tom MacDonald Net Worth – Earnings, Girlfriend, Income, Height

Tom MacDonald Net Worth
Tom MacDonald Net Worth

Tom MacDonald net worth

The Canadian rapper and the social media personality, Tom MacDonald, is gaining fame. The 2022 updates mention Tom MacDonald net worth is $1 million.

He is turning out to be one of the well-known personalities in the musical world as well as wrestling world. Tom MacDonald, the famous Canadian rapper with a significant social media following on various platforms has been attaining fame lately with his newest works.

In this article, you will come to know more about his Tom MacDonald earnings, income, career and other highlights. Let’s get started with the discussion.

NameTom Macdonald
Tom MacDonald net worth$1 million
Place of birthEdmonton, Alberta, Vancouver- Canada
Height 6 feet and 1 inch
OccupationRapper, singer and music producer
Tom MacDonald
Tom MacDonald

MacDonald salary, income, and earnings

MacDonald owns a website that sells custom-made apparel. It comes inclusive of the t-shirt, sweatshirts, jackets, and also the albums. He sells them at a reasonable rate of $15 to $20.

Most of the t-shirt and apparels he sells are below $30. However, the sweatshirts and sweatpants are at higher prices. He makes money from the sale of the albums. Even the YouTube music videos make him good money. the Merchandise itself is a major source of his income. He also earns royalties when the followers stream the music via Spotify.

Tom MacDonald generated multiple streams of income to build wealth. Through his profession, the high paid social media personality earns money from the sale of his albums, YouTube music videos, merchandise he sells on his website, as well as his tours. In addition to that, the musical artist earns royalties when followers stream his music via Spotify.

Tom MacDonald monthly earnings is around $10K. Tom MacDonald yearly earnings range between $120K and $480K.

Tom MacDonald YouTube

  • Channel name – Tom MacDonald
  • Joined on – 12 May 2009
  • Number of subscriber – 3M+

Early life

Tom MacDonald, the rich and famous rapper and singer was born on 21st September 1988 and had been interested in Rapping since childhood. He became an eminent hip-hop artist. Later on, this gave him a lot of attention in the songs are amazing.

The YouTuber is controversial, but the best part is he is never afraid of singing such songs. Tom MacDonald body statistics suggest that Tom MacDonald height is 6 feet and 1 inch.

Detailed background

Tom had attended the school in Vancouver and had become a professional wrestler. At that time, he was still in High School. His career with real Canadian wrestling turned out to be the best. From 2004 to 2009, he had shown amazing performance. Later on, he shifted to his musical career. He has also let the world know about his inspiration for pursuing music as a career.

He said that it was a part of his professional background. Currently, he is in Los Angeles, California State with another Canadian rapper Nova MacDonald. The latter is Tom MacDonald girlfriend. They are sharing a beautiful relationship and had founded the Punk band GFBF.


Born in British Columbia, Canada and currently based in Los Angeles, California, he completed his education in High school, in Vancouver, British Columbia. The high paid Rapper, a Professional Music Artist has been famous for his music, YouTube channel, tours, and merchandise.

Tom MacDonald’s amazing career as well as the jaw-dropping Tom MacDonald net worth has helped him secure a position for himself in the Top YouTuber’s net worth list. He is known for this single “everybody hates me” and “politically incorrect.” MacDonald has also released his album “if I was black.”

The high-paid rapper and singer earns a lot from his hoodies, customized t-shirts, and other accessories. Stickers also proved to be amazing. His musical journey has been a great one. He is in love with the tours and concerts. This gives him a lot of money. He has plenty of fans he has gained with his musical journey. He had started with his musical career besides the journey as a wrestler. There are many issues in the society that he stands for.

Tom MacDonald, an independent Canadian rapper became a professional wrestler while he was still in high school. The wrestling career of the rapper and spokesperson started with Real Canadian Wrestling (RCW) which continued from 2004 through 2009. That was when he shifted his focus to music.

MacDonald in the initial stage started his music rap career by writing songs for other musicians. In addition to that, the high earning rapper experimented with numerous musical genres, including hip hop, alternative hip hop, and conscious rap. Also throughout his musical career, the rapper served as support for Major Lazer, Mad Child, and Swollen Members early on.

May 2009 updates reveal that he built a YouTube YouTube channel, Tom MacDonald, where he posted his first music video, “Wannabe”. debut solo album, LeeAnn’s Son, released the following month in 2014 also earned him immense recognition.

The most recently released album is titled Ghostories. The issue with his songs is that the heavily tattooed and pierced rapper’s songs are very controversial, addressing topics such as drug abuse, sexism, and prejudice.

Throughout his career, he defended his songs saying, “Rappers out here glorifying the abuse of prescription pills, gun violence, the exploitation of women, selling drugs and valuing material gain over moral standard.

Highlight on the musical career

MacDonald, the top earning rapper and singer had started his musical career while writing songs for other musicians. He went on experimenting with different music. The core points were Hip Hop, alternative hip hop, and continuous rap. Later on, he started playing them before he decided to walk on that path.

Tom MacDonald wiki suggest his major support had been Major Lazer, Mad Child, and some other members in May 2009, and he started with his YouTube channel Tom MacDonald. There, he had posted his first video, “wannabe,” which turned out to be the amazing part of the career. In May 2014, he also has his debut solo album LeeAnn’s son released. The song gained popularity since the release of his album Ghost stories. He is a heavily tattooed and pierced rapper.

He has addressed topics like drug abuse and Prejudice. He had also ended up defending his songs by stating how people go out glorifying the abuse of prescription pills. He also points out gun violence and selling drugs. The exploitation of humans and valuing material can open Immortal standards. Such concepts are also crystal clear.

Tom MacDonald, a social media personality and rapper from Canada is known for his single ‘Helluvit’ which he released in 2018 after he posted his first YouTube video.

The recognized hip-hop artist gained a lot of attention for his rap songs which are often seen as controversial. Tom MacDonald gained fame for his singles ‘Everybody Hates Me, ‘Politically Incorrect’, and ‘Whiteboy’. MacDonald has released his album ‘If I was Black’.

March 2020 updates reveal that MacDonald went on to release two singles, ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Coronavirus’, which were big hits. The rapper, singer songwriter highlight specifically issues in society and what he stands for. Recent singles include ‘Fake Woke’, ‘Dear Slim’ all of which incorporated a beat produced by the one and only Eminem, and ‘Clown World’.

His YouTube channel is increasing a lot and has gathered more than 200 million views. He has also shown a great presence on Instagram with over 300000 followers. Hangovergang is the Instagram handle. He has around 50,000 monthly active listeners on Spotify. The career has been a great one with around 500000 streams.

Business venture- The merchandise collection

The rapper and businessman Tom MacDonald sells custom-made apparel, including sweatshirts, jackets, t-shirts, and bandanas. The albums sell for a reasonable $15 a piece. He sets the price of the t-shirts at $30, with hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweatpants commanding even higher prices.

MacDonald has a list of tours, accompanied by girlfriend Nova and advertising his newest album, the aforementioned Ghostories, on his website. Those tickets sell for a relatively low price of $20 apiece.


The best highlights of the tom MacDonald career comes inclusive of the follows:

  • Everybody hates me– song 2018
  • Cloned rappers– song 2019
  • People so stupid– song 2020
  • I don’t drink– song 2020

Family and relationship

Not much is known about the MacDonald family. His mother, Lee Ann. Tom McDonald is quite famous, and he always expresses his gratitude towards his mother for the contributions of success. he had also got the dedication for his music from her.

There are several pictures of him and his mother on his Instagram. There are many dating rumors regarding him. But, in reality, he has got only one partner Nova. The two are dating and having a beautiful musical career together. Nova Leigh Paholek, known professionally as Nova Rockafeller, is an independent Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and music video director is the Tom MacDonald wife.

How did Tom MacDonald own all his net worth?

The Tom MacDonald net worth that he has earned is mainly from his musical career. Besides, he has also invested in the properties. He has earned a lot from the YouTube revenue. His continuous work in the musical field has earned him a lot. The styles are very famous among the fans. The albums released from 2015 to 2020 have made him gain momentum.

Why is he so famous?

MacDonald is currently famous and making a living by rapping. However, he had never started in this profession. Rather, the start was as a wrestler in Canada.

He wrestled for Real Canadian Wrestling between 2004 and 2009. He was regularly featured on a wrestling show in Alberta. In addition to that, the wrestler also participated in Pay Per View programming for WWE with other notable wrestlers. Wrestling was not his passion and this is the reason he quit that to pursue music.

What Made MacDonald Successful?

MacDonald gained success by seeing a gap in the music industry and then he had prepared himself to meet that demand. People were also wishing to have a look at the new rap and hip-hop.

He had taken a different path and continued rapping about subjects that make some people uncomfortable. The rapper prefers to live a different lifestyle than most of these other famous rappers. Also, the rapper has stated how he is aggressively against the use of drugs and drinking.

Tom MacDonald, the most popular Social Media Personality whose real name is Thomas MacDonald is proficient in terms of singing, songwriting, and also making YouTube videos. When he published the first video on YouTube and then he became known for the single ‘Helluvit’. The rapper has been known for dating the famous Canadian Rapper Nova Rockafeller.

The contribution involves a punk band known as ‘GFBF’. MacDonald has referred to his cited named The Beatles and Aerosmith as musical influences. The first album released on February 13th,1996 includes members named 2Pac’s All Eyez on Me and Marilyn Manson’s Smells such as a kid. The reference is also to Lady Gaga as a musical influencer.

The specialty has been that MacDonald has created 100% real content for his viewer since when he started his music career.
MacDonald’s songwriter was interpreted as anti-feminist, and anti-LGBT, as well as apologized for the NotAllMen. In addition to that, at some point has also rejected the claim of being a racist or participating in ‘Racist activities’.

19 March 2020 updates reveal he released a new album song ‘Coronavirus’ about the COVID-19 pandemic. They faced criticism for inaccurate information, deceptive verses, also poor analysis, alongside the other people to praise his lyrics and criticism for pandemic deniers or hoarders.

Right after releasing his song, he told about the real pandemic to his fans in the live streaming on his social media Facebook Account for one hour or half-hour. He always shared his intention or thoughts for his song, and it is not aimed at gaining financial money through his song. He discusses the main important problem and also his close friend’s struggles with the respiratory issue.

Awards and achievements

During the musical career, MacDonald has received a lot of nominations and Awards. he had received the nomination for Canadian Leo Award. He got this right after his song started reaching the national and the Global networks.


Where does Tom MacDonald live currently?

Tom MacDonald currently lives in Los Angeles. He was born in Vancouver, Canada.

Is Tom MacDonald rich?

The newest estimates mention Tom MacDonald net worth is $1 million. Single ‘Helluvit,’ which he released in 2018, earned him immense income and fame.

What is Tom Mcdonald’s net worth 2022?

The latest findings by our team reveals Tom MacDonald net worth is $1 million.

Are Tom MacDonald Eminem friends?

MacDonald, who is a self-professed diehard Eminem fan, used the Slim Shady for the creation of a new song honoring Marshall Mathers. MacDonald flipped the instrumental to fuel his Slim Shady-inspired track titled Dear Slim, and ode to the legendary rapper.

Who is Tom MacDonald manager?

Contact the manager via Email [email protected]

What does Tom MacDonald politics details suggest?

MacDonald is a Canadian rapper who wrestled professionally before becoming a rapper and professes neutrality in US politics.

What is Tom MacDonald latest release?

Us Against The World 2021 is the Tom MacDonald latest release.

What is Tom MacDonald – America?

Tom MacDonald – “America” – YouTube is a well-recognized video.

What is Tom MacDonald Mixtape?

“No Guts No Glory” 2021 Mixtape is a famous creation.

What is Tom MacDonald new Song 2021?

Us Against The World 2021 is the Tom MacDonald latest release.

What are popular Tom MacDonald songs?

Tom MacDonald songs include Don’t Look Down, This House, Deathreats, Dear Slim, Us Against The World, WHITEBOY
WHITEBOY, Cancelled, Politically Incorrect, Cloned Rappers, No Lives Matter and several others.

Who is Tom MacDonald wife?

Nova Leigh Paholek, known professionally as Nova Rockafeller, is an independent Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and music video director is the Tom MacDonald wife.

What are Tom MacDonald Grammy updates?

It is not that he won a Grammy…but they INDEPENDENTLY knocked out the biggest rapper in the world from the American iTunes Charts.

Who is white boy Tom MacDonald?

Tom MacDonald – “WHITEBOY” – is YouTube video.

Where does Tom MacDonald live?

Currently living in Los Angeles, Tom born in Vancouver, Canada spent most of his teenage years as a professional wrestler.

What is Tom MacDonald net worth?

The newest findings suggest that Tom MacDonald net worth is $1 million.

Who is Tom MacDonald girlfriend?

There are many dating rumors regarding him. But, in reality, he has got only one partner Nova. The two are dating and having a beautiful musical career together. Nova Leigh Paholek, known professionally as Nova Rockafeller, is an independent Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and music video director is the Tom MacDonald wife.

How old is Tom MacDonald?

Tom MacDonald age is 33 years.

How much is Tom MacDonald worth?

According to our newest results, Tom MacDonald net worth is $1 million.

How tall is Tom MacDonald?

Tom MacDonald height is 6 feet and 1 inch.

Is Tom MacDonald alive?

Yes, he is alive and producing new songs.

Is Tom MacDonald married?

There are many dating rumors regarding him. But, in reality, he has got only one partner Nova. The two are dating and having a beautiful musical career together. Nova Leigh Paholek, known professionally as Nova Rockafeller, is an independent Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and music video director is the Tom MacDonald wife.

Is Tom MacDonald independent?

Tom MacDonald is independent, however, he doesn’t receive as much backlash as a musician signed away to a record label.

Is Tom MacDonald white?

Tom MacDonald – “Straight White Male” – is a YouTube video.

Is Tom MacDonald religious?

Tom MacDonald believes that the Church has yet to produce a proper theology of “lay secularity”

Final words

The eminent YouTuber, Tom MacDonald, is gaining huge popularity. He is still working with his best efforts for a better future to increase Tom MacDonald net worth. Stay tuned with us to get an insight into other YouTubers.


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