Toby Fox Net Worth – Earnings, Income, Girlfriend, Age, Life style

Toby Fox Net Worth
Toby Fox Net Worth

Toby Fox net worth

Toby Fox is proving to be an eminent game developer and music composer. Toby Fox net worth according to the 2022 estimates is around $4.5 million. So are you a Toby Fox fan who is looking forward to the concise information regarding his wealth and belonging? If yes you must go through this article.

Сеlеbrаtеd Nаmе/Nісk NаmеТоbу Fох
Popular nameRadiation
Тоbу Fох Nеt Wоrth$4.5 million
Віrth Dаtе11 Осtоbеr 1991
Віrth РlасеВоѕtоn, Маѕѕасhuѕеttѕ
РrоfеѕѕіоnVіdео gаmе dеvеlореr, Соmроѕеr
Toby Fox
Toby Fox

A short highlight on his life: early life and biography

The developer of video games and composer had developed the analytical game Undertale. Presently he is also composing several beats of music.

Toby fox was born on 11th October 1991 in the US. There is not much information regarding his family. However, the Revelation is that he has three brothers. He has always kept his love life secret. But he is also known as Radiation. he had studied in a school in Boston. During this time, he had developed an interest in a video games.


He doesn’t love talking about his personal life. But, many people are always curious about his girlfriend. He said that he would talk about his relationship and stuff with the fans.

Age and height statistics

Born on 11th October 1991, Toby Fox is presently 29 years old. Toby Fox height is 1.7 meters.

Salary and earnings

According to the 2022 estimate of income, Toby Fox net worth is around $4.5 million. The amount is something that ranked him in the list of the celebrity’s net worth. The total amount is not only from the game.

The game had made him originally only $50. But, when he sold it to around 2.7 million people, it got him plenty of returns on the investment. Most of the Fortune he makes comes from the “Undertale” game. Besides, he also developed the sequel of the games for earning more money.

Toby Fox proves to be the real-life example of a rich person who had always followed his passion. He became a millionaire at a young age. He has also got several nominations. Besides, the awards inspired him to work further. Teenagers were in love with playing video games.

Highlight the sources that contribute to his net worth

There are many games that he brought in the market for fetching him the net worth. However, Undertale proved to be one of the best-selling games about half. It sold a million sales on Steam. Later on, the figure increased to 1 million in 2016. By 2018 more copies of the game started selling. By the end of the Year, it proved to behave sold a million copies.

This progression has earned him a lot of money. Each of the copies goes about $40. Another game has grossed over $40 million as per the industry standards. This gained Toby 30% of the amount from the sales. The amount is something around $12000000. The remainder $28000000 is the amount that goes to Toby Fox.

The rich and famous video game developer has also sold about 10,00 200 copies on PS4. The sales are something that brought about an average price for $25 revenue of the self-generated revenue. The amount turned out to be 2.5 million. However, in this case, is 80% of the profit went to Sony. The remainder of $1.75 million was added to the net worth of Toby Fox.

Besides, Toby Fox has ended up with computer graphics for the video games like Pokemon Sword and shield for a fee. Not many of the developers can boast his talent. But Toby Fox showed his remarkable talents with which he ended up starting music. Composing music of the High School in 2009 gave him money as well.

Then the top earning YouTuber brought out several tracks of the web-based form. This is something that made him go with the further showcasing passion for music. From such music composition; he has earned around $230,000 and $275000.  Earning as the budding video director is prominent. Toby Fox is young but knows how to take direction to the next level.

That said, the Undertale creator mentioned how he loved directing music. On his Twitter page, he announced his production of one of the music videos. He even directed the track Hammerhead. The game creation tool Gamemaker helped him a lot in the mission. Such a prominent talent is something that made him enough money.


Tommy Fox loves a Japanese video game named “Earthbound” is also a member of He has got his nickname “Radiation.” Previously, he used to spend a lot of time on the website. He did this during the Forum 2011. at the time, he didn’t have much experience in video game development. But later on, he started developing some of the eminent sequels. He did that with his brother but couldn’t complete the project. Later on, he started working on undertale and released it in 2015. The impressive YouTube career has ranked him in the category of top YouTuber’s net worth.

The best part is that he dedicated a lot of time to the game positioning. In this way, he also got help from Temmie Chang regarding the animations and illustrations. Overall it took around 2.7 years for him to finish the game. By the year 2017, the PlayStation version of the game came into view. That said, he not only composed video games but also started working as a music composer. He did that for the comics and games.

Undertale major success

The game turned out to be so famous that it received game award nominations, including a game of the year at SXSW gaming awards. It was nominated for excellence in the narrative at the independent games festival awards.

Awards and achievements

The game “Undertale” has won the title of the game of the year 2015. He got that recognition by the zero punctuation and Jinquisition in 2015. He also became the winner of The Rock paper shotgun game. Later on, he got plenty of Awards like the Destructoid award for best PC game 2015, Audience award in 2016, IGN award for PC game of the year in 2015. Matthew crump’s cultural innovation award and the NAVGTR game 2015 gave him enough recognition.

Toby fox youtube

Toby fox youtube
Toby fox youtube

•             Number of subscribers- 107K+

•             joined on- 23rd December 2013

•             Views- 75000000 till date

Social media presence

Toby Fox is well known as one of the most-followed people on social media platforms. His social media activities proved that how good he is. He hardly posts photos on social media. But he has found much fame on Instagram.


Where does toby fox live?

Toby Fox lives in Boston.

Does Toby Fox live in America?

Toby Fox lives in Manchester, New Hampshire, U.S. Robert F. Fox (born October 11, 1991) is professionally known as Toby Fox, and previously as Toby “Radiation” Fox. He is popular as an American video game developer and video game composer.

Where did Toby Fox grow up?

Undertale, created by Toby Fox, 29, was born and raised in Manchester.

What high school did Toby Fox go to?

Toby Fox attended Northeastern University, Central High School, Carmel High School.

What was Toby Fox’s job?

Toby Fox is a Composer, Video game developer, and Record Producer.

What age is Toby Fox?

Toby Fox Age is 30 years (11 October 1991).

Does Toby Fox have a dog?

The Annoying Dog is a small, white, smiling dog representing Toby Fox.

Final words

Unlike many celebrities, Toby Fox always sticks to Low key life. The Toby Fox net worth is growing since the launch of his career in 2015. With that, the rising star has brought in impressive fortune. He has also got enough recognition in the form of a video game developer. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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